A Pandemic Halloween for the Grandmothers

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“With Covid running wild we can’t have the Grandkids over for Trick or Treating,” Margery said as she looked at her sister.

Dolores frowned. “I hate this pandemic crap.”

They were in the living room and I was in the kitchen. I looked across the island between us and said, “Why not do it virtually?”

“Uh, what?” Margery, my wife asked.

“Like one of those conference call things,” Dolores, her sister replied.

“It won’t be a problem to set up,” I said as I poured myself another cup of coffee.

“We can wear costumes,” Dolores said with a big grin. “I’ve always wanted to dress up as a witch.

Margery frowned and said, “I wanted to be a witch.”

“Why can’t you both be witches?” I asked to stop any arguing.

Both women looked at me, before Dolores said, “He’s right you know.”

Margery sighed and shrugged. “Two witches it is. Now where do we get a caldron and those old style brooms?”

“The same place you get your costumes probably,” I ventured.

Dolores gave me a hard look. “He’s right again.”

Margery grinned at her sister. “He usually is but I wouldn’t tell him that for anything.”

Dolores frowned. “He’s sitting right there. He’s not hard of hearing.”

Margery laughed. “After thirty plus years of marriage, he doesn’t listen to me anymore.”

“Yes, Dear,” I said with a big grin and a wink.

Dolores stood up and walked over to the counter across from me. She gave me a wink as she picked up her phone. Turning toward her sister, she said, “We need something that is kid friendly but sexy enough for John.”

Margery looked from her sister to me and back again. “No bras and no panties will keep his interest until we’re through with the kids.”

“It would hold your interest also,” I said with a chuckle. “Neither of you would venture out of this house without either of those.

Dolores groaned softly. “He should wear those cutoff blue jean shorts that lets the head of his dick show when he sits down just right.”

Margery groaned also and shivered. “He’ll have to stay behind the camera but….”

“But what?” Dolores asked with a confused look.

Margery laughed softly and said, “Neither of us will be looking at the camera.”

“Not to mention all the lip licking,” I added just to add fuel to a growing fire.

Both women groaned and nodded and then Margery got a leering look on her face. “Since he’s behind the camera, he could just forget the shorts.”

Dolores looked at her sister and then shivered hard. “With him like that, there would not be much of a video conference thingy.”

“True, very true,” Her sister said with a wink at me.

“Where is a good costume shop?” I asked to get things back on track.

“Uh…. I’ll have to look,” Dolores said as she turned her attention to her phone.

“How about candy for the kids?” I asked.

Margery shrugged and then said, “Maybe we could have some shipped to them.”

Dolores looked up from her phone at her sister and said, “Why don’t you look on line and see if there are plastic pumpkins with candy. You know, like Easter baskets.”

“Now that we have all that taken care of, I’ll make breakfast,” I said with a grin.


By the end of the day, the candy had been ordered and the ladies had made a trip to the Costume Shop.

I was grilling chicken on the pit off the back porch when they returned from shopping. As they came up onto the back porch, I asked, “Do I get a preview?”

“Not on your life,” Dolores said with a grin.

“Just before we start the video conference call,” my wife said with a grin much like her sisters.

“That’s over three weeks,” I said with a sad look.

“Poor baby,” they both replied and then laughed at the same time.

As Margery started in the back door, she paused and winked at me. “Don’t worry dear, the wait will be well worth it.”

She started inside and then stopped again. “Oh yeah, the brooms, caldron, and some other stuff is in the back seat of my car. Would you be a dear and bring it in later?”

“No problem,” I replied to her back as she went inside.


The day before Halloween, the ladies had checked with the kids to make sure the candy had arrived. It had. They were also told that all the grandkids were excited and all of them would be in costume for the broadcast.


We spent most of Halloween day setting the stage for our conference call. The ladies had painted an old bed sheet for a backdrop. It was a night scene with black trees and a big white moon in the upper corner. I had hung some tissue paper ghosts from the ceiling that blew this way and that with the air from the A/C vents. The brooms were leaning against an old hat tree.

The caldron was front and center with a little water in it, ready for the dry ice. I had glued a battery operated green LED to the inside near the bottom. I was hoping for green smoke from the caldron. I was also hoping the A/C vents would keep the CO2 from killing us.

Dolores had scrapped the paint on bahis firmaları the front of the caldron into the message, “Witch’s Soup.”

A pea-sized piece of dry ice made just the right amount of smoke when I tested it. It also showed a spectacular shade of green.

I turned the big screen TV so I could see it from behind the caldron and set up my good video camera above it. After a little focusing and adjusting, I was all set to video chat from my laptop. I had it sitting on a table off to the side. I could see what was going on from our camera and all the kid’s households would be displayed on the big screen for the sisters to see.

Also, I set it up so I could record the ladies.

At the last minute, I put a small piece of tape over my video camera on my laptop. I didn’t have it on but better safe than sorry.


With a little over an hour to go before we went live, Margery went into the master bedroom and returned to hand me a sack. “Go in the guest room and put this on.”

“Uh, I didn’t know I had a costume,” I replied.

Dolores laughed. “It’s more for us than you.”

“Uh….” Was my witty reply.

As I started to turn away, Dolores said, “We’ll be in the master bedroom getting our makeup on and dressed so stay out here until we’re ready to show you.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said as I headed for the guest room.


From the sack, I pulled out a devils mask and a red leotard. The mask went on like a hood and had black horns. The leotard was something else altogether. I’m a big guy and I had never worn anything like a body suit, unless you’re talking about long johns.

The feet went on like socks except the rest of the suit tied them together. After that, it was a struggle from the get go. Pull up here, yank on there. It went on grudgingly. By the time, I had it on and the short zipper at the shoulders in the back pulled up, I was exhausted.

I was also worried, the leotard was damaged. Someone had cut part of the crotch out and I had an idea who that person was. I wondered if Margery knew or was she in on it?

My sister-in-law had lived with us for about six months now and she was always messing with me. Walking in on me in the shower, flashing me as she sat down in a short skirt or leaned over the counter wearing a scooped neck blouse. I enjoyed the views and Margery just laughed about it, so no harm, no foul, as they say.

I felt silly as I headed for the kitchen with my dick and balls hanging out the front of the suit. I needed something to drink. A beer or something stronger? Something stronger won out.


It was fifteen minutes before we were supposed to go live and the ladies were nowhere in sight. I knocked on the bedroom door and opened it a crack. “You guys need to hurry it up. You have fifteen minutes.”

“We’re almost ready,” my wife called back.

I shrugged and went to the kitchen to put the island between them and me when they came out. I didn’t even get a sip of my drink by the time the door opened and the two sisters came out. My drink paused halfway to my mouth as I tried to decide which sister was which.

Between the makeup, the fake noses, and the wigs, it was hard to figure out. They are almost the same size and weight but the witches dress with the long skirt canceled that out. My wife’s breasts are slightly larger but the cleavage at the top of each dress looked nearly the same. My wife’s hair is a shade or two lighter than her sisters but the black wigs made that null and void.

“I need to get the brooms for our entrance and then you can get things started,” my wife said. I recognized her voice.

Dolores was griming from ear to ear. “Why are you hiding behind the counter?”

“You know damned well why,” I said looking at my wife. She had a confused look on her face so I knew my assumption from earlier was correct.

With a quick look at the clock, I said to my wife, “Get the broom and get prepared for a shock.

“What?” she said and then shook her head as she went for the brooms.

When she returned, I stepped out from behind the counter. Dolores groaned deeply, my wife’s eyes got wide, and her mouth hung open.

“Someone got the bright idea to play with the scissors,” I said as I walked over and sat down in front of my laptop.

“Dolores!” My wife said and then laughed. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Because I’m the one with the dirtier mind,” Dolores said as she took one of the brooms.

“No shit,” I mumbled under my breath as I started the video chat and our camera.

I leaned forward and tossed a piece of dry ice in the caldron. At the same time, I looked to see if everyone was on line. They were. I started my intro in my scariest voice, “Greetings, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls. Welcome to the haunted woods. The grandmother witches are ready to make grandkid soup. Uh, I mean, their witch’s brew.”

Looking at my wife and her sister, I pointed to the set. They had the broom handles between their legs and bobbed up and down slightly as they headed kaçak iddaa for the area behind the caldron. I could hear the kids yelling and laughing. As they got near the center of the set, they both yelled, “Whoa!”

They stepped off the brooms and leaned them against the coat rack. They were both smiling as they looked at the TV and all their family members. “This is a tasty, uh, interesting looking group, “Dolores said with a wink.

“You know grandkids aren’t on the menu,” Margery said.

“You tell her Grandma,” someone said.

“Who is who?” A kid asked.

“Okay then, we’ll make eye of newt soup then. Lizards and frogs, and a puppy or two,” Dolores said and then looked around as there were boos and cries of, “No Granny”.

“Okay, okay, no puppies but it won’t taste right.”

I quickly pointed at the two of them and then use two fingers to point to my eyes and then at the TV. Both of them had their eyes more on my dick than on the camera.

They both shivered hard and took deep breaths as they looked directly at the camera.

“We don’t need soup. All the kids have Halloween baskets,” Margery said with a big grin as her eyes glanced my way and back at the camera.

“True, very true,” Dolores replied.

“So which family opens their gifts first?” I asked in my scary voice.

There are six families on the screen and all the kids were yelling, “Us, us, us.”

An adult voice came through that said, “Who is the oldest kid?”

“That would be you, Robert and you already know it,” Dolores said with a chuckle.

Margery chuckled along with her sister and said, “That sounds fair. We do want to watch the festivities.”

“We all do,” another adult said.

“So get with it,” I said in a high squeaky voice.

“Grandpa is funny,” one of my grandkids said.

“Don’t we all know it,” Dolores said with a wink in my direction.

“Grandpa is the devil himself,” I said in a deep voice as I moved my upper body until my head covered with the devils mask could be seen in the lower corner of our picture. Several of the little kids screamed but most of them laughed. All of the adults laughed.

“Hey, get back where you belong, this is our show,” Margery said sharply.

“He needs to be careful or he’ll end up in the witch’s soup,” Dolores said with a big grin.


It took a while to go through all six families but the grandmothers loved it. As the last family finished up, I said, “I hope the parents remembered to record their side of this. I recorded here and I’ll send each one of you a copy and you need to do the same.”

“That would be lovely,” my wife said in my direction.

“Everyone have a happy Halloween and stay safe,” Dolores said as she waved at everyone. My wife joined her in waving and I cut the feed to the conference call.

When the six pictures on the TV winked out, Margery sighed and said, “That was fun.”

Dolores looked at me and grinned as her eyes dropped to my dick. “Is the camera off?” She asked as she licked her lips.

“Not yet,” I replied as I ended the video chat recording and started another file.

Dolores groaned softly as she looked at her sister. “We need to make that thing hard as stone.”

“With the camera on?” Margery asked quickly.

“Why not,” her sister replied. “We’re the only ones who will ever see it.” She looked at me and asked, “Right?”

“Right,” I replied with a big grin.

Margery groaned. “If you screw up, the kids might get an eye full.”

Dolores laughed and started to unbutton the front of her dress. “You mean like the eye full John is about to get.”

Margery watched her sister’s fingers on the button for a moment and then whimpered softly as she started to unbutton her dress. “A double eye full,” she whispered as she quickly caught up with her sister on buttons undone.

When they both undid the last button, there was a strip of bare skin showing from between their breasts to their navels. Dolores reached up and took off her witch’s hat. She dropped off to the side. Margery did the same.

Dolores got a grip on the fabric on each side between her breasts. Margery saw what she was doing and did the same.

Dolores took a deep breath and said, “On three we….”

Margery yelled, “Three,” and opened the front of her dress wide exposing her bare breast.

Dolores gasped and did the same. “That wasn’t fair,” she whispered quickly.

Margery laughed wildly and turned toward her sister. “What isn’t fair is keeping John in the dark about us.” With that said, she grabbed her sister’s face with both hands and laid a barnburner of a kiss on her.

I’m not sure who was more shocked; me or Dolores and then Dolores’s arms went around her sister as she returned the kiss passionately. I guess that answered that question as I sat there with my mouth hanging open. I also realized I had a very hard dick standing up against my belly.

Margery broke the kiss and looked at me. “We shared a room in our late teens and later in college. One thing led to kaçak bahis another and well….”

Dolores giggled like a schoolgirl and whispered, “Don’t look now but part of him enjoyed our kiss completely.”

Margery’s eyes dropped to my hard dick and she groaned deeply. “Wait until he sees the rest of it.”

Now it was my turn to groan.

Dolores chuckled as she reached up and pushed her sister’s dress back off her shoulders as she leaned in and flicked the end of her tongue against Margery’s hard nipple. My wife groaned as she pulled her shoulders back and arched her chest upward.

Dolores sucked the nipple and a portion of her sister’s breast into her mouth but her eyes were on me. I made a moaning sound as my eyes left her mouth and moved down to her hard nipples. My wife’s breasts were bigger but her sister’s nipples were half again as big as Margery’s were.

Holding suction on the nipple, Dolores raised her head. The end of Margery’s breast stretched and then popped out of her mouth. “I love sucking her nipples and she loves it too,” Dolores whispered.

All I could do was nod.

Margery shivered hard, pushed her sister’s dress back off her shoulders, and attacked her right breast. Dolores groaned deeply as she arched her back. “Oh yeah, get you some,” she said loudly as her hands came up to grab her sister’s head.

“That looks like me,” I said lamely.

Dolores’s head slowly turned my way. Her eyes were partially closed. “There’s, there’s another nipple over here,” she whispered breathily.

I was off my chair and across the room in a shot. Dolores groaned long and loud as my mouth found her free hard nipple. From the way she was carrying on, I wondered how long it had been since she last had sex. Her husband had passed away a little over a year ago. That had to be the answer. Or maybe she had never had two mouths at once.

A hand on my dick made me jerk. Dolores had a hand on the side of my head and the other on the side of my wife’s head, so…. The grip on my manhood tightened slowly and then relaxed, tightened slowly, and then relaxed. Not something my wife usually did.

Margery pulled her head back holding suction on the nipple and breast in her mouth. It stretched out and then pooped out of her mouth. Dolores whimpered and whispered, “No!”

Looking my way, Margery smiled. “You take carry of these and don’t be afraid to use your hands, if you know what I mean.” With that said, she sank out of sight.

I brought my left hand up, caress my sister-in-laws right breast, and then gave it a firm squeeze. She moaned and placed her hand on top of mine. When I pinched and rolled that nipple around as I gently chewed on the one in my mouth, Dolores came unglued, with a loud yell.

About then, I heard a chuckled from down below and my wife tried to swallow my dick whole. I could feel the head bouncing at the entrance to her throat as she bobbed her head quickly. I found myself moaning around Dolores’s nipple.

Ever so often, my wife’s mouth would disappear from my dick and shortly after that, Dolores would give out with a yell. A moment later, my wife was back to sucking my dick. My mind showed me an image of my wife licking her sister’s swollen clit and I would groan softly.

About the fourth time Dolores yelled, she took her hand off mine and dropped it out of sight as my wife’s mouth found my dick again. A few moments later, Dolores said, “Enough already. You guys are going to kill an old lady.”

I felt my wife trying to laugh around my dick as she took me out of her mouth. “You’re only two years older than me, so don’t play the old lady card.”

Dolores groaned as I lifted my head holding suction on her nipple. She shivered and then gasped softly as I grabbed both nipples to give them a pinch and a not so gentle twist. “Oh hell yes,” she said loudly as I let go of her nipples.

Margery chuckled and said, “I trained him well.”

“No shit,” her sister replied and then took a step back. The black witches dress hit the floor.

“Yummy,” my wife whispered.

“Uh huh,” was my witty reply.

Dolores shivered again. “Okay, let’s trade places,” she said to her sister.”

My wife stood up quickly as she was pealing off her dress. When it hit the floor, she grinned at her sister and said, “I thought you would never ask.”

I said, “Uh…” as I thought about my sister-in-law sucking my dick. Sucking on her nipple was one thing, but….”

“You have a problem with that?” Dolores asked looking me in the eyes.

“Uh…” was my reply.

Margery grinned and said, “I’m the one who should have a problem but….” She paused, looked at her sister, and added, “But I don’t.”

I looked back and forth between the two before I said to my wife, “If you don’t, then I guess I don’t.”

Dolores grinned at her sister. “Now that, that is settled,” she said as she slowly sank to her knees. Looking up at me she licked her lips and whispered, “This won’t hurt even a little bit.”

The next thing I knew, she was swallowing me very much as my wife had only she used a lot more tongue. My wife groaned as she watched her sister sucking my dick. Then she shivered and stepped over in front of me and took a short half step to the side with her left foot.

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