A Night Out

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Taking your advice about spending an evening with Ann (my business partner). This is what happened.

We had a very good day writing one very good piece of business and a strong possibility on two others. We had booked two rooms at the Travel Lodge for the night so we could revisit tomorrow. To celebrate I suggested we should go for a drink and then a meal. Ann said rather than that how about taking a drink back to the Lodge.

We found a nice restaurant, and because it was early, we had a nice table. Dinner was fun, with Ann telling me about her relationship with her boyfriend Tony. He is quite a kinky chap but keeps her happy. I told her about my cyber fun since I posted the story and picture. She says she put some pictures of herself that Tony has taken, on the web but she wouldn’t tell me where, the bitch. Then she asked me if I fancied taking a few pictures when we got back to our hotel, I said I’d see how I felt later. I had to admit to myself that our conversation had had an effect on me and thought about what you had said!

We finished our meal a well as a large bottle of red wine that I love. We got a cab back and went to my room with our booze. We sat and chatted for ages then Ann said she would go and have a bath. Being mindful of what you said, and the alcohol, I suggested she use my bathroom. She said ok but would go and get her gear as she put it, and said for me to relax and get more comfortable as we were both fully dressed.

After she left I took the bull by the horns. I took off my suit and the rest and had a quick bath. I then redressed but only in my black undies, stockings and shoes. I poured two more drinks and then sat in front of the mirror and retouched my make up. I felt anxious, had I misread things? Therefore, what I was decent. There was a knock at the door, I let her back in.

‘You look nice’

Was all she said as the came in with her overnight bag. She then disappeared into the bathroom and locked the door, so far so good. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was having a heart attack. Any way I sat back down and sipped my whiskey, it calmed me a little. I could hear her in the bathroom singing to herself. I then heard the lock and the door opened and she came back. I was stunned she looked fabulous. She, like me was in her undies, but what underwear.

‘Do you like it? She asked.

I went to answer but my voice caught in my throat, and she burst out laughing.

‘Come on pat we’ve known each other a long time’.

‘Yes I know but this is something new’.

She was dressed in pale grey, a skimpy bra that held her breast so that her nipples were sticking out over the cup. A Basque with slim suspenders over a thong and grey stockings and high heels. My god she looked so sexy.

‘Well’ she said,

I sat with drink halfway to my lips, mouth open. I was amazed, honestly, I was speechless. She put her bag down, sat at the end of the bed and took the drink I offered. She told me how lovely I looked, but I felt I couldn’t compete, and I said so. In the office, she is so conservative but now, what a change. We sat and drank talking about what had Bostancı Escort happened today, I think neither wanted to make the first move. You can imagine the site, two middle-aged women in their underwear getting slowly drunk and acting like teenagers. Ann broke the impasse asking me what I thought about a few pictures. She reached into her bag and produced the tiniest camera I had seen.

‘Come on lie on the bed and I will take your picture’.

I moved to the bed, plumped up the pillows and lay down. She took a picture of me, drink in hand looking a bit tarty. She then got me to lie across the bed with my arms above my head.

‘Push your pants down a little’.

‘How do you feel?’

‘Fine’ I said.

‘Ok turn on your tummy’.

Which I did. She then pulled the back of my pants down over my bottom.

‘Chunky bum’ she said taking more pics.

‘Take them off and open your legs a little’.

I slithered out of my pants with her help. I kept my legs tight together.

‘Come on’ she encouraged.

I moved my legs a bit more apart.

‘Tony would love that’ she said as she got closer.

She unsnapped my bra, which flopped on the bed.

‘Open wider I want to see your pussy’!

I just did what she said, I was feeling good and past caring, I can trust her. She put the camera down and knelt on the bed at my side. She then began to stroke my leg running her hand slowly from calf up to the cheeks of my bottom. I was getting very hot and tingly.
She then moved between my legs pushing them further apart. The next thing I knew she blew on me. It was like an electric shock. I could feel her breath on my most private place. She lowered her mouth and very lightly put her tongue on me. She let it travel from my bum to my vagina and back, my breathing was getting faster as she slowly licked me.

‘Kneel up’ she whispered

I complied. She softly kissed me between my thighs and I just melted. The feelings I had were just wonderful I was feeling very hot as Ann continued her gentle tongue caresses.

‘Turn over’ she whispered.

I kept my eyes closed as I lay over on my back. I opened my eyes and looked into Ann’s face. The look in her eyes was so tender and a slight smile crossed her face. Without a word, she put her lips to mine, slowly pushing her tongue between my lips. I responded by opening my lips allowing her tongue to enter. She swirled her tongue inside my mouth and I started to suck on it as if it was a miniature penis. I was in heaven and didn’t care about anything other than the pleasure I was getting. All this time she hadn’t actually touched me other than with her tongue, my nipples had hardened and my cunt was damp and throbbing. She then laid two fingers on my breast, massaging the nipple.

‘Do you like your nipples sucked’.

‘Yes’ was all I could manage.

Her mouth found my left nipple and I trembled with ecstasy, my god I was so aroused I didn’t think it could get any better. I then put my fingers on her engorged nipple and she gave out a loud moan,

‘Oh Pat that is lovely, pull it hard, Bostancı Escort Bayan just pull’.

Therefore, I did just. We were both sweating and breathing heavily.

‘Open your legs darling’

She trailed her fingers up over the top of my stockings onto my naked thigh, closer and closer she moved to my cleft. Then it happened, she pinched my clitoris, I screamed with the pleasure, my head spun and wave after wave of fire shot over my body, pent up feelings shot through and I came into a shuddering orgasm. She continued to caress me and I continued to cum. I don’t know how many times I came it seemed like an eternity. Ann kissed my cunt and sucked my juices from me as I caressed her head, shoulders and breasts. Her back and buttocks are slender and I just wanted to pleasure her as she had me.

‘Oh Ann I feel fantastic can I make love to you?’

‘In a minute I want to picture you just as you are, legs wide open your pussy glistening with your cum, pull your lips wide open’.

I put my hands down onto my vagina, took hold of my lips and gently pulled them apart. Ann knelt between my thighs with her camera-taking picture after picture. She then moved to her night bag, reached inside and then produced two vibrators, one I recognised. Also a jar of cream. She said nothing, then opened the jar and put the head of the biggest vibe into the jar, swirled it round. She then moved between my outstretched legs and placed its tip to my entrance. I felt it begin to enter me, slowly, she pushed with a constant pressure until it would go no further, and I was stretched open completely. She then turned it on, my god it felt incredible vibrating inside me. She then asked me to lie on a pillow she had so I was completely exposed.

‘Would you like this?’ she said showing me the other tool.

I just nodded lost in my own world of sex. She lubed the tool then did the same on my rectum, I was trembling in anticipation. Again, she slowly slid it into my bum and I felt myself stretch to accept it. In it went and my sphincter muscle let it right in to my bum, again she switched it on and it doubled my excitement. The two machines could be felt almost touching through the thin membrane between my holes. My orgasm built and built and then I screamed out as I hit the extremes of pleasure, the sweat was pouring off me as Ann kept her hands on the vibes pulling in out in unison. I don’t know how she managed as I thrashed about on the bed in the throes of orgasm. I relaxed and she slowly removed them, a slight plop as the one in my bum came out.

‘Well what did you think was it good’?

‘Oh yes, you are so good to me I never have felt anything like that in all my life’, I replied.

‘Now it’s your turn, but I must catch my breath first’.

We lay beside each other and caressed, it was very erotic I was still feeling the effects of what had happened. After a while, I got up and got the camera, it was simple to use so I started to take pictures of my new lover. She knelt on the bed and stretched up, the muscles in her back and thighs were taught she was a lovely sight.

I Escort Bostancı told her to strip; she unclipped her stockings and removed the Basque, which left little imprints in her soft skin. She then lowered her thong and spread her knees so I could see her bum and pussy lips. She wasn’t shaved but her blond pubic hair suited her. I put the camera close to her and snapped between her legs. I knelt behind her, got her to put her hands high on the wall and then unclipped her bra.

‘Just stay like that a second’.

I got the camera and took pictures of her with her bra hanging and her tits fully exposed what a lovely sight.

‘Can I sit on your mouth Ann said?’

‘Oh yes please’.

I rolled over and she shuffled back until I was looking up at her lovely pussy. It was bigger than mine and her clitoris stuck out with a little hood over it.

‘Come down on me so I can kiss you’.

She lowered herself so that she had her pussy on my mouth. I kissed her as if I was kissing her mouth, she was so soft and her perfume was delightful. I stuck out my tongue and sucked her clit into my lips; I kept sucking feeling her wetness dribbling into mouth. I loved it I wanted to do everything I could think of to this woman. As I sucked, I felt her weight increase on my face, she was having an orgasm, and she began to softly moan.

‘Oh yes, yes please keep kissing me’.

I ran my hand up over her hips, up onto her tummy then to her breasts, grasping those large nipples. She cried out as I touched her. I then moved my right hand back to her hip and round onto her bottom. I pulled the cheek of her bottom trying to reach her bum. She helped me by moving slightly.

‘Yes please’. She whispered

So I pushed my index finger into her arse. It was very tight, but she wiggled her bottom so I continued the pressure. I removed my finger and put it into her pussy to lubricate it, then returned to her bum. I pushed again and it slipped right in as far as it would go. She slumped forward and rested on my hand. We stayed locked together like that until her feelings were sated, then she slowly moved up from me and my finger came out. She sat back onto my thighs and just smiled at me.

‘Was that good’ I said.

‘Oh it was wonderful I came three times, you have the touch pat, and can I cuddle you’.

I just smiled back and we snuggled together. Making love to her had been superb and I was very happy. We slept like that until the early hours.

When I woke, she was up. My first thought was what I have done. Had we ruined years of friendship, I was very worried, then I heard her she was in the bathroom, again singing to herself, she seemed quite happy. She came back still naked and in the early light looked gorgeous.

‘Hello, how are you’.

‘I’m great, you?

‘Yes what a wonderful night. She hesitated,

‘Would you like to do that again sometime?’

‘Oh yes definitely whenever you are in the mood’.

She sat on the edge of the bed running her hand along my thigh.

‘That’s a date then’.

She leant forward and kissed me tenderly.

‘Come with me the baths ready, then breakfast and work’.

We bathed together which was a new experience; rubbing soap over each other in the lovely warm water, it was delicious. Well we dressed tidied up and left for work. What a night, I will never forget and we’ve promised ourselves another treat very soon.

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