A Son Forced Pt. 06

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All characters are over 18+


Jason rested his head against the back of the couch as his mother and sister took turns sharing his cock. The porno he had asked to watch was all but forgotten. He was a feather drifting on the blissful pleasure that flooded his body. Looking down his eyes darting between the two as their naked asses wiggled in delight.

“Master!” Margret squealed as his fingers penetrated her hot mound.

“Jason, don’t leave your poor slut of a mother out in the cold,” Mara pleaded as Margret took over. “Oh, Master, yes touch me!” she moaned as she rocked on those wiggling fingers.

“So who wants the bottom and the top?” Jason asked as his hands ran along their back sides. “Wait ignore that,” he said placing a finger over their lips as they begun to speak. “Margret, I want you on the bottom, so I can look at that beautiful face as I fuck you,” Jason said caressing her left cheek, “And Mara I want you on top eating your sister out. There’s no reason for her to sit this out,” he said looking over at his aunt. Watching as Scarlet sucked on her lower lip. “That way we’ll know that cunt is properly cleaned, don’t you think so Scarlet?”

“Oh Master!” Scarlet cooed as her heart throbbed in her chest, “You do care about our needs,” she said her eyes glistening in joy. “Master, I have a question, would you mind if I recorded it? I promise to keep your face out of the video,” Scarlet said. Glancing down at her phone on the coffee table, then to her sister and niece as they got into position on the couch.

“Oh, you naughty little woman,” Jason said smirking sinfully, “Sure, why not? I bet these horny bitches would like that. Wouldn’t you?” he asked spanking Mara’s ass.

“Mmm… yes, Master,” Mara moaned as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. It didn’t matter if it was a paddle or a hand she loved being spanked. Now that she had a true Master it was all the more pleasurable.

“Sit right there auntie,” Jason said pointing to the armrest of the couch, “I want to watch as my lewd mother eats out her sister,” he said running his cock head through his sister wet labia.

“J-jason… please, Master, put it in me,” Margret pleaded as she peered over her mother’s right shoulder.

“Well, you heard your Master, Mara. Get to licking,” Scarlet grinned madly at her nephew as she held her pussy lips open, “Go on. Clean my cunt out your Master’s seed is still deep inside it,” she said hoping that at least one swimmer had found an egg by now. “Now say showtime,” Scarlet giggled as she pointed her smart phone down at them.

“Really Sis?! Is that the best you could come up with,” Mara said from around her sister’s mound rolling her eyes at the corniness of it.

“Hey, I’m not the one squealing because our Master put a finger in your cunt,” Scarlet teased, “How is it Margret? I-isn’t that cock just sublime?” she asked stifling back a moan.

“Fuck yes! Harder brother!” Margret begged holding onto her mother as Jason’s hips hammered her mound.

“Baby, don’t forget about me your slut needs some thick cock too,” Mara said looking behind her wiggling her ass.

“Oh, like I haven’t forgotten about this ass,” Jason said spanking his mother again as he inserted his rod into her wet hole. Jason grunted as his mother’s folds wrapped tightly around his cock as he spanked her. “Now what kind of mother gets off being spanked?”

“A mother that lusts after her Master’s cock,” Mara bellowed as she thrust backwards, “Oh God! I’m going to cum baby. Can I cum on your cock, Master?” she said pleading for release.

“You may,” Jason said holding onto her hips propelling his cock deep into his mother’s cunt.

“Oh God! Jason! Yes, keep fucking me Master!” Mara wailed as her womb flooded her channel and her daughter below her.

“Master!” Margret pouted, “I want to cum too!”

“You’ll get your turn you greedy little slut,” Jason said lightly slapping his sister’s outer thigh.

“Back to your task Mara,” Scarlet said patting her dancefloor, “You haven’t completed your task yet,” she said smiling wickedly at her sister.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Mara asked as her tongue teased her sister’s clit.

“N-no,” Scarlet said shuddering, “You have our Master’s cock stuffing you.”

“If you behave yourself I’ll give you a treat,” Jason said smirking at his aunt. Scarlet didn’t need any more incentive then that. Mara’s eyes flew wide as Scarlet pressed her face to her mound.

“You heard our Master eat that cunt!” Scarlet said grinding her mound against her sister’s face.

For over two hours Jason pounded his mother and sister into the couch. Sweat beaded along his chest it was the most strenuous exercise he had ever done in his life, not that Jason didn’t enjoy it. However, he knew he couldn’t be having threesomes every day. As he stood in his shower he pondered just what his aunt was going to do with that video they made. He did find it rather kinky knowing there was a video of them. Jason wondered how his cock looked plunging in marmaris seks hikayeleri and out of his mother’s cunt. In the morning he was going to ask Scarlet if he could take a look at it.

“Jason?” Scarlet said, catching him by surprise as he left his bathroom.

“Yeah,” Jason said eyeing her bright red lingerie. Trying not to grow hard as he peered at her lustrous body through the thin material.

“You said if I behaved I would get a treat,” Scarlet said, blushing hard as she watched how his eyes savored her body.

“So I did,” Jason said smirking, walking towards her reaching over her shoulder pushing his bedroom door closed.

Scarlet’s ass pressed against the door, her heart hammered in her chest as Jason’s face inched closer to hers. She was enjoying how Jason was growing into his role, at least with them. Yet as his lips teased hers she could feel her hunger burning as his tongue darted out. Her old dominatrix nature fought to take charge, however, that was mainly for those men that visited her establishment. She wondered if he would agree to go to a special gathering she was putting together for people with their special appetites. That all left her mind as she sank into that hot blissful kiss of his. Scarlet moaned loudly as she felt his towel leave his hips. Then annoyance flooded her mind as Mara and Margret pounded on his door.

“Jason! Jason! Answer me young man!” Mara shouted fearing that he had ran away once again when she couldn’t open his door.

“Master! Please tell me you aren’t leaving us again?!” Margret asked fearfully.

“He’s busy at the moment, so go away!” Scarlet growled breathing heavily as his hand ran up her chest while Jason kissed along her neck.

“Please Master, can we watch?” Margret asked through the door as Jason played with Scarlet’s right nipple.

“Yes, please Jason, your submissives shouldn’t be left out here in the hall like this,” Mara pleaded.

“Hmm, needy little things aren’t they?” Jason asked as he nibbled on his aunt’s ear.

“Mmmhmm,” Scarlet moaned her nails dragging up his back. She didn’t know how he knew that her ear was one of her spots that turned her on; and she wasn’t about to tell him to stop either.

“However, one does need an audience for a dance,” Jason whispered wantonly into Scarlet’s ear.

Scarlet reminded silent feeling her cheeks heat. She never danced for anyone ever. She was the one always in control. The one that made sure men bent to her will, not the other way around. Yet as she looked into her nephew’s eyes. She knew she couldn’t deny him.

“Do you have a song in mind, Master?” Scarlet asked bashfully.

“Of course, for you I have the prefect one,” Jason said salaciously, pressing his body against hers teasing her throbbing bud through her panties.

“Yes Master!” Scarlet moaned loudly as her left thigh rubbed against his leg. Her head was pressed against the door as she gave into the pleasure of his fingers.

“Please Jason?!” Mara asked growing impatient as she heard her sister’s sensuous moans.

“Go stand in front of my dresser,” Jason ordered smacking her ass. “What?” he asked opening his door.

“Jason, may your submissives enter?” Mara asked squirming underneath his gaze. Eyeing her sister as she stood patiently in front of her son’s dresser.

“If I do,” Jason said lifting Mara’s chin. Leaning forward, his lips millimeters away from hers. He knew how much she wanted him to kiss her. Jason could see in her eyes. “Do you promise to obey my every word?” Jason asked smirking evilly seeing how he wasn’t giving her what she wanted.

“Only if you kiss me,” Mara demanded.

“No,” Jason said, his hand striking her ass watching how her eyes fluttered, “I am the master, you are my sub as you so plainly put it. You will heed my order, or you can stay out here and listen,” he said, wondering how fucked up their family truly was.

“Yes… Master,” Mara said weakly.

“Louder mother dear,” Jason said pinching his sister’s nipple. A coy smirk graced his lips knowing how that one act would irk his mother to no end. “Oh, you like that don’t you Margret?”

“Yes Master!” Margret moaned trembling underneath his touch. “May I enter?”

“You may,” Jason nodded before looking back at his mother, “So, I still haven’t heard you.”

“Master, please may I enter?” Mara asked a warm sensation flooded her heart as Jason was becoming more dominant. How that smirk of his made her heart flutter. She just wanted to lavish it with kiss after kiss just so she could feel his lips. Mara yelped in surprise as her son pulled her into him. Goosebumps raced across her body as his hand moved up her back. Heat flooded her cheeks as his lips neared hers. As their lips locked she became pudding in her son’s hands. “Thank you. Master,” Mara said dreamily.

“Now you and Margret will sit right there and watch, and I don’t want to hear a peep out of the two of you,” Jason said, pointing to the bedroom bench Mara and Scarlet had placed there since they spent as much time in his room as thy did in their own. “If I do, it will be the paddle,” he said walking over to his desk chair. Pulling it out from underneath his desk. Spinning it around as Scarlet stood patiently waiting for his command. Glancing over at his mother and sister as Jason reached for the remote of his sound system. Noticing how they sat quietly on that bench like he had told them to. He knew the exact track he wanted. Jason had already seen his mother and sister dance, now he wanted to see how well his aunt could move.

Jason smiled as The Cure’s ‘Burn’ began to play. “Don’t look don’t look” the shadows breathe.” Scarlet slowly rolled her hips as she tried to match the beat. “Whispering me away from you.” Looking over her shoulder shaking her ass at Jason. “Don’t wake at night to watch her sleep.” Tossing her head back as the bass line kicked in. “You know you’ll always lose.” Scarlet reached back running her right hand along the back of her right thigh before smacking her ass. “This trembling. Adorned. Tousled bird mad girl…” Her hands ran up her chest, along her neck, feathering out her hair between her fingers. “But every night I burn. But every night I call your name. Every night I burn. Every night I fall again.” Scarlet sang along spinning around on her heel.

“Oh don’t talk of love” the shadows purr.” Scarlet played with the hem of her top. Her sultry blue eyes looked hungrily at him. “Murmuring me away from you.” She mouthed the words. “Don’t talk of worlds that never were. The end is all that’s ever true. There’s nothing you can ever say. Nothing you can ever do…” Scarlet’s top left her shoulders, tossing it into Jason’s lap. “Still every night I burn.” Her hips swaying as she walked seductively towards him. “Every night I scram your name.” Scarlet rolled her body along his, her skin heating as his hands ran down her sides. “Every night I burn.” Scarlet’s back slid down his chest feeling her nephew’s hard cock resting between her ass cheeks. “Every night the dream’s the same.” Scarlet rolled her hips as she breathed heavily into his ear. “Every night I burn.” Scarlet’s back arched as Jason cupped her breasts. “Waiting for my only friend.” Scarlet purred into his ear. “Every night I burn.” Scarlet rose from his lap continuing to dance between his legs. “Waiting for the world to end.” Scarlet reached down pulling her underwear to the side flashing her nephew her naked snatch.

“Just paint your face” the shadows smile.” Scarlet’s fingers ran down his face. “Slipping me away from you.” Turning around bending at her waist, she knew his eyes were on her as she slowly eased the thong down her hips. “Oh it doesn’t matter how you hide.” Scarlet grinned madly as her panties dangled between her fingers before falling to the floor. “Finding you if we’re wanting to.” Scarlet straddled his hips slowly sinking down his chest. Running his face through the cleavage of her breasts. “So slide back down and close your eyes.” Scarlet bit her lip as she sank down onto Jason’s cock. “Sleep a while, you must be tired…” Scarlet buried his face once again in her bosom. “Every night I burn.” Scarlet rose and fell as her hips kept his cock gliding through her folds. “Every night I call your name,” Scarlet sang along as her lips lightly teased his. “Every night I burn. Every night I fall again.” Scarlet breathed heavily as she sank down to the root of his branch. “Every night I burn, scream the animal scream.”

“Jason!” Scarlet screamed out as her canal liquefied. “Mmmhmm,” she moaned into his mouth as his hands gripped her ass adding his strength to her plunges. “I bet you’ve been wanting to fuck me on this chair?”

“Maybe,” Jason said fighting back his groan as his aunt’s folds squeezed his cock.

“You like being with me like this, don’t you Jason?” Scarlet asked her hips slowly rocking, her thumbs circled his nipples as she looked into his eyes waiting for his answer.

“Yes,” Jason admitted. In truth, he never thought he would. Yet as his steel rod explored the depths of her sex. He knew without a doubt he would never pass up having sex with her. It just felt to good to him.

“T-t-then…” Scarlet stopped herself. She never once contemplated what she was about to suggest. No man before Jason made her feel like this. She knew she had become smitten with her nephew. Plus she wanted to be married to the man that had gifted her a child.

“Yes?” Jason asked quizzically.

“Then would you continue to be with me forevermore?” Scarlet asked hearing her sister gasping behind her. “Would you care for the child that I desperately want to have with you my Master?” she asked fighting back an orgasm as she placed his hand over her stomach. Hoping, just hoping that the fates were kind to her, and the egg she knew was ready had met up with one of his strongest swimmers. However, it would be weeks before she would know for sure, yet Scarlet could hope. “Would you my sweet loving Master make sure that our needs are cared for as I your humble wife would see to yours?”

Jason’s mind raced. He wasn’t even out of high school yet, and his aunt wanted to marry him, much less alone have his child. It was all to much for him to take in. As he studied the woman that panted as she rode his member. It didn’t matter anymore that she and his mother and sister tried to break him at her club. It didn’t matter that he was growing to enjoy this life style they thrust upon him. All that mattered to him was the welfare of the woman on his lap. Could he even be a father at his age? What would their child be like given their relationship? How was he to explain to Mary that he had gotten his aunt pregnant? She was hanging out at his home every chance she got. Not that he minded Jason liked having her around, plus he got to have sex with one of the hottest girls in his old school. Did they all want to be attached to him like that?

“Y-y-yes,” Jason stuttered filling his balls tightening ready to expelled his seed deep inside of his aunt.

“Oh Jason!” Scarlet said joyously before ravaging his lips. “Cum in your wife Master, because that’s where it will forever belong deep inside of me,” she said wantonly. “Yes Master! Soil my pussy with your sperm!” Scarlet scream out as her orgasm flooded her body. Scarlet collapsed against his chest a joyous smile marred her lips as she felt Jason’s cock shrinking inside of her.

“Scarlet?” Jason said after he caught his breathe.

“Yes Master?” Scarlet asked looking into his eyes.

“Go and fetch the paddle,” Jason said with a devilish smirk.

“No Master!” Mara gasped. Yet she couldn’t help but moan inwardly.

“I did say ‘not a sound’ didn’t I?” Jason asked looking over at his mother.

“Please baby, that was only because Scarlet caught me by surprise,” Mara said, keeping her mirth hidden that he was following through with his punishments.

“Floor, knees, now,” Jason said, pointing to the spot at his feet.

“Yes Master, ” Mara said, her raven hair spilling out before her hiding her smile. “How many strikes on my ass will I receive my son?” she asked presenting her ass to him. Peering over her shoulder when he didn’t answer. The fire that roared in her hazel eyes was nothing compare to the conflagration that burned within her mound as her son stared hungrily as her ass. “Master, after my punishment will you rubbed the soreness away?” Mara asked giving her ass a little wiggle.

“We’ll see,” Jason said hearing his aunt walking down the hall. As much as he wanted to fuck her again. Jason doubted he had the endurance to pleasure that sweet honey pot of hers. “As much as I love you boss. Even I’m not a miracle worker,” his overworked cock spoke in the back of his mind, “Although I have to agree with you. That is a sweet pussy she has there, but let’s save that for tomorrow.”

“Please baby?” Mara pleaded bearing her weight on her right arm while she twisted her body to look back at him. “You don’t have to fuck me Master. I just want to feel your hands on my body. I know after the punishment you’ll give me. I’ll will need someone to knead the soreness away, and I can’t think of anyone better suited then you my Master,” Mara said, watching as he rose from his chair. Her body was on edge as he walked around her as her sister held out the paddle for him. Her heart throbbed in her throat as Jason knelt down at her head. Her body trembled as he lifted her chin. Loving the light she saw in his amber colored eyes.

“Is that what you want mother, hmm?” Jason asked coyly. Mara’s heart raced when he didn’t call her by her name. Could it be that her loving son was starting her as his mother again? How her heart swelled hearing the word roll of his tongue. A word her son hadn’t said in three years.

“Y-yes baby. You know how much I love it when I feel the touch of my Master,” Mara said becoming lost in her son’s eyes.

“Every well, I can’t have my little cute sub wanting, now can I?” Jason said rising, “Three strikes is your punishment mother,” he didn’t give her time to ready herself as the first strike landed on her ass. Jason knew his mother squirted if it went up to five, yet as he pulled way from the last strike. He watched as her ejaculate dripped off the wooden surface. “My, my mother it seems you’ll squirt anytime you’re spanked now,” Jason whispered salaciously into his mother’s left ear.

“It’s because I have you, Jason. A Master I have been looking for so many years,” Mara purred caressing his right cheek ignoring her stinging ass.

“Master, since Scarlet’s had you, may I stay with you tonight?” Margret squirmed on the bench. She hated to be left out. It seem to her their mother only got into trouble to feel Jason’s hands on her.

“Of course, you know how I like sleeping between your breasts Margret,” Jason said smiling warmly at his older sister. Seeing the glee in her eyes at his acceptance of her. She had first started to cradle his head against her chest when they were punishing Jason for running away for a week. Now it seemed to her Jason couldn’t fall asleep unless he was resting between her breasts. Not that she was complaining. No. Margret loved how her body was able to sooth his enough so that the both them could fall asleep in each other’s arms. “Then maybe…” Margret began to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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