A Rainy Day, A Lucky Tear

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I watched as her hips and butt swayed from side to side as she walked in front of me along the dirt road. I knew I shouldn’t be looking, but I was particularly horny that day. Cat always knew how to dress in a way that accentuated her stunning physique.

While I hadn’t exactly buffed up since the beginning of high school and still couldn’t bench over 110 lbs like some of the other guys at our school, Cathleine was the complete opposite.

Although I was 6 feet by the time I was 18, Cat continued to grow taller and taller until she was almost as tall as me at 5’9″.

Even though I was tall, I was also pretty chubby and my facial features had always seemed to be smoothed over by an external layer of baby face. On the other hand, Cat’s 5’9″ figure was accentuated by a cute ass, long, athletic legs, and relatively ample bust (she was a C-cup at least). Her figure seemed to be helped out by the fact that she was an avid volleyball player.

While my black, Asian mop of hair simply sat at neck-length on the top of my head, Cat’s luscious and shiny red hair (she was half Irish) flowed like a Gaelic river all the way down to her shoulder blades.

Her skin was a beautiful one-degree tanner than simply milky white. Her face was sharply defined with green eyes, long lashes, and a set of seemingly constantly pouty lips. It was the same face I had always found myself getting lost in without realizing it. We would be talking to each other and then Caitlyn would stick her tongue out at me to show she knew I had lost focus and was staring absentmindedly at her nose or some other feature of her pretty face. She would jokingly call me a pervert and ask if I had gotten a good eyeful.

That was Cat all right. We had been friends since kindergarten and always went over to each other’s houses to hang out. Cat, being such a confident person, was never afraid to speak her mind and never took shit from anybody. There was one caveat to this in her personality however. She was an energetic and confident woman all the time except when it came to what she wore. Although she was always comfortable dressing to impress in private and around her close friends like me, she always seemed shy about showing off her body in public.

This was evident by the way she always dressed for school versus for comfort in her private life. This meant not too tight pairs of jeans, non-cropped t-shirts, several big poofy jackets, and tasteful jumpsuits while her outfits at home and among close friends sometimes consisted of miniskirts, crop tops, short shorts, and deliciously tight yoga pants, all of which helped me in deciding that Cat was the most beautiful 18-year-old senior at our high school.

Back to the present, Cat’s ass bounced in tandem with her springing steps. She had an energy in her walk being the bubbly and energetic girl she was. That spring morning was punctuated only by the sounds of birdsong and the rhythmic crunch of gravel under Cat’s pair of spotless white converse flats as she continued walking down the country road in front of me.

Out of all the pairs of shoes she had, those were my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have a shoe fetish or anything. She just looked like such a babe with those white converse and light gray ankle socks. Now, I did have a thing for ankle socks. To me, a girl getting her tight cunt ravaged while her ankle sock-clad feet bounced in the air was a big turn on for me.

Anyway, I should get my mind out of the bottom of the gutter. Along with her white converses and light gray ankle socks, she had on a pink full-length t-shirt on top of which she showcased a clear pvc rain jacket. To top it all off, her athletic volleyball player legs were adorned with a pair of light gray Victoria’s Secret Pink yoga pants. Hence, she was certainly in dress-for-comfort mode.

A light fog hung over the unplanted dirt fields on both sides of us. With the sun reflecting a golden hue off the fog, it was heaven. Cat, knowing how much I loved photographing the countryside, had invited me to her Uncle’s property over the summer to take photos and explore. In the morning, she had the audacity to drive 10 minutes to my house, let herself in with my spare key, and physically attempt to drag me into her car to take me to the ranch. As a courtesy to her for inviting me, I decided not to try to resist.

That was another thing about Cat. She wasn’t the kind of person to be patient on other peoples’ behalf. I was more of a sleep in, ask questions later sort of guy. That’s how I came to be walking along a wooded lane in the middle of the country watching my beautiful 18-year-old friend’s ass bounce up and down in a sexy pair of yoga pants.

Only, they weren’t bouncing anymore. Cat had stopped walking. Looking up to her face, my eyes met with Cat’s fiery pupils. Her lips were scrunched into a smirk as she looked back at me over her shoulder with a hand now on her hip.

“Oh shit,” I thought in my head. She caught me staring and I quickly looked away. Of course, it was too late.

“What adiosbet yeni giriş are you doing…,” Cat began in a slow, knowing tone.

I tried to deflect by saying, “Uh…nothing. I was just…”

“You were staring at my bouncy butt weren’t you,” Cat conjectured. My entire face was invaded by a deep blush. I forced my eyes to look anywhere but at Cat.

“I…was not,” I mumbled.

“Stop playing dumb bro. You definitely were,” Cat responded in a teasing tone with a smirk still plastered on her face.

“Okay…maybe I was admiring your VS Pink slate gray yoga pants,” I hesitatingly offered.

“Oh, so that’s what they’re called. Have you memorized the product name cause you go onto the website that often when you…” Cat made an up-and-down jerking motion with her hand?

I blushed an even harder shade of crimson. I stammered out, “Oh my god. You’re unbelievable.” In my defense, I only go on there sometimes to admire the new designs that they release.

“Holy shit! So, you were perving on me,” she said in a mock surprise tone, “I can see how hard you’re blushing you know.”

“I was so not looking at your butt,” I said in a still defensive tone.

“Hmm…what should I have you do as punishment,” Cat pondered?

“I really wasn’t,” I continued.

“Tell me I have a nice ass,” Cat said suddenly.

“What?! No, I’m not saying that,” I retorted. In response Cat stood facing square away from me and bent over right at the waist as if she were stretching her hamstrings as she did all the time for volleyball. Her ass bulged against the smooth skin-tight material of her light gray leggings and I even made out the perceptible outline of a cameltoe against the gray fabric. Once fully bent over, Caitlyn turned her head back around to the right to look at me.

“Please. Pretty please. Won’t you tell your ‘lil ole friend Cathleine that her ass is the juiciest in the land,” purred Caitlyn in a soft voice?

“No, I will not,” I retorted in disbelief at her lewd language!

“Say it already,” she now commanded authoritatively! With that, she took her right hand and gave her butt a heavy slap to the right cheek. The slap resounded throughout the wooded lane like a gunshot. The songbirds all fell silent. I think I perceived a small amount of jiggling. I let out an involuntary gasp.

Quickly recovering, I huffed, “Okay, fine! Cat Banfield… you have a nice ass,” I muttered almost under my breath.

Cat purred in a soft voice, “Yeah, I do have a nice ass don’t I.” Still bent over and looking back around at me, she gave her ass another, lighter slap.

“You’re just as much of a perv as me and even more of a hypocrite,” I managed to stammer out as I tried very hard not to stare even more.

“I am aren’t I,” sighed Cat as she stopped stooping over and stood straight. We started walking down the road again.

“I’m glad you aren’t like this at school, otherwise I don’t know how I would survive a single day,” I stated matter-of-factly.

Cat responded, “Oh, I think I’d know how to help you ou-“

Cat stopped walking. I saw her put a hand up to her face. I asked, “Cat what’s wrong now? If you think I was thinking about giving you a facial, I definitely was not.”

“Shut up,” Cat responded, “I think I feel something wet.” I was about to make a that’s what she said joke, but then I felt it too. A drop of water hit the back of my neck. Pricking up my ears, I began to re-take in my surroundings. While we had had our sexually charged discussion, the sunlight had dimmed as clouds covered the sky. In the distance, I heard it now. A peal of thunder cracked through the surrounding air. I heard several raindrops hit the leaves of the trees on either side of the road. Wind also began to make the treetops sway around us.

“Fuck me,” Cat said. “I didn’t know it would rain.” Although the country lane was somewhat shielded by the lines of trees on either side of the road, those same trees were very barren of leaves and provided little cover from the intensifying rain overhead.

Unfortunately for me, I only had on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a pair of walking shoes. It certainly wasn’t ideal for a major downpour. It seemed too far to try to go back as we had already walked about two miles down the lane. While I pondered my dire situation, Cat had had the sense to look for shelter as she pulled up the hood on her clear rain jacket. I jumped as a flash of lightning reflected in Cat’s eyes as she looked back at me.

Two seconds after came a thunderous crack. As if on cue, rain began to pound us with heavy droplets and wind was beginning to blow the rain sideways. As the wind and rain was so loud, Cat had to yell so I could hear her. “Follow me down the road,” she yelled toward me,” There’s a barn in the field to our left.”

With that, she turned back around and began to make her way further down the road. I squinted my eyes against the pelting rain and ran after her until I caught up. Putting one hand on my shoulder, she adiosbet giriş used her other hand to point off to the right from the road. Sure enough, through the heavy, blowing rain, I made out the outline of a large wooden barn. Unfortunately, the lane was hemmed in on both sides by barbed wire fencing. Luckily, there was a wooden gate twenty feet in front of us on the right side of the lane.

I ran toward the gate as a bolt of lightning cracked upon a tree about 300 feet further down the lane. I got there before Cat and I tried opening the gate. Unfortunately, it was locked with a metal padlock. Luckily, it was a regular wooden farm gate; it was high enough to keep any livestock in, but it was short enough for us to climb over. The wood was slick with rain as I climbed up to the top of the gate, sat on the wooden beam of the gate, and shimmied carefully down into the now muddy field on the other side.

Looking back, I saw Cat right behind me sitting on the top of the gate. Another bolt of lightning lit up the sky briefly, and Cat seemed so startled she lost her footing and slipped face-first onto the field side. Luckily, she reacted and caught herself with her hands so she didn’t land face-first into the mud. I clambered a couple feet back to her and hooked my arm under her armpit to pull her to her feet.

“Are you okay,” I practically yelled into her ear. She didn’t answer for a beat and I thought she might be in shock. After a couple seconds, she seemed to register I was holding her and she turned toward me.

She answered shakily, “Uh, yeah…I don’t think I’m hurt. But I think I-” Another crack of lightning illuminated behind us making both of us jump.

I yelled back at her, “There’s no time! We have to go!” I had to support her for a few seconds as we started to half trot, half run towards the barn. My hair was matted against the back of my neck and what parts of me had been dry after climbing the fence were completely soaked through by the time we got within a few feet of the barn.

Luckily, the main barn door was ajar so we scrambled inside and found ourselves inside what seemed to be a multi-purpose storage space. It was a relatively small and old wooden barn. It was pretty much vacant except for several large piles of fresh hay on the ground. I unhooked my arm from Cat, staggered over to the nearest pile, and fell back down onto it. Running for my life from a lightning storm was sure exhausting.

Lying on my back, I looked up at the ceiling where some old, rusted spots of the corrugated tin roof let an occasional drop of water fall down onto the ground below. Looking up to check on Cat, I noticed she was still standing in the doorway of the barn.

For some reason, she was simply in the doorway facing in towards me and the inside of the barn. She was shivering from the cold rain, but she wasn’t clutching her arms around her body. They were plastered behind her. What was even more strange was that her cheeks weren’t pale with cold like the rest of her body, but were crimson with heat.

“Cat, what’s wrong,” I asked. “Why are you standing in the doorway. You’re practically shivering with cold.” I stood up from the hay pile. On a side note, I kind of smelled like wet livestock now.

Cat stammered out, “It’s okay, I’m fine here.”

“Come on. Get inside the barn with me here,” I said in a concerned tone. I reached out to embrace her, to share body heat of course, but she quickly shied away from me. She now stood half outside of the barn and was getting pelted with drops of rain.

“Cat! Don’t be stupid. Get inside now. What’s wrong with you,” I exclaimed.

“Well, I-. When I was climbing over the fence, there was a nail sticking out of the wood on the top beam and I-” Cat started saying.

“Oh my god, are you hurt Cat,” I demanded. My protective instincts engaged and I dashed towards Cat to grab onto her arms so she couldn’t evade me.

“No! Aaah! I’m not hurt! I just- No, don’t look a-,” Cat tried to blurt out. Her front didn’t look injured, so I quickly turned her around and lifted the hem of her shirt up when I saw it. There was a sizeable 6-inch tear in Cat’s light gray VS Pink yoga pants. The rough tear in the soaked fabric went from the bottom of Cat’s tailbone down to-. The tear had exposed the puckered star of her asshole and her pussy. Almost as if I was in a trance, I knelt down and moved the torn, soaked fabric on the right side even more so the tear was now more of a gaping hole. “You…you absolute perv,” yelled Cat as she saw what I was doing.

“I was just looking to see if you were wounded,” I said slowly.

“Ugh, you dork, I’m not hurt, the nail just caught on the pants and it…,” Cat trailed off. She twisted her body and head around so she could get a better look at the damage. “Jesus…that’s a big tear and you can really see my…,” Cat trailed off again and an even deeper blush than earlier invaded her cheeks as she realized what she was saying.

Breaking the more than awkward silence, I slowly said, adiosbet güvenilirmi “Maybe you should come inside now.”

Regaining her senses, Cat replied, “Yeah, I think you’re probably right. This freak spring rainstorm has got my entire fucking body chilled to the bone.” I slowly lead her into the barn as I embraced her facing me.

This meant I was walking backwards and I suddenly tripped and fell backward with Cat still in my arms. We both let out a yelp as I thankfully collapsed back into another hay pile with Cat’s body pressed on top of me. If there had been a rusty metal stake buried in the hay pile, both Cat’s and my embarrassment would’ve been ended once and for all. She tried to push herself up from me and the hay, but I held my arms tight around the small of her back.

“What are you-,” Cat asked.

“Cat, you were shivering ten seconds ago, we should stay pressed together so we can share body heat and warm up,” I replied into her right ear.

“This is just some perverted trick to get into my pan-,” Cat said.

“Come on, you said your body was fucking chilled to the bone. I don’t want you to develop a cold, or hypothermia,” I interrupted.

Cat sighed, “Right…hypothermia. You better not-“

“I better not what,” I asked her inquisitively. I looked up into her green eyes.

“Uh, nothing…Can you just help me get warmed up already,” Cat replied. I saw heat rise to her cheeks once again as she averted her eyes away from mine. I grunted a yes in reply and fell quiet.

After several seconds, I suddenly asked, “Why didn’t you just take off your t-shirt to cover yourself up.” I heard Cat stifle a surprised choke.

“I…uh, I don’t…I’m not wearing a bra,” she croaked. More forcefully, she added, “and I sure as hell wasn’t going to cover anything with my clear pvc raincoat. Really…just fuck my life right now.”

“Oh…,” was all I could muster. I then became very conscious of Cat’s C-cup breasts squished up against my own chest. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I thought I could feel her cold-hardened nipples pressing into me. I tried to get used to this position as we both lay still on the pile of hay.

The wet livestock smell now was overtaken by Cat who was literally lying on top of me. Her hands had gotten hooked under my armpits and around the backs of my shoulders as she clung to me as I did to her. Her head lay draped over left shoulder and looked like it was almost buried in the hay under me.

With her head so close, I angled my head to the left so my nose almost nuzzled stray strands of her hair which had drifted out from under her hooded raincoat. They were matted and soaked by the rain. Carefully, so as to not arouse suspicion, I slowly inhaled Caitlyn’s scent. It was intoxicating. The smell of the spring rain which had dampened her hair had mixed in with her naturally sweet-smelling female scent as well as with a slightly musky aroma of what I think was sweat.

I lay like that with Cat for several minutes, just listening to the heavy pounding of rain on the tin roof of the barn. Eventually, after beginning to daydream, my right hand moved absentmindedly from the small of Cat’s back.

I felt the water droplets that still coated her clear rain jacket as I tugged on the hood of the jacket with my left hand and pulled it slowly off her head. The hood had kept most of her long red hair on the back of her head dry. As if Cat were a cat, I began to run the fingers of my right hand through her hair slowly. It felt warm compared to the rest of her body which was still wearing soaked clothing and was still pressed tightly against my own soaked body. My fingertips felt the silky-smooth texture of her flowing, shoulder-length hair when suddenly, Cat shivered.

“Cat? Are you okay. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch your hair if you didn’t want me to. I can stop if you-,” I said into her ear.

Her voice was shaky when she replied, “No, no. I mean, we’re already pressed up against each other so I guess I don’t mind…pervert.” I couldn’t see her face when she said this, but I could tell she probably had her trademark smirk on her face.

I spoke slowly and deliberately, “Well, stroking a girl’s hair isn’t as perverted as…

“Don’t you dare, I will no joke end you,” she said in a mock serious tone.

“tapping her on the ass,” I finished. With that, I reluctantly pulled my hand from Cat’s silky, red hair and raised my hand up. Cat, sensing something wasn’t right, halfheartedly tried to squirm away from my grasp in order to turn over to see what I was doing. I tightened my left arm’s grip against the small of her waist and hooked both of my legs around her calves so she couldn’t get up.

She said in a warning tone, “What are you doing? You better fucking not be-” *Slap* My hand fell down like an axe on the chopping block. My hand impacted Cat’s plump right cheek with a resounding, wet slapping sound. At the sensation of my hand making contact with a mound of soft flesh covered by the damp fabric of her torn VS Pink yoga pants, my cock jumped up erect in response. I heard Cat try to stifle a light moan. Whether it was the sensation of being slapped or feeling my now-erect dick jab into her belly, or both that caused her to elicit that lewd noise, I couldn’t tell.

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