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One of the advantages of working from home is that you can take a break any time. There is something deliciously decadent in bringing up some filthy porn on the screen when you should be working. My particular favourite lately has been a video chat room where bored housewives exhibit themselves. Releasing my thick swollen cock I settled back in my seat to enjoy the show…

One of the disadvantages of working from home is that your 18 year old daughter is likely to come home unexpectedly from school…

Fortunately I had plenty of warning. She had slammed the door hard enough to take the roof off, and my office was at the end of the hallway. Nevertheless it was a close one. Bending a hard cock back into one’s trousers is never an easy chore. This coupled with the need to close all incriminating windows on the screen before she –

“Damn damn damn”

“And hello to you too love”

“Don’t start daddy. This is a catastrophe”

It’s odd how the young have so many catastrophes in their lives. I wondered what it was this time. A lost lipstick maybe, or a broken nail.

She was tottering under the weight of 3 box files crammed with essays, papers, and notebooks that she had retrieved from her shelf. Being short of storage space we had agreed to share this room. I would use it during the day and she in the evening. She dumped the boxes on the floor and crouched down to sift through their contents.

“Bloody physics homework

“You look a bit hot and bothered love…”

“Stop calling me love, you know I hate that! Of course I’m hot and bothered. I only took in the wrong homework didn’t I? Darwin’ll kill me.

Darwin was her physics teacher. That wasn’t his real name, but apparently he looked a bit like a monkey…

“Right in the middle of gym I suddenly realised. I ran all the way home. I didn’t even have time for a shower. YUK I stink. Damn where IS it?”

She was becoming hiltonbet giriş more and more agitated as reams of paper were tossed aside angrily. Of course I wouldn’t have dared say anything but she looked very becoming. Her blonde hair was in a pony tail, suitable for gym, and her face still had the sheen from her exertion in the class, and from running home. She seemed to have dressed in haste as her white blouse still had 3 buttons undone and she hadn’t completely tucked it in to her pleated blue skirt. A bead of sweat had formed on her throat and was trickling towards her cleavage. From this angle the tops of her ample breasts were also much in evidence.

I realised to my horror that the erection I had so forcefully thrust into its housing was still raging hard. Things weren’t helped as my daughter raised herself up on her haunches to get comfortable, her short school skirt completely failing to conceal her white knickers and smooth legs. A displaced strand of hair had fallen across her face and as she flicked her head to move it she caught my eye. What’s more she couldn’t fail to notice my excited cock straining to get out. It was as if time had stopped. Signals over which we had no control were exchanged at the speed of light. Her gaze was fixed on my hard bulge, mine on her exposed panties….

As though in a trance she stood up and walked towards me. Positioning her legs either side of mine she stood facing me, her arms to her sides, as I sat looking up at her

When I spoke my voice had somehow become that of a different man, as though it had been dubbed. Altogether thicker and uncontrolled.

“So you…ran home?”


I had untucked the rest of her blouse and my hands were now nervously attending to her 4th button

“Straight after gym…no time for a shower?”

“That’s right”

My heart was pounding as I undid her final button.

Her school blouse hiltonbet yeni giriş fell open in front of me. Her white bra straining to contain those full young breasts, coated in her sweat. I inhaled deeply from her flat smooth stomach and took in her heady aroma. It was salty and sensual. Other nuances permeated the air – female tones.

I noticed her chest was heaving with excitement as she looked down at me, almost willing me to continue.

“And what did you do in gym today? Was it a strenuous work out?”

I stroked my hands up the sides of her smooth body and reached behind to unclasp her bra as she spoke, her voice as tentative and exhilarated as my own

“Very strenuous. First we did vaulting. Running at the wooden horse as fast as .. ooooh…as fast as we can. Then leaping over it with our legs spread wide….”


Her bra fell to the ground and I took in the wondrous sight of her large breasts, the nipples rock hard

“Then we…”

She seemed to be struggling for breath as I reached up and took a breast in each hand, my thumbs playfully gliding across her sensitive nipples

“Then we did rope climbing…”

“I see… and do you like the ropes?”

As I sucked on her tender breasts my hand had moved to her bare thighs, still damp from her exercise

“Yes, they….tingle”

She had involuntarily bucked her hips forward as I moved my hand to her soft fleshy inner thighs


With the faintest of touches I had brushed the back of my thumb against the fabric of her panties


“Tell daddy how they tingle”

I was cupping her mound through her knickers, letting my finger trace the contours of her damp lips

“When I climb…the effort makes me…”


“Makes me tingle between the legs”


I had eased my hand inside her panties and was fingering her wet hiltonbet güvenilirmi cunt

“Oooh yes. Just there daddy”

Manoeuvring her into position I eased her knickers to the side and inhaled her scent as she held her skirt up

“Does it tingle like this?”

My tongue found its way into her opening and I felt her juices trickling down my chin

“Yes daddy”

I reached down and released my rigid cock.

“Lower yourself down on me”

“Yes daddy”

She inched down, my cock probing at her lips, then as she eased lower, I felt the wet resistance yield

“What else do you feel on the ropes?”

With my cock buried deep inside her she groaned

“Sometimes I feel wet”

I was thrusting rhythmically as I felt her orgasm well up, the walls of her vagina gripping my cock

“Like you are now?”

“Yes daddy…like I am now with your big cock in me”

I felt the familiar signs of my own orgasm…

“Anything else?”

“Sometimes I…”

She tossed her head back and pumped down on me with her soaking cunt

“I let the rope rub between my legs”


I was looking into her green eyes which shone with lust as she prepared to come

“And I let myself…aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww daddy FUCK ME”

As she screamed out with pleasure, her orgasm wrenched from her soul, I spurted my cum into her eager hole, clutching her to me so tightly she must surely suffocate as I unleashed wave upon wave of thick sperm into her .

We didn’t speak for several minutes. Finally she eased herself from me and adjusted her panties. Leaning forward she took my still semi rigid cock in her mouth and cleaned me up. As she dressed she spoke again at last.

“I’ll be home at 4:00”

“Aren’t you going to…change?” I asked

She lifted her skirt again to survey the situation. A trickle of my cum was oozing down her legs…

“No daddy these will be just fine”

She gathered up her belongings and left, turning at the door

“Oh daddy?”


“I really like it when you call me ‘love'”.

“I know love”

With one final lingering look at my soft cock she licked her lips and was gone.

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