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Check out the Victoria’s Secret close by on the street, thank god I know Danielle’s size. I buy a Medium size Sexy Little Things Fishnet Lace-Up Thong for a good price, steal a cheap as dirt thong for myself. Walk back into St. Alfred with the lousy thong on over my shorts to surprise Danielle.

“I would’ve been a sexy chick!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Okay, where did you find that thong.”

“Took it from Victoria’s Secret. *presenting the good thong* Bought you this.”

“Heyyy, I like it!”

“Wanna try it on?”



“Is this really happening?”

“If you want it to.”

“I’m game. Let’s go.”

Fuck yeah motherfucker. I’m gonna fuck a hot girl, my girlfriend, in public. Dear Penthouse, heh heh. Get into the changing room. She pulls her jeans off. She’s wearing some pair of booty shorts. Obviously bends over to pull them off and puts her new thong on, checking her ass in the mirrors. She says “I love it.”

As she comes closer to me she grabs me by the shoulders and begins kissing casino şirketleri me. This is going great. Completely hard now. She reaches down and pulls my pants halfway down, blowing me all the while. A problem I have is that I tend to roll my eyes back whenever I get a blowjob and I start falling asleep. So she has to do something like poke me or grab my face when she gives me a blow-j. Enough foreplay, I’m getting tired. I pull out of her mouth, hard to believe I take things she says seriously knowing my dick’s been in it many times. I bring her back up to my level and turn her around.

Reach down and push the thong to her side-crotch, would’ve ripped it off but I just bought the damn thing. ‘Dissolved Girl’ by Massive Attack comes on the music they have playing. I penetrate her and keep my rhythm with the song. She holds herself against the mirror with her elbows on it and her hands touching her opposite shoulder. Just keep plowing her against the mirror and wall. She keeps moaning after I start doing full strides. I hope the loser casino firmaları guard sitting in front of the changing room security cameras sees this shit. I want him to see that which he will never experience.

Keep thrusting in and out. Get a bit more forceful in my strides as I bite on her neck, which apparently takes her to the levels I was at earlier, except her eyes rolled back into her head and she starts moaning more incoherently. Kinda like sound effects and random inhales. I start rubbing her clit. Uh oh. I’m starting to reach that line: the breaking point where I cant stop. Fucking vinegar strokes. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…I finished, would’ve wanted to go for a bit longer but maybe it’s better I didn’t last too long here, it is a public place after all.

I don’t know if she came or not but my hands are soaked now too. I really don’t want to move but I sorta have to. Slowly retreat from inside Danielle’s pussy and back to reality. Use a shopping bag as a horrible, horrible excuse Kleenex to clean the rest of my DNA sample güvenilir casino off. That was actually quite painful. She’s still propping herself against the mirror with her elbows when I’m all done and able to walk around in public again. I look at her. I think she’s asleep. She fucking fell asleep. I did make her cum, I am a god among men for making my nubile girlfriend cum in her panties.

Oh shit, I just bought her that those panties that are now soaked in panty juice. At least she still has her booty shorts to wear. She has a choice. I tap her lightly to bring her back and she gets startled and looking around confusedly. I tell her she has to get dressed now and we need to go. She’s barely able to do so, and she just rolls the thong back in place even though it’s kinda wet. Those acid wash jeans of hers wont show any wetness underneath at least. But she looks like I woke her up at 2 am, not horrible but still pretty bad frazzled.

“Okay, come on, lemme help you get you awake. Come on babe, snap out of it.”

“…Felt so good. Never came before.”


Really? So I’m the first successful boyfriend?

“Yeah. That was euphoric.”

“Glad I can help. I’m a keeper.”

“You bet your ass you are. Alright, I think I’m good now. Let’s go grab a snack by the river.”

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