A Roommate Unlike Any Other Vol 08

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A Roommate Unlike Any Other Vol 8

Chapter 10 Embracing the new normal

Our one year anniversary as roommates was fast approaching and we’d talked about turning it into a special occasion. Our friendship had continued to strengthen to the point that I could honestly say, I had never felt as close to any other female in my life. No topic was off limits and matters of sex and sexuality were discussed between us freely and without judgement.

I look back on this time in my life as one of extreme satisfaction. Work was going very well and with advancements at the office, the demands on my time had increased. My social life was as full as I needed it to be at the time. In addition to the time spent with Jake and Hannah, I had a number of coworkers I’d grown closer to and made the effort to join in for pub nights and such. Any hard feelings of the ex-boyfriend had long-since faded from memory.

The experience I shared with Hannah and Scott reminded me of how much I enjoyed sex with men. I was mentally in a place where I was ready to think about dating again. But practically speaking, I couldn’t imagine the sort of time commitment this would require and to be honest, I hadn’t put any effort into seeking out ‘that guy’ that would check all the boxes. I suppose that it didn’t help that I was receiving all of the mental and physical stimulation I needed in the comfort of my own home.

Though I had ‘changed my stripes’ to a certain degree and very much developed an ever expanding appreciation for lesbian experiences, I knew in my heart that I would always remain primarily heterosexual. And if I’m being completely honest, my experiences with Hannah had changed a great deal about my expectations for a committed partner. I now desired much more from a sexual relationship than I would have in the past but wasn’t quite certain of how to find ‘that guy’ who would be able and willing to meet my needs.

My private life with Hannah continued on with a clear delineation of the power imbalance between us. Even when she would spend a night ravishing and pleasuring me in ways that never failed to satisfy, it was always clear that she was doing so for her own pleasure. And there were many times that we would fool around as ‘equals’ but for the most part, I was always made to feel as another one of her ‘pets’ whose mission in life, was to pleasure her.

We samsun seks hikayeleri would talk about the things we did together which eventually, also came to include others. Hannah would often remind me that in the process of serving or servicing her, I was learning what was required to properly assert myself as a dominant sexual being. To this end, she had begun to include me in more of her online session with her other ‘pets’.

In the beginning, I would be in the room with her but off-camera when she would have one of her sessions. I watched as she instructed and commanded her desires to one of the many willing subjects in her stable. Hannah’s confidence in her own sexuality made others eager to satisfy her kinky desires. It began to feel as though there wasn’t anything she couldn’t talk someone into doing. I knew that it was mostly designed for her pleasure but had come to understand how each of her subjects willingly obeyed and thanked her for the experience as though it had all been for their satisfaction. I was living this experience every day.

Eventually, I was placed before the camera as her ‘sexual assistant in training’. At first, I wore a mask and was unknown to her online partners but eventually, I ditched the mask and willingly participated without shame. Hannah began to allow me to assist in directing the men and the women at the other side of the webcam. There was an immense feeling of power that came with being able to direct another person to do whatever it might be on any given day, to perform an act purely for satisfaction of my needs.

I’d fully adopted my duel roles as Hannah’s subservient sex partner and ‘dominant in training’. Most often, we would just make it up on the go although I often sensed that Hannah had worked out her expectations before-hand. Sometimes, she would ask in advance about what I wanted to see or what I wanted one of her pets to do. Most often however, Hannah would specifically instruct how or what I was to make our subject perform.

One of her newest subservient pets was a tall redhead with great freckles. I learned that Hannah het recently met her at the school bookstore but had no possible idea how she had talked her into doing what I was about to make her do. At precisely 9pm, Cindy webcammed to Hannah’s address. When the camera window opened, I was witness to another complete stranger seated on her computer chair completely naked.

Cindy looked to be about 5’10” with long legs, an athletic figure, deep red hair, and very fulsome breasts. Seated with legs spread wide (which no doubt had been at Hannah’s specific direction), it was clear to see that the young female was completely devoid of body hair. Also of note, the hood of her clitoris was pierced with a simple silver hoop. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I thought of that idea and couldn’t ever see myself allowing another to push a sharp needle through such a sensitive area of the female anatomy.

I remained stunned at the realization that Hannah possessed the ability to approach a complete stranger and convince her (or him), to follow each and every command that would be given to her. How in the hell, had she learned to set this thing up? I mean, it can’t be as easy as just saying, ‘hey, I like to sexually dominate people. Why don’t you get naked and call me up and I’ll tell you what to do!’. For my part, I couldn’t believe I was about to be put in control of this situation.

Hannah began while I was still off-camera. Cindy was made to pose and expose at Hannah’s direction. She had the girl spread, bent over, fondling, touching, probing, pulling apart her lips, bent over and spreading her ass cheeks. All vulnerabilities were exposed and Cindy seemed all too willing to comply, no matter the request. The only surprise or hesitation I observed, occurred when Hannah brought me into view while Hannah explained that she had brought an assistant to ‘make things even more interesting’.

If Cindy thought about backing out or signing off, she must have reconciled her feelings quite quickly. ‘Ok’ was all she said, as she waited for the next instruction.

Being my first time in the ‘driver’s seat’, I wasn’t exactly sure of how I should exercise my control. I thought back to the many videos Hannah had shared and wanted to come up with something unique that would stimulate the both of us. It took me a few minutes and then I thought of an idea I hadn’t seen Hannah create and hoped I would score some points for originality.

“Cindy, from here on in, I will be your master and you will do as I say. Nod if you accept this dynamic.”

Cindy nodded quickly which made me feel emboldened with my first exercise of dominance and control.

I want you to carry your laptop and head to the bathroom. You will run a warm tub and as you wait for it to fill, you will follow my directions to the letter.

“Yes Master.”

As the tub fills you will stand and rub your clit against the edge of the countertop while staring at yourself in the mirror over the sink. Place the laptop on the seat of the toilet so that Hannah and I can watch your ass cheeks flex as you shamelessly bring yourself to a humping orgasm using only the rounded edge of the counter.

Both Hannah and I had begun to finger ourselves as we watched Cindy willingly comply with my instructions. I’d become addicted to the voyeuristic pleasure of watching another person masturbating. It was such a thrill to observe their expressions, the movement of their body, the tensing of their muscles, the technique of their hands. The view from behind made it all the more sereptitious as though my view had been provided from a hidden camera.

Before Cindy could get herself to orgasm, I called for a halt and instructed her to get into the tub. Her slow descent confirmed that the water was quite hot. When she was settled, I directed her to slide down to the end and place her legs up against the wall so that the faucet was directly between her legs. Knowing that she was already stimulated and that her path to orgasm had been interrupted, I decided to add another level to my dominance.

“I want you to turn the tap on to a comfy temperature and let the water pound down onto your clit. You may use one hand to spread the lips of your sec apart but otherwise, you may only use the stimulation of the water to bring yourself to orgasm!”

Cindy followed my instructions to a tee which delighted both Hannah and myself. I had the sense that Hannah approved of my directorial debut which, to be honest, was as much my motivation as bringing Cindy to orgasm. At this point, Hannah and I had crossed arms and begun to finger each other as we enjoyed the bathtub performance of our new pet. Cindy managed to last about ten minutes before we watched her legs cross and clamp tightly together in telltale indication of womanly ecstasy.

Hannah and I each managed to finger one another to orgasm within moments of Cindy’s water faucet cum. As the three of us caught our breath and settled into post-orgasmic relaxation, Hannah retook control of the situation. After praising Cindy for following directions and confirming that she had a great time and would be keen to play again, we closed the browser and added yet another recording to Hannah’s porn chest.

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