A Secret Memory

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“I do worry about her, honey,” Lisa told me.

We were in bed, after, when she raised her concern for her daughter, Jodie. Jodie was nineteen and utterly charming, and had just finished her first year of college. She was also smart as hell and had brought home spectacular grades. And, after being a late bloomer, she had definitely bloomed in the college atmosphere.

“I mean, she knows how to be safe and everything, but how good are these guys for her? I worry that she might run across an abuser. There seem to be so many young men running around with some messed-up ideas about sex.”

“Like what?” I asked. I knew she needed some prompting.

“Like all the things I had to find out about the hard way.”

The co-worker who had introduced me to Lisa had told me, “You’ll like her. She’s unconventional, like you.” She was right. We had hit it off immediately. Lisa was also bright, witty, and warm, the qualities I had come most to prize at my advanced age of, uh, thirty-mumble. She had kept herself in excellent shape, which didn’t hurt. And she responded avidly to those of my features that I fancied my “better side”. We started dating and soon became lovers. We were a great match, and I was very happy. And here we were, six months later.

“Like, you owe a guy something just because he takes you out. I could go on and on. I’ve told you what my life was like before, right?”

“Yes, you did, I know. I’m sorry I wasn’t around then to help you with it.”

Her marriage, though having produced a loving and protective daughter, had not been happy. Money problems, bad communication, unreasonable expectations. When her husband descended into outright abuse, Lisa left. It was Jodie who tipped the balance and let her mother know in blunt terms that it was time to get out before she got seriously hurt. She was thirteen at the time. I did mention that she was smart.

It could have been worse. Lisa rebuilt her confidence and got back on her feet, Jodie beside her right along. Threat of legal action kept her husband from intruding and he eventually agreed to the divorce. That Lisa still had her sense of humor and her trust in people (where they earned it) attested to her strength. And Jodie…

“Honey, I would try not to worry about her too much. I remember when she was here over the holidays and I was new to her. She watched me like a hawk. I think if I had made a false move I would have been dead meat. I know she’s warmed up to me now-“

“Oh, Jerry, she loves you. You know that.”

“I know, I know. She’s so sweet and kind to anyone who is kind to her-or to you-but I would pity the person who tried to cross either of you. She’s nobody’s fool. I think she will be OK.”

“You have a point, love. But I still do worry. I’m her mother, it’s my job.”

“Well, let me help you turn off the worry machine for tonight.”

“Mmmm, you’re so good at that. Ready for me again, babe?”

“Second round is go.”

Just fondling her breasts had bought me another erection. Sucking them was even better. Soon I had two fingers in her sopping pussy and was rubbing her clit with my thumb, while her sighs and moans rose in a sweet crescendo until she was begging me for my cock.

I mounted her and slid into her waiting warm wetness. We began a slow coupling that would accelerate and end with our bodies crashing together in mutual climax and then, languid relaxation into sleep.


“Uncle Jerry, got a minute?”

I was in the living room when she bounced in, full of energy as always.

“For you, always. What’s up, Jodie?”

“I just bought this top,” she said. “I’m going to save it and wear it to school in the fall. But I need your opinion. Do you think the guys will like it?”

I groaned inwardly. Here she was again, reminding me that my girlfriend’s daughter was also a very attractive young woman. Honey-colored hair that fell to her shoulders. Blue eyes you could drown in. A slim figure but with a delicious curve to the hips. And now, a top that was blue to match her eyes, with white lace trim, and cut low enough to reveal just the very top of what were obviously pert, creamy breasts. She turned around in a circle, giving me the full panorama. I felt a familiar sensation in my cock as it started to rise. This was new. I had always managed not to actually get aroused in front of her before. Please don’t let it show!

“Honestly? It’s fantastic. You’re going to have to beat them off with a stick.” I was thinking of beating myself with the stick to quell my incipient erection.

“Oh, thank you. I know I can trust your judgment. But you know I gave that up after high school.”

“The beating them with a stick thing?”

“Yeah. I mean, in high school I would get asked out, but none of those guys appealed to me much. I would go out with them sometimes, but it never went very far. And the guys that did appeal to me weren’t asking me, and I never got up the nerve to ask them myself. Now in college things are canlı bahis more open. It seems like it’s more OK for a woman to go after the person she’s interested in. So I guess I’ve been making up for lost time a little bit.

“So, I’ve slept with a few guys now, and it’s been very nice, but I haven’t found anyone I want to be with full time yet. Jerry, do you think there’s something wrong with that?”

“Uh, Jodie, shouldn’t this be a discussion for you and your mother?” I was actually embarrassed. The pressure in my groin eased off. Safe for the time being!

“Oh, we have talked about it. But I need to hear a man’s perspective, too. Someone who’s mature and understands these things. You know I’ve never really had that. Well, since my father was around, but he wasn’t much help anyway.”

Her eyes had darkened at this point.

“Oh no, I’m really sorry Jodie, I should have picked up on that. I’m so honored that you trust me enough to confide in me. You know you can talk to me anytime, and I promise to always be honest with you.

“And to answer your question, it’s not wrong. Just about everyone goes through that, really. It’s part of the exploration process about finding out what we want in a potential mate. Nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should enjoy the experience. You could be making memories that you’ll always treasure, and if you’re lucky, friends to share them with. As long as you’re safe and protect yourself, there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Uncle Jerry, that means so much to me-your being willing to listen. Thank you,” she said, brightening again. “And thank you for the answer, too. It helps.”

“You know,” she went on, “Mom has been so much happier since you’ve been around. I hope you’re going be around for a long time.”

“Oh, I plan to, dear. She makes me very happy, too. I’m not going anywhere.”

“So glad to hear it. Oops, gotta run! Sorry, I lost track of time. Going to lunch with Maria, can’t be late. See you later.”

But she took the time to wrap her arms around me for a quick hug and to peck me on the cheek, chastely. Even so it melted my heart.


I went home to sleep in my own apartment that night. Lisa had an early shift at work the next day, and I was giving her space. Truth be told, another reason was that if I stayed, I would be alone in the house with Jodie the next morning. At this point, I didn’t know if I could trust myself under those circumstances.

What was happening to me? Lisa was all I had wanted in a woman. Why on earth did I have to be attracted so to her daughter? Jodie wanted and needed a father figure, not some old guy to letch after her. If I married Lisa-it had crossed my mind a few times-I would in fact be her stepfather. Not biologically related, to be sure, but it would still be all kinds of wrong. Was it even possible to have the proper mentoring relationship with her while at the same time knowing that I wanted to undress her and do all sorts of sweet and dirty things with her?

When I finally went to bed, I tried envisioning Lisa. My dear, beautiful Lisa, who loved me despite everything she had been through, whom I had somehow inspired to trust again…

Her hair was darker than Jodie’s, her figure a bit fuller, but she had the same blue eyes and the resemblance was unavoidable. I had been stroking myself while thinking of her and that wonderful erotic attachment we shared, but by the time I finally came and drifted toward sleep, my fantasy woman had become a perfect amalgam of mother and daughter.


“I’d really like to be able to teach her about things,” Lisa said. “But I still find it awkward to talk about sex with her.”

I was sitting behind her on the bed with my arms around her, lightly stroking the sides of her breasts in afterplay.

“What kind of things, darling?” I asked.

“Things that should come with experience, but don’t always. Like, it’s perfectly nice to suck cock. She should see it as a loving thing and not some icky act that guys only want because they see it in porn. And she shouldn’t settle for a man who won’t go down on her. I think of someone like that as selfish and unimaginative.”

I agreed, the taste of her still on my lips.

“Still, now that she’s getting experience, I would think she’d work things out,” I said. “She has natural curiosity, and that has to help.”

She gave that sexy low chuckle of hers. “Yes, she does have that. I – I can’t say much, because it’s in confidence, but she’s curious about us in particular. I mean, she’s happy that I have you and that you make me happy. I think she’s interested in how it all works for us. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to peek in on us some night.”

The idea was both exciting and frightening. One more step down the path of temptation. I told myself that if it happened, I’d deal with it as best I could. If it didn’t, so much the better.


It was Friday night, and to celebrate bahis siteleri the end of the work week we went to our favorite quiet restaurant for a light supper. Since Jodie was free, we invited her along. It would be a nice family outing.

Lisa and Jodie had dressed up just a bit for the occasion and were both in skirts and blouses that accentuated their figures. I just wore slacks and a sport shirt. Pretty dress-up for me. Lisa was beside me and Jodie across the table from us.

Once our orders were taken, I looked at my dinner companions admiringly. I felt so good that I just started talking without thinking much about what I was saying.

“My two lovely ladies,” I began. “You both look so nice tonight. In fact, you look like you could be sisters.”

“Now just a darn minute, buster-” Jodie broke in, in mock outrage.

“Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant that your Mom looks young enough to be your sister, not the other way around.”

“Yeah, right,” said Lisa. “Big chance of that.” But she was smiling. “Does that line usually work for you? Because it is now.”

I reached over, put my arm around her shoulder and cuddled her for a few moments. We could do that here; the place was not busy and we were in a secluded spot. “Oh?” I said. “So, you wanna go out tonight, pretty lady?”

They both broke into laughter, and I joined them.

Lisa, after having mostly recovered: “Only if you change that shirt. It’s so loud, we’ll get pulled over for violating the city noise ordinance.”

Another wave of mirth ensued.

Jodie was fairly beaming at us even after we had finally settled down, clearly enjoying our togetherness.

Once we got back home, we played card games until quite late, with more light-hearted banter among the three of us. Jodie finally excused herself with a yawn, saying she was ready for sleep. We said our good nights and she was off to her room. Lisa and I soon repaired to her master suite where we dimmed the lights.

On the bed, we spent a long time kissing and slowly helping each other out of our clothes. Lisa is a champion kisser and could set me on fire just with the touch of her lips. One trick I learned from her was to run the tip of your tongue in a circle all around your partner’s open mouth, tracing her lips. She did that to me now, and I felt myself getting hard already. Meanwhile she unbuttoned my shirt. When I pulled it off my shoulders, she grabbed it, pulled it the rest of the way off and flung it across the room. She really doesn’t like that shirt, I thought.

I unhooked her bra and she let it fall down her shoulders, setting free her beautiful full breasts. Age and motherhood had been kind to her there; she sagged hardly at all. And yes, Jodie was a breast-fed baby.

I bent down and took one brown nipple between my lips. It was partially erect, and I sucked on it as it became even harder. Lisa let out a soft moan and cupped her other breast herself, tweaking the nipple in time with my soft nibbles on the other.

My slacks were off by this time, and the bulge of my erection was clearly visible through the thin fabric of my silk boxers. Lisa reached down and grasped it through the silk, giving it a few firm strokes to make sure it was at full attention.

She reached up and pulled down the waistband, and I raised my butt off the bed to allow her to pull the shorts all the way off. My cock sprang back up to the vertical as the band passed over, fully revealing it. Lisa grabbed it again and gave it a squeeze.

There was a slight noise at the door. Not quite closed to begin with, it had come open about an inch, creaking. We both looked up and could see a shadowy figure in the darkness outside.

“Jodie?” Lisa called softly. “What is it, sweetie?”

“Mom, I – I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have disturbed you.” She was obviously mortified to have been found out.

“No, it’s all right. You can come in. We were just making love. No harm in your seeing us.”

It was my turn to be mortified. I had nothing on, and she was about to get a full view. I quickly grabbed a handful of sheet and draped it over my crotch. My cock refused to go down though; if anything, it was harder than ever.

Jodie took a step into the room. She had on a short nightgown that showed off her stunning nineteen-year-old’s legs.

“Mom, Jerry, I’m sorry for intruding. I hear you some nights in my room and it just makes me feel so good and happy for you. I just wanted a little look.”

“It’s okay, child. Do you want to watch us for a while? I don’t mind, do you Jer?”

I was going to object that I couldn’t perform with an audience, but my erection, obvious even under the sheet, gave the lie to that. All I could do was shake my head ‘no’.

“Why don’t you take that chair over there and relax,” Lisa said, motioning to it. “I was just going to suck his cock.”

This was now seriously into the realm of weird for me, but my Lisa wanted it and I was going to do the best I could. I had once told her bahis şirketleri that I would do anything she asked in bed. Now I was being tested.

She went on, “This is one of my favorite ways of pleasuring my man. You’ll see how I try to reach all parts of him with my mouth. I can’t get all of his cock into my mouth, but what I can’t suck I will lick. I don’t neglect his balls either; having them licked and sucked feels really good to a guy. Don’t be afraid to slobber on him a little bit. Get him good and wet, it feels best that way.”

And having said that, she pulled the sheet away and started in. She is actually very good at sucking cock, and I settled back to enjoy it. She would lick up the underside of my shaft, from the balls to the head, then take as much as she could into her mouth and suck on it on the upstroke, so that her lips caressed every inch of me on the way out. At the same time she would fondle my balls and make a fist around the base of my cock, pumping up and down gently but firmly as the head popped out of her lips. She licked it then, letting a small stream of saliva fall from her tongue and anoint my cock head. Then she sucked me back into her mouth and spread the moisture over my whole shaft. Her tongue was busy, swirling around me as she moved up and down. I started up a stream of praise and encouragement, because it’s what I always did, and also because it would be nice for Jodie to hear my appreciation.

“Oh, baby, that’s it! Feels so good…yes, darling, you’re the best! Don’t stop, keep on sucking me forever! Nothing could be this good! Going to come soon…”

She kept it up, and I really was not far from the point of no return. I needed to come badly, and I am almost always good for two times in an evening, so I wasn’t worried about being able to carry on. I just needed a little something more…

Lisa pulled her mouth off my cock and said, “Yes, come for me, love. Come in my mouth!” She sucked me back into her wet warmth.

That was it. I started pumping my hips up and down in time with her movements, and the sensations in my quick reached the spilling-over point. My cock started spurting into her mouth, one exquisite spasm after another. She stayed with me all the way, sucking me dry. I was calling out wordlessly as my climax crowded everything else out of my mind.

Finally I collapsed back flat on the bed. Lisa let me slip out of her mouth as I started to deflate. She turned to Jodie and audibly swallowed my come.

“You can certainly swallow his semen, Jodie, it’s harmless. But if you don’t want to, you can always find some way of getting rid of it discreetly. Men love it if they at least think you might have swallowed. Actually, if the guy is one you think is really with it, you can even kiss him and share it with him. If he is a keeper, either that won’t be new to him or he will have already tasted himself out of curiosity. Either way, he shouldn’t freak out and might enjoy it.”

She kissed me as if to illustrate, although she had already swallowed.

I returned her kiss eagerly, and while keeping our lips locked turned us over so she was on her back and I above. Now that I needed some recovery time, it was her turn to receive.

I kissed down her body, from her neck down to her breasts, which I spent considerable time on, licking and sucking her nipples. Down to her smooth, just slightly convex belly. Her skirt was already unzipped and I finished pulling it down her legs and off. I grazed along the edge of her panties, drawing out my progress to tease her. Finally I planted a big kiss on the moist, fragrant crotch.

“Ooohhhh,” she reacted immediately, arching her back. Ah, I thought, primed and ready. I was going to eat her until she begged for mercy from her orgasms.

I pulled at the waist of her panties. They were her prettiest, sexiest pair, by the way. She was putting on a good show! She lifted up and I pulled them down and off her legs. Her thighs parted slightly revealing shaved, wet lips below the trimmed tuft of hair on her mound. I wondered if Jodie had ever seen her mother’s yoni before. Well, she had a good view now.

And so did I. I always made sure that Lisa knew I thought her pussy was beautiful, like I have with all my past lovers. And it was true, for every one.

I kissed those lips and slipped my tongue in, probing. It found wetness. I started licking up and down, just touching the little pearl at the top of each lick, pausing occasionally to nibble at her inner lips or dart my tongue into her opening. Lisa was soon caught up in her pleasure and calling out encouragement.

“Oh my god! Yes, right there! Don’t stop! Please! Oh god! Coming…”

Her first climax hit, and she bounced and writhed through it, forcing herself harder against my lips and tongue. I flattened my tongue and licked her like an ice cream cone. Her cries became inarticulate.

She would be coming down by now, but I continued to lick and suck her, and she kept on coming. This was where, if I were emulating Lisa in her “instructional” mode, I would tell Jodie that a desirable man would not stop sucking his woman after she comes once, but in so doing I would have to stop! But I knew she could figure it out on her own.

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