A Southern Wake Up

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**This is my first story I hope you like it as much liked writing it. A special thank you to Wntsmore for the inspiration & encouraging me to post my story.

I watch you as you lay sleeping deeply. Your exhausted after giving me a very erotic massage. The massage started out very relaxing and sensual but ended in a fuck fest that with you fucking my extremely wet pussy. I begin to touch myself remembering every touch on my body. Each new hickey a mark to remind me of you. Thinking about how you had massaged my neck, back, my thighs. Remembering how you looked as I watched you in the mirror as you rubbed my pussy, first with your fingers then with your hard, thick cock. I remember how your cum felt as you shot it deep inside me. It felt like you were never going to stop cumming. Just thinking back makes me want you again, but I know you need your sleep. I want to taste you again and know I won’t be able to sleep until I do. So moving slowly as not to wake you, I quietly move down the bed pulling the sheet down with me. Exposing your soft cock resting between your legs makes me hot with desire for you. Hungry for only what you can give me. Smiling to myself I lean over to touch you, my breasts brushing your legs,. Looking up at you I take your soft cock in my hand. Softly, slowly licking it from the tip of the head all the way to the base and back up again. I take you in my mouth sucking slowly, swirling my tongue around your cock’s head. Watching to make sure you don’t wake yet, I pull you out of my mouth to lick your head with just the tip almanbahis of my tongue. You start to stir but don’t wake. You used a lot of energy earlier fucking me hard, cumming in me even harder. I still feel your cum in me, leaking out of me slowly. I shiver just thinking about it. You know how much I love having your cum in my pussy or in sliding down my throat or anywhere on my body.

Moving to lay between your legs I take you into my mouth. You are starting to get hard as I am sucking all of you in my mouth . Feeling you get longer and harder I pull you almost all out of my mouth just sucking the head. Then only rubbing the tip of my tongue along the ridge. Spitting on your cock to make it even more wet I swallow your cock down to the base and slide back up to the tip. I do this again and again. Your starting to get harder, longer, thicker in my mouth. I hear you start to moan and look back up at your face. You’re still sleeping but moving your legs and rolling your head slightly back and forth. The smile on your face tells me you think your having a dream. Still looking at you I take your cock out of my mouth and start to lick your balls. Taking one at a time in my mouth to suck softly. You start opening your eyes and look at my pillow, then down to me and smile. I know how much you love these Southern wake ups no matter how tired you are.

By now your fully hard and thick and long and wide awake. I spit on your cock and run my tongue along the thick veins. Taking you back into my mouth I smile around a mouthful of hard cock. Looking almanbahis yeni giriş right into my eyes you reach for me, stroking a finger down my cheek. I start to suck you harder playing with your balls, I take your cock out of my mouth long enough to suck on my finger then run it round your rectum. You love when I do this for you. I lick you from base to tip, up and down and back up before engulfing you again. Pressing my finger into you as I suck you deep into my throat. As I’m slowly moving back up your hard cock, I slowly start pulling my finger out. Just as the tip of my finger feels like it’s gonna come out and I have only the tip of your cock in my mouth I shove my mouth back down and my finger in hard at the same time. I pull up and out slowly, then do down and in hard again. Again and again I do this knowing how much you love it. It makes me wet knowing how excited you get when I do this for you. And knowing the rewards I will receive later for doing this for you now.

You start moaning, putting your hands in my hair pushing my face down onto your cock. You grab a hand full of my hair pulling me up and pushing me back down again. You start going faster and faster as I put another finger deep in your ass. You give me an evil smile as you start to fuck my face again and again. My fingers go in and out, deeper and deeper as you fuck my face. Faster and faster, your moaning getting louder. You tell me how much you love my mouth on your cock and my fingers in your ass. You start to beg me to push my fingers deeper and to suck your almanbahis giriş cock harder. As you thrust your hips up and slam my face down on your cock I start to gag. The sexy, evil smile reappears and I know you are pleased with me. I feel you swell in my mouth and know your close. Extremely close but know your load won’t be nearly as much as earlier and that’s alright. Earlier was for me, this is now for you. I put my fingers as far in your ass as I can. You raise up to thrust your hips up and pull my face down. Slamming your hard cock all the way down my throat cutting of my oxygen. I feel you start to cum. Stream after stream of tasty cum slide down my throat surprising me at the amount of cum. I’m able to raise up enough to breath and I swallow it all down, loving the taste of your cum. We never took our eyes off each other. You finish cumming in my mouth and lay back down breathing hard. I take my fingers out of your ass but continue to suck you lightly, very gently knowing your very sensitive now.

Your breathing slows as you watch me. Your eyes drift close. I’m still watching you as you drift off to sleep with me still laying between your legs gently sucking and licking and worshiping your wonderful, now soft, cock. Cleaning your cock of all the beautiful, tasty cum. When you fall completely asleep, and after I have cleaned your cock; I slowly move up to lay next to you. In your sleep you wrap your arms around me as I lay my head on your shoulder. I know that there will be more pleasure to come when you awaken again. I lick my lips to get the last taste of you and I wonder if you will wake before me and if so how I will be woken up. Smiling I fall asleep knowing you will give me a Southern wake up as good as if not better than the one you have just received.

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