A Pure Mother

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*Contains religious themes*

*All Characters are over 18*

“Good morning honey time to wake up!”

My mother says in a sing-song manner.

I stir groggily in my bed instinctively tucked my morning wood above my waistband to avoid any tentage. She opens up the curtains letting in the light before she turns to me smiling.

“Did you sleep well, baby?”

The bright sunlight coming through the window seemed dim in comparison to her shining, resplendent grace, her bright eyes, perfect smile…. her curves. She struts toward me taking a seat on the edge of the bed, very close to my throbbing member. I turned to distance myself and mitigate the risk of her accidentally bumping into it.

“I’ll let you know how good I slept when I’m finished,” I joked, muffling into my pillow.

“Uh-uh!” She said giggling.

“You said you’d come with me to church today! And you’re coming even if I have to drag kicking and screaming!” She said playfully while she started teasingly poking at my elevated side and legs.

Not feeling comfortable with my mother touching all over me while I had a boner, I turned to her, attempting to playfully grab her wrists to thwart her finger assault when I felt it- My mom’s fingertip pressed firmly on my cock in it’s most sensitive spot; directly under the head. Shortly after she dodged a few more of my attempted grasps, and after a couple more pokes from here in not-so-exciting places, I felt another one of her firm fingers, right at the base of the shaft. I audibly gasped, and my face turned red. My penis instantly reacted and was hardened to its most solid possible state. It felt like minutes to me in reality it was about a second. She didn’t even notice, continuing her game of trying to poke me out of bed, laughing all the while. I turned my front side down towards my bed in a desperate surrender attempt, and to prevent her from noticing the effect her innocuous fun was having on me.

“Okay! Alright!! I’m up!!!” I said a bit too seriously, given that she was only playing.

“Haha,” she laughed. “My big man is still no match for mommy’s quick fingers I see!” She teased. She gets off the bed and stands up.

“Can I make you some eggs?”

“Uh y-yeah, that’d be nice, thanks,” I said in a sorry attempt at trying to keep my composure.

“Great!” she said with a smile.

She walks to the door, her oversized modest pajamas doing little to hide her wide, swinging hips. Grabbing the door handle she turns and says to be ready in an hour blows me a kiss and closes the door leaving me with another shameful high and rock-hard erection. I felt as though I would come with just one or two strokes. It took all the willpower I had to not reach down and cum, because if I did it’d be because of her and I CAN’T masturbate to her, I won’t.

She’s so pure and innocent, kind and loving. I will not defile her sacred image. I’m pretty sure she’s not even thought about sex since she became pregnant with me. I suspect that’s why my dad cheated on her and left all those years ago. His loss. She had proportions every man with primitive procreative urges imagines at his most aroused state. Large breasts, huge ass, and a pear-shaped waist, with full thick plumpness throughout the rest of her body, save for her belly which somehow remained relatively flat, even at her 50 years.

Ever since I’ve been back taking online courses after the coronavirus hit, I’ve been fighting fervently to not think about her sexually… She makes it difficult. I often have to avoid her around the house because she’s so touchy and clingy. She acts towards me in a way that would be interpreted by a pervert as flirting, but it’s just her being a loving affectionate mother. No, she’s never done or even said anything sexual towards me, but I’m an extremely horny twenty-three-year-old man, and I am prone to biological reactions that are outside of my control. Despite my greater reasoning, it is uncommon for me to be in a completely flaccid state whenever I’m around her. To my credit, I’ve done a good job at not thinking lewdly about my mom, but recently I’ve begun to crack. She is everything I desire in a woman, in personality and form. She is the very essence of femininity and female sexuality, and the worst part is, she has no idea.

She is repulsed by the overly sexual media of today. She despises and refuses to watch music videos and most movies and shows for this reason alone. On the rare occasion sex is ever mentioned she cringes and quickly changes the subject in visible disgust. She works from home, and hardly ever goes out except for church and errands, so she’s not approached much, if at all. And of course, she’s very religious. And so, for all these reasons I cannot desecrate her innocence. It goes against every base instinct that I have but I do my best to not think about her sexually, and I will most certainly never masturbate to her, it’s just too wrong.

I head down to the kitchen and see her making breakfast for us. My eyes are toward her head but for a split second, I couldn’t bursa bayan eskort help but notice her behind. I have no idea how she fits her hips and ass in those tight, white khaki capris, it’s so tight it looks like it could burst or rip open at any second. Already I feel a stirring in my loins, jeez I’m such a sicko. She turns to face me smiling as usual. She’s wearing a modest cardigan which accentuates more than hides her incredibly large breasts, despite leaving no hint of cleavage.

“Perfect timing!”

“Well I couldn’t help but be lured down by the wonderful scent of your perfect cooking”

“Oh, you’re sweet!”

Closing the distance, she planted a warm kiss on my cheek and handed me my plate.

“Muah! Here you are, angel.”

I took it to the table so I could hide the tent quickly forming in my pants.

‘How much longer can I keep hiding this from her?’ I thought.

We sat down and ate together and got to talking. Eventually, we stumbled on the subject of my reclusiveness around her.

“You’re always so shy around me anymore, you weren’t like this when you were younger.”

“Well I’m an adult now mom it’s different.”

“How is it different? I loved on you the same way then as I do now. No, you’ve changed”

She stared at me with an inquisitive smile and squinted eyes. My gosh, she’s so beautiful. She’s not gorgeous in the slutty bimbo way, but in a wholesome suburban motherly way; my weakness. I tried to eat a little faster so I could have the excuse to leave the table and the conversation

“What? Are you embarrassed of your old mother still doting on you, is that it? Hmm?”

My face flushed. I looked down, I couldn’t tell her I was avoiding her because she turns me on with her every word and move, but I didn’t want to lie to her either. I also just didn’t know what to say. Under the table, I very stealthily flipped my cock up into my waistband and untucked my shirt in the front, and stood up, picking up my half-eaten plate and nearly full glass and, turning toward the sink.

“Sorry, mom but I’m full and we should probably get-“

“Uh-uh, mister!”

She quickly grabbed the side of my pants just below my butt to keep me from walking away from her.

“We’ve got plenty of time,” She smirked.

She lightly tugged at my pants, this of course made my pants rub up against the underside of my cock causing a sudden shock of pleasure. I gasped and looked at the ground in shame and realized I was in a very bad situation. With a plate in one hand and my glass in the other and my mom still having a grip on my pants, unable to hide my erection with my hands or stand against the counter I was trapped like a prey animal caught by the claws of a lioness. The shirt that I untucked from the front of my pants acted as an umbrella just barely shielding it from my innocent mother’s gaze. My face turned red-hot.

“Oh my gosh you are embarrassed!! Hahaha! Awwwhh, honey! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I’m your mother and I love you. You’ll be out of here soon, you won’t have to stay with me forever…. unless you want to,” she cocked an eyebrow smirking and tugged on my pants once more. I winced not knowing how much longer I could keep my cool.

I lightly started to turn fully away again, thankfully feeling her light grip weaken. She let go of my pants as I turned away from her toward the sink so that now she was completely behind me. As I started walking toward the sink I began to inhale for a silent sigh of relief when, to my horror, she hooked her dainty index fingers around two of my back belt loops.


A rush of pleasure soared into my cock as my pants were pulled back towards my mother. I was halted just as I tried to start walking. Fight or flight kicked in and I chose to freeze, not having much of an option as her fingers coiled to a lock around the loops and kept me in place. The more I squirmed the better it felt, so I stayed still. I was internally panicking, she thought she was innocently playing with me and I’m hard as a rock. Shame, euphoria, guilt, and ecstasy were all rapidly flowing through my body.

“I know I tease you honey, but I can’t help it! It’s because I just love you so, so much! You don’t mind your mother teasing you, do you baby?”

She giggled as she started to tug on the belt loops rhythmically towards her. I felt like I was going to faint. She had no idea she was vicariously masturbating me. I started to sweat and my hands were shaking.

“Mom, I- It’s fine but we gotta go, please.”

“Oh look at Mr. Punctual all of the sudden now that mommy has you in her grip hmmm? We can be a bit late. We’ll just tell everyone that you got caught up!”

As she said ‘caught’ she yanked suddenly, then playfully, and girlishly laughed. I was dangerously close to erupting right in the kitchen in front of my mom, one more tug and I was done for. I surrendered and accepted it as it was all I could do.

“Oh fine! You’re no fun! Alright, you’re bursa evi olan escort off the hook,” She slid her fingers out from my belt loops.

“For now….” she giggled.

I walked on jello legs towards the sink barely able to see straight. Noticing there was no room on the counter for my half-full plate and glass, mom jumped in front of me to make a spot. I barely heard or saw her coming as she intercepted my path to the counter. Still in a haze of shameful ecstasy, I ended up walking right into her giant, pillowy ass, cock first.

“Op!” She chirped

“Oh honey I know it’s big, but watch where you’re going!”

She bent over sticking her bum into me, pushing me away slightly, then straightened back up quickly. She looked at me over her shoulder.

“Clumsy!” she said with a smile and a head shake, then turned her attention back to the counter.

‘Did she just…..?’

She cleared a spot on the counter and turned to me.

“There you are, sir!” She said smiling, gesturing towards the cleared spot.

She didn’t notice. ‘Big?’ I thought for a second. ‘Her butt…..she was talking about her big butt, not my…. Of course she wasn’t, she’s not sick like you, freak!’ I internally berated myself.

She started to walk away, but abruptly stopped and moved back between me and the spot where I was going to put my dishes.

“Honey, you’re sticking out!

‘Oh shit,’ I say to myself, mortified that I’d finally been caught.

“…..What?” I meekly say, trying to play dumb, still not sure how to process this.

“Your shirt. It’s untucked in the front.”

‘Oh thank God!’ I thought to myself, as my body relaxed.

“Here, I’ll tuck it in for you really quick.”

“No Mom! It’s okay I’ll get it!” Not able to stop her with dishes in my hands.

“What’s the matter!? Your hands are full, and it’s just the front, it’ll take only a second. Watch!”

The adrenaline flowing through me must’ve slowed down time and gave me a quick second to think. Just then I noticed birds outside the window above the sink. “Hey, mom look! Isn’t that the Warbler? Guess it likes this new bird food huh?” Milliseconds before her hands grabbed my shirt she looked outside. “Which one?” She asked while she simultaneously grabbed the front of my shirt but more towards the sides and pushed it into my pants. My shirt catches on the head of my cock, rubbing it and pulling it down under the bunched shirt making it less noticeable.

“Uh, that one, in the second hole.”

Gripping the shirt on either side of my cock she somehow managed to avoid direct contact with it. My head was spinning. While still looking outside while playing with my shirt she said

“No honey, that’s a swallow.”

Finished, took her hands out of my pants. She looked me in the face again

“Do you need your eyes checked?” She teased. “Does that look like a Warbler to you? What do I look like, a woodpecker?” She giggled.

I looked down in shame and also gratitude and relief that by some miracle she still hasn’t noticed my erection. I was so close to just getting away from her and getting this kitchen fiasco over with. She grabbed my face with her hands.

“Honey are you okay? Your face is all red!”

“Well I will be okay as soon as we start heading to church.”I trembled.

“Oh, relax. Stop worrying! We’ll get there on time. Oh! I know what’ll make you feel better!”


“Momma’s patented, curative kisses!! Now come here!”

‘Oh god, no…’

Just like this morning when she poked me all over with her fingers to get me out of bed, she was now covering my face in tiny pecks. With these damn dishes still in my hands, I couldn’t stop her. I tried backing away then she playfully grabbed my belt loops, this time on the sides.

“Where do you think you’re going? You gotta put those dishes away!”

She said teasingly as she knew I couldn’t get behind her to the only open spot on the counter.

She played with the belt loops moving me back and forth and side to side into her kisses. I was under a barrage of tiny playful kisses from my innocent loving mom…. And I was about to cum.

Just then her face backed away. Grinning from ear to ear she eyes my face up and down looking satisfied and finished. I was in a daze of lust and guilt, just on the brink of exploding in my pants and potentially ruining my relationship with my mom forever. This seemed like an erotic dream… or nightmare? I’m just glad it was over. I just barely held out from coming three times already today. As I was waiting for her to let me go and move, she said it.

“And for the Grand Finale….!!!”

I looked at her wide-eyed. She pulled my belt loops toward her, closed her eyes and planted her full, hot lips right on mine. Our noses touching, her breasts against me, the tug of my waistband, and her soft midsection against mine with my cock in between.

….It was too much to handle… I was finished.

I moaned bursa rus escort into her kiss as I came in my pants as I had never come before. I dropped the dishes which fell to the ground and broke with a crash. My mother pulled back and looked down first to the plates before quickly zeroing in on my exploding cock. Her mouth shot open and her eyes went wide. I was still cumming. Spurt after spurt dampened my clothes, some poured over my pants and dropped to the floor. I couldn’t move, I was so shocked. Still cumming, I felt my soul leave my body. I was sick to my stomach and shaking with guilt but, I also felt more euphoric than I ever had in my entire life. The whirlwind of emotions I felt at that moment was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It was magic.

After what felt like many lifetimes, I finally stopped cumming. Looking down towards her feet I noticed she hadn’t moved. I sheepishly look up at her with one eye closed. She had the same expression I had last seen her wearing. Her mouth and eyes wide open, still staring at my cock. As she noticed me moving she started slowly dragging her eyes upwards toward mine. She looked into my eyes still with the same shocked expression, I felt a huge physical wave of disgust and guilt wash over me. We stared at each other for what felt like an eternity, but was actually five seconds. She looked down again and my cock had mostly deflated and gone down. She whispered to herself

“From… a kiss??”

She thinks I came just from her kissing me. She doesn’t know that my cock was in my waistband being tugged on!

I once again find her eyes on mine, now squinted and angry, her mouth now closed in a grimace.

“You………little……..PERVERT!!” She screams.

“……Mom, I-“

“You filthy, sex-crazed PERV!!!! ALL MEN!!! You’re all the same!!! Even YOU!!”

I’ve never seen her so angry, seeing her like this caused my cock to twitch. ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ I said to myself.

Her eyes became mixed with rage and sadness now.

“Even you…. I always thought you were different, you were special…… you’re my son….,” She said sorrowfully as tears started to form.

Words cannot express how guilty I now felt, but also angry. I am different! I tried and succeeded at not sexualizing her for my whole life. I tried and succeeded to never, ever masturbate to her! I am different! It was her fault for thinking I’m a saint with no earthly feelings and physiological responses. She was the one tugging on my pants and rubbing against my erection, but she didn’t know, I should at least tell her that.

“You’re my son,” She repeated with increasing anger. “Men are so horny they’ll even come from their mothers kissing on them!?!!”

“Mom listen I-“

She interrupted with nothing but rage once more, “Just a couple of kisses huh? That’s what mommy can do to you with just a few kisses?” You’re that hot for your own mom that you’ll ejaculate your pants after she gives you just a couple of kisses?” She said angrily, with declarative inquisition.


She slapped me, not very hard, but not soft either. What that slap really did was kill my spirit. She wasn’t gonna let me speak. Hell, maybe she was right. I had no excuse anyway, I still had an erection for her in the first place. She was my mom; that never should’ve happened.

And one more thing proves her right….. I was getting hard again.

Seeing her with this fiery rage and faux sexuality was a completely new side to her, a side that I feared yes, but was I aroused by this? …no no. I couldn’t be, could I? No! You just destroyed your relationship with your mom forever. You defiled a righteous, virtuous, pure woman. Your own mother! No. Any arousal I felt if any was outweighed by the guilt and self-disgust I was facing.

She clearly saw this was humiliating me and in her anger, she pushed further as a form of punishment.

She started walking towards me. “Huh? Men even get off for their moms huh? Is that what just happened, huh? …..baby.” If mommy can make you cum with a few kisses, what’ll a few licks do to my baby boy? Oh yeah, wouldn’t that be so hot? Your loving mama licking all over you until you BURST!! Your old, boring mom becoming a slut and slobbering all over her boy, hmm? How long do you think you’ll be able to last, huh? Ten, fifteen seconds? Wanna find out? Oh yeah, baby, we should find out!!” She leaned in closer, licking her lips tauntingly. “Come here! Come to mama you FUCKING PERVERT!!!”

That was it. Seeing her like this was the most stomach-churning, adrenaline-pumping thing I’ve ever experienced. She’s rarely even talked about anything sexual before. The few times she has it was with contempt. And I’ve never even heard her swear before, especially not that one. My god, I was so wicked, how could I have corrupted her so much? I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

And on top of all this……. I was now fully erect. She was right, I’m a disgusting pervert. I had to get out of there. I started to jog towards the door, no destination in mind other than anywhere but here.

“UH-UH! You’re not going anywhere!”

She chased me down. Just before I got to the door she pounced on me. Jumping on me from behind. Now I wasn’t small, but I also wasn’t large. Either way, my mother was big, big enough to take me down easily.

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