A slave’s new life

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A slave’s new lifeA slave’s new life“Step right up. The auction for this Sergal is about to begin.” a Lizard says standing on a platform with several slaves lined up. A Sergal stands next to him, blushing as everyone below the platform looks up at her. “Her owner died and now she’s up for auction.”The Sergal looks around at the crowd looking up at her. “Fine body on her.” a hawk says looking up at her with as much of a grin as he can across his beak.“Such strange coloring.” a female Hippo says nudging a fox next to her “Whoever died her body sky blue with a pink star around her belly button, her sides green and her hair purple had a great sense of fashion.”She looks out over the crowd “10 minutes until the bidding starts.” the lizard says standing next to her. Standing at the back of the crowd is something that she’s never seen before. Living in the slave cells has shown her several species of fur that she has never seen before, but him as far as she can tell, she has never seen before.A blue Komodo dragon and crocodile hybrid stands at the back of the crowd looking up at the Sergal standing on the platform. “She looks interesting. What do you think about buying her?” he asks the fennec standing next to him.“She does have an unusual look. As long as we still get my sister. She’ll be a great addition to the family.” the fennec says looking up at him.A few minutes pass and the lizard takes a few steps in front of the Sergal and clears his throat “Let the bidding for this Sergal begin. The starting bid is 500.”“550.” the hawk says.“600.” the hippo says nudging the fox in the ribs again.“800.” the blue Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid says raising a hand.“Too rich for my blood.” the hawk says glaring at him.“850.” the hippo says.“900.” the blue Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid says.“950.” the hippo says looking back at the blue Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid.“Fine, 1200.” the blue Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid says smiling at the hippo who shrugs her shoulders.“Looks like you’re over paying for damaged goods, sucker.” the hippo says with a grin and walks off humming as the fox follows along behind her.“Sold to…” the lizard says looking at a list of names “Umm…you don’t seem to be on the list.” he says looking at the blue Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid.“I’m a gold class member and my name is Jak.” Jak tells the lizard and he starts flipping through the pages and runs a finger down a list of names and looks at Jak again.“Sold.” the lizard says as Jak pushes through the crowd to the platform.“Thank you. Send her to my room at the big red hotel, room 340.” Jak tells the lizard and looks at the Sergal.“What’s your name?” he asks and the Sergal blushes.“Kate. Everyone calls me Kate.” Kate says looking at her feet.“Well Kate, welcome to the family. After we go buy my sister we’ll talk more.” the fennec says standing next to Jak.“Luna, don’t sound so happy. Your sister has been in a slave cell for a few months. She may have changed.” Jak says looking at the fennec next to him.“Yes, you’re right.” Luna says blushing at how excited she gets when she thinks about finally getting her sister back.“Okay, as soon as the money is transferred we’ll send her right over.” the lizard says handing Jak a paper to sign.“Great. Where is a young fennec named Ashara being auctioned off at? I want to buy her before anyone else has a chance to.” Jak asks the lizard.“I believe platform B. you should have another half hour before her auction begins. As a gold member you can reserve her before the auction begins.” the lizard tells him with a smile.“Great, we’ll get going.” Jak says and walks off with Luna following beside him.“Thank you.” Luna says repeatedly.“Don’t worry about it. We needed to get a few new slaves anyway. I figure buy her while we’re here and kill two birds with one stone.” Jak says slipping an arm around her waist and squeezing her hip.They walk along looking at the various slaves until they reach the platform with Luna’s sister on it.“She hasn’t changed.” Luna says running up to the platform. A dragon steps in front of her and stops her a few feet from the edge of the platform. “That’s my sister.” she says and dragon huffs at her.“Move aside. I’m a gold class member and I want to reserve a slave.” Jak says walking up behind Luna and putting his hands on her shoulders.“Just a minute.” the dragon says turning and picking up a clipboard that is hanging on a wooden pole and flips through the pages just like the lizard did and turns back to Jak. “As you wish. What’s the slave’s name?” the dragon asks.“A fennec named, Ashara.” Jak says looking up at the dragon.“Very well. I’ll make the arrangements.” the dragon says waving at a wolf wearing a suit.“Jak here wants to reserve Slave B1, Ashara, before the auction.” the dragon says when the wolf stops in front of him.“Okay, I’ll make the change. Once the money has been transferred we’ll send her to you.” the wolf says handing Jak a paper to sign.“Send her to my room at the big red hotel, room 340. I want to look for a few more slaves.” Jak says and the wolf nods.Jak and Luna walk off and look across the various platforms bidding on a few slaves and losing out on them. Eventually, they find a platform with few furs bidding. Jak easily wins each bid he makes. “We’ve got three more. That should do just fine.” Jak says looking down at Luna standing next to him.“Yeah, they should take a little training, but it won’t be a problem.” Luna says rubbing her cheek against his smooth chest.“Good, let’s go and meet the new slaves.” Jak says and they walk off.About an hour later they enter the hotel room and look around as the two female fox and one male dragon slaves sitting at a table. “Looks like a good haul.” Jak says looking at the slaves.“Kate and Ashara. You two will travel with us. The rest of you will be sent to my mansion the usual way.” Jak says picking up the phone on the nightstand. “I’ve got three slaves that need transport to my mansion. You have the address; send someone up to collect them.” Jak says and the three slaves look at the floor.A few minutes later.A bear shows up at the door “You three will go with him.” Jak tells the three slaves. “If any of the slaves are mistreated your boss will hear from me and you will lose your job.” Jak says looking into the bears face.“Fine. Come on girls.” the bear says in a deep voice.When the girls leave, Jak looks at Ashara and Kate. “You two are different than the other slaves. I didn’t buy you because I want you as slaves. Kate, you’re unusual around here, so I wanted to get you, so you wouldn’t end up in brothel. Ashara. You can guess why I bought you. Your sister has missed you since you were taken away.” Jak says and both girls smile up at him.“We’ll head back to the mansion in the morning. I’ve arranged for you to share a room next door.” Luna says and Ashara runs up to her and hugs her waist.“I’ve missed you. I’m sorry they took me away. I didn’t know I went into forbidden territory.” Ashara says burying her face in Luna’s belly.“I know. It wasn’t right for them to take you, but you’re safe now. You two should go to bed and get some rest and something to eat.” Luna says looking from her sister to Kate.“Okay.” Ashara says stepping back from Luna’s belly and looks at Kate “Let’s go and get something to eat.”The next day.“Wake up you two.” Luna says knocking on the door to Ashara and Kates’ room.When she doesn’t get an answer she opens the door and looks in. both Ashara and Kate are in the same bed holding ankara escort each other. “Must have been lonely in the slave cells. After that long alone like that I would cling to the first warm body I could when I go to sleep.” Luna thinks.She leaves the room and lets them sleep while she goes and gets them breakfast. When she returns to the room carrying a platter full of eggs, biscuits, toast and several different kinds of meat. Kate is awake and letting Ashara cuddle her while she sleeps. “Good morning.” Luna says setting the platter down and sitting on the bed next to Ashara.“Wake up sleepy head.” Luna says gently shaking Ashara awake.“Morning.” the young fennec says rubbing her eyes.“I’ve got some breakfast for you two.” Luna says after giving Ashara a peck on the cheek.The three start eating breakfast. Jak eventually joins them and they start talking.“Why did you buy me? It was quite a lot you spent on me?” Kate asks looking up at him.“You’re unusual. I’ve seen very few Sergals and you’re coloring is strange as well. I assume it’s not natural.” Jak says buttering a biscuit.“Yeah, I was permanently died this color by my former master.” Kate says running a hand down her arm.“Well, you won’t be treated like a normal slave. I’ll tell you more when we get home. We’ll be traveling most of the day. We may not be able to talk until the morning since I want to wait until we get home to tell you the rules of the mansion.” Jak says picking up a meat patty.“Okay, master.” Kate says.“I’ll tell you one thing. Don’t call me master.” Jak says before taking a bite of the meat patty.After breakfast they all board a train. The sun sets before they reach the mansion. “Like I said, we may need to wait until morning to talk. I’ve had some rooms prepared for both of you.” Jak tells the two new girls.Luna shows the two girls to their own rooms and returns to Jak’s room “It’s nice having Ashara back. I’ve really missed her.” she says sitting down next to Jak.“Yeah, it’s been too quite around here.” Jak says and kisses her. He lets out a yawn and stretches. “Well we should get to bed. We can spend time with those two in the morning.” Jak says and Luna nods as she stands up. She goes around the bed and crawls under the covers with him and wraps her arms around him.The next morning.They eat breakfast and meet in the living room afterwards. “First, Ashara, since I bought you at a slave auction you are legally my slave for the rest of your life. Second, I have a few rules for you two. Since you are different from the other slaves I bought. You will have different rules than them.” Jak tells them.“How are we different?” Ashara asks looking up at the Komodo dragon/crocodile hybrid.“You are Luna’s little sister and Kate, you are just different. If I hadn’t bought you I’m sure you would have ended up in brothel. You would have made the owner a fortune.” Jak tells the little fennec and the sergal.“Now the rules for you two are simple. You are free to roam around the mansion and the area around it, but you will be required to wear a collar with your names on the tag and my name on the back of it as a sign of my ownership of you two. If you remove the collars you could be captured again and this time you will be marked as runaway slaves and branded as such.” Jak says and the two girls look at him with their jaws hanging open.“Thank you.” Kate says standing up and pecking Jak on the cheek.“Put on your collar. I think Luna wants to show you around the mansion.” Jak tells the Sergal leaning over in front of him.Luna enters the room carrying a metal box and hands it to Jak. He sets the box down on the coffee table in front of them and opens it. Inside are two collars. Kate picks up the larger collar and clips it around her neck and shivers as the cool metal tag tickles her skin.“Come on you two. Let’s have a little talk and show Kate around the mansion.” Luna says standing next to Jak with a smile.“Okay, let’s go.” Kate says standing up and stretching making her back pop a few times.“Sounds like that felt good.” Luna says turning around and leading the two out of the room.Jak sites on the couch and watches them walk out of the room. He licks his lips at the sight of their bare asses shifting side to side with each step. Luna and Ashara lead Kate through the house showing her each room. The tour ends with the hot spring behind the house.“How about a little soak before dinner. We have about an hour before dinner time.” Luna says checking her watch.“Sure.” Kate says as Ashara runs past them and jumps into the hot water.“She always does that.” Luna says as her little sister starts swimming around the hot spring.Both adult females slip into the water and let out sighs as the hot water soaks into their muscles. They sit their enjoying the water as Ashara swims around and occasionally splashes them.Ashara swims up to Luna and gives her a kiss. Kate blushes a little as the two sisters embrace each other not caring about Kate watching them. A minute passes as the two sisters make out “I’ve missed you so much.” Ashara says when she breaks the kiss.“I’ve missed you too.” Luna says licking her nose.“Kate, would you like to join us. We’re very close sisters.” Luna says and Kate looks at them.“Uh, I’ve never done anything like that before. I’ve never even been with a man before.” Kate says as a blush spreads across her face.“Well, would you like to try something? It can be very fun with another female. Women know where to lick and when to suck at the right time to get you off.” Luna says as Ashara nuzzles her chest.“Um…Okay.” Kate says slowly and Luna lifts Ashara off her lap.“How about you watch, I need to spend a few minutes with Kate and maybe you can join us.” Luna says and Ashara frowns at her.“It’s alright,” Luna says leaning over and kissing her.Luna breaks the kiss with her sister and turns to Kate. She moves closer and wraps an arm around the Sergal and pulls her into a kiss. Their lips gently meet and Kate feels a spark appear between her legs. They kiss for a little bit while Ashara watches. As the two girls kiss, Luna slips a hand to the sergal’s breast and squeezes it making Kate gasp. Luna rubs her palm across the sensitive nub making it swell until the hard nub of a nipple scraps along her palm.“How does that feel?” Luna asks breaking the kiss.“Nice!” Kate says starting to pant a little.“Good.” Luna says capturing the nipple between two fingers and pinching it until Kate lets out a moan. Luna keeps playing with the Sergal’s nipples as she starts licking and sucking her neck.“Oh myyyyy!” Kate moans feeling heat building up between her legs. Luna keeps licking and sucking her way down Kate’s body until she takes one of her nipples between her lips and sucks on it. “Oh fuck!” Kate moans feeling a tongue lashing across her nipple.Ashara sits across from them slowly rubbing her young pussy and rubbing her small chest. She lets out soft moans and groans as pleasure ripples through her body.Luna moves a hand from Kate’s breast and slides it across her flat belly and cups her pussy. The liquid heat of Kate’s pussy juice quickly covers her palm as Kate feels stronger suction surround her nipple. Luna starts stroking her palm back and forth across Kate’s pussy. The large hood covering her clit starts to firm up. “Oh fuck!” Kate moans feeling a finger toying with the entrance to her pussy.“Ashara, come over here. Play with her other nipple.” Luna says looking back at her little sister.“Okay.” Ashara says pulling ankara escort bayan her hands away from her body and swimming the short distance between them. She sits down next to Kate and takes one of the hard nipples between her lips and sucks on it. Kate lets out a long loud moan as both of her nipples are sucked on and her pussy it rubbed.“So good!” Kate moans fleeing waves of pleasure ripple through her body with each suck and rub.Several minutes pass as the two sisters pleasure Kate. “Oh fuck! YESSSSSS!” Kate moans as her body tenses up and a wave of pleasure washes over her. Luna quickly slips a finger into the Sergal. The finger slides in until it hits a fleshy wall and pulls back a little. The tight tunnel ripples around the finger trying to milk cum from it. Kate’s back arches as her orgasm intensifies with a finger filling her tight pussy. Her stomach ripples with each wave of pleasure until finally she goes limp against the side of the hot spring. The two sisters slow down their sucking and fingering until they sit back and look at Kate.“How was it?” Luna asks licking her lips and feeling a heat between her legs.“Amazing.” Kate says looking from one sister to the other.“Dinner Time.” a voice says behind them. They turn around and see Jak standing over them with a smile and an obvious bulge in his pants.“Okay.” Luna says looking up at her boyfriend with a flush spread across her body.“Don’t worry about your need. We’ll take care of it after dinner.” Jak says holding out his hand.“Fine, but I don’t want to wait too long.” Luna says taking his hand and stepping out.He helps each girl out of the pool of water and watches all three of them dry off. He follows behind them, watching their asses move with each step until they get to the dining room. They sit at the large table filled with meat, bread, fruit, and vegetables. They each load up a plate and start eating.“Sir, what happens to all the food we don’t eat?” Kate asks as Jak cuts into a steak.“The slaves get it along with their usual dinner.” Luna tells her as she reaches for an apple.“Okay.” Kate says and the rest of the dinner is filled with silence except for the sounds of them eating.After dinner, Jak leans back in his chair and rubs his belly. “The slaves will love this. It was delicious.” he says and the others agree with him.“Well. How about helping me with my problem.” Luna asks with a smile as her body still burns with need.“I guess we really should take care of you two. The only thing that smelt better and I bet tastes better than that steak will be your pussy.” Jak says with a smile as Luna and Ashara looks at him with a grin.They all stand up and the smell of pussy gets slightly stronger now that he can see the source. Several slaves enter the room and quickly clear off the table. “How about the sisters have some fun. I’d like to take Kate for the first time.“ Jak says and the sisters look at each other with a grin. Kate looks at him with a smile“If you wish to take my virginity, you are free to. I am your slave after all.” Kate says feeling her pussy heating up.“Come over here and have a seat on the table. I want to sample you before I take you.” Jak says and looks over at the sisters. The two are already sitting in a chair making out. “I guess they couldn’t wait any longer.”“Yeah.” Kate says walking around the table and sliding her firm ass onto the cool wooden surface. Jak sits down in front of her and scoots his chair forward until he pushes her legs apart and looks down the length of her thighs. The blue flesh surrounding her pussy gapes open slightly showing off some of her inner pinkness. He leans forward and blows on her pussy making her toes twitch as he tickles her pussy with his breath.“That tickles!” she giggles as he blows across her pussy.She runs a hand across his head slowly pulling him closer to her pussy until his tongue lashes at her pussy making her eyes snap open. He hooks his arms under her legs and pulls her to the edge of the table and pushes his tongue between her pussy lips making her toes wiggle. He wiggles his tongue against her hymen. She lets out a gasp and falls back onto the table. He runs his long tongue up and down each lip before slipping between them again and wiggling it around. She lets out gasps and groans as pleasure washes over her body. She grabs her own breasts and pulls on the nipples making her back arch at the added pleasure.He moves up to her clit and starts sucking on it as he slips a finger into her pussy. The hood covering her clit extends and his nose rubs against it. He starts sawing his finger in and out of her soaking wet pussy until he feels her hole tighten around his fingers. He glances up across her body and sees her abs tensing and then she lets out a yelp as her body jerks. Her pussy contracts around the finger pulling it deeper with each ripple until it is as deep as it can get. She lets out long drawn out moans as her body is awash with pleasure.“Looks like that felt good.” Ashara says looking over at the two while Luna eats her out.“Yeah, it did!” Kate pants feeling Jak slowly licking her pussy, he keeps licking until she pushes his head away and sits up. “Are you ready, master.” she asks spreading her pussy lips apart.“Yeah.” Jak says standing up and showing off both of his rock hard cocks as a drop of clear pre-cum hangs from the tip of each one.“Oh my!” Kate purrs seeing the two cocks arraigned vertically standing out from his waist.Jak leans forward and presses his lips to hers. They kiss for a few seconds until Jak breaks the kiss and pushes her back onto the table. He moves closer to her and rubs the underside of the bottom cock along her pubic mound. He looks down at her as he leaves a trail of pre-cum on her soft fur.Both of them look over when Ashara lets out a scream and her hips buck up against her sister’s face. Ashara grunts and groans as Luna buries her tongue as deep into her sister’s spasming pussy and grinds her nose against the hard little nub sending bolts of pleasure through her body. “Fuck yes!” Ashara moans as the orgasm keeps tearing through her body.Jak looks away from the sisters and down at Kate. He rubs the head of his bottom cock up and down her slit collecting her juices on it. He strokes his cock a few times to smear the slick fluid down the length. After a few strokes, he puts the head of his cock against her pussy and slowly pushes forward. He pushes until he hits a fleshy wall and looks up at Kate. Her eyes are shut tight and she is biting her lower lip as pleasure fills her body. His thick cock throbs with need as he slowly fucks in and out of her pussy keeping the head away from her hymen.“Do it!” Kate moans feeling his cock slipping in and out of her pussy stretching it like never before. Without a word he leans forward and takes a nipple between his lips and sucks on it. He moves a hand to her clit and starts rubbing it. As he sends waves of pleasure through her body he jerks his hips forward and sinks half his cock into her newly deflowered pussy. The second cock slides along her belly, leaving a trail of slick pre-cum. His fingers are rammed against her clit as his cock tears through her hymen.“Oh fuck!” Kate yelps as the pain mixes with the pleasure from her nipples and clit sending her over the edge. Her pussy starts contracting around his cock sending waves of pleasure through both of their bodies. His cock throbs and jerks as her pussy ripples along his cock pulling it as deep as it escort ankara can. He grits his teeth and rides out her orgasm giving his hips small jerks bumping the head of his cock against the back of her pussy each time.Across from them Luna is whispering to a small slave who runs off. A minute later the slave returns holding a long thin box and sets it down on the table next to the now cuddling sisters. Luna reaches over and opens the box and pulls out a foot and a half long dildo with a head on each end. “Lay back.” Luna says and Ashara lies back on the table, spreading her legs open. Luna sucks on one of the heads of the dildo while her sister lays back. She pulls it out of her mouth with a pop and rubs the wet end against Ashara’s wet slit. She teases her sister for a minute before she pushes the thick head in. Ashara lets out a moan and arches her back as the toy starts digging deeper between her legs.“Look at those two.” Jak says slowly stroking his cock in and out of Kate’s pussy now that she has come down from her orgasmic high.Luna climbs up on the table next to Ashara and spins her around, so her dildo filled pussy is facing her. Luna moves closer and spreads her legs open showing off her more mature pussy. She grabs the double ended dildo and strokes it in and out of her sister a few times. She scoots forward and puts the head of the dildo at the entrance of her pussy and sighs as she slips it between her pussy lips. The toy slides smoothly into her wet tunnel and she feels bolts of pleasure surging through her body. Both females let out moans and groans as they start humping the dildo back and forth between them. Luna reaches over and starts rubbing Ashara’s tiny clit making the fennec buck her hips.“Oh sister!” Ashara moans as Luna rubs her clit.Jak and Kate look over at the two sisters momentarily holding still, so that Kate can get used to Jak’s size. They watch the two sisters push the dildo back and forth between them for a few minutes. Kate raises her hips and lets out a soft moan as the cock strokes the underside of her clit. Jak grabs the erected clitoral hood and strokes it teasing her with soft strokes across her clit.“Fuck me!” Kate moans feeling him teasing her. Jak looks down at her with a grin and pulls his hips back. He slowly slips his cock back into her until the head is pressing firmly against the back of her pussy. Her eyes flutter shut as he starts stroking his cock in and out of her wet tunnel sending waves of pleasure through her body. He runs a hand up her belly and cups one of her breasts and gently squeezes it making her pussy clamp down on his cock. He moves his fingers to her nipple and gently pinches it making her hips buck as more pleasure floods her body.“FUCK! YESSSSSSSSS!” Luna moans long and loud as her pussy starts milking the fake cock. He toy vibrates with each Orgasmic wave that hits her. Ashara joins her in orgasm a few seconds later feeling the toy jerking between her legs. Luna moans and groans as weaves of pleasure ripple through her body. Her abs tense and relax with each wave until she falls back onto the table, panting.“sister.” Ashara says grabbing the toy and jerking it back and forth. A few second later Ashara lets out a scream and her pussy starts milking the toy. Her body jerks throughout her orgasm until she falls back on the table, panting.“Looks like those two may be done for the night.” Jak says as both he and Kate look over at the sisters.“Don’t stop. Fuck me and give me your cum.” Kate says looking up at him.He nods and starts thrusting his hips back and forth. His cock saws in and out of her pussy while the second cock strokes along her clit quickly building her up to another orgasm. “Fuck. I’m almost there again. Cum with me!” Kate moans clenching her pussy as tight as she can and grabbing his second cock.“Not yet my new slave. First, I want to deflower your cute little ass.” Jak says leaning down and kissing her.Kate looks up at him with a worried look on her face “I’ve never even had a finger in there. Are you sure?” she asks.“Yeah, my cock is well lubricated thanks to your multiple orgasms; it’ll slip in with ease.” Jak says with a smile and gives her nipples a suck.“O…Okay, just go slowly.” Kate says putting a hand on his cock and giving it a few strokes.“I will.” Jak says taking a step back and slowly pulling his cock from her pussy. The thought of orgasm washed from her mind at the thought of losing her anal cherry. He grabs her legs and lifts them up onto his shoulders, so her tight pucker is exposed. He licks his finger and rubs it over the tight hole, feeling it flex under his finger. He grabs his lower cock and strokes the head across her asshole a few times. He looks up at her as he presses the head against her asshole.“Slowly.” Kate mutters not really noticing she said anything.Jak gives his hips a jerk and the head pops into her backdoor making her body arch and lock as a burst of pain from the large head entering her tiny little ass for the first time. He freezes in place with his upper cock lying against her belly slowly dripping pre-cum, while she adjusts to the anal intrusion. Minutes pass as Luna and Ashara recover and turn to the pair. They watch as Jak pulls back and the head pops free. He takes a cock in each hand and enters her again. This time he fills her pussy and ass at the same time.“Oh god!” Kate moans feeling pleasure from her pussy and a little pain from her ass mixing with the pleasure. Jak starts to slowly thrust into her, making her gasp as bursts of pleasure radiate from her asshole. She reaches down and starts rubbing her clit sending strong waves of pleasure throughout her body. The pain from her newly deflowered ass disappears amidst the waves of pleasure from her clit. Jak holds onto her waist as he slowly works his cocks deeper with each thrust until Kate lets out a scream and Jak stops moving with a look of concern on his face.“Don’t stop. I need you to fuck me. I almost got off!” Kate pants feeling the almost orgasm starting to fade.Jak starts thrusting again and feels her body tensing up at her pleasure builds up again. She bites her lips and explodes. Her pussy and ass both milk his twin cocks drawing great spurts of pre-cum from him. He keeps thrusting through her orgasm feeling his own getting close. “Fuck. I’m about to blow!” Jak pants feeling the pressure building.Jak gives a few more thrusts and feels her orgasm start all over again. His set of cocks jerk and a great jet of spunk fires from each one. Kate lets out a scream as her body explodes again. Next to them both Luna and Ashara are fingering each other while watching them. Jak feels their eyes on him and looks over at them with a grin as he dumps load after load of hot cum into her belly.Eventually, Jak stops cumming and falls forward onto his hand looking into her eyes and seeing nothing, but pleasure with his still gently throbbing cocks in her lower body.“That felt great!” Kate pants feeling his cocks still filling her lower body as they slowly start to soften.“It sure looks like it felt great.” Ashara says feeling Luna’s fingers plunging in out of her pussy.“Yeah, he’s a great lover.” Luna says as Ashara’s thumb works her clit trying to make her explode again.Jak leans forward and kisses Kate as he rides the last waves of orgasmic afterglow to their end. She wraps her arm around him and pulls him back onto the table and they continue to kiss.“Jak, I’ll be spending the night with my sister. How about you spend the night with Kate.” Luna says walking up to the two.“Okay.” Jak says between kisses.The two sisters’ head off to a bedroom and shortly after that Jak and Kate go off to a bedroom of their own for a night of sex and some sleep.The end

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