A Pet and Their Owner

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“I’ll shout when I’m ready, then you call me in. Okay?”

“Yeah, I got it,” Taylor said.

I skipped away to the bedroom and opened the box sitting on our bed. I hastily removed my clothes, tied my hair back and took out a long tail attached to butt plug. After generously lubing it up, I slowly inserted it, waves of pleasure rolling over me, until it suddenly shifted into place with a *pop*. I pulled on my knee pads and gloves, slipped on the ears and took out the most important piece, a collar with a bone shaped tag that read “Jordan”. I could feel juices dripping coldly down my thigh.

“I’m ready!” I shouted, clipping the collar on and then getting down on all fours.

A long, high-pitched whistle rang out through the house.

“C’mon Jordan! C’mere!” followed by another, shorter whistle.

I excitedly scampered to the living room, tail wagging as my hips wiggled too and fro.

But the story doesn’t begin here. This is just the beginning of the good part.

Several weeks earlier, I was scrolling through social media after a long day at work when I happened upon a few innocent pieces of art of a dog person, a nearly naked human with ears and a tail, doing dog-like things, occasionally with a normal-looking human.

“Cute” I mumbled to myself, smiling. I gave it a like, and kept scrolling.

Little did I know that something had awoken inside of me.

These innocent images stayed with me, appearing in my idle thoughts at work, in transit, while shopping, any time my mind could wander. I even started imagining myself as the dog person; basking in the afternoon sun by the window, bahis şirketleri performing tricks for positive attention, lying with their owner. Simple, nice things.

Given it had preoccupied my mind for a few days now, it wasn’t long until I went back to the artwork and went to check out the other posts of the one who had drawn it. There was the odd, innocuous post, more cute art, and then I happened upon a post with a sensitive content warning and clicked it.

After staring for a few moments, I quickly turned off the screen, blushing.

“What’s wrong?” Taylor asked.

“I, um… I want to try something.”

“There you are! There’s my Jordan…” Taylor said lovingly as I walked from the hallway into the living room. They sat on the couch in front of the TV, but their attention at the moment was on me. They watched as I walked carefully across the room, unused to walking on all fours and shaking from both nerves and excitement. My head was down, watching where I was walking, but when I did look up his face read tender love, which made me blush. I stopped and sat in front of the couch.

“Do you want to come up?” they asked. I looked at him imploringly. “Okay, come here” and they patted the spot next to them.

I hopped up and laid down with my head on their lap, and they immediately started stroking my head between the dog ears and scratching. Taylor had grown up with actual dogs, and knew exactly where to scratch on them, so they emulated that with me. It wasn’t a feeling I was used to, but I ate it up.

“Alright, let’s see… What should we watch?” Taylor said as they turned on Netflix. bahis firmaları They picked a show that I had a passing interest in, but I was more focused on the matter at hand: the simple pleasure of being a pet.

The show was just over 20 minutes, but during that time Jordan never stopped petting me, or if they did it was only for a moment. My head, my back, my sides, my chest, my chin; all gently and lovingly stroked or scratched. Occasionally, I rotated to get into better positions so they could scratch different parts, just like a lap dog would, and when I did they would coo over me and say something like “What a big stretch” or “Ah, you want me to pet that spot…” It was such a different kind of care and attention than I had ever experienced, retaining my agency but still, for lack of a better word, submitting to this person I cared deeply about.

The further they watched the show, I became more and more aware of the ache in my loins and the mess I was making between my thighs and on the couch cover. My lust was rising, so as the end neared I rolled onto my back, head still in their lap, and spread my legs so that my groin was exposed. They didn’t react, but just kept petting as they continued onto the next episode.

The show continued and I didn’t move, so Taylor’s hand eventually made its way down my chest and stomach to my thighs and groin. They felt my slickness and the heat I was giving off, they teased the swollen lips and clitoris and slid their hands up and down the opening. As the credits on the second episode started to roll. I suddenly rolled and got up and sat next to Taylor on the couch kaçak bahis siteleri expectantly.

“What do you want, Jordan?” they asked, knowing exactly what the answer was. To my surprise, I barked excitedly and growled, jumping playfully onto them and started licking their face.

“Down, down!” Taylor laughed as they pushed me off of them so they could sit up straight. “Alright, you gotta do some tricks for me if you want your treats, though.”

They stood up and walked to the centre of the room as I sat on the couch and did my best confused expression.

“Come” they called. I got off the couch, and went to them. “Good Jordan!” they said excitedly as I stood next to them, and they gave me a pet on the head.

“Okay, now sit” they commanded. And I sat. Another “Good Jordan” and another pet.

I was in heaven.

“Now lie down…” they commanded again. I lied down as best as I could, but it’s hard when you’re on all fours. More positive reinforcement.

They went through the motions: roll over, beg, spin, lots of basic but simple commands, each successful action reinforced by positive acknowledgement and physical contact. Eventually, they worked back to sit and I sat, at which point Taylor knelt down and gave me a hug. It was different from the hugs they normally gave me, it was filled with something I couldn’t describe. My heart beat fast.

Somewhere else in the house, the alarm on my phone went off. Taylor held on for a few more moments, then let me go.

“I guess that’s all for today. You’re a good dog, Jordan. I’ll see you later” they said with a smile and watched me as I walked still on all fours back to the bedroom.

When I returned to the living room, dressed and without my accessories, I slumped down onto the couch and cuddled up to Taylor.

“So, how was it?” they asked.

I blushed.

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