A New Taste Part 3

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A New Taste Part 3A week later I serviced Nicks divine dick once more. He had the day to himself and inited me to his flat. The risk was an additional pleasure for him as was being completely naked. I was fully clothed as usual. He talked a lot as I slurped and sucked my way towards his satisfaction. He even took a call and shuffled me backwards towards his balcony window as he conversed about his plans. His friend had no idea that Nick was pulling my head on to his prick so that my lips gapped at the base of his shaft. I snorted loudly but it didn’t bother Nick. After the call he told me that he selected Harry to fit my taste. It was a kind of thank you for all the hard work I had done. I told him he chose well and kissed his wonderful warm cockhead.He made me lie on my back with my head over the edge of his bed and he mounted my face. For maybe thirty extraordinary seconds he fucked my willing mouth not slowing down through ab intense orgasm until he was empty. I stared open eyed catching glimpses of his swaying nuts and his butt as his length plunged home. The shiny dick wiped my face as he exited.He stood at the full length windows as I recovered from the intense session. He opened the sliding door and a blast of freezing air enfolded his naked form.”Kneel on the balcony and clean me” He instructed. The chances of anyone seeing us up here was minimal but he was clearly enjoying the possibility. His softened dick was dripping so I cleaned him and sucked the pipe delicately.“All done?” He said.I was just about to say yes when he took his penis in his fingers and let a stream of piss splash across my face. I shifted out of the way as Nick laughed. güvenilir bahis “Sorry couldn’t help myself.”I followed him to the bathroom and held his cock as he jetted the rest away. I Gave his cock a final suck and said “If you can piss erect I might be interested.”“You dirty fucker!” He sniggered.As I rode down on the lift I licked my lips and said out loud “You slut.”When I arrived home Harrison was online. My balls were bursting and naturally he was the perfect relief. We chatted for a while getting pretty naughty and both jacking away. I was delirious with slutty indulgence and he was entertained by my over the top compliments. I told him how sweet his bum was and he said “I thought you were just a cocksucker?”I said I am but I would make an exception for him. I told him I would love to lick his butt. I waited to see what he would make of the suggestion. To my delight he said he would consider it.Later that day he left a message for me. His parents had gone on a weekend break and he would have the house to himself. If I promised never to tell a soul I could come over and blow him. Just the two of us. I was elated. I responded saying I would come whenever he wanted. I awoke early and logged in. Soon after a horny morning glory Harrison did as well. “Come now, I need your mouth!”I arrived at a modern suburban detached house. Harrison’s parents were clearly not short of cash. He answered the door in a bathrobe and quickly ushered me inside. He was so scared of being caught but his randy brain was blackmailing him.“Nice robe” I said “are you naked underneath?”“Yeah, I just had a shower.”I thought to myself ‘he wants me to rim his bum!’ and türkçe bahis I couldn’t wait to try.In his room Harrison dropped the robe to the floor like a hollywood actress. He couldn’t have been anymore reassured that I loved his body and he seemed to be more confident to show it off now we were alone. He turned and showed me his little girly peach of a bum. I knelt before him and ran my hands over his young skin. Up his legs and over his taut belly to his undefined chest. His semi hard cock just slipped full length into my grateful mouth. It was a stiff as a tree branch in seconds. He let me know how good it felt. His guard was down and he could indulge this beautiful experience. I moved him to his bed and licked around his cock and balls as I rolled his foreskin back and forth. I was kissing his belly with delicate affection and he stroked my hair. Licked and sucked at his pink nipples. We were both in new territory now. I looked at him. He looked at me. Both our chests rose and fell. I had to kiss him. Our lips briefly touched. Hardly a kiss at all but it was my first with a man. “Ok?” I said quietly.“More.” He replied.In moments we were kissing like lovers. Tongues entwined. I broke away and said “On your stomach.” He smiled and positioned himself with knees on the floor and chest flat on the bed. He had presented his arse for me. It was so pretty I moved back to take the beauty of it in. I took my clothes off as Harrison maintained his position, face down, waiting for my tongue. I had always been clothed when sucking Nick. My fetish was cocksucking after all. This was different.I briefly stroked my cock as I looked at my prize then with my güvenilir bahis siteleri hands opening his cheeks I lapped my tongue across his anus. No build up just straight to the target. I licked and probed with passionate urgency. I was in heaven. I caressed his hips and attempted to milk his perfect dick but his erection was so stiff I couldn’t fully pull it between his legs. Meanwhile his muffled mouth moaned like a woman having her pussy licked. He loved it and I was so happy that he did. Eventually i started rubbing my cock between his buttocks and Harrison reached round and masturbated me. I climbed into bed beside him cock to cock. He wanked us both together as we kissed. Between kisses he joked “Ben, this is so fuckin gay!” We laughed with relief and looked at our precum dripping cocks making out below.He moved down his single bed and began his first cock suck. It was the first time a guy had sucked me as well. I combed my hands through his hair as he learnt how to please me. When my orgasm approached I stopped him. One thing was still the same. I wanted his cum before I came. I told him I wanted his spunk and he stood up proudly displaying his adorable hard on.I took it deep at first then worked him quickly to release his sperm-milk. I stroked my own cock as he erupted his delicious stream of semen into my mouth. His legs bucked as he gushed. I pushed him back onto his stomach and jerked my own enormous climax all over his cute ass.I collapsed onto my knees and the sight of that splattered bum combined with my unusual feelings for Harrison found me lapping up my own seed like a cat. Some had found its way between his cheeks and I parted them and saw my cum on his well licked asshole. I ate it up until he was clean then kissed his tight hole.“Fuck!” he said softly.We embraced and had a quick tentative kiss. Our bodies touching full length. Neither of us new what to say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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