A Nun’s Story Pt. 06

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They were standing in an outer office, Sister Claire and Mother Mary, waiting for their appointment. Claire was nervous and excited. She understood that her performance in this meeting would really count towards her future in the Order of the Mount. More important was that she did not disappoint Mother Mary. Claire tried to remind herself that she alone was not responsible for the Monsignor being a supporter of the Order. All the same, she could guess that he was expecting something special.


Monsignor Davis was in his early fifties. He was nothing special to the eye – average height and build, fairly bookish in his looks. On taking his role he’d been truly shocked to discover the history of the Order of the Mount. It was his former boss who’d briefed him, revealing secrets that had been kept for many years. His first reaction had been to want to denounce everyone involved and end the rampant sinning. It had taken time to calm him and to convince him that it might all be for the good of the church and the poor who were helped by these nuns.

His first meeting with the head of the Order, Mother Isabelle at that time, had softened him some more. Monsignor Davis had to admit that there was logic in seeing sex as a gift from god. Maybe it was wrong for Christians to enjoy procreation. Certainly it meant damnation for nuns and priests. Yet he could not deny the logic – sex was pleasure and it was intended that way. Enjoying sex was to be close to god.

Mother Isabelle had opened her blouse to show her bare breasts. The Monsignor had never seen such a display – or tits as good as she sported. She explained once more how the members of her Order had for centuries used their bodies to ensure that their good works continued. Her nipples had been hard with arousal as she took the hand of the older priest. Gently, she had brought his hand to her bare breast and for the first time Monsignor Davis felt the soft warmth of a woman’s boob. It was getting harder still to deny that sex was a gift from god.

When she grabbed his cock through his trousers, already hard despite his protests, the Monsignor lost the power of speech. Blood pounding in his ears, fearful of the fires of hell, he heard the Mother explain that it was expected of every man in the position of Monsignor that he would protect the Order of the Mount and guard their secrets. And, she’d continued, it was expected that he would be rewarded by sharing the Gift.

By then Mother Isabelle had been on her knees, her hand slipping through his fly and stroking his dick. Despite his vows, the priest enjoyed seeing the younger woman on her knees. The sense of power over the nun appealed as lust took hold of him for the first time.

She had sucked him that day, taking all of his thick cock into her mouth and massaging his balls. There was never any doubt that the senior man would unload, emptying his fluid into Isabelle’s hungry mouth. Davis had never imagined he’d have an experience such as that. But the nun had grinned at him afterwards as she cleaned the head of his cock with her tongue. Such joy had seemed like proof of all she said about the Gift. And there was more of that ahead she had promised.

At their next meeting, Mother Isabelle had again exposed her breasts. This time she had encouraged the Monsignor to fondle and suck on her sagging, D-cup tits. She had stroked his hair and pulled him closer to her as she reminded him that every man in his position had a duty to perform. And, more, that his duty included partaking in the Gift – for it was no less than the reward he deserved. The point had been reinforced when she once more went to her knees to lick and suck on his priestly tool.

That time Mother Isabelle had leaned over his desk, drawing up her dress to show her naked butt and the shaved cunt between her pale thighs. She’d begged the senior man to fill her with his Gift, taking his cock in her hand and guiding him to her opening. His fucking had been passable, since he was totally lacking in experience. But the nun had enjoyed taking his virginity – enough to orgasm several times on his healthy-sized shaft.

Finally, wanting him to enjoy all his reward, she’d urged him to let go of his needs and to release himself in her cunt. Monsignor Davis had warned of the dangers of pregnancy – a major risk to the Order – until the nun had gasped that she was using contraceptives. That had been too much of a sin for the older priest who’d pulled out entirely in protest.

But Mother Isabelle had been ready. In her own discovery of the Gift, she had learned that many parts of her body could receive and give great pleasure. Quickly Isabelle had pointed out that she had another hole for the priest to enjoy. This was only natural for the Mother Isabelle since letting others use her anal passage was an occasional bonus when winning favours for the Order of the Mount. Reaching back she’d spread her flesh to ensure there was no misunderstanding.

To the Monsignor, his mind filled with kurtköy bayan escortlar lust, it was the perfect solution. He had not refused that opportunity. Unfortunately, lacking in experience, his eagerness had gotten the better of him. He’d taken the nun’s arsehole with vigour, ramming his thick cock into her tight channel. Isabelle did nothing to stop him. Her duty had been to seduce the Church leader and she was as willing as any member of the inner sanctum. Just like her brethren before her, Isabelle had been thrilled to discover the pleasure that came from giving her back passage as a Gift. She hoped for another chance to teach the Monsignor a better technique. But at that time she had swallowed the pain. Happily the priest had lasted only a minute more before he spewed his semen into her bowels. The warm, sticky stuff had provided some relief to the burning she felt.

Mother Isabelle’s plan had always been to totally corrupt the important Church man. It was vital flor the Order to have a willing accomplice inside the hierarchy. And the Order of the Mount had always sworn off using blackmail. They met regularly, including at his official residence, where Isabelle had taught the Monsignor more about the Gift. She’d shown him how to explore and pleasure a woman. He had been an eager student, ready to be handed on to Mother Mary when she became head of the Order soon after.


Monsignor Davis had quickly embraced the idea that his position in the hierarchy gave him the right to take advantage of the Gift. He had accepted his corruption, his straying from the one path. There could be no doubt that the work of the Order was crucial to the image of the Church. And the Monsignor knew that work was assisted by other men, and perhaps women, who were just as tempted by an offer of the special Gift. He would play his part just as his predecessors had done and enjoy his rewards.

And then Isabelle was moved to another city, promoted so as to serve the Church in different ways. Already the Monsignor had begun to wonder what it would be like to experience other women – other nuns. Davis had foresworn masturbation even since Mother Isabelle had unleashed his own unclean thoughts. But it seemed that these nuns were all sluts. And Mother Mary was so pretty. He’d enjoyed thinking about her slender body. A meeting with the new boss of the Order was essential.

From the first, he had stuck with his insistence on anal penetration. What the Monsignor never realised was that Mary preferred anal. He also never twigged that she preferred women to men. Though she’d been determined to teach him better ways to satisfy her with his mouth. But their arrangement was mutually beneficial and Mary had no objection to giving pleasure to a man or making his cock spew out sticky semen into her body.

Mary also knew that some monsignors had enjoyed giving “approval” to nuns who were new to the inner sanctum of their Order. Having been briefed about his misgivings, Mary was happy to suggest that Monsignor Davis take-on this task. And so it was that each new member of the inner sanctum, each debauched member of the Order of the Mount, was presented to Monsignor Davis. He enjoyed the string of new, young women and the chance to defile their mouths and their bodies.

With a warm greeting he opened the door and invited the two lovely women inside his plush office. Of course, he’d seen a picture of Sister Claire. But in the flesh she looked even more lovely with her freckles and shy smile. He gave a brief hug to Mother Mary and then, talking a seat on his sofa, turned his attention to the newest young woman in front of him.

“I am very pleased to meet you. And to welcome you into a very special part of our Church. You must have been shocked to discover this part of your Order.”

“Yes, Monsignor. I still am a little shocked. But very grateful to Mother Mary.”

“Unclean thoughts are a sin. There’s no doubt. On the other hand, you and your sisters have found the perfect penance and turned your sin into something good.”

“Yes, Monsignor. I was so afraid of my sin, my unclean thoughts. But I’ve learned what a blessing they are. Now I am committed to serving the Order by sharing the Gift.”

Mother Mary smiled on hearing that. She’d told Sister Claire to rehearse her responses to the Monsignor. Talk of the Gift was a code that confirmed that everyone was on the same page.

Monsignor Davis was smiling, too. His cock was already hard with anticipation. Some of the nuns enjoyed anal sex. Others did not. Some were lesbians and others wanted only cocks. None of that mattered. Isabelle and Mary had been at pains to explain that the members of the inner sanctum were happy to share the gift in whatever form was required. He already knew that Sister Claire had learned to enjoy her bottom being used as part of her giving of the Gift.

“Lets have a proper look,” he said softly. “Undress for me, please.”

Claire kurtköy escort began to remove her habit and her uniform. She was still nervous. She didn’t notice that behind her Mother Mary was also disrobing. But the Monsignor’s attention was fixed on the younger nun. She looked quite gorgeous. Her pale skin was to be expected. Her breasts were well formed and sat high and firm. The nipples were hard, perhaps from nerves more than arousal. With a signal he bade her turn around while he enjoyed the sight of her shapely legs and well-rounded butt.

Claire blushed slightly. But she had known she’d be inspected. And she had learned enough that this, too, was all part of giving the Gift to important men. Thinking of her Order, it was a relief to know that she could please the important priest sitting in front of her.

At his signal, she stepped closer to the Monsignor. She didn’t flinch as he reached out to touch her. Claire was becoming more comfortable about using her physical assets to help the Order – or letting others take their pleasure from her. The Monsignor was stroking his hands slowly over her perky B-cups and hefting them as he felt their weight. The little moan that escaped his throat told Claire that he was happy with her and she felt herself relax as the Church leader ogled and fondled her naked body. One hand slipped down, over her tummy and between her legs.

“Its nice that you shave your mound,” he said with another smile. “All the better to enjoy you.”

Claire blushed again. But she knew she was there for a reason. She parted her thighs just a little, enough so that the Monsignor could run a finger between her swollen cunt lips. His touch sent a warmth through her body. The pretty nun knew that she enjoyed fucking. Giving herself to a priest had seemed like the worst of sins until Sister Teresa had urged her. She couldn’t know that the Monsignor was less experienced than Father John, or Filippo. But Claire was ready to be fucked and she was happy to give her arse to the older priest.

“Fucking for Jesus,” Sister Teresa had called it.

Claire knew what that meant. The thought had made her aroused for days. And the Monsignor’s finger was already making her cunt moisten. Once she’d have hated her body for the betrayal. But was it good to show the senior priest how much of a slut she was?

Happily, those thoughts disappeared as she realised that the naked Mother Mary was kneeling next to her. Deftly, the other woman removed the Monsignor’s cock from the confines of his trousers. Claire could only watch from the corner of her eye as her boss wrapped one hand around the man’s cock. She heard his soft moan as his soft finger pressed into her opening. She moaned back.

Mary knew just what to do. Already she had presented a dozen new members of the secret inner circle to Monsignor Davis. All of them had been nervous. All had wondered if he would hurt them. But none had protested because they were so eager to serve the Order of the Mount by sharing the Gift. And Mary told each one that it was the Monsignor who would ensure that their secrets were kept safe.

Cupping his balls in one hand, she licked the shaft. Mary was not so keen on the male organ as Sister Claire. But she didn’t mind them so much. Not when she could manipulate the men they were attached to It had proven handy, indeed, to learn how to handle a man’s pride. Soon after, Mother Mary had her warm mouth wrapped around the Monsignor’s swollen cock as he groped Sister Claire’s butt and began to probe her hungry cunt. The Monsignor was even hungrier and his cock grew harder still in the nun’s mouth.

It was Claire, however, who was to the be star of this performance. She was young and firm and fresh. Her freckles were cute and her body was enough to make any man desire the Gift. And Davis most certainly did. He reached around and grabbed her rounded arse cheeks as Mother Mary worked more of his meat into her mouth.

“Now you can show me how you give that Gift,” he said to her with a sly grin.

Claire knew what was required. She easily went to her knees bedside Mary and now the two nuns were ready to worship the cock of the senior Church man as it pointed to the heavens. Without a word, Mary released his shaft and tilted it towards the younger woman. Claire did not hesitate before she began to fellate the sword of this holy man. She knew she loved cocks and this one was no different – a healthy size and more than pleasing in her mouth. Claire had quickly gotten used to sharing a man with a sister nun. And it was only right to worship the cock of a man so important as this one.

The Monsignor groaned loudly each time the nuns swapped his cock between their mouths. Once this would have been a mortal sin but these wicked nuns had convinced him otherwise. The two warm mouths around his shaft were proof enough. It seemed both were expert at their craft. And Mother Mary’s slender fingers were feeling exquisite on his ball sack.

“You’ve learned well, kurtköy escort bayanlar it seems,” he grunted to Claire, forgetting that she had not relied on the Order of the Mount for all her sexual experience.

Of course it was no more than he was owed, as Monsignor and friend of the Order of the Mount. In times past the Church had taken tributes of all kind. The mouths and the bodies of these nuns were no different for a man in his position. But Davis had learned to be greedy. He placed a hand on the back of Claire’s head. With a little pressure he forced her deeper, driving more of his length into her warm mouth.

Mother Mary understood his signal. The senior man wanted to make full use of the younger mouth. She climbed onto the large sofa and lay back with her shaven cunt pointing to the Monsignor. As Claire continued to devour his cock, he sat back on the sofa, his trousers around his ankles and his cock still filling the mouth of the pretty young nun. Beside him, the older nun spread her pale thighs to give Davis a clear view of her shaven cunt. Listening to his moans and the slobbering sounds from Sister Claire, she reached down and let him watch as she spread her long cunt flaps.

It was lucky that the Order of the Mount had given Monsignor Davis plenty of sexual experience. The nuns were sluts, he knew, in the best sense of that word. And their passion was infectious. Mother Isabelle had been able to make his cock explode in minutes. But he’d learned to control himself and to improve his stamina. He knew that was what lay men did to become satisfying lovers. It wasn’t easy, though, as he watched Mary finger herself while the young Sister Claire swallowed three quarters of his length.

“This one knows the Gift as well as any of your charges,” he complimented Mother Mary as she stuffed two fingers into her cunt.

Claire enjoyed hearing such praise. The pretty young nun was anxious to prove her worthiness for the new life her sisters had revealed to her. She gripped the base of his shaft and slid her other hand to his hairy ballsack. That brought still more groans of delight from the Monsignor. He was no longer sure where to look. But he knew that such pleasure truly was a Gift from god. No mortal male could resist the delights these two naughty nuns were providing.

“Swap now,” he ordered the women. “I want more of the young sister.”

Following Mary’s gestures, Sister Claire took position on the lounge. She was kneeling side-on to the Monsignor, her body taking up the space beside him. Hunched over the seated priest, she took his cock back in her mouth. The Monsignor took his further pleasure, reaching out to grab at her juicy tits and squeeze them as he moaned at her oral skills. Her young, nubile body was irresistible. And he had Mother Mary to thank for bringing him a series of such women.

Mary was extra turned-on and ready for more. She stood beside Monsignor Davis, bent at the waist with hands on knees and legs apart. The senior man was forcing Claire’s mouth down onto his shaft. And now her boss was offering her holes to the Monsignor. Mary’s cunt was already wet and she made her own quiet sound of relief as the older priest roughly jammed two fingers into her.

Davis knew that Mother Mary liked it rough and there was no better way to show who was in charge. And he knew well that the dirty nun loved anal. Forcing Claire further down his shaft, the Monsignor jammed his thumb into the tight, warm passage of the Mother Mary. She moaned in response at the sudden intrusion. Rough anal was as good for her as the other kind. His desire was obvious and Mary knew that soon she’d see his cock stretching Clair’s young little hole. It seemed that Monsignor Davis was reading her mind.

“Better prepare her,” he groaned to Mary as the younger nun almost choked on his thrusting cock.

At first, Davis had wondered why his predecessor had chosen to have a large sofa in his office. Mother Isabelle had quickly demonstrated its true purpose. He only ever used it for meetings with nuns from the Order of the Mount. It was risky to have too many visits from young nuns at his official residence. But no-one would ever suspect the real purpose of the appointments that Mother Mary made regularly for her and some of her charges.

Now Mary got behind Sister Claire. Gently she pulled the young arse cheeks apart. The wetness in Claire’s hole was obvious and her lips were nicely flared. Mary always enjoyed preparing the younger ones for the lascivious Monsignor Davis. And Claire was already aroused by her act of devotion – not to mention the thought pf being arse-fucked while her boss urged her on.

The older nun slowly licked Claire, drawing her tongue from the hardened clit though the steaming slit and up to the puckered, brown hole. Claire groaned perfectly, grateful for the extra relief as the Monsignor continued to use her mouth roughly. Mary licked her again, followed by two fingers pressed into Claire’s cunt. She let her tongue come to rest on the other woman’s anus. Mother Mary was a perverted lover and she always enjoyed licking a woman’s butt hole to make it soft and pliant, ready to be stretched. Slowly finger-fucking Claire’s cunt, she pressed the tip of her tongue against that small opening and began to make it ready for the hard cock that would follow.

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