A Scottish Encounter

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I’ve known Tom for a while but we only started getting really heavy in August. He had just returned to Scotland where he was attending university. I went up to Edinburgh for the last night of the International Royal Tattoo. I was going to go laser questing with Tom and a group of his friends, a bit like paint balling but no paint just lasers. I’d never been before so it was going to be a new challenge especially firing at people I didn’t know and the ‘love of my life’.

I started off early in the morning and drove the long journey up to Edinburgh; took me over 7 hours. I got a bit lost driving around the city but eventually found where I was supposed to meet Tom. I was quite flustered by the time I arrived about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and must have looked a mess.

I gave Tom a call and he said he would come right out to meet me. I noticed Tom quite quickly in his long leather coat and black jeans; He opened the passenger door and got into the car. “Hello” he said in his broad Scottish accent “you cant park here just drive down the bottom of the hill there is a car park there facing the sea”.

I drove down and parked reversing into the car park space at the bottom of the hill. “Come here you gorgeous thing you.. I’ve missed you so very much” he said and we embraced kissing each other softly. His hair felt so soft in my hands and it was obvious that he had brushed his teeth quickly on the way out, as I could taste the peppermint on his breath.

It had been so long since I had seen Tom last that our hands instantly started wandering and his hands found my breasts under my shirt and my nipples were being teased mercilessly. My nipples were large and erect and he was moaning as we kissed. He pulled away and had to undo his trousers as his cock was straining against his jeans. To hide his modesty I pulled my coat from the back seat to give Tom a blanket so no one could see after all this was in the middle of the day and there were countless people walking past my vehicle. I just hoped that no one could see inside the now misted up windows. “If we weren’t in this car I would be lying you down and sliding inside your hot wet pussy. I hope you’ve been keeping it wet for me?” he asked with a big beaming grin.

We eventually calmed ourselves down so that we didn’t cause a public disorder that wouldn’t have looked good for future job prospects having a criminal record for getting hot and horny in a public place. Tom took me to a local pub for a meal and we sat down and exchanged Escort Bayan pleasantries for some time. It was so good to sit there talking away like the old friends we now were. But we had to stay conscious of the time as we had to get into town to meet up with his work colleagues.

After the brief introductions we went into the laser quest. It was a new experience having to run around a dark room firing at people you didn’t know and a guy that all I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and have sex with. Time passed and I laughed a lot and shot a lot and was shot a lot. I discovered that I have a talent for running around and can hide surprisingly well. When we came out we were all bright red and a thrill was running through our veins. No affection was shown as his mates thought we were just friends so it drove me wild. I had this need to touch Tom not only in a sexual way but to hold his hand or hug Tom. Sounds loony but its true.

Well we drove in a three car procession further into Edinburgh parked our cars then walked up to watch the fireworks. We had to walk up a large hill and I had to stop once or twice as the smoke in the laser quest had made it difficult to breathe. I eventually got to the top and the view was amazing. There were so many people up there on the hill overlooking the castle. The castle was lit up with different colour lights and it was the most wonderful view I think I had ever seen. I am not a great fan of fireworks normally too much noise and a waste of money ohhhh bah humbug. It reminded me of the film V for Vendetta as they had timed the explosions so they went of at certain points in the music.

Chatting away with Tom and his friends felt good although you could cut the atmosphere in my head at least with a blunt knife as I just wanted to hold his hand still. Was such a romantic evening when the fireworks went off. They set them off with classical music playing and its like a dance of light truly breathtaking not noisy at all. Seeing all the other couples around kissing drove me wild and I could feel that I was getting wetter and wetter between my legs I could quite easily have jumped Tom right there and then. I stood close to Tom smelling Tom and looking at Tom in detail when I thought he wasn’t looking he was gorgeous to me right then at that moment.

The fireworks went on for over an hour and there were lots of oooohhhhs and aaaaaaaaahhhhhs and lots of me ogling Tom. All in all it was a very good night. Eventually it was time to say Escort goodbye to all his friends I was intending to drop one of Tom’s female friends off then Tom and then drive the long way home. I dropped off his friend at her house and he asked me if I wanted a tour of the city. We went back into town and drove around I saw the Parliament buildings the whole of the city lit up and looking wonderful sooo clean. I listened to Tom describing the city and we toured for about another hour it was good to see things he had talked so fondly about. The mix of buildings was spectacular a combination of new and old all mixed up. I could have listened to Tom talk for hours on the buildings alone. His soft voice was music to my ears. From time to time I looked over at him watching his lips move to the sound of his voice, his Adam’s apple move in his neck. I resisted the temptation to lean over and kiss and suck that neck.

He obviously sensed my attraction and felt the same way as we ended up parking near to a remote football park. I drove following his instructions up an off road path to the car park. We parked up and started kissing straight away. He was almost as horny as I was. “Lets get in the back” he said. So we got out and I threw the stuff on the back seat into the boot. We kissed again and he started unbuttoning my shirt his hands roaming around my body as mine where under his t-shirt and over his body. “I want to lick you” he said and instructed me to lie down on the back seat as much as I could. He started licking my pussy my breasts exposed.

I stopped Tom as a motorbike came past us and I panicked that someone might see. The motorbike soon turned around and drove off and he started licking me again. His tongue was probing my inner lips and circling my clit. He felt so damn good and it wasn’t long ’til I was cumming repeatedly and he gulped down all my juices. I was feeling really guilty having such pleasure and I also didn’t want Tom just changing tack and fucking me right there and then. “I want to suck you” I said “let me suck you”. We swapped he sat up and I started sucking Tom we had to stop as another car came down the track and drove past us. “They must be having the same idea as us” I remember saying although as I went back to sucking and licking his hard cock although before I had finished sucking them they were returning down the path.

“Must have finished already” he said to me and giggled “not having as much fun as us” he continued pumping his hard cock in and out of Bayan Escort my eager mouth. Soon he was spiriting his load deep into my throat as he let out loudly “oh yes”. We sat up and hugged for a bit before redressing ourselves and giggled at what had just happened that was totally unplanned he said but fun.

I drove Tom back to his house. “Are you not going to show me the beach then?” I asked cheekily. “I’ve driven all this way let me see the sea, you know how I feel about water” I said. Tom led me down to the beach and we walked for a while hand in hand through the darkness. Tom put his coat down on the sand and we sat on the beach listening to the sound of the sea roll in onto the beach. Neither of us wanted to leave and end the night. Tom put his arm around me and we hugged and it soon turned to kissing again feeling so close at that moment. His soft lips felt so good on mine. Tom’s arms were around me holding me protectively. I felt so safe at that moment. “Make love to me!” I said “I’ve never had sex on the beach before!”

I laid down on the sand Tom followed leaning over me kissing me getting more and more intense as the passion built. I could feel his cock harden as our hands wandered each other’s bodies. Tom rolled to one side “I’d better put a condom on, we don’t want any accidents” he said. Tom fished in his jeans and pulled out a packet before releasing his cock from the confines of his jeans. It sprung to attention and felt so good in my hand. He then opened the packet it and slid the condom over his hard erect cock in a swift action. Tom then lay on top of me and guided his cock inside me. I love that about Tom his cock has both girth and length and he fills me perfectly. It was gentle and wonderful more making love than fucking. Our two bodies moved as one.

Despite the surroundings we took our time and soon I was cumming as I started to let out my moans Tom leaned over and kissed me so that hardly any noise came from me. His mouth exploring mine as he glided in and out of my pussy. I bit gently on his lips and moved my hands down inside his jeans to fondle his butt cheeks. I wanted to pull him as far inside me as possible when I came. When my orgasm came it was powerful and more intense than I have had before or since.

After we had recovered a bit Tom lead me back to his university digs a flat overlooking the seafront. “This is going to be an interesting week” I thought as we crawled into bed about 3am cuddling into each other under the duvet. Tom cuddled in behind me his arm wrapped around my stomach and his face resting just behind my shoulders. It felt good as he softly kissed my shoulder until I fell asleep my arms wrapped around his hand and my legs interlinked with his.

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