A Promise: You

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You put your arms around my waist as I put mine around your neck. You pull me closer, bodies touching, chests, stomachs and thighs, as your lips find mine. Your hands run up and down my body, sliding over every curve. Your right hand twirls my hair between your fingers. We kiss softly at first, our lips moistening one another’s, your hands now gently massaging my back. Our lips part simultaneously, the tips of our tongues meeting in a fiery, passionate embrace with one another, dancing, and playing. We kiss deeper, tongues probing, hands exploring, bodies pressed closely together. Your hands drop down to my short skirt, gently squeezing my cheeks and I can feel that warm throbbing in my midriff bursting into life. I put my hand over your dick and start rubbing loving it as you moan inside my mouth.

You gently push me onto the bed as you slowly take my top off revealing my black lacy bra underneath. Our lips press against one another, then break apart, but close enough that we can still feel each others breath, then you lean forward and kiss my neck near my ear and whisper, “Baby girl I am going to make your world rock with pleasure” The sound of your deep husky manly voice sends shivers straight to my core and I grow wetter, and your hot breath on my necks makes me weak in the knees.

You now kiss my neck and tell me, “Don’t move, don’t make a sound.”

You hear me let out a long excited sigh in answer, as a smile now spreads across your face. I grin back. Your hand now traces a line from my shoulder down my spine, until you reach the clasp on my bra, where you unclasp it.

My bra now falls off my body, the cold air quickly firming up my nipples. You lean over and take them each at a time in your mouth and lick them which makes them harder to the point of pain and pleasure, yet, I want more.I love every kiss, every lick, every little nip on them.I am getting wetter and wetter to the point where it feels like there is a huge wet spot on my lacey thong bought specifically with you in mind. You hear me moan louder as I feel your mouth nip on one of my nipples. I start panting as my back arches slightly, making my core ache so much more.

That warmth in my midriff now flows all the way down to my toes, making me want to curl them. I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter. Your mouth sucks my nipples even harder. A pant escapes my lips, my back arches slightly making my pussy ache all the more.

Your hands now slide down, away from caressing my nipples down to the top of my skirt were they find the waistband. My womanly sensual smell fills the air which fills your lungs and makes your cock swell even more which makes you reach down and touch my pussy. Your fingers slowly slide to my opening which they begin to tease me as they circle around my clit.

Your fingers slowly reach the lacy outskirts of my underwear and they gently run in circles on top of my thongs, just about millimeter above my slit. My clit tingles as your fingers slowly draw closer to it, the warmth begins to throb harder and fiercer as your fingers draw ever closer. I let out a whimper of expectancy while your fingers now trace lines on my inner thighs.

I push my hips outwards searching for your Kayseri Escort fingers, longing for you to touch it. You teasingly slide them away and then draw them back, You finally give in and your fingers glide over the soft material covering my clit, a loud sharp gasp escapes my lips as your fingers cause a bolt of pleasure race up through my body. Your hands now slowly slide up to the top of my panties reaching the lace at the top and slowly gently pull them down.

I feel my clit get harder and the throbbing intensifies as I know that the pleasure’s not far away. My very feminine sensual smell reaches out and fills the air, casting a spell on you to reach down and taste it. You see my wetness glistening which shows you just how ready I am for you, how much I want you, how much I crave your touch in every single way.

Your fingers now crawl to my opening and once again tease me as they circle around my clit. You see my wetness glistening in the light, your fingers now brush my clit. My body shudders but this time no noise escapes my lips cause my vocal cords are frozen from my pleasure, your fingers now slide over my clit as the tingling, throbbing grows to a new height.

Your fingers now enter my wetness, I feel my muscles contract and relax on your fingers, they slowly exit my opening. Your fingers are glistening from my wetness. You take your fingers, look straight into my eyes, put them into your mouth and suck them, making my inner muscles clamp at the primal animalistic view you have just treated me to. You taste my flavor sweet and sour, making your tongue tingle.

Your lips meet my hips kissing slowly downwards towards my clit or so I think. They inch their way closer to my pussy lips.

You then take your first long, slow lick.

You start on the right side of my pussy, only caressing my outer lips with your tongue, obviously taking your time. Gosh, you’re driving me insane. First you flatten your tongue and lap upward, and then you suck me briefly into your mouth before repeating the slow, upward lick. It’s like you are eating a dripping ice cream cone, trying to lap it all up before it melts completely_which is exactly how I feel like is happening to me. I am melting into a puddle under your slow, patient

tongue, losing myself in the pleasure and anticipation you are creating.

By the time you get around to the left side of my pussy, my breathing is fast and short.

I can feel your hot breath on my clit, which is swollen and peeping out from between my outer lips. But you are careful to avoid touching it now, concentrating exclusively on the outside of my pussy.

I want you to lick me there_inside but you did tell me to shut up earlier.

I want it so bad, I whimper coz I can’t help myself. Watching you between my legs, making love to me with your mouth so intensely does something to me, makes me want more than just what you are offering at this point. And the desire has a momentum of its own, once it starts, it keeps growing until it seems impossible to turn off.

You seem to be really enjoying yourself as much as I am, making low noises of desire in your throat as you lap and suck. Every now and then you Kayseri Escort Bayan look up and meet my eyes as you take another slow, seductive lick. I almost can’t look at you_ at the lust in those brown eyes that is wholly directed at me. And yet I can’t look away, either. Both of us, caught up in the act we are playing out together.

Then slowly, deliberately, you place your thumbs on my outer lips and spread me wide open. I moan softly when I feel the cool air caress my heated inner folds. Once again I have the sensation of melting like an ice cream cone and…Oh no! I look down to where you are holding me open so gently and feel my stomach clench. I am really dripping like an ice cream cone. The inside of my pussy is so wet I am literally leaking.

Ducking your head, you place the tip of your tongue at the bottom of my slit. Your eyes never leaving mine, you wink mischievously them you flatten your tongue and lap upward

long and slow like you have all the time in the world, and come to think of it, you do have all night, capturing as much of my honey as you can. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so hot I can feel my orgasm well on it’s way.

Lifting your head up, your fingers then gently enter my slit, sliding in and out, my body adapting to every time they enter. Your tongue now gently reaches out and reaches my hard clit. You can feel the throbbing of my clit, as your fingers slide along it’s nerve endings. You find my g-spot and only you know where it seems to throb with each stroke of your fingers. Your tongue continues to snake its way in circles over my clit, your lips then leave to gently press themselves over that spot which I love but nobody but you knows where. Your fingers continue to enter and slide out slowing, gaining speed and then decreasing making me ache for more.

Your tongue copying your fingers varies the speed teasing me all the more, until every time you slow down, another whimper escapes my lips. Every exhale becomes a pant, as you reach your peak of speed, but this time I feel a difference. Your hand starts off slower than normal and gently increases. Your lips increase in pressure, causing my back to arch and my hips press into you as your fingers continue to slide in and out.

You can feel my opening pulse and I contract on your fingers. Your fingers become wet with my juices, your lips press against my pelvic bone just above my clit for the final time. You tentatively kiss a line down.

Now your lips press against my clit and suck it. I gasp at the sudden increase in pleasure racing through my body. Your fingers on your right hand continue to glide in and out of my opening. You replace your lips with your left hand, the change in pressure causing my clit to throb faster.

Your fingers continue to rub, gaining speed before losing it again. Your hand however, never stops, just circling at the perfect pace for teasing; fast enough to drive me insane, but not fast enough to drive me over the edge.

This time I feel you apply more pressure rub that much faster, your other fingers keeps on thrusting in to my opening, pumping in and out. I can feel that warm throbbing build up behind the opening of my pussy Escort Kayseri as I feel it draw closer and closer.

As you continue to rub more vigorously, I can feel the tidal wave of pleasure building. I start riding the pleasure. It breaks, the waves of ecstasy rush through my body, making my toes curl. My hands to grip the sheets. Without realizing it my back arches, and I moan out loud.

As I feel the pleasure subside, you pick me up and throw me onto the centre of the bed then part my legs as you look over me appreciatively. You hold your cock in your hand and start sliding it up and down my extremely sensitive pussy lips. Your actions not only cause me to moan at the denial as you tease me mercilessly, I start gyrating my hips in an attempt to have you inside me. Then without warning you thrust your huge cock into me, stretching me around you.

With shock comes pleasure and as soon as you enters me I cum. You watch my face as you stretch me out and I close my eyes shortly before you whisper, “No baby, I want to see all of you.”

I open my eyes breathless as the pleasure rushes over me and you draw it out as you keeps thrusting into me. When I stop panting I wrap my my legs around you as you continue the sweet assault on my pussy. Thrusting deep, filling my every inch with your loving touch. I can feel you caress my skin, running across my stomach and hips, teasing my breasts before pinching the nipples and making me yelp in delight. Your hands reach around my neck, my shoulders and pulling yourself in close as you put your hands around my cheek to pull me in for a kiss and silence my moans as I taste you on my lips. You trail your lips down my cheek and headed straight for my neck and I’m powerless. I part my lips as a loud moan escapes my mouth from the suction I can feel on my most sensitive spot on my neck. Your finger runs across my lips and I grab it in my mouth, gently biting down, licking and sucking on it, not wanting to let it go from me.

The thrusts continue deep into my folds of smooth velvet and I unconsciously let out a load moan from deep within and I can feel the flow in between my legs increase as I clamp down onto you. Opening my eyes wide, I look at you and the raw passion I see on your face has me attacking your mouth. I have you trapped within me as I come again, more juices draining down and out of me as I tense up again and feel my entire body tighten. I can’t even move anymore, only the sound of my screaming can be heard and I am running out of breath.

You lift my legs up, and hold them together just above my face and I thank my lucky stars for all the gymnastics I used to do. This new angle allows you to penetrate me so fully I can feel you from very deep within.

So you pick up more speed with your cock and fingers until you feel your balls tighten up and when you roar while cumming, it sets me off again. At this point I don’t think I’ll even be able to walk let alone wake up tomorrow. I scream in ecstasy and flood the bed with my juices and yours too as your cock jerks and empties your balls till you are dry and empty your manliness into my hole.

When we feel the pleasure subsiding, then you collapse on top of me which causes me to collapse as well on the bed in exhaustion as do you in exhaustion. We lay there sweaty and satisfied. Then you rollover and cuddle me as we drift off in bliss.


– actually I’m not quite happy about how all this came out

But oh well

Enjoy your day

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