A Simple Black Plan

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A Simple Black PlanSandra listened to her daughter with shock at first. She couldn’t believe she was saying such things. The girl wanted to make their white rich neighbors, the Van Horns, their slaves. She had it all planned out already and was showing her a tape of Jennifer (Mrs. Van Horn) seducing the paperboy in her backyard which she had recorded with her new cam only days earlier. She taught it was unfair for her mother to work so hard to try to make a living while the neighbors could screw around and enjoy the finer things at their pleasure. Just because she was black.Sandra had watched the tape at first with disgust and then found herself getting excited despite her better nature. Jennifer had made the boy get on his knees and service her ass while she masturbated herself at his discomfort. Afterwards, the boy was allowed to masturbate his cock in front of her while she laughed at him. It was disgusting the way she used to k**.Marcie was telling her the plan on how she was going to blackmail Jennifer with the tape while Sandra was to seduce the husband into submission. It was totally ridiculous and the same time seemed to be totally practical. After all, she had noticed the neighbor (John Van Horn) had been admiring her body for months now and shouldn’t be that hard to tame into her toy. Jennifer; however, was another story, but Marcie was convinced she could do it.A life of luxury for them. She pondered for awhile getting excited herself at the thought. Finally, she agreed. They continued to plan how it was going to be done late into the night as both women went to bed rubbing there clits with their thoughts.**The next morning Sandra was at the peek hole in the fence with Marcie cam. She saw Jennifer in the back yard on a lawn chair as usual with only a bikini on getting her daily sun tan. Marcie was entering the yard and starting to creep up on the woman. As she got close, Jennifer looked up and said something to her. Marcie sat down in a chair by the table in front of her and was talking to her. Sandra focused the zoom lens in to see the redness on Jennifer face as she slowly got up from the chair.Suddenly, Sandra saw Jennifer reach out and slap her daughter across the face almost knocking the girl down. She wanted to drop the cam and come to her daughter rescue but continued to watch as Marcie turned to leave and started walking. Their plan was doomed she thought and almost lower the cam before she fall Jennifer chasing after Marcie and yelling something. Marcie was ignoring her as she continued walking with the older white woman calling out and following her. Could her daughter take another slap, or should she help, Sandra pondered.Then the surprise.Marcie spurned around and was barking something at the older white woman. They just both stood there for moments and then to Sandra surprise, she watched Jennifer reach up and unhook the top of the bikini top letting it drop to the ground. Sandra got excited at the sight of the older woman sagging white tits bare in her lens. I can’t believe it, she thought, trying to focus the lens in more detail. Jennifer next reached down and unhooked her bikini bottoms in front of Marcie letting them drop also.Sandra move the lens up and down looking at Jennifer red face, her sagging tits, and her round white ass. She reached down between her own legs and slipped her hand under her dress and started rubbing her clit. She watched as Jennifer got down on her knees in front of Marcie while her daughter went around her and grabbing her bikini top started tying Jennifer hands behind her back. The older white woman was putting up no resistance but turning all shades of red while her hands were tied. Next, Marcie picked up her bikini bottom and started tying her ankles together. Sandra could see Jennifer was now at the mercy of her daughter and started rubbing her clit faster wished it was her over there. She continued to watch.Marcie had moved back in front of Jennifer and surprisingly tomarza escort reached out and slapped the woman across the face with a blow harder than she had received earlier. Jennifer cheek was red from the impact as she tried to maintain her balance. Another slap followed as Sandra watched the white woman tried to regain her senses and was moving her legs apart in front of Marcie. She never thought Marcie could be that cruel to another person but when she watched her daughter foot plow into Jennifer cunt sending the woman backwards on the ground in pain she now knew better. Her own cunt was dripping at the sight.Marcie was yelling something at the woman when she noticed Jennifer trying to get back on her knees and the pain the woman must be going through. Marcie started walking towards the chair as Jennifer started crawling on her knees behind her. The plan was starting to succeed as Sandra cunt flow freely between her legs.Marcie had the woman now over her lap and was really whapping Jennifer big round butt. Jennifer was squirming wildly in her daughter lap and Sandra could see the red imprints of her daughter palm all over the woman butt. Finally, the woman quit squirming accepting her fate as Sandra watched in lust as the woman ass bucked up and down with each swat.Marcie pushed the woman off her lap as Jennifer was squirming on the ground in pain. Standing up, Marcie proceeded to the house and grabbing the hose returned to the white woman wiggling on the ground below. She was still yelling at the woman as Jennifer turned over putting her face to the ground and her reddened rear up. Sandra watched Marcie secured the white woman by her waist and then start pushing the water hose faucet in the woman’s big ass. What was she going to do, Sandra thought, now inserting her fingers in her cunt and pushing them in? She watched Marcie turn the faucet knob and the woman jerking up in shock. Her daughter had turned the water on in the woman’s asshole.It was only for a moment before Marcie turned it back off but the effect could be seen through the lens as Jennifer stomach seemed to be much bigger and the woman was squirming in misery. Marcie had popped the hose out and stood up while the woman was shaking miserable below her. At her command, Sandra watched Jennifer struggle to get up and then again on command bent over almost to her knees. She maintained her position for a minute before Marcie slapped her ass and Sandra watched a stream of water shoot upward behind the woman ass. She came at the sight almost dropping the cam while falling on the ground in pleasure.It took her a while to regain herself as she got back up and grabbing the cam put it back in the peek hole to see what was going on next. Marcie was going in the house with Jennifer on her knees crawling behind.She put the cam back down and lay upon her back stroking her cunt as fast as she could. She needed to cum again. She thought about how she was going to accomplish her part of the plan and pondered what was going on at present in Jennifer house. She came again.Sandra felt like it was hours since hearing from her daughter as she completed her shower and admired her mature body in the mirror. She had call Jennifer’s husband John early this morning and asked him to come over with an insurance plan that his company was selling. She rubbed her clit slightly still remembering what she had witness earlier that morning. The camera was well hidden in place for her evening activity. They had planned it pretty good.The phone finally ran as she left the room to answer it throwing a towel around her waist. Her daughter voice was on the other end.”Marcie, I can’t believe what you did to that bitch. Are you okay dear?” She asked.Marcie started telling her what she was doing to Jennifer in the house and how much fun she was having. Sandra cunt started getting wet while she listened. She was beginning to reach down to stroke it when she heard a car drive up in the driveway.”Got to go honey”, she told Marcie. “Looks like my new slave is arriving.” “Can’t wait to have my turn with the bitch later. Bye, bye. Enjoy.”She hung up the phone as the doorbell rang. Getting up with only the towel wrapped around her she walked over and opened it.Mr. Van Horn, John, stared at the brown skin body in disbelief and lust.”Come on in sugar,” Sandra said, turning her back to him and swaying her hips as she walked to give him a good view.”Hope you don’t mind. I just got out the tub and haven’t had time to get dress.” She lied.John eagerly told her he didn’t and she felt his stare at her ass as they walked in the living room and she took a seat on the sofa. Crossing her legs, she gave him a good view of her large thighs and could see the reddening of his face as he focused on them. Loosening her towel slightly, her large tit tops was exposed.John finally found his voice as he took a seat opposite and started talking about the policy and struggling with his words. His sight was totally on her thighs as she enjoyed his stare. This man had been sex starved she thought as she watched him staring at her thighs. He was going to be easy to tame. Much, much earlier than she had imagined. There wasn’t much need to prolong it since he oblivious was obsessed by his stare. She could see the large bulge in his trousers as he was now trying to get his words out with little success.”Mr. Van Horn.” she yelled out loud. “How dare you get a hard on looking at my legs?”John nearly fell back in the chair in surprise. He knew his cock was about to explode and her voice totally took him by surprise.”A married man looking trying to mentally **** me,” she continued. “I aught to put your white butt over my lap this minute and spank it. You pervert.”John sat quiet and shaken. He had fantasized for weeks of this dark skin beauty and now his fantasy was being played out in front of him. He gasped for air and words. Finally, he spoke, lowering his head.”Yes mam.” He replied.”That’s yes mistress to you boy,” Sandra yelled playing her role perfect. “Get your butt up and get those clothes off this minute. I’m not going to wear my hand out on your worthless butt while it’s covered.”John didn’t hesitate. He immediately got up and unbuckled his pants dropping them to the floor and then unbuttoning his chair letting it fall. His shoes quickly slid off as he stepped out of his pants. His cock was sticking straight out in his jockey shorts for her amusement.Too damn easy, Sandra thought. Why hadn’t she done this earlier? The man was probably a wimp and Jennifer had probably been fucking his ass. She was getting wet looking at his budge.”Well, what are you waiting for? Didn’t I tell you to get naked white boy,” she yelled out as angry as she could be.John quickly dropped his shorts as his cock sprung straight out at her. His face was totally red but he made no effort to cover his cock with his hand. Sandra knew he was now hers to own as she let the towel open exposing her tits and cunt to his view and watched as he gasped in surprise and lust at the sight.”Don’t just stand there. Get your butt over my lap now and I’m going to show you what your mother should have done years before,” she yelled.John knees seem to shake as she watched him walk over and slowly got across her broad thighs. His cock was jutting out between her thighs as she closed them on it and noticed his moans of delight at the pleasure.”I think 50 on a big white ass like yours should be enough to warm it up.” She told him slapping his right ass cheek.”Ohh!” John yelled. “Ohhh. Ohhhh!”Sandra was enjoying the sight of his white ass globes wobbling in her lap with each spank. His ass started squirming as more and more blows were delivered to it in succession. “Please no more mistress,” John begged. “It hurts.””You bet its going to hurt. You pervert.” Sandra yelled. “When I get through with your white ass you want be able to see for a week.”Sandra could feel his cum leaking down her thighs and knew the bastard was trying to get off. She laid the remaining blows as hard and fast as she could on his ass just to prevent it. He was yelling and cussing as she pushed him off his lap onto the hard floor below.”Awhhhhh.” John yelled grabbing his ass and rubbing it while squirming on the hard surface below.Sandra got off the couch and stood straddling his face from above.”Is this what you wanted to see boy?” She asked spreading her legs wide and giving him an excellent view of her wet cunt above. Bet you want me to sit on your face. Don’t you white boy.”John was staring at disbelief and excitement. His cock sprang up as he laid starting up in lust at her hairy black cunt. He couldn’t stand it.”Please mistress,” he asked. “Please sit on my face.””What about your wife white boy. She’ll probably shit her pants knowing you was begging to lick my pussy.” She taunted.”Fuck her.” John replied. “Sit on my face mistress. Let me lick your beautiful pussy.Sandra slowly lowered her cunt down on John face as she felt his tongue quickly start licking up and down her clity. This was too easy she thought enjoying the feeling between her legs. She knew she was getting this all on tape and enjoying every minute of it. She came and rubbed her cunt up and down on his nose as he tried to tongue it longer.”Now for the main course dearie.” She teased him getting up and then turning around so he could see her beautiful black ass above. Slowly she started lowering it back down on his face. She was only halfway down before she felt his tongue on his asshole.”Slower slave.” She demanded. “Lick around the rim for a while first.”Sandra felt his tongue working around and around her anus opening and then start working its way inside. Her cunt was soaking wet as she rub it on his chin while he darted his tongue in and out her asshole. It was pure bliss to have your asshole tongued. It wasn’t very long till she climax again. She slowly got up.”Get your white ass up and call your work and tell them you’re sick.” She demanded. “I have plans for you boy.”John quickly got up and ran over to the phone dialing his boss. He was acting like he had a severe cough over the phone while Sandra took behind him groping his ass cheek in back. As soon as he got off, she pushed a finger deep in his asshole making him lean over the table in surprise and excitement. She noticed his cock springing up in excitement and his ass pushing back for the intruder as she plunged it in and out.”Cum white boy. Cum for your mistress.” She commanded knowing he was on the verge of cumming.”Ahhhhhh.” John screamed as his white cum shot out under the table below.Sandra slowly withdrew her finger in triumph. She could tell by his compulsions that he was hers now to use anyway she wanted.”Get down there and lick that mess up you created on the floor while I make a phone call.” She commanded. “It better be clean by the time I get back.”John immediately dropped down and started licking his cum spots on the floor as Sandra walked out into the kitchen and quickly call her daughter on the phone. She heard Marcie voice on the other end.”Oh hi mom,” Marcie said. “How’s things over there?”Sandra quickly started telling Marcie of her adventure with John not daring to leave out any details. Her cunt was getting wet again and wanted to get back to living room as soon as possible. When she was done, she thanked her daughter for the idea and hung up. Quickly, she ran back to the living room to see John still in position with his white ass sticking straight out at her. She rubbed her cunt in excitement.Meanwhile:”Keep it up toilet face.” Marcie was saying from above sitting on the couch and hanging up the phone. She had a toilet plunger in her hand and was pumping it up and down on Jennifer poor face lying on her back on the floor below. “My feet are still sore.”Marcie had her feet between Jennifer large breasts as the woman below was rubbing her feet with her large boobs. “I might need another butt massage by your tongue soon.” She laughed rubbing her clit.To be continued?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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