A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 06

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“Nice job, Mary, you are doing great,” Tim said clapping his hands. “You’ll be in the Olympics soon.”

“Thanks, you’re a great teacher,” Mary Wilson replied as she hopped from the pool.

Mary was Maggie Wilson’s youngest and was a real cutie. She also showed some real talent as a swimmer even though she was just getting started. “See you tomorrow.”

Tim threw his towel over his shoulder and grabbed his gym bag. This was only the third day but he was really enjoying coaching Mary. It surprised him, as he never gave it any thought before. Besides it wasn’t the real reason he was doing it. That reason was walking towards him right now.

Maggie Wilson walked towards Tim wearing a very revealing orange bikini. The top barely contained her ample breasts while the bottom was cut up high. Her sun bleached blonde hair seemed accent her dark sunglasses. The color of the suit really brought out her tan. Each day Tim was here she wore a different bathing suit, each one more revealing than the last. She looked great and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know she knew it.

“Oh Tim, you don’t know how much this means to Mary,” she said placing her hand on Tim’s arm. “She is so excited to have a real swim coach.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Wilson. I’m enjoying it too.”

“Well, I mean it.” She took Tim by the hand. “Here have a seat. I made some ice tea. And stop calling me Mrs. Wilson. It makes me feel old. It’s Maggie.”

“Ok but you don’t look old,” Tim said as he sat down. “I think you look great.”

Maggie slid her glasses down and look at Tim. “Why thank you,” she smiled.

“Yes, it is hard to believe that you have 3 children. Mr. Wilson is a very lucky man.” Tim knew he might be pushing the limits here but he thought he see how far the conversation might go.

“Really? I wish he were here to hear you say that. He thinks I lost my girlish figure.” Maggie gave a little laugh.

“Oh no you look very mature.”

Maggie looked at him in mock surprise. “I’ll take as a compliment.”

Now Tim was flustered. He stood up quickly. “Did I say something wrong! I’m sorry!”

“Sit down Tim. You said nothing wrong. I know what you meant. And thank you.”

There was a few seconds of silence until Maggie said. “So you don’t think I should lose any weight?”

“Gosh no! I think you look…” Tim paused. “Perfect.”

Again there was an awkward pause. Tim stood up. “Look, I better get going to work. See you tomorrow.”

“Before you go, could you rub some lotion on my back. I can never reach it.” She rolled on her stomach. Reaching behind her, she undid the clasp and slid her top off. “Thanks.”

Tim took the lotion bottle and filled his hands. He began to apply the lotion, starting with her shoulders. He did more than just apply it; he massaged her shoulders then moved down her back. He massaged her back and as he did he heard her sigh.

“That feels nice,” Maggie purred.

He moved along her waistband, moving it slightly. There was no tan line here. Ralphie was right. His hands slid up her sides until he could feel the side of breasts. Again she sighed.

“Shall I do the back of your legs?” Tim asked.

“Yes, please do,” she said softly.

Tim again applied the lotion, massaging it into the skin. When he moved to her inner thighs, Maggie spread her legs giving him easier access. “It felt heavenly,” she thought. “I could lie here all day.” Her thoughts continued on.” If his hands feel this good, what about the rest of them?” The thought made her pussy tingle with excitement.

He slid up the bottom of her suit, pushing some of into her butt crack and exposing some of her cheeks. No tan line here either. He rubbed the lotion into her cheeks and she moved her ass with him. She was breathing a little quicker now. Tim stopped and wiped his hands. “Hope I didn’t miss a spot. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

As he left, Maggie smiled. “This might turn out to be a great summer after all.”

Amy walked into Kristi’s office and sat down. Her white lab coat barely covered her knees as she crossed them. “Well, I have some information for us,” she said putting on her glasses.

“Go ahead, let’s hear it,” Kristi said.

“It is the usual stuff. It works for most men. It makes them harder, longer, and faster recovery time. Most common side effect was stuffy nose and headache. Same 4 hour warning too. Only one claimed it made his cock bigger permanently. He used the most pills in the test, 19 in 30 days.”

Kristi leaned forward. “That might explain Tim. He took 27 pills in 27 days. This one claimed it was permanent?”

“Yes and his before and after measurements back him up. Only we don’t know if it is permanent until we get more data. The data does seem to point to some change in length though.”

Kristi got up and walked around the desk. She sat on the edge of it. “How about any mood changes? Tense, aggressive, sullen?”

Amy caught a glimpse of Kristi’s panties when she sat on the desk and it distracted casino şirketleri her for a moment. She licked her lips. Then she was all business. “Again not enough data. A few said their balls felt heavy and some others felt tense but more like an urgency. It still think Tim just had little too much in his system. If we cut it back, I think we’ll fix that. I think we did a lot to fix it the other night.”

“One final question,” Kristi asked. “Have asked how any of the women these men had have felt?”

Leaning back in her chair, Amy answered, “No, why?”

“I have been thinking. I feel I’m just one bundle of sexual energy, sexual tension. I’ve never felt this way. My clit is always swollen, my little penis so to say. Tim has cum in and on me numerous times. I’ve swallowed some. My orgasms are amazing, better than anything before. Do you think that stuff effects women too?”

“Very interesting. I’m sure no one has thought of that. It could open up a whole new market.” Amy stood up and placed her hands on the desk, on either side of Kristi. “Changing the subject somewhat. I thought we said no panties today.”

Kristi turned red. “We did and I didn’t wear them to work. But the feeling was driving me crazy. I have a meeting soon. It seemed every movement rubbed against my clit and I could feel my pussy getting wet so…”

“So you put them on. Stand up!” Amy told her. Kristi did. “Pull your skirt up!” Again Kristi did as she was told. “Take them off.” Kristi pushed them down and step out of them.

“What am I doing to do with you?” With that Amy stepped back and opened her lab coat. She was completely naked underneath. “I’ve been like this all day and you can’t even go without panties? You say you have a meeting soon?” She dropped to he knees and forced Kristi’s legs apart. She could see the nub of her clit between the folds of her pussy. Before Kristi could react, Amy clamped her lips around it and began to suck it hard.

Kristi threw her head and moaned. She put her hands on Amy’s head and held it tightly. “Oh God yes, I’ve needed this.”

It took only a few minutes of Amy’s sucking and licking to bring Kristi to the edge. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

With that Amy stopped and stood up. She smiled at Kristi. “Oh darn, it looks like it is time for your meeting.” She buttoned up her lab coat and headed towards the door. “See you tonight.”

By the time Kristi got home she was a mixture of many feelings, sexual frustration, anger, confusion were just some of them. After Amy left her hanging, she had to attend a boring marketing meeting. Normally these meeting are difficult and boring but to sit through on with a throbbing pussy was too much. She could barely sit still the whole time she was there. Why did Amy do that to her? More important why did she let her do it? Pulling into the driveway she noticed that Tim and Amy’s cars were there. She just wanted to go in, get a drink of wine and take a shower. Hopefully that would help her relax.

As she opened the door, Amy was there to greet her. “Hey baby,” she said giving her a big hug. “I’m sorry about this afternoon but I’ll make it up to you. Go take a shower and get dressed. We’re going out.”

When Kristi finished her shower and stepped into her room, she found her clothes had been already picked out. It was one of dresses she wore in Cancun.

“Come let’s go,” Amy said suddenly appearing in the doorway. “Get dressed. A little make-up too. We’re going dancing.”

Tim drove as Amy sat in the front seat and Kristi in the back. To talk to Amy, Kristi had to lean forward and she rested her arms on the seat backs. Amy kept making lazy lines with her fingers on Kristi’s arm, gently and lightly, as they talked.

Tim noticed that Amy had turned in her seat to talk. As she did, her dress rode up very high. He wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose or not. She never made a move to pull it down and it didn’t seem to bother her. He was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing any underwear but for whatever the reason, he appreciated it

“So where are we going?” Tim asked.

“A little restaurant near the harbor. It has very good food.”

Amy was right about the restaurant. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect. It overlooked the harbor and the light evening breezes blew on to the deck where they sat. There was nice crowd but everyone there was talking quietly. There wasn’t the hubbub of many of the other places in the city and they were able to talk together. No one was the wiser to what was going on with the three of them.

As the dinner ended, Tim stood up. “Excuse me but I need to …” he mumbled and he left the table. He could hear the two of them giggle as he left.

Kristi leaned over and kissed Amy full on the lips. Though caught by surprise, she open her mouth and let Kristi slip her tongue in. It was a deep, passionate kiss.

“Wow,” Amy sighed. “What brought that on?”

“Been thinking about it since this afternoon.”

“In public?” Amy then kissed her again. casino firmaları “I’ve been thinking about it too.”

Tim returned to the table. “Sorry I took so long.”

“That’s ok.” Amy said,” I know some places we could go dancing. There are few nearby. They might not be our type but who knows?”

Kristi stood up. “OK then. Let’s go.”

The three of them checked out the first two places but found them not to their liking. The first one was much too crowded and the second played hip-hop which none of them liked. The two girls did buy some drinks at the first one but these were finished by the time they reached the third one. They decided that if they didn’t like this one, they would head back to the car and go home.

The third one seemed to play a variety of music and the floor wasn’t as packed. Tim bought some more drinks as they settled in. By the time he returned, both girls were on the floor dancing. They were dancing together and with others. It seemed no one was dancing with any one person. As the music ended, they came over to him.

“This is the place,” Amy yelled over the next song. She gulped down her drink and took Tim’s hand. “Come on, let’s dance.” And she led him out to the floor.

It was very warm in the place and almost everyone was sweating, from the dancing and the heat. The girls didn’t miss a dance while Tim sat out a few. He drank his Coke while the girls had a few more drinks and nearing evening’s end, they were feeling it.

Amy grabbed Tim and pulled him onto the dance floor. “One more with you.”

She draped her arms over his shoulder and pressed into him. He put his hands on her sweaty back. They moved with the beat. As the music continued, She moved so her crotch was against his cock. She threw her head back as she danced against him. Tim moved his hands to her ass to keep her from falling. With her hands moving across his back, she closed her eyes and pressed harder. She pressed against his big cock. When the music stopped, she opened her eyes and smiled. “You’re a good dancer,” she said.

When she got back to where Kristi was sitting, she dropped into her seat. “You know, baby, your son is a very good dancer. I think I might like to dance with him again.” Her hand squeezed Kristi’s thigh and she gave her a wink.

Another song started. “I love this song,” Amy yelled. “Come on, let’s dance.”

Before Kristi could say anything, Amy had her on the floor. The music started slowly so the girls danced close. Both swayed with the music and let their hands move. The beat increased and so did their movements. It was like they were all alone on the crowded dance floor. Amy turned her back to Kristi and pressed into her. Kristi slid her hands along Amy’s sweaty body.

Amy placed her hands over Kristi’s. She began to slowly and sensually guide them over her body. She started at the hips and then across her stomach. She grounded her ass into her as the hands moved. Up higher she moved Kristi’s hands until they cupped her breasts. She used her hands to massage them.

At no time did Kristi object. She didn’t need any guidance or help. She could feel Amy’s nipples grow beneath her hands as she massaged them. Her hands moved away from her breasts and down to the hem of Amy’s dress. She bunched the material in her hands and began to slowly raise it. She ran her fingers lightly up Amy’s outer thighs. She could hear Amy sigh and feel her body shiver. Amy spun around and did the same to Kristi. Now she pressed herself against Kristi’s back, grinding into it. Kristi’s hands grabbed Amy’s ass and squeezed her cheeks. The music grew louder, the beat stronger as the two pushed their hot bodies together. Amy slid her hands between them. She held Kristi’s ass and spread her cheeks, rubbing them. Kristi pushed back.

The two women were seized with an almost animal desire as they lost themselves in the dancing. They could feel their hearts pounding almost in rhythm to the music. The feeling of desire grew. Kristi grabbed her head and began to run her fingers through her hair, droplets of sweat flying from her as she tossed her head. Amy’s hands were cupping Kristi’s breasts now. She pinched her nipples sending electric feelings straight to her pussy. Kristi grounded her ass into Amy. She had lost all notions of time and space. The loud music and the feel of Amy’s body had made her feel open and wanton.

She didn’t care that Amy’s hand had moved up her dress and was caressing her inner thigh. She spread her legs to make it easier, letting Amy know what she wanted. As her hand moved closer to her naked pussy, Kristi grasped.

Sensing her feeling, Amy quickly planted a strong kiss on Kristi’s neck while a finger ran up her pussy lips, separating them.

The feeling overwhelmed her. Her long moan was drown out by the music as her juices soaked Amy’s hand. Only Amy kept her from falling to the floor, as her legs felt weak. Amy turned her around and hugged her. She could feel Kristi’s body still shaking. She kissed her forehead. “It’s time to go,” güvenilir casino she whispered and she took her from the floor.

Luckily the car was parked only a few blocks away. The trio walked quickly as possible to it. They talked very little on the drive home but each could feel a tension in the car. Tim couldn’t see what happened on the dance floor. Most of the time he was blocked by the crowd but he could sense something did happen. The look on their faces seemed to give it away. Just how far it went and what was going to happen he could only guess. Tim pulled the car into the driveway. The two girls quickly exited and entered the house.

Kristi let Amy enter the house first. Shutting the door, she reached for her, hungrily, ignoring any formalities. Driven by pure lust, she kissed her, hard, parting her lips and thrusting her tongue into her mouth. As they kissed, they tugged at each other’s clothes. Amy untied Kristi’s halter and Kristi slid Amy’s straps off her shoulders. Both dresses fell to the floor. She licked her lips as looked at Amy’s ripe breasts and large erect nipples.

Kristi literally dragged her into the bedroom and shoved her onto the bed.

“Your skin is so soft, so creamy,” she murmured as she looked at Amy’s swollen wet pussy. A low growl came from her. Without warning, she shoved a finger into it.

“Aaahh,” Amy sighed, raising her hips off the bed.

“That feel good?” she asked, and then she covered Amy’s mouth with hers. They kissed deeply, their tongues entwined. All the time Amy pushed and churned against Kristi’s hand.

Kristi broke their kiss and began to move down her body. Amy clenched Kristi’s hair and encouraged her as she kissed her way towards her breasts.

“Delicious,” she cooed as she moved from one erect nipple to the other.

Amy squeezed the breast Kristi was sucking on. It encouraged her to suck harder.

“You like sucking my nipples, don’t you?” she teased.

With her lips pursed tightly on the erect nipple, she could do little but moan.

“Me too,” Amy agreed and reached for one of Kristi’s heavy breasts, only to have her hand pushed away.

“You’ll get your turn,” she teased and slid lower. “I want to taste your pussy.”

She spread Amy’s swollen lips, gently, wide, using her thumb and forefinger. She stared long and hard at the enlarged clit which begged for her attention. Then her tongue came down and took a single slow lick. “Oh God,” Amy moaned.

Kristi snatched at the swollen nub, her finger never leaving Amy’s pussy. She bent her knees, providing her with more access.

While Kristi continued to suck, she extracted her finger. Before Amy could feel it absence, a hot tongue slipped in to take its place. She took Kristi’s head with both hands and pushed her pussy into her face. Kristi held nothing back, licking and slurping the juices that leaked out of her pussy, reaching deeper and deeper. Amy was in heaven. So much for being in control.

Amy cried out, “No, no,” when Kristi removed her tongue. Then responded, “Yes, yes,” when she was filled with two fingers. And when Kristi greedily began to suck on her clit, the feeling swept over her. Fighting to keep her eyes open, Amy moaned, “Oh, God, baby, eat me.” Kristi responded by pushing her fingers in deeper, her mouth firmly on her clit. Amy’s body bucked and churned as she rode the wave of her orgasm. “Yes, yes, fuck, yes!” she screamed.

Kristi and Amy began to unwind from each other when they heard a sound by the door. There was momentary pause. “Did you like what you saw?” they asked Tim who was standing there.

“Yes, very much.” His voice husky with lust.

“You seem a little over dressed, son,” Kristi said, beckoning with her hand. “What are you waiting for?”

Tim quickly undressed and slid between the two women. He kissed and caressed them in turns as they ran their hands over him. Amy and Kristi began to kiss one another as he moved lower to bury his face in their breasts. He fondled and kissed one then the other earning for his efforts hums of delight and even more responsive nipples.

“Mom,” he said gently separating them. “Why don’t you sit on my face?”

Her eyes sparkled. She moved quickly to straddle him, on her knees, backwards.

“Show it to me first,” he requested. “Open it nice and wide.”

She shifted to find her balance then carefully leaned forward, her rear lifting. Both her hands reached back, deepening the arch of her spine, and spreading her cheeks.

“Oohh, what a sweet, plump pussy,” Tim murmured after a moment of silent observation. He inhaled deeply. “All right, baby, go ahead and set it down for me now.”

She lowered herself onto his face, her drawn out moan at initial contact turning into a breathy sigh.

Amy took Tim’s hard cock in her hand and gave the tip a light kiss. She began to bob up and down, taking more of it into her mouth. Cradling his balls in her hand, she sucked harder causing Tim to give off a muffled moan.

Kristi interrupted Amy with a touch. She brought her head down, mouth open, anxious. She gave a moan of gratitude when Amy placed his swollen cock between her lips. She sucked it, shifting her hips from side to side, and opening herself wider.

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