A rainy day at work

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A rainy day at workThis is a true story Some years ago I was working in London for a large construction company as a secretary in a small office on site,I loved it all those hunky builders,My boss Bill had just come back to work after 6 months from a hart attack I was there to help him as it was summertime and I would wear thin blouse and short skirts and stockings most of the time no bra or knickers.This particular day it was very hot so no bra but I did have a thong on anyway I had to go to pick up some files from our other site office aprox a mile down the road as it was a hot sunny day I thought I would walk, so as my tits bounced their way down the stairs our office was on the third floor of a portacabin city and the staircase was on the outside all the builders were watching me I tried not to let it show I was loving all the attention (all the comments and whistles) I walked across site in my rigger boots short skirt stockings and thin white blouse and yellow hard hat I got to the security hut changed in to my normal shoes and left my hat and boots at the desk as I got aprox 100 yards down the road it started to rain gently at first it was quite refreshing then it got harder so I started to run my tits (34b)really started to bounce so I stopped running and walked faster.By the time I got to the other office I was soaking Liz the girl at reception said look at you your wet through I said yes and could I borrow an umbrella she said you needed a coat I maltepe escort said no an umbrella would do she said NO you need a coat look in the mirror as I looked I could see that my blouse was so wet that it was transparent and you could see my nipples as if I was topless Oops I said. Then I saw there was a big stack of files. Liz put the files in to some plastic bags for me, I said that I could not take a coat as I would not be coming back this way tonight so I held the files against my chest and walked very fast back to my own site and office When I got back to the security hut I put the files down on the desk and started to put my boots back on then I noticed the security guard was looking at me with big eyes then I realized that he was staring at my tits as my blouse was still see through so I then opened my legs and flashed my pale blue thong at him put my hard hat on picked up the files and walsed off across the site with the files firmly clutched to my chest when I got upstairs poor old Bill nearly had another heart attack he said that I should go in to the toilets and dry off. so I ran back down the stairs this time I had nothing to cover my chest with and I ran straight in to the toilets I was just taking off my blouse when Jane walked in and said I see you got wet she said I watched you run across site and up and back down the stairs I thought I would come and see if you needed some help to get bahçelievler escort dry, I said thanks and asked her to hold my wet blouse under the hand dryer as I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it and held it under another hand dryer. I was standing there in just my pale blue thong and black stockings and suspenders and boots I did not notice at first but Jane kept looking at my tits then Sue walked in and said I saw you come back and come in here I came to see if I could help but I see you have help I said no stop you could hold my skirt I gave sue my skirt and I then proceeded to remove my soaking wet thong. So now I was just stood there naked in my boots stockings and suspenders holding my thong under another hand dryer. By this time a few other girls/women who worked on site were coming in and out of the toilets and giving us some really strange looks then I noticed that Jane was still looking at my tits I was starting to get a bit concisions that she was looking, and my nipples were getting hard with the attention then Sue said Jane must like your tits she keeps looking at them Jane went bright red I said it’s ok I don’t mind and I would like to look at yours and Sues tits, sue laughed and unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her front loading bra then out popped these two lovely breasts with soft brown nipples Jane just stood there with her eyes popping out looking at both of our adana escort tits we then said to Jane well come on it’s your turn she went even more red and very slowly started to unbutton her blouse Sue and I stood there and holding our breath as each button was undone finally she took off her blouse and started to undo the clasp on the back or her bra, my hart was pounding she hesitated but finally released the clasp, as she let the bra fall away she covered her tits with her arms then even more slowly let her arms down one at a time when I saw her tits I gasped she had huge nipples the areole was almost three inch’s in diameter and the nipple was an inch and a half long. wow I said I want to suck on them, then I realized I had said it out loud as both Jane and sue looked at me as my eyes flashed between them I said well I would, then Sue looked at me and said yes I would too. Then we heard a whistle and we noticed that the door was being held open by Julie the Senior engineer’s secretary she then said in a loud voice what’s going on here we all started to speak at the same time she then asked Sue to tell her, all the time the door was open the guys from site were looking in I was trying to hide behind Sue who had her arms across her chest hiding her tits, Jane went so red I thought she was going to burst, Julie then turned around and said to the men outside that if they did not go back to work she would dock them all a days pay then she shut the door, she then explained that she had seen me come back from the other office and as we had all been in here over an hour there must be something wrong she then told us to get dressed and go back to work by this time my clothes were dry. Julie said that she thought I looked really sexy in stockings and rigger boots we all laughed and went back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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