A Night in a Hotel

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A Night in a HotelI’m sitting in the hotel bar when my text pings, it from the friend I’m supposed to be meeting. I have known her since university and we always get together when I’m in town which is not very often. We were going to have a meal in the new celebrity chef restaurant and I had used all my connections to get us a table but she has some sort of domestic crisis with her k**s and can’t make it! I try not to feel annoyed and smile as it’s not the first time she has done this but text back ‘oh no hun, hope all is ok let me know. How about a coffee tomorrow, I can come to you?’ I ring the restaurant; they are gracious but I’m sure they will have no problem filling the table. I order another Sauvignon, as I’m dressed to impress in a little black dress, heels and my hair is done shall I eat in the hotel restaurant or eat in my room with the TV for company? As I sit and consider what to do, the barman comes to me with a large glass of wine and tells me it has been bought by the guy across the bar. I thank the barman and raise my glass to the guy at the end of the bar and thank him with a smile. He looked a little older than me, dark haired and medium build. I would not have said my type at all.Then I notice out of the corner of my eye, he approaches me and asks me if I would like to join him at a table, he was eating in tonight as he had a business meeting early the next day in the city. I hesitate slightly and thank him, uncrossing my legs slowly and stepping down from the bar stool. He introduced himself, he name was Ian, I explain my situation and that I am married like him, we found a table and as the wine was flowing so did the chat for a while. Before long we begin to start flirting. In my head I imagine him naked which as I said was not my type so I found it a little amusing. I take off the shawl I have over my dress and smiled as his eye’s immediately look at my breasts. Not being big headed but I do have reasonable sized tits and men tend to have conversations with them and not my face! Ian was getting a little braver as the evening wore on, with fewer people now in the dining room, I suddenly felt his hand on my thigh and rubs up to the top of my stockinged leg, letting it linger for a few seconds before lifting his hand to malatya escort his drink like nothing had happened.We had another drink I start to feel a little more relaxed and one thing leads to another, I make the split second decision and said to Ian “shall we go up” I said coyly! We were both on the same floor as it turned out, my room was further down, we went into his. By now I could tell he wanted to fuck me and looking at him, I wanted to be fucked by hi. I wondered if he had intended to pick someone up as the bedroom lighting was already warm and moody. Ian slipped off his jacket and remove his tie, taking me by my wrist he turned me around till we stood face to face. We kissed without hesitation, I had a sudden twinge of conscience but let it go. He looked me in the eye with a smile, and we kissed again but with a bit more passion this time. I kicked off my shoes one by one “that’s better” he said as he slid his arms around me like never before. I suddenly realised my pussy is getting wetter being her with him. I felt his hand move to my zip on my dress and as he pulled it down I let each arm slip out and the dress fell to the floor. Hmmm as I pressed a little harder with my kisses, feeling the appreciation on his face. He turned me around and we slipped back onto the bed, his first sight of my matching lacy black bra and undies with suspender belt and black silky stockinged legs took his breath away I am sure. ‘Mmmm’ said Ian and kissed me gently on the lips again, this time he was slightly aside of me on the bed. Our kisses become more insistent, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as Ian slides his hand between my legs and starts rubbing my pussy through my knickers. Almost breathlessly he whispered your wet and ready to be fucked’ and I don’t disagree.I get him to lift slightly and undo his shirt not wanting to rip it and put it on the floor with my dress. Again our tongues exploring each other’s mouths with deep passion, I had never felt this way in such a long time. Ian slipped my bra off before I knew what was happening and started to roundel and play with my very erect and hard nipples. Kissing each side of me he almost buried his head between the two. He slowly slid down my body kissing mardin escort little bits as he did so, his hand sliding down to my thighs till he reached the top of my knickers and twiddled the little red bow on the front. He looked up at me and with a sexy smile and said “I don’t think you will need these for the rest of the night” and gently pulled them away and off. He placed both hands on my hips and gently pushed my legs apart with his face. My eyes open in shock for moment as I realised he was going to touch me down there with his sweet mouth. I let my legs fall open for him and lay back further into the bed He starts to slowly lap, then I felt his tong enter me before he really got a hold with his mouth and gently pressed against my clit making me convulse with the feeling of his drinking my juices. I felt his finger slip in as he licked my hole, I gasp with pleasure as I felt his finger touch my g-spot. he was turning me on big time. He continued for a short while longer before I felt my first orgasm starting to slowly creep up on me, my toes curling and a hot flush rushing to my pussy. Suddenly but he got up slightly and I gasped with pleasure as I watch him lick his fingers, tasting my pussy juices. I noticed then he was removing his own pants which made my eyes open wide, it was thick and long, my hole spammed involuntarily as I thought about it filling me. He looked at me for a brief second with a question, I smiled and he knew it was ok to fuck me bareback. He got between my legs, opening them gently, right now I felt as if I was his whore being married and here was, on my back, legs open and with another man showing my wet pussy. He shuffled in a little closer and I felt the end of his dick push slightly against my hole, he moved back slightly before coming in again this time gently pushing a little more into me. Propping himself up he gently slid in and out till I became used to it before he got down fully on me and started to fuck like no tomorrow. Pushing in as hard as he could, I could feel him hitting at my clit and it takes less than a minute to get me bucking with an orgasm. Shortly after he I felt him stiffen and gave a low growl as he filled my cunt with his cum. Ian continued elazığ escort to thrust into me, both hands grabbed my arse as if his life depended on it. Again I screamed some obscenities as another orgasm hit me, he had me pinned down and I could do nothing. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, He thrust deeper and deeper into me. I felt his dick swelling briefly in me each time and the head of his cock pushing against my cervix, “I am coming” he whispered harshly and his sweaty body stiffened as he filled my baby nest with his cum. There was so much that it dripped out of my hole and trickled down me to my arse and onto the bed. I smiled and whispered “who’s in the wet patch tonight” as my legs fell apart and I flopped on the bed, he could have done anything to me then, I was so exhorted. After a few tender moments, Ian got up to get a drink for us. I just lay on the bed. My hole feeling swollen and sticky from all his cum. I raised myself up on my elbow to drink and relax a moment and could not help but notice his cock was still half erect; glistening and wet; covered with my juices as well as his own cum. was only partly down. Cheekily I looked up at him and said “again” and giggled. Ian sat against the headboard and I sat against him. While we had our drink and talked mindless rubbish. Putting his glass down and snuggled into my neck, kissing and nibbling my ear. I rubbed his thighs in response and felt his dick becoming hard, it all felt good. He put an arm around me and started to tweak a nipple, I slid into him totally relaxed. But then with his free hand he started to rub my pussy in a delightful circular motion before slipping a finger then two into my cum filled pussy. We had another session before pulling the sheets up and falling asleep. In each other’s arm. About 3am I suddenly and realised where I was and started to panic till I felt this huge cock sticking into my bum. “wondered if you would wake up” he whispered and thrust it between my lags and into my bruised pussy. Next morning, I hurriedly dressed and slipped off to my room to shower and clean up. I did not see him at breakfast and so thought oh well ships and all that. As I was leaving, the receptionist handed me a note with grin, gentleman in room 317 apologises for not being seeing you at breakfast. Later I met up with Maria and after a while she asked if I did not mind about last night and did I find something to do. Hu if only she knew I thought. Then it hit me about the note, Room service would have done our rooms and noticed his bed, shoot……

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