A Scary Movie

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I really hate scary movies, and here he is, dragging me to another blood and gore fest. At first I was irritated that he wanted me to go, but I realize he just wants to spend time. I think he enjoys watching me jump, and cover my eyes. It amuses him. The movie was obviously popular. The line for tickets was long, stretching outside the door and people were talking amongst themselves in the chilly evening air. Their breath rose above their heads in puffs of smoke. Taking my hand, he pulled me closer to his body as we arrived at the end of the line. His arm draped casually around my shoulder, turning me towards him. His other hand slipped inside the open front of my jacket to slither down my side and around my back, pulling me up against his warm body.

I lifted my green eyes up to him in question, and he brought his warm full lips down on my neck, suckling oh so gently, his teeth barely grazing my skin. My eyes drifted closed and a smile parted my wet lips as his mouth moved across my skin, sending delicious chills over my body. My nipples instantly hardened, pressing against the scratchy fabric of my sweater. Knowing I would be wearing a heavy jacket, I hadn’t bothered with my bra and now wished that I had. His hand moved even lower, cupping my ass, his middle finger moving slowly against my crack as we pressed together. I had to resist the terrible urge to moan out loud. Someone coughed, and we broke apart slowly, his eyes lifting to see the line was far ahead of us, and the people behind were getting impatient.

We strolled in, our hands linked, and my pussy was wet, tingling inside the tight thong and jeans I had worn. I ached to feel his finger sliding in me, his palm caressing my clit. He paid for the tickets, and we got a drink to share. The ticket taker took the tickets from my hand, and we walked down the hallway to our theater, his hand resting lightly on my ass. A cool rush of air brushed my hair back as the door opened, and he propelled me forward, around the corner to stare up. The theater had stadium seating, and the middle was already crowded. Unsure of where he wanted to sit (he was picky about his movies), I waited until he nudged me forward, and then began climbing the steps. Each time I stepped up, he was right behind me, his index finger teasing the crack of my ass playfully. I growled a reproof back at him, and stopped midway up the stairs near a pair of empty aisle seats.

Shaking his head, he grabbed my hand and pushed upwards, until we were in the topmost row, where none of the seats were taken. He pointed with his chin, not saying a word, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the dim lights, to the back corner. I nodded and walked ahead down the dark path. Kütahya Escort The lights up here were so dim I couldn’t see the floor of the theater. I made my way to the end of the isle and plopped down in my seat ungracefully, glaring up at him. The screen was tiny, but that was to my advantage as I wouldn’t be that close to the gore fest. I shrugged out of my jacket and leaned against him, holding his warm hand. His thumb rubbed across the bridge of my hand, causing shivers to shoot down my spine as the previews began. With the widening of the screen, the theater became even darker, until the gloom where we were sitting was complete.

The nearest person was about twenty feet away, and I began to concentrate on his body against mine as the movie started. He was warm, so warm pressed up against me, his thigh against mine. I inhaled, smelling the heady sent of his deodorant, gel and clothes. Sighing, I leaned a little closer, my chin resting on his shoulder and nibbled on his neck. He turned his eyes to mine, a smile parting his lips, and his hand left mine, moving slowly against my upper thigh. I licked his neck slowly and playfully, biting, and his hand slid all the way up to feel my warmth, his index finger rubbing softly against my crotch, making me squirm. Sighing in pleasure, I leaned back away from him, spreading my legs a bit so his fingers could feel the folds of my pussy through my jeans. He turned more towards me, the look on his face playful as he rubbed firmer, trying to part my pussy lips with his fingers. My mouth opened to let out a soft moan when a light cough interrupted us. We both froze and looked up.

The figure was standing a couple feet down the aisle from us, and I relaxed when I realized it was one of his friends from school. Chris let out a soft laugh as his friend walked closer, a wicked grin on his face. I smiled politely, this was one of his friends I didn’t know well. It wasn’t until the guy was standing beside us that I realized John’s fingers were still firmly pressing against my pussy. I squirmed uncomfortably as the friends eyes glanced downwards, and fixated on the scene before him. Chris gripped firmer, massaging me playfully, and I stifled the urge to close my legs as his friend moved even closer.

I opened my mouth to object, but Chris put a finger against my lips, and I smelled the subtle sweet aroma of myself on his hand. He then reached down, and unbuttoned my jeans one snap at a time, his eyes watching. I looked down as my yellow satin panties were exposed, but I knew that his friend was watching closely also. He whispered against my ear to lift my hips, and I did as I was told. The cool theater air brought gooseflesh to Kütahya Escort Bayan my skin as he jerked my pants down around my ankles quickly, leaving my thighs and legs nude and uncovered.

In the hazy light from the picture, you could see the wet darker spot where his fingers had pressed and played with my pussy until it soaked through the fabric. His hands reached down to spread my thighs further, exposing my entire thong covered pussy for both of them to see. He rubbed his index finger against the fabric, pushing down until my lips were outlined on either side by yellow panty. After getting the material good and soaked, he brought his hand back up to my mouth, tracing my moist and parted lips with my own juices until they sparkled. I was breathing heavy, and flicked my tongue out to taste myself.

A sound grabbed my attention, and I looked up to see the friend unzipping his jeans very near to my face. Looking at Chris in confusion, I began to close my legs but his hand on my thigh stopped me. His hand was forceful on my tender thigh, and I shifted uneasily. He tugged on my hand, and I had no clue what he wanted. My eyes flitted back to his friend, who now had a very hard cock out of his boxers, and was staring fixedly at my soaked panties while his hand moved slowly up and down the shaft of his dick.

The situation was awkward, but making me very hot. Chris reached down and unzipped his own pants, pulling his cock out of his boxers until it stood straight in the air, the tip leaking a tiny amount of precum on the beautiful head. At the sight of his cock, my mouth watered and I began to lean over, wanting to have him in my mouth. He shook his head with a laugh, and reached out, grabbing me by the hips and lifting me up into his lap. I landed with a soft thud against his body, and suddenly his heated and hard cock was rubbing in-between my ass cheeks, pressing against the scanty material covering my soaked cunt.

He gently stroked my back, from my neck down to my ass cheeks, pushing me forward just a little. I leaned up, resting my elbows on the seat, and felt his fingers now stroking under my panties, against the wet folds of my pussy, spreading my lubrication all over my pussy and ass. Sliding the strip of material aside, he eased his dick into my wet hole, humping his hips up, trying to force himself inside me all at once. I bit my lip, about to groan, when a hand in my hair jerked my head to the side.

Opening my mouth to protest, I was shocked when another heated dick was forced against my lips. This one was smaller than the one pushing into my cunt, but no less eager for me. He drooled precum all over my lips and chin, and after tasting Escort Kütahya the salty sweetness of him, I eagerly let him push past my lips and into my warm welcoming mouth. I groaned around his cock as Chris shoved the rest of his dick deep inside me, pushing against my cervix with the tip. He let go of the base of his dick and put his hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to rest against him with his cock fully inside me, hot and hard, my bare asscheeks pressing against his thighs and lower stomach. He leaned forward, his tongue caressing my ear lobe, and told me to suck his friend good while he fucked my pussy, and that I was to take both of their cum deep in my body. Not to waste a drop. Leaning back, he put his hands on my hips and began moving me slowly up and down his cock, my pussy lips spreading and gripping his shaft.

The cock in my mouth drove into my throat as his friend came to stand right in front of me, and his hands fisted in my hair. I gagged as he shoved it deep in my throat, the head bouncing against my tonsils, and tried to shake my head to get him away, but Chris grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed hard, fucking his hips against me, driving his cock hard into my wet pussy. I began to bounce in earnest, my face quickly becoming covered with spit and precum as his friends cock slipped out of my wet lips a couple times while I drove my tight cunt down on Chris’s cock. Chris’s hands were lifting my hips up as his dick slid in and out of me, and his friends hands were pushing down on my head with each thrust, pushing me roughly down on his cock. I was in heaven, and soon began to cum. My cunt fluttered, and I moaned with my mouth full of cock as I came on Chris’s dick, my pussy contracting and squeezing him deep inside. His breathing sped up, and I felt his dick spasm inside me, and begin pumping his seed into my fuck hole.

His friend looked down at my panty covered pussy as we both came, and my eyes rolled back as he began to cum as well, his cock spurting cum against the back of my mouth and into my throat. It was salty and hot, and I let it flow down my throat easily before swallowing, relishing the taste. Chris’s cock gave one last jerk as he finished emptying himself inside me, and I slid back against him, breathing hard. His friend pulled his dick out of my mouth and Chris told me to lick it off, nice and gentle, so I did, bathing it with my tongue from balls to head. He then put his dick back in his pants, said goodbye to his friend and went back to his seat.

It wasn’t until then that I remembered where we were, and looked around nervously. No one seemed to have noticed our activities so far up in the theater and I turned to grin at Chris. He laughed and I eased off him, quickly moving my panties back into place to catch the cum that was leaking out of my pussy. After pulling my pants back on, I leaned over and quickly licked him dry, savoring the mixture of our cum and returned to my seat to watch the rest of the movie.

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