A Piece of Paradise

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Eyes still closed, I pressed my lips against the back of his warm neck. He did not stir when I positioned my breasts and belly against his back and draped a long leg over his hip. I let my fingers wander under his t-shirt and gently trace his nipples as I tried to remember the details of the dream that had caused me to awake in such a state of excitement. A lingering memory of sweating bodies hard and soft floated through my mind as I ground my hips against him. As usual I was naked and he was infuriatingly clothed in cotton pajama bottoms and his frayed Greenpeace t-shirt. No matter, my hands expertly maneuvered the drawstring of his PJs and found what I was looking for. His cock, if not impressive in size, was reliably hard in the mornings. I worked my hand up and down the shaft of his penis and watched him for some sign of responsiveness. Finding none, I delicately nudged him from side to back and mounted him. My face in the crook of his neck, my full tits against his chest, I rubbed my wet pussy against his stiff cock. A soft moan escaped me as I increased the friction on my swollen clit. I felt him stir beneath me and reached down, easily sliding his cock into my pussy. Just as I began to ride him I felt his hands grab my hips, “Oh that’s so good baby” I moaned but instead of driving deeper into me as I had expected, Josh threw me back onto the bed.

“Shit, Alison! What are you doing? You’re going to miss your flight!”

Stunned, I watched as he hopped over me and fumbled on the floor to retrieve my clothes.

“Get dressed,” he said, tossing my clothes to me as he rushed through the apartment collecting my things.

I drearily heaved myself from the bed and answered his rapid-fire inquiries, “Did you remember your sunscreen, you’ll need at least an SPF 40? There’s no DEET in that insect repellent is there? Did you pack the leatherback nesting literature?”

The ride to the airport was an interminable checklist of points and strategies Josh said I must remember. You’d have thought it was him and not me that graduated magnum cum laude with a degree in environmental studies from the University of Vermont and spearheaded several successful wetland conservation and sustainable development projects. But Josh’s love of the spotlight overshadowed these facts. It was only because there was on opportunity for The Center to testify at a public hearing on water resource management that I was traveling without him on this particular mission. With a perfunctory kiss on the cheek from Josh, I embarked on my long journey to Boca del Drago, Panama to save the nesting grounds of the leatherback turtles from the imminent construction of a massive housing development.

That night, I settled into my eco-lodge on the shore of the Caribbean Sea to read the dossier The Center had compiled on Steve Harshaw the principle developer of the Boca del Drago “Sun Beach Estates”. From the window in my room I could see a million stars and feel the warm breeze against my skin. The sound of laughter and Merengue music drifting into my room filled me with loneliness and I imagined myself venturing out into the starry evening to dance and laugh carefree. Instead, I put on my glasses and hunkered down with my reading, scolding myself for these thoughts. I’m here for a purpose I reminded myself, and besides, I don’t even know how to dance.

The next morning, after an al fresco breakfast of deliciously succulent mangoes and papaya, I boarded the dug-out canoe advertising itself as a water taxi and was ferried through the archipelago to the building site where I was told I would find Mr. Steve Harshaw. My adversary’s bio had left me wondering what to expect. Steve Harshaw had certainly led an interesting life. He had abandoned a tenured professorship at UCLA teaching ‘Economy in Developing Countries’ to live and work in such places as Nicaragua, Honduras, Bhutan, and Maldives, to name a few. He considered the development he was doing in Boca del Drago vital to the economic survival of the indigenous people of the area and had the statistics to prove it. I came armed with my own statistics and felt that his concern was for his own economic welfare. As I was mentally fine-tuning my counter argument, we pulled up to the future home of “Sun Beach Estates”. The driver of the water taxi pointed to a tall muscular man with deep tan and rugged work clothes. Thinking the driver was directing me to a laborer, I struggled in broken Spanish to make clear that I was looking for Steve Harshaw the developer. “Si Senorita, esta Senor Harshaw” the driver said, pointing again to the handsome man. My expectations challenged, I paid the driver and approached Mr. Harshaw who was at the center of a group of Indian workers speaking in a language I did not recognize as English or Spanish. One of the workers gestured towards me and said something to Mr. Harshaw who then turned to me with a disarming smile.

“Oh, good morning you must be Miss Weiss, we’ve been expecting you. You don’t speak Guari-Guari do you?”

I shook my head.

“He said that the pretty turtle lady has arrived and indeed he’s right. Welcome! Let me show you around our little piece of paradise”

“Mr. Harshaw, Escort Bayan I came here to talk to you about the devastation your development will…”

“Please call me Steve. And may I call you . . .?”

“Alison. But Steve, I need you to….”

“I am very much looking forward to our talk Alison but lets take a walk first”

He held out a hand for me to pass but I hesitated

“You’re not anti-walking are you? I promise we’ll tread lightly!”

With this, we began our stroll along the most gorgeous piece of land I’d ever seen in my life. Surrounded by turquoise waters under clear blue sky, we passed lush vegetation, techno-color flowers, and fragrant fruits. Steve explained his plans for building elevated houses to avoid land clearing, the restriction of cars on the island, the carefully planned footpaths, and the use of solar panels. I had to admit, he had done his homework “But”, I said, “there is still the issue of the Leatherback nesting….”

Just as I was getting to my point the foreman rushed up with a supposed emergency.

“I have to attend to this Alison but I do honestly want to hear your point of view. Meet me tonight at El Encanto,” and with an earnest look and a squeeze of my arm he was gone.

I made my way back to the hotel and, realizing I had the rest of the day free, pulled out my red bikini, the one Josh had always disapproved of, and set off for the beach. After a long walk and a relaxing swim, I lay down on the white sand and fell asleep. My dreams were muddled with memories of my thwarted lovemaking with Josh and with our abrupt farewells. The sun on my skin had the effect of soothing my senses and lulling me into a strange sense of other worldliness. I awoke with an insistent ache between my legs and turned my head furtively to see if I was alone. The closest people to me on the beach were two fishermen who seemed preoccupied with mending nets close to the shoreline.

I pushed my mound into the sand and the throbbing became more acute. I felt heat rush to my pussy as I pressed myself harder and harder against the beach. My lips opened slightly and I rolled onto my back. One hand went instinctively to my mouth and I licked a finger softly and dipped it into my bikini. I connected at once with the clit that was already full and sensitive. I knew that I could bring myself to orgasm in seconds but I wanted to wait and savor the pleasure of the open air, the feeling of risk and the strange sense of exhilaration that came with being so close to others. Impulsively I loosened the strap on my bikini and pulled the top down to expose my breasts. I took my free hand and caught a nipple between two of my fingers, pinching and tugging until it was fully erect. My fingers gently stroked the inside of my labia, not daring to connect fully but enhancing my anticipation. My hands began to knead my tits more forcefully as I countered the gentleness of the pressure on my cunt with a sharper sensation. I was soaking wet and I moved my fingers into my hole and began fucking myself with slow, rhythmic movements. My breathing became more ragged as I gave myself fully over to the sensations. I imagined being fucked expertly on this beach. I thought of Josh, I thought of Steve, I pictured myself laid out and vulnerable in the midst of my climax. My fingers plunged deeper and deeper into my own pussy and I finally allowed the hand that had been on my chest to make contact with my clit so that I was taken over the edge. My hips lifted off the ground with the force of my coming and I cried out without thinking as wave after wave of orgasm shook through me. After several moments I pulled my hand out of my panties and lay exhausted, trying to catch my breath. I listened to the waves make contact with the shore and slowed down my breathing to match the tempo.

I lay still for a while before the gradual realization hit me that I was being watched. The men in the ocean had abandoned their task and had crept silently closer to observe me. I turned to make eye contact, expecting to feel shame but the look on their faces gave me an odd comfort. They were both absolutely still and seemed almost afraid to break the spell of what they had witnessed. I sat up and retied the straps of my top without hurrying. I stood carefully and brushed the loose sand from my shoulders. I looked at my watch and realized I had left just enough time to get to El Encanto. While rushing to the meeting, I tied a sarong around my waist and tidied myself up as best as I could, hoping my flushed cheeks wouldn’t give me away.

Again, I found Steve at the center of a group of men, this time laughing loudly with shot glasses in their hands. The group fell silent as I approached and I felt their collective eyes all focused on my breasts. This time Steve was not so smooth but did manage to stammer, “Good evening Alison. I see the sun agrees with you…you look…lovely”.

He excused himself from his ogling group of friends and escorted me to a table in the corner of the bar.

“Let me order you a drink and then you have my full attention.”

“Um, I guess I’ll have a glass of white wine.”

“Not that kind of place” Steve said chuckling Escort as he went off to get our drinks.

He returned with a bottle of Tequila, two shot glasses and a lime. He proposed a toast,

“To paradise and the people who live in it”

“To the fragile eco-system that makes it paradise” I countered and downed my shot.

The tequila was strong and I groped for the lime. Biting into the fruit for relief, its juice trickled down my chin. Steve reached out to wipe the juice from my face; his fingers brushed my lips and our eyes met. He quickly withdrew his hand and said, “OK so tell me about these turtles.” I talked and he poured.

After several well made points and an equal number of shots he said,

“Alison you are as clever as you are beautiful but what you’re asking me to do completely alters my plans, reduces the residential sites by hundreds of hectares and will cost me a mint.”

I flashed him a drunken smile and replied, “Yeah, so?”

“So dance with me. I think better when I dance”

“No sorry, I don’t dance.” I mumbled

“Nonsense. Everyone can dance the Tamborito.”

The drums commenced immediately, almost as if he had paid them to begin with a nod of his head. He extended a hand to me and I took it, stumbling as I got to my feet.

The women all formed a circle and began to clap their hands, swaying their hips in the direction of boyfriends, partners and loved ones. The music was seductive and I found myself laughing at the way the stamping of the dance seemed to echo the melody. Steve watched my happiness and he seemed infected by the spirit of what he saw. He cupped an arm protectively across my shoulders as a young boy barely a teenager, lurched a little too close. “I can take care of myself.”

“I’m sure you can.” He replied.

He took the glass out of my hand and led me across the dance floor, down some steps and out onto the sand, snagging the bottle to Tequila on the way. As I struggled to keep up with him I desperately tried to remember the talking points that had been outlined in the dossier.

“The nesting area of the leatherback turtle has already been reduced by an area of twenty-seven percent.” I slurred as we negotiated the dunes.

He turned and smiled but said nothing until we were several feet from the water. At this point he took off his jacket and laid it down, extending an arm out with the expectation that I should sit. For some reason the gesture infuriated me. “No, no. I won’t sit. Do you know what? I think you’re trying to throw me off. I think you know what you’re doing is wrong and now you’re trying to, to, I don’t know, to charm me out of my argument.”

Steve smiled and sat down on the beach, leaving me isolated and indignant.

“You’re absolutely right.”

I took this as an olive branch and sank down next to him. “It won’t work you know.”

He ignored me and poured two more shots, handing one to me and pausing before drinking. “Alison, I am a businessman. I am more thoughtful than most but I am still a businessman. My company brings work to many people and is a great support to the local economy.”

I played for time by finishing my Tequila and reclining on the sand. “But that’s what people like you always say. There’s always a reason to build, always a reason to develop but suddenly we’ve lost whole species of animals and plants. When does that cost become too expensive?” I turned and waited for him to respond.

He leaned back on his elbows so that his face was only inches from my own. “You make a compelling case pretty Turtle Lady”.

“Stop teasing me.”

“No.” he whispered as he leaned across and stared into my eyes intently.

My heart raced as his face drew closer to mine. I imagined the taste of his full sensuous lips and the feel of his muscled body against mine. I was intrigued by Steve Harshaw and was enjoying our exchange but I knew that his appeasement was a ploy and I wanted to resist. I pulled back and sat up straight, breaking the spell of the moment.

“I think its time I get back to my hotel” I said struggling to my feet, futilely adjusting my sarong to cover myself.

“Alright, Alison. I’ll walk you there.” He said, his tone suddenly business like.

We walked in silence through the humid night air. I found myself questioning my resolve as I stole glimpses of Steve, who kept his eyes straight ahead and maintained a brisk stride. What would it be like to be with such a man; a man with the confidence to take what he wants and enjoys every minute of it? It felt good to dance and flirt tonight. Am I too focused, too uptight? I knew I hadn’t felt as happy and free as I did that night in years. As I pondered these questions, we approached the eco-lodge. At the door to my room Steve held out his hand for me to shake. His manner had become formal and I felt my heart sink with the thought that our evening would end like this. Steve gave me a polite smile before turning to head down the darkened pathway.

Just as he was about to disappear into the night I heard myself call out, “Wait! I want…”

He returned to me and with a half smile, cradled my face in his Bayan Escort hands.

“You don’t know what you want do you, Alison”

I felt my clit throb and my cunt flood, as I answered truthfully, my voice hoarse with passion, “I want you”.

Our lips met in wet hungry kisses as Steve pushed me roughly against the door of my room, his body flush against mine. He passionately bit my lip as he hoisted me up with his strong hands and I instinctively wrapped my legs tight around his waist. We frantically kissed and pawed each other, my now damp crotch moving against the hard cock under his jeans. He pulled my tit out of my bikini and roughly kneaded it before circling my erect nipple with his tongue. I arched my back and pushed myself deeper into him. I wanted to fill his mouth; I wanted him to choke on my breasts, on my skin. He opened wider and began to bite down forcefully, ripping my bikini completely away from my body so as to take in more of me. With my tit still in his mouth and his hands savagely groping my ass, he began to thrust against me. My body responded with equal intensity despite the abuse my head and back endured slamming against the door of my room. His erection was huge and straining against the fabric of his pants and I began to grind intently along its length. He tried to negotiate one hand under my sarong and into my pussy but the fabric was wound tightly and chaotically across my body denying him access.

He growled in frustration and fell to his knees, still holding me aloft. In one swift movement I found myself beneath him on the floor. He took a moment’s pause and kneeled back on his heels to survey my body before dramatically tearing at the opening of my wrap. Once he had me fully unclothed he buried his face in my soaked pussy like a starving man. As soon as his tongue made contact with my swollen clit, I cried out, overwhelmed by sensation. I mashed my cunt in his face, which he greedily sucked and licked. My surroundings blurred as I lost myself in arousal, surrendering to the feelings of the warm breeze against my nakedness, the grip of his hands on my ass, and the insistent probing of his tongue against my nerve endings. I felt my belly tighten and my clit hum, words were replaced by a guttural animal sound and I grabbed fistfuls of his hair to brace myself for my climax. He sensed what was coming and maintained a steady rhythm of pressure until my whole body shuddered and jerked. The lower half of me lifted off the floorboards and I screamed out his name. His face, flushed and wet with my juices, appeared immediately, inches from my own.


I could barely speak; my breath was labored and shallow. How could I communicate to him what I needed, what I was craving? I reached out and grabbed his cock roughly with my hand. “I need you, I want to . . .”

He didn’t move but remained frozen above me. “What do you want Alison?”

I tried to contort my body so that I might have what I knew I required. Steve pulled my face back to meet his gaze. “Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you, in my mouth. I want to swallow you I want to feel you in my throat . . .”

I felt almost tearful with my overwhelming desire. This seemed to satisfy him and he rolled over on one side and guided my lips towards his bursting erection.

I had never been comfortable with Josh; my tongue had been tentative and afraid. Tonight I wanted nothing more than to swallow Steve, to milk his cock dry of every drop. Without hesitation I filled my mouth with his delicious prick and let my tongue spiral around its circumference. My head bobbed frantically as I worked my mouth up and down the length of his shaft. He moaned deeply, as he forcefully pried my legs apart and began again to feverishly lap at my cunt. I felt his tongue move down from my clit and insert itself deep into my hole. I responded by gagging myself with his cock until my face was flush against his body, his prick deep down my throat. In perfect tandem, we pleasured each other without inhibition. Not wanting this to end to soon, I withdrew his cock from my mouth and used my hands to massage his slick rod while I took his balls in my mouth. Craving every part of this man, my tongue explored further still and the musky taste I found when my tongue probed his puckered hole delighted my senses. Steve groaned in appreciation and responded by sliding a finger into my virgin asshole as he continued to tongue fuck me. My body quickly accommodated this intrusion and I bore down on his hand bringing the waves of another climax crashing over me.

This seemed to delight him, I could feel his happiness against me as I clung to him and rode out the tremors coursing across the surface of my skin. After only moments I returned to my task and focused my attention on the tip of his shaft. I sucked at the head while moving both hands to the base of his cock to massage him. Using the ends of my fingernails I teased at his balls until I could feel them tense up in anticipation of orgasm. Steve began to pull away in a vain attempt to postpone the inevitable but I needed to feel him lose control. I doubled my efforts and was immediately rewarded with the sensation of his release. There was almost a heartbeat, a pause before I felt myself fill with his hot cum. I kept my lips wrapped around him as he shot wave after wave into my mouth; his hands on the back of my head stayed tangled in the tresses of my hair.

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