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Subject: A Red Hot Devil Part 2 Disclaimer/Warning: This story graphically depicts sex among adult and boy males. If you are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of this, what are you even doing here? Go! Or enjoy and help Nifty with donations! http://donate./ This story is a complete work of fiction. This story is about boys, teens and adults; m/t/b A Hot Red Little Devil part two. After my incredible start with my little helper at his home I went. Went home to welcome two students at my place to learn the guitar. Still with a wetted pant I got out the car. The two boys stood already in front of my house. Covering my front with my schoolbag I let them in. As soon as they were in my studio I fled upstairs to change. Coming back in the studio, both boys look suspicious at my new pants. I saw them giggling thinking the same, I guessed. I didn’t mind them thinking the worst. One day I should play games with them too. I only accepted boys with sharp looks and eventually needs. It was only 15 minutes, when my Whatsapp announced a video chat. Expecting students to cancel the lesson I looked. But all I saw, was a stiff little dick, jerked by a little hand. I answered it telling: after eight o’clock! Showing the two boys with my back camera. (when they should have seen the lid on the other side? May be they had wanted to join?) I hanged up, knowing that my jerking Gerben must explode with jealousy! That two hot boys looked like competitors of course. My condition now was more and more seeking for cuddle moments. I helped the boys with fingers � no, not ther!- holding the guitar, while touching almost every part of their body’s. One even seemed to like it, whenever a chance, he hung into me. After another hour with again two consumable boys I was ready. With the boys, not my still raging dick. And again, there it was a video WhatsApp with a jerking hand. Now I could talk with my newly acquired treasure. Told him he was doing all right, I liked it. His answer was he knew I should like it. Why did he knew it all the time, I asked him. It was in Boywankers, he had seen me. I was shocked and amazed like hell. Where did he learned to see Boywankers? At his friend house, he answered. An older brother loved to tease his little brother and friend. Showing teens doing stuff he thought the boys should learn. Being eleven you should start enjoying your growing lust. I kind of liked that older brother. My fantasy again saw orgies with little boys and teens. Curious I asked him if he had done it too? Gerben said he did try it somehow with his friend, It was clumsy, he said. Older men screwing young çankaya escort teens, they could do it best. He called that his favourites. After seeing me the first time he was sure I was in Boywankers. So I was the best man to start with to have real sex. I wondered if I am really in Boywankers. Did I have a student who had recorded our musical dick adventures? Just imagine they showed it at school… It might increase a lot of boys participating or a staff kicking me out. In the meantime my new little cousin -so called- kept on jerking. He wanted to see me doing the same. Well, I already had started of course. And Gerben, as trained wankers watcher, now showed more. His lovely tight butthole, his shivering twisting testicles. And kisses, tongue wetting his lips. Fuck me, fuck me, was all he said next. This was so new to me, I hardly knew how to do it myself. Just keep on repeating how I loved this little rascal, this ginger crowned prince of mine. I asked Gerben to show his butt once more. Could he stick two fingers in it? Or more? The boy must have been a good Wankers student. Immediately he knew what I meant and yes, three fingers! Fuck me fuck me, he repeatedly murmured. I will I will, was my message. When, can you come, please tomorrow, he pleaded. Since we had the agreement with his mum we had to wait another day. But the smart fellow supposed to pick him up next day after school. To start driving lessons on a parking lot and to fuck. After that invitation I exploded, which caused a laugh in the my mobile. I love you and you love me giggled my new toyboy. You cum if I show my dick, he proudly noticed. We kept on talking about all kinds and nothing quite a while. When his babysit entered his room his mobile was taken away. A short moment I could see that babysitter: a good looking teen. My fantasy made overtime, so many hotties around Gerben! His friend and his brother, his babysitter and me of course. I had been involved in sex from young. My barber had deflowered me when I was 8. I came in his barbershop once a week after closing time. I earned a sharp sexy (hair)look and a filled wallet all the time. Growing older I served my tutor bringing new, young kids. During my music academy time I had a close friend Jim. We shared an apartment and I couldn’t have had a better partner. Not only could we enjoy each other, little boys were also his hobby. And during our trainee year deflowered all kind of kids. We learned more and more how to impress young boys. Like tight shirts, sharp looks and a hot physical appearance We studied our instruments, but even more seducing methods! çankırı escort It paid off, like what happened to me with Gerben. I apped some students for next day, skipping their afternoon lessons. There was another student to teach. Another warm night with expectations that loaded my dick again. The next day was again making music with my jolly students at school. But I rushed to my little town as soon I was done.. Gerben had send a message to pick him up near the sport grounds, his last lessons had taken place overthere. He asked to come after four o’clock. I saw the lonely boy indeed arriving there. After four o’clock, then all the other students had left. He didn’t want everybody to see his new `uncle’. That bunch nearby the supermarket was enough witnesses. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my boy was dressed in shorts. Despite the cold weather! He replied having it done to serve me an easier entrance. Which I immediately want to try of course. What a start already! One hand steering, the other shifting the gears and a dick. Gerben reminded me my promise to let him steer my car. I agreed to go to an empty parking lot. Right away his little hands dipped in my trousers. -already loosened before picking up the boy of course.- One thing we didn’t experienced yet: kissing. A hard thing driving, but waiting in a drive through.. Our first kiss was quite professional, he didn’t hesitate at all. Our tongues knew their way like we’ve done it for years. Luckily his head was clogged behind the car seat’s head rest. My hands explored all of his chest during our kiss scene. I still hardly could believe to have such a price winner hot little devil. Having the hot dogs he took the sausage and played with it. In and out his mouth like sucking a warm dick. That naughty devil, if only he knew my size, my personal hot thing. I knew another game, starting to eat fast the same sausage. It ended quickly in another hotdogkiss. Wow, this boy was hot. Everything was hot! Where to go next? Near the coast are a large wooded nature areas, with parking lots. During this season and on a weekday it should be almost empty. It took quite a long ride, but our hands used that time with pleasure. Also mum had to know that her son wasn’t home for dinner. WhatsApp telling about dinner with `a’ friend solved that problem. At last, the parking lot was totally deserted. While we took off our coats Gerben wriggled himself in(to) my lap. He was more than a happy boy, sure. To show it he kissed me over and over To much to bear for us both. But his desire to steer overcame everything else. We drove round after round, a proud çayyolu escort boy was bobbing with pleasure. My rod could take it all, bearing in mind his turn was coming soon. I searched for some shaded place between some bushes and trees. At last I managed to steer along into that spot. And the next action was lowering the passenger seat flat. Being used to treat kids in my car I was keen on having that possibility. My little hot sexy toyboy lay exhausted on his back. Already hands on his hardon after lowering his shorts. The devil wasn’t even wearing an undercut… I admired all that beauty from a young little 11 year old. His proud dick stood up as up it could. It pleaded to be sucked now. And with all my abilities to treat a dick the best, I started. With my tongue over it, downwards and up again. Kissing the belly, up to his nipples. The giggling little jewel just no longer knew what to do it. I tried to prolong his boiling loin as I could. But at last he couldn’t stop having his first -dry- cumming. Now the boy crept all over me, kissing along this new experience. Never being sucked, just watch the wanker boys do it… And being polite he offered to suck me. Carefully I told him that my dick could produce a lot cum. Again he told he’d seen it all with the wankers. And now he wanted to taste it too. I couldn’t disagree of course. And I said to him to be careful with his teeth. He should succeed going deep, I asked. Breath through your nose and yes, he came far. Considering the time, it was getting dark, I decided to cum too. Warning for my load the poor kid was splashed with semen. In his mouth, in his face, in his hair. He was such a hot boy, I said, that caused a lot of semen. Salty, he described my spunk, but not bad at all. Next chapter of mr horny was his question to fuck now. As you know, a mini is a nice car, but an easy fuck in it? I promised to do the fuck tomorrow. Somewhere were we’ll have a bed, at my or his home. Negotiations with mum to follow. Like a WhatsApp tomorrow, telling I have to be at home. Can we do the math training there? Gerben agreed with that idea, and next I’d to fix him. His bewildered looks, open shirt and short, hair like a broom. I love fixing up kids, so uncle did it all. Combing his hair, with the sperm was another hot thing for me. The best gel you can wish, I told my hot gem! Our way home to his hometown was as usual time for our one hand. And kisses, I lost numbering it. I couldn’t count them anymore. Arrived in the now dark place near the sports ground last kisses. And fumble in our pants. Fuck me tomorrow please were his last words. Being at home I hardly could resist to jump and fuck my evening students. O boy, what a hard life I had… Read all about it in chapter three. Can’t wait myself! Any idea how to go on, please tell me! ail And don’t forget to help Nifty making this fty/

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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