A Stepmother’s Dilemma Ch. 03

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Cameron didn’t come home that night or the next morning, and it had Lori Lynn worried. To add to her stress, Alan woke up with a slight cough and called off sick, as he very obviously had the flu if she didn’t realize, and could she get him some tea? No, not that tea, the tea with mint. Where’s the honey? How could she bring her husband, on his deathbed, tea without honey when he was sick? Could she make him some soup? And get him another pillow? And more tea, but make it not as hot and don’t forget the honey.

Going to work was a relief, which said a lot when she worked in a male dominated workplace governed by posturing, grandstanding, and mansplanation. She worked as an administrative assistant, which translated into personal assistant for everyone there. It honestly didn’t feel much different that taking care of Alan.

She texted Cameron during her first break. ‘Everything okay?’

His response was almost immediate. ‘Sorry about last night. Couldn’t be home with him when he’s like that, or I’d say shit and make it worse.’

‘Where are you? You didn’t come home, I was worried.’

Her break was up, so she tucked her phone back into her purse and returned to writing emails for people who had their own email accounts, typing up chicken scrarch hand-written letters, ordering lunch, and entering invoices, the last of which was the only thing actually in her job description. Not knowing Cameron’s response made her anxious, so she was dying to check her phone. Cameron had replied, she heard the vibration of it, and now she needed to know what he’d said.

She imagined him sleeping over at some girlfriend’s house and her cheeks grew red. She didn’t have the right to be jealous, it was stupid, but there it was nonetheless. Unable to handle it, she tugged her purse under her desk and opened it, trying to fiddle with the screen of her phone without looking too guilty.

“Ah, hey, Lori Lynn?” Bob asked, her heart jumping up her throat as she sat up so fast it made her slightly dizzy. He wasn’t her boss, but he was the biggest shit-stirrer in the office. “I really hope you weren’t using your personal phone on company time, were you?”

She dropped her purse between her feet and looked up at him. “Hello, Bob. Of course I wouldn’t use my personal phone at work,” she said, trying her best to sound professional and innocent. “That is what my break is for.” In her head, she followed it up with, ‘unlike all of you other assholes who constantly use your phones for non-work related shit any time you want’, but she didn’t say it aloud. “I dropped a thumbtack, but I can’t seem to find where it went. Blends right in with the carpet and I’d hate to step on it.”

“I could take a look,” Bob suggested with a smile she didn’t much care for.

She forced a smile, trying her best to keep her face from displaying even a hint of annoyance. “I’m sure I’ll find it. Can I help you with something?”

Bob wasn’t buying it, but she didn’t much care. “I was looking for the Dandier account, I’m gonna need you to move some money into the reimbursables…” She stopped listening. He was here to ask her to do his bullshit work. It drove her crazy, it wasn’t her job, and she didn’t get paid nearly as much as him. He should do his own bullshit work.

He stopped talking, then cleared his throat expectantly. “Of course,” she answered congenially. He smiled, then slid something over the desk to her. She took the file and put it on top of a pile that was nearly identical, a leaning tower of manila files. “Have a nice day, Bob.”

Whenever she told her coworkers to ‘have a nice day’, she was really saying ‘go fuck yourself’. It was satisfying, but only for a minute. Once his ass disappeared from her space she pulled out her phone again.

‘Didn’t mean to worry you. Stayed with a friend from school. I’ll be home tonight.’

It killed her, she wanted to ask if his friend was a girl. Wanted to so much. Which was wrong, because she was his step-mother. She was supposed to be, at least. Something he’d said last night came back to her suddenly. “I’ve never thought of you as my mother.” Well, obviously he hadn’t thought of her as his real mother, but never even as family? Her heart shrivelled and she winced at the pain of it.

She needed to stop this thing with Cameron, whatever it was. He didn’t even think of her as… Why was he messing with her at all? Was he frustrated? Between girlfriends? Was he just messing with her because she was available? As a way to get back at his father? The thoughts circled through her head until she got home, when they were replaced by the demands of the man-flu she’d forgotten about.

She was done with the day. All she wanted to do was have a glass of wine and relax at home, but Alan made it so impossible that by the time she’d gotten him a new pillow, a different blanket and started the wash with his other one because it smelled ‘stale’, made him two cups of honey mint tea, made him another bowl of soup, and picked up the accumulated mess of junk food boxes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and wrappers strewn around his infirmary couch, she knew she needed to leave.

The sound of a car in the driveway caught her attention and, hoping it was Cameron, she ran to the door. They could go out, grab some dinner, she could get away from the house before she held a pillow over Alan’s face just long enough to get him to pass out. She opened the door just as Cameron got out of his car, then stepped outside and shut it behind herself.

“Lori Lynn?” Cameron asked, looking up at her as he grabbed his backpack out of his backseat. “What’s-“

“Your dad is sick and driving me crazy. Would you wanna go out and grab dinner with me? I can’t stay here or I’m gonna do something to make him actually sick.”

Cameron looked at her with a questionable look, then snorted out a laugh. “Yeah, dinner would be good. You wanna, you need some shoes, and probably a jacket. I can wait if you wanna run back inside?” he asked, looking at her sock covered feet.

“I can’t go with you, it would be suspicious if he noticed my car was still here. I’ll meet you somewhere, text me where you wanna eat and I’ll meet you there. I’ll leave in ten minutes, is that okay?” She looked over her shoulder, Alan was calling for her. She grimaced.

“Yeah, sure,” he said, giving her an unreadable look.

She nodded, then turned and went back into the house. Alan was looking a bit pink, but she thought it was probably more from the electric blanket he had on than an actual fever. “Did you need something else?”

Alan gazed at her suspiciously. “Who was that at the door?” he demanded.

She shrugged. “Mormons. Wanted to know if I’d heard the good word, you know how it goes.”

“I didn’t hear the doorbell…”

She moved around him, tucking the blanket around his legs. “I saw them coming up the sidewalk, didn’t want them to disturb you so I headed out to meet them. They really were the nicest people.”

Alan’s face bunched up. “Mormans,” he growled, rolling his eyes.

She shrugged. “Listen, I’m gonna go out and have dinner with Julie, she asked me the other day and it completely slipped my mind. I haven’t seen her for a while.”

“You’re gonna leave me all alone when I’m this sick?” he whined. “Who’s gonna take care of me?”

“Did you need me to get you anything?” she asked. “You’ve already got soup, and tea. It’s just dinner.” She put her hands on her hips, trying to show him how childish he was acting.

Alan looked at her, trying to trigger her guilt, but she was so annoyed with him that nothing he did, short of having a seizure or heart attack, was gonna make her stay. “But, what if I need something? While you’re gone?”

“I’m sure you’ll manage,” she said, slipping on her shoes. “I always seem to, when I’m sick.”

“Lori Lynn!” he whined. “Please? Reschedule?”

“No, I’m already running late. You’ll be okay. I’ll be back in a little while.” He looked so pathetic on the couch that she nearly stopped, then she remembered his tirade the night before, and how he treated her everytime she was sick, versus how he expected to be treated when he was sick. She had nothing for him. “Get some rest.”

“Lori Lynn!” he called after her as she slipped into the garage. It only made her flinch a little, a small victory.

Fifteen minutes later she met up with Cameron and they had a nice dinner together. Part of her knew what she was doing was wrong, her husband sick at home and she was out, practically on a date with his son, chatting over breadsticks, his feet between hers under the table.

It was over too soon. “I don’t wanna go home,” she sighed.

Cameron looked at her, his head tilted to the side. “Then don’t.”

Her bottom lip was between her teeth before she could stop herself. “I really should, with Alan being sick and all… Besides, where else would I go?”

“He’s never as sick as he acts, he just wants you to baby him. He should call fucking Jenny Mao to babysit him…” A flash of anger crossed his handsome face.

“I highly doubt she’d come over for this,” she dismissed.

“Exactly my point,” Cameron quipped.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. And anyway, I already told him I’d be back after dinner.”

Cameron snorted. “Since when is he your keeper?”

“He’s my husband,” she answered, looking away.

Cameron took her hand in his from across the table. “He’s a shitty husband. Also, you’re an adult, and you don’t have to answer to him. He sure as shit doesn’t answer to you. He doesn’t tell you where he goes. You’re your own woman, Lori Lynn. If you wanna stay out, stay out.”

She found herself nodding. “You’re right. Yeah, you’re right. I don’t wanna go home, so I won’t. What are you doing tonight?”

Cameron smiled at her, encouraging her. “Whatever you are,” he said. How was he so slick?

She blushed and looked down. Their server returned with the check, and Cameron didn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri pull away from her, though she tried just from reflex. He squeezed her hands once then released her and reached for the check, but she was faster than him. His look asked her why she was paying, but she dismissed it.

“Your dad’s paying,” she said, feeling a twinge of excitement, as if she were a misbehaving child.

Cameron snorted, but he let her pay. It was still early, and she didn’t want to go home. Cameron slipped his hand into hers as they walked out of the restaurant and a wicked idea came into her head. “Wanna go to a hotel?”

Cameron stopped midstep, tugging on her hand as he did. “You, I’m sorry, did you ask me to go to a hotel?”

She flushed, then pulled her hand away. “No. Sorry. No. Nevermind. I shouldn’t have said that.”

He grabbed her hand back, then turned her around to face him. She attempted to escape, completely embarrassed. What had she been thinking? Why did she say that? God, she was stupid. Cameron held her by her shoulders, preventing her escape. “Yes, I would. Do you have cash? We should pay in cash. Do you wanna go now?”

Her surprise was sharp. “Wait, what?”

“I wanna go,” he said. “That’s, like, the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

“You wanna go? With me?”

He chuckled, then pulled her into his body. A cooler breeze ruffled his hair, tickling her nose as she pressed her head into his shoulder. He smelled good, like sweat and deodorant and a hint of soap. “Of course I wanna go with you. Who else would I go with?”

“A girlfriend?”

He snorted. “I don’t have a girlfriend, Lori Lynn. I don’t need one, do I?” He accented his point with a kiss to her head as he squeezed her tight.

She felt giddy and powerful. “You drive.”

“Should I stop at an ATM? I don’t carry that much cash.”

“I have cash,” she dismissed. She always kept a hundred dollars stashed in her car. Alan didn’t know about it. Mad money, as her mother used to call it. “Can you drive?”

Cameron googled hotels and they drove together to a Red Roof Inn just off the highway, about twenty minutes away. Of course there were closer ones, and cheaper ones, but this one had had the right amount of distance and affordability, according to Cameron. She smiled, enjoying the time with him more than she had a right to. She tried her best not to think about what she was doing, but also couldn’t stop herself from thinking about all the possibilities.

They checked in and Cameron excused himself to the bathroom for a quick shower, though she insisted he didn’t need one. She sat on the bed, kicking her shoes off as she unbuttoned her cardigan.

What was she doing, going to a hotel with her stepson? Dear lord, had she lost her mind? She was too old for him, on top of everything else. She should leave, but she didn’t have a car. She could call an Uber. She should leave, this was dumb. She was stupid, there was no way she wouldn’t get caught. How would she even explain it? Oh, sorry Alan, you were having an affair, so I thought I’d have one, too. With your son, of course, who’s more of a man than you could ever…

Her thoughts trailed off as Cameron stepped out of the bathroom followed by a mini-burst of humidity. He stood on display for her in nothing but a white hotel towel. She’d never been with someone so toned before, never touched abs or pecs with as much definition as his. He was beautiful, but also so damn manly that she felt herself flush, both on her face and in her panties. “Sorry to keep you waiting,” he said.

“Cameron…” How was he so calm? So confident? Her heart was ready to burst from her chest like one of the xenomorphs from the Alien movies.

Every other thought but those about Cameron faded away when he smiled at her, though her heart still pounded like a tribal drum. He was still wet, water beads trailing down his chest and torso. She wanted to lick them off, to lap up every inch of his flesh. “You look good,” she said, eyes locked on his perfect body. Why couldn’t she come up with something else, something better to say?

“God, Lori Lynn, the way you look at me,” he purred. “It makes me hot. You like how I look that much?”

She nodded, her tongue feeling thick. “Who wouldn’t?”

He chuckled. “You can touch me, too. I mean, if you wanted.”

“I shouldn’t,” she said, though the words sounded empty. She knew she didn’t mean them, but it felt like something she had to say.

“I’m all yours,” he said as he moved closer to her. His loins were right at her eye level, and she watched the shadow of his manhood sway under the towel. By the time he reached her it was pushing out against the terry cloth material. He saw what she was watching and reached for her hand.

She didn’t need further encouragement. His member wasn’t fully hard yet, but it was still a heavy weight in her hand. She looked up at him and the steamy look he gave her back sent a chill of desire down her spine. güvenilir bahis şirketleri

“You can touch me anywhere,” he half-moaned. “I’ll do anything you want.”

She looked up at him as she slid her hand down his shaft, pulling the extra skin away to reveal his cockhead. “Anything?”

He stepped closer to her, his cock closer to her mouth. Despite smelling like soap, she could still smell the musky smell of his manhood beneath it, and it made her mouth water. She’d never felt like this with Alan, or any of the men she’d been with before, never had her mouth watering over the scent of a cock before.

“Anything,” Cameron confirmed. His hands threaded into her hair and he pulled her forward until her lips were centimeters away from his now completely firm length. “I mean it. Anything.”

She didn’t fight it or push back as he pulled her against his manhood. She opened her mouth willingly and he slid inside her, his flesh peeled back by her lips. He filled her mouth like it had never been filled before, he was huge. She worried she’d gag on him, but he stroked her hair gently and pulled her back until his tip rested against her lips. She looked up at him and saw his desire, which only fueled her own.

He didn’t have to guide her down the next time. She sucked him in, absolutely thrilled at how he filled her mouth and stretched her lips. Her hands slipped to his ass and his towel fell away, revealing him in his full glory.

“God, Lori Lynn. That’s good, right there.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at him again, but his were closed now as he focused on the pleasure she gave him. She was out of practice, Alan hadn’t encouraged oral sex in a few years. Now that she thought about it, oral sex stopped right after they were married. Cameron filled her mouth and she wanted to take him deeper, but couldn’t take even half of him down as she was now.

Cameron hummed out a low moan of pleasure above her, his hand slowly guiding her head to his liking. With Alan it would’ve felt selfish, like was using her as a toy for his needs. With Cameron it felt like he was encouraging her, like he was putty in her hands if she only willed it. It was strange, she knew it was, but it was maddeningly arousing.

She sped up and Cameron chuckled above her, which eventually ended in a low moan as she pulled off him and blew a kiss on his wet cock. “I’m sorry I can’t go deeper. I’m outta practice…”

“We can practice as much as you want,” he said, looking into her eyes. He smiled at her and her stomach flipped over, sending another flush of lust to her core. Her hand drifted down to her loins, only to be stopped by her khakis. Cameron lead her lips back to his member, then used his hips to push himself inside her mouth.

She moaned in pleasure, releasing his ass with her right hand to fumble with her pants. Just as she got her fly open her phone began to ring and she pulled her hand back as if her own skin burned her. Cameron pulled back and his cock sprang loose from her lips with an audible pop. “Shit. That scared me,” he said, his dark eyes wide open.

“Sorry,” she apologized, reaching for her phone on the other side of the bed. It was Alan. Cameron crawled on the bed behind her, his body framing hers.

“Ignore it,” he commanded.

She almost answered it, but then declined the call and pushed the phone away. Cameron reached over her and tossed the phone onto the bedside stand. “Where were we?”

The guilt of Alan’s call almost stopped her, but Cameron pushed her down with his body, planting kisses along the back of her neck as his naked body slid down her fully clothed one. She wished she could feel his skin against hers, wanted to feel that giant cock pressed down between her ass. Cameron kissed her, then worked his hands over her shoulders, rubbing stress from her muscles.

She relaxed and he mounted her, sitting on her ass. “Good, nice, Lori Lynn. Let me just work these out a little. You’re so tight.”

She giggled, thinking about where else she might feel tight to him. The stress of the day seemed to melt at Cameron’s fingertips as he pressed down hard enough to work her tired muscles, but not too hard to be painful. She could feel his cock pressing down into her ass when he leaned forward. Her body’s automatic response had her pushing her butt up into his body. “Cameron…” she breathed out as his hands worked to make her feel good. “I was in the middle of something.”

He tensed for half a second. “The phone? I didn’t-“

She flipped over, somehow taking Cameron with her. “Not that.” She reached out and grabbed his hot manhood, then squeezed it. “This.”

He chuckled. “I already told you, I’m at your mercy.”

She pushed him until he was laying down, then crawled between his legs and sucked him back into her mouth. Two bobs later she realized she hadn’t taken off any clothing, and that she really wanted to take off all of her clothing. She rose up onto her knees, then made a show of unbuttoning her blouse. She wasn’t planning on doing it like that, but the way Cameron encouraged her with just a look in his eye had her taking her time.

She pulled her pants down, then sat on her ass and pulled them off, feeling a lot less sexy than when she was taking her shirt off. Cameron watched her with interest, studying her form in her bra and panties.

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