A Night on the Town

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A Night on the TownThis is my first post, hope you enjoy. May continue the story if I get positive feedback.It was my 21st birthday, and my friends were taking me out for a night on the town. We had been going from bar to bar, getting drunk and trying to pick up women. Finding no luck with the woman at the bar we were at, we decided that it was time to move on again. We wandered down the street, looking for the next bar. We found one called the Dollhouse, and decided to go in. We found a table and immediately ordered our drinks. I had the need to go to the restroom, and excused myself from my friends. On my way back to the table, I noticed a woman alone on the dance floor. Her dark red hair was cascading down past her shoulders, her red halter top barely containing her 34D breasts, and her tight black skirt showing off her shapely ass. I stood there, staring at her while she danced. She soon noticed me, smiled at me and gestured me to come over. As I güvenilir bahis neared the woman, she turned around, shaking her ass in my direction. She began grinding her hips into mine as soon as I stood behind her. We danced closely, our hands wandering over each other. She turned and faced me, her lips near to mine. I looked at my friends, who were cheering me on. “Hey, keep your attention on me,” she said, pulling my face back to hers. “Want to go into the alley and have some fun, sexy?” she asked me.“Y..yes, I would love to,” I stuttered back, not believing this goddess was offering to have sex with me. She grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled me away from the dance floor and outside. As soon as we made it to the alley, she pushed my back against the wall and covered my lips with hers. She forced her tongue into my mouth, as her hands snaked into my jeans. I kissed her back, my hands covering her amazing tits. As my hands wandered lower, she canlı bahis jerked my cock harder. My hand made my way under her skirt, reaching for her panties. I soon realized that I wasn’t caressing a pussy, but had a cock in my hand.I broke off the kiss, “Wha…What the fuck?” I managed to say in shock. She smiled at me, “Don’t worry, you’ll learn to enjoy my girly-cock, slut.” Her hands moved to my shoulders, and she easily pushed me down to my knees. She pulled up the front of her skirt and pushed her panties to the side, freeing her 8 inch smooth cock. “Kiss it, boy,” she said, waving her cock in front of my face. I tried to turn away as she pressed it to my lips.She reached down and pinched my nose, forcing me to open my mouth for air. The instant my lips parted, her cock was being thrust into my mouth. She began face-fucking me, making me gag on her cock. After the initial shock of being forced to suck her, I began to relax. My hands made their way bahis siteleri up her legs to her smooth sack. “Mmmmm, good boy,” she moaned as I began playing with her balls. Her cock went deeper and deeper down my throat, until finally I was taking the full length of her shaft. My hands moved to her ass as her sack began hitting my chin. I began to suck harder on her, wanting her to shoot her cum down my throat. “That’s it, keep it up baby, I’m so fucking close,” She moaned. I felt her cock swell as she began shooting her load into my mouth. “Fuuuckkkk yesssss, I’m cummmmingg” she screamed. She shot two massive ropes into my mouth, before pulling out and letting the remaining cum cover my face. I sat down against the wall, my face covered with her cum. She began covering her cock and straightening out her clothing. Once she was done, she leaned down and kissed me tenderly. “Thanks, babe, I really needed that,” she whispered. She took my hand and wrote on it. “My name’s Gina, you better call me, I need a boy toy” Once she was done writing, she gave me one more quick kiss, then turned and walked away, leaving me in shock while I pulled out my phone and saved her number.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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