A pair of black businessmen for me…

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A pair of black businessmen for me…Some girls from the office invited me to a night out on Friday, to celebrate the end of a long and hard week at work.Since my beloved hubby was out of town on his own business trip, I thought that nobody was waiting for me at home, so I decided to join the girls.We were getting pretty loud and laughing at the third bar we visited.Most of the girls were single; but the married ones were just looking at the guys and easy flirting with them. But our aim for the night was to have fun, not to pick up men. I was getting a nice relax and ordered myself a glass of red wine.I noticed a couple of black dark guys sitting on a nearer table. Feeling invincible and flirty, I went over to them and sat down there. Soon the conversation was floating, and I got to know that they both were businessmen coming from somewhere in California.They were both handsome and kind black men. They were my age.And happily married, of course.After a while chatting, my girlfriends were ready to go; so I asked the men if they wanted to join us and they accepted the invite.We headed down one of the main streets to the next bar. I grabbed hold of both my new black friends and walked between them. When we were approaching a nice luxury hotel, they told me they were staying there. One of them, Brandon, said we should go up so that I could see the magnificent view from their hotel window. I hesitated just a little but followed them, taking the elevator to the last floor.As we entered the room I went over to the window. The guy was right, the view from there was really magnificent.As I was standing looking and commenting, Brandon came up behind me and all of a sudden I felt his arms on me. He held me by my waist. I stood still, feeling him so close.He pressed himself against me and rubbed his hands up and down. I closed my eyes and felt my breathing going a bit heavier.When I soon opened my eyes again, the other guy, Ashton, was bursa escort standing in front of me, totally naked. I looked down and gasped, as I saw his very huge black cock hanging between his legs.I got excited and fully aroused, feeling my cunt starting to tingle.He grabbed my arms and kissed me very deeply. Then Brandon came behind me and he unzipped my tight skirt, letting it slip to my ankles. My heart began to beat like crazy…I felt Brandon`s hands on my buttocks and around my hips. Meanwhile, Ashton pulled my blouse over my head and removed my black bra. He then pulled down my tiny thong down my legs.I suddenly was totally naked in front of these two black strangers. I felt scared and nervous; but also very excited and wet…Ashton knelt down and he kissed my wet vulva; I spread my thighs slightly for him. The guy ran his fingers over my pussy lips, feeling my wetness. I then felt his lips and tongue over my pussy. His fingers parted my lips and slipped into me. I gasped as I was trembling with pleasure. At the same time, Brandon was pushing his crotch against my buttocks. He was feeling my tits, making my nipples get hard.He was kissing my neck and my ear. Seconds later, I was dragged to lay down onto the king size bed.I could feel Ashton sucking and licking my swollen clit, as his long fingers fucked me at same time. He was really working my arousal. I spread my legs wider for him. Then he slowly crept up on me, working his way up, kissing my tummy and licking my nipples.I felt him spread my pussy lips apart. And I could feel his cock head pushing against my entrance. Ashton slowly slid into me, parting my wet pussy walls. I looked down and could see a huge and thick, veiny, rock hard black cock disappearing into me…It felt really wonderful, making me moan loudly.Ashton started fucking me in a steady slow rhythm. He kissed me greedily, his craving tongue searching my mouth. He also treated my tits and nipples the same bursa escort bayan way. The black guy fucked me in a firm and determined way. I soon exploded into a very intense orgasm, feeling that his black cock was filling me so good…When I came to myself again, he flipped me over on all fours. I could see Brandon sitting naked on a chair, watching us, smiling and slowly jerking off himself. But I suddenly felt Ashton invading my stretched cunt from behind. I looked over my shoulder and saw lust and desire in his eyes. He fucked me in that position for long and he suddenly pulled out.Brandon stood up and I soon felt his cock against my pussy lips. I felt it even bigger than Ashton’s dick. I moaned loudly as Brandon sank himself to the bottom…He fucked me steadily and determined, a bit harder than Ashton. He enjoyed taking me; stealing loud cries out from me…Ashton sat down in front of me and he grabbed my curly hair, to shove his thick cockhead between my red lips. I sucked on that veiny dark shaft, making him moan in pleasure.At the same time Brandon was fucking me from behind, very hard. He pulled out and got me again onto my back. With my legs wide spread, he soon penetrated me again. He fucked me steadily for a long while, as I screamed in pleasure.I then came again, this time on that even bigger black cock.When I caught my breath again, both men continued their fucking. I could feel them both gripping me more firmly and moaning louder. Before I knew it, Ashton came in my mouth I felt like a real slut, as I swallowed the last drop of cum…Brandon suddenly tensed up and he also came, shooting his warm semen deep into my stretched cunt. I felt him pulling my hips close to him as he sank deep while he came. When Brandon finally pulled out I could feel the warm sperm oozing out of my well used pussy. I stumbled into the bathroom to clean myself with a quick shower. Both black guys soon came inside the shower with me.I görükle escort could feel those semi erect cocks were getting bigger as I rubbed hem with my fingers… I squeezed them very gently.I was getting aroused again. I wanted those black cocks again…Soon we were all in bed again.Ashton was the first to invade my shaven wet pussy. I decided to take charge.As he was between my thighs I made him roll over, so we both were lying sideways. I grabbed his firm buttocks and made him pull deep into me and then releasing him slowly. I repeated the move. After moving him just five or six times more, I came like crazy.Ashton pulled out, since Brandon said it was his turn to try it.So I rolled over and Brandon did the same move. I pulled his butt against me and I felt my slippery cunt totally filled with his massive black cock. I repeated with him the same moves.Within ten minutes, I got another three intense orgasms. I was totally exhausted, but fully satisfied…Aston then said he needed to cum inside of me; so I got on all fours again, allowing him to take me from behind. He started fucking me in a slow steady rhythm, making sure he was deep inside of me.He then began fucking me hard. Using me for his own lust… I moaned and screamed in pleasure as he pounded me so hard.After Ashton came in me, Brandon took his place.He also fucked my slippery wet cunt until he finally came inside.I ended totally exhausted, gasping for some air.After a quick warm shower, I got dressed again. Both black guys were also worn out as I kissed them goodbye.I was still walking on shaky legs as I came outside this hotel.The sun was rising and I was really exhausted, but happy.I was lucky enough to get a taxi and soon I was lying on my bed.As soon as I closed my eyes, almost fainting, my beloved hubby called me from his hotel room.Victor sounded happy, asking me how was going at home.I said everything was fine; but I was having a bad headache after a night out with the office girls…Victor laughed on the phone, asking if I had managed to save my tight ass for him… I laughed back, telling him he should fuck me in the ass in the next days, since my poor cunt felt sore right now…

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