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Subject: A New Path – Chapter 13 A New Path Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. A New Path — Chapter 13 Jordan and I put some cloths on and went to the kitchen. I sort of wished I did not ask him to stay for dinner. I was exhausted, and this was feeling awkward. I put some food and a few beers out on the table and we started to eat. “Are you doing ok?” I asked thinking about his girlfriend leaving him. “Yeah, I guess it was just more of a shock to be honest. We had an understanding and I guess jealousy got the best of her. Sex wasn’t really great anymore and she just wanted to hang out with her friends.” Jordan added. “I understand that.” I said thinking about my own marriage. “Are you guys still fucking” Jordan asked without hesitation. The question took me back and I just stopped to think about it. Part of me wanted to change the subject, and another part of me wanted to talk about it. “It’s ok” I started trying to figure the answer out. “Just ok?” Jordan pressed. Again, I had to think about how and what to answer. I wasn’t sure any more. I thought back on the last week; sex with Bill was scary at first then, very hot. I got fucked for the first time by Bill. Then I met Jordan and that was hot too. I had sex with Brian from the gym in the woods. I watched him piss which turned me on and fucked him up against a tree in the woods. Then I had a 3-way with Bill and Jordan. That was sparked by Bill’s story and progressed into a fantasy for me and then it happened. And only a few hours ago, I fucked Jordan on my sofa then got fucked in my own shower by him. “How long have you and Bill been hanging out?” Jordan asked. “About a week, I guess” What about guys before Bill?” “No, Bill was the first guy I ever had sex with” I responded. I was feeling more awkward as we talked. The conversation forcing me to reflect on the last weeks activities. “Fuck, seriously” Jordan responded with a bit of surprise. “Yeah, it just sort of happened” I responded not providing any more detail. “What about you?” I asked taking focus off myself. “Oh, I started my freshman year of college” Jordan answered.” I looked up at him thinking that he would only have been 18 or 19 years old. “Really?” I asked staring into his eyes. “Yeah actually I was seduced by my professor.” Jordan admitted. I did not say anything I was not sure if it was ok to ask, but Jordan volunteered the information. I was in a civics class. Professor Murphy was your typical married with 2 kids regular guy. He was about 45 years old. He had reddish hair and a full beard that was well trimmed. He always wore a sport jacket, with a shirt and sweater. He looked exactly what you would imagine a professor to look like. I sat and listened intently to the story as Jordan relayed his experience. “I was not doing great in the class, I tried, but civics was not my thing. Professor Murphy was strict, but nice. He said he wanted to see me succeed. He asked me to stay after class one evening so he could help me. I did not know what he really wanted to help me with.” I watched Jordan’s face as he continued deeper into story. “Professor Murphy pulled up a chair for me at his desk and started off telling me that I was not going to pass the class if I did not really dig deep and do what was necessary to get the grades. I asked him what I needed to do? He asked if I were willing to do whatever it took? “Of course, I am” I replied. I needed to pass this class and the semester. “Good” was all he said, and a grin came across his face. Before I knew it, I could feel his hand on my leg. I wrote it off as a fatherly gesture. I was young and naïve and the idea that he was seducing me never occurred to me. Soon his hand was moving up my inner thigh. Slowly at first. I could feel the warmth of his hand as it rose higher. He smiled at me. My breath caught in my throat. I started to sweat and breathe heavily and then I remember leaning back in the chair and closing my eyes. My mind was racing as Jordan told the story in detail. Part of me was shocked and another part was turned on. Jordan continued “Soon I felt, his hand on my cock through my jeans. He gave it a squeeze and I could feel the precum leak onto my groin. His fingers worked quickly moving over the lump in my pants running his fingers up and down the shaft. It felt so good. I remember my breathing became heavy as I sat there with my eyes closed. Then I felt the scratchy beard on my neck followed by his soft lips. Professor Murphy was nuzzling my neck and the feelings added shockwaves to my already excited body. Before I knew it, I was filling my jeans with cum. “You shot your load in your pants, by being stroked through your jeans?” I asked with surprise. “Yeah” Jordan said and smiled with a look of pride coming over his face. “Wow, that must have felt really good then” I added. “It did but we were kocaeli escort not done. After I shot my load Professor Murphey had me stand up in front of him. He remained seated in his chair. I was between his legs and he reached up and unbuckled my pants, unzipped them and moved them down my legs. Part of me was embarrassed by him seeing my cum soaked shorts. He carefully removed my wet briefs and started to bury his face into my pubes. My cum clung to his beard. He licked up the cum from my cock and pubes like a hungry man and I watched his amazement and excitement. It felt wrong, but it excited me.” “After he cleaned my cum up with his mouth, he leaned back in his chair, he pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me. I had never kissed a man before. At first, I resisted but he did not let me go. Soon I just relaxed into it and I guess I started to accept it. He took my hand and placed it on his crotch. He was hard. I sort of freaked out a bit. I guess the thought of what was happening hit me. I stood up and pulled my pants up, I zippered my pants, grabbed my books and left the room. He never said a word.” I could not believe what Jordan was saying. A man old enough to be his father had just molested him, in his classroom. “What was going through your mind?” I asked hanging on his words. “I am not really sure. I think about that day a lot and I have to be honest” Jordan looked up and me and I nodded to him to continue. “It was great” he said with a grin. “I did not realize exactly at the time, but I realized over time that I really liked older men.” Jordan concluded. “Did you meet with Professor Murphy again?” I asked hoping there was more to the story. “I went back the next evening and found him in his office. I closed the door behind me and he just stared at me. I walked over to him and I told him I needed more lessons. A broad smile came over his face.” “What was it about him that you liked?” I asked. “I am not really sure. I guess I was experimenting and I liked the attention.” “What did he look like?” I asked curiously. “Professor Murphy under all the cloths had a great body. He was tall. Oh, I should tell you in addition to older men, I like tall men. He was about 6’4 and weighed about 190. The reddish hair on his head spread across his pecs and trailed down to his to his pubes. Under all the cloths he was built more like a lumberjack than a professor.” As Jordan described the professor I mentally built an image in my mind. “What happened next?” I asked, excitement growing. “Professor Murphy came over to me and wrapped his arms around me. It was like getting a big bear hug at first. He pulled me to him and my head rested against his sweater. I remember breathing in his smell and excitement shot through my body making my skin tingle. His hands ran down my back and he cupped my ass and pulled me even closer. I could feel his cock pressing hard against me and there was something powerful about feeling it, knowing I made it grow. He looked down at me and I looked up, he bent his head down slowly and his lips met mine. I guess I must have tensed up because I remember him saying “relax” I did as he said and soon I could feel his tongue entering my mouth. My body melted into his and I let go.” “What did you do?” I asked my voice rising a bit. Jordan smiled “actually not much. We made out for a bit, we grinded against each other, and then the Professor said he needed to get home.” “I was so excited at first then deflated. I went back to my dorm room, stripped down and jerked off thinking about him kissing me. The next day was Friday and I got to the professor’s office a bit earlier hoping we would do more than make out. I was not sure what, but I knew I wanted more. The professor was in his office but was packing his briefcase to leave. “Hey Jordan” he called out and I relaxed. “I am on my way home, what can I do for you?” He asked. I was lost. Did something happen between us and he was no longer interested? Was it just a fantasy? Was he playing a game? I thought we could work on my civics lessons again I said awkwardly. The professor sat on the edge of the desk and looked up at me. “I am not sure you are ready for lessons” he replied and that made me confused and a bit angry. I am I replied quickly and with a lot of energy. “Ok then” he said with a grin. I have to go out of town next weekend to my cabin. Why don’t you plan to join me, and we can study there? It will be just Friday night and I will bring you back on Saturday” I agreed and left his office. “He asked you to spend the night with him?” I asked with concern. “Yeah he did, and I was so dumb I agreed without knowing what might happen.” “What did happen?” I asked wanting to hear the story. “Well the week dragged by, and finally Friday came. I met the professor at his office and we jumped into his car and made the drive up to the cabin. On the way up, we talked kocaeli escort bayan about general stuff; family, home, friends etc. The professor asked some questions about girlfriends, but again he came across as a fatherly sort of figure, so it did not seem weird. We arrived at the cabin at about 8pm. The professor led me in and turned on the lights. He dropped his bag in the living room and led me to the guest bedroom. “You can bunk in here” he told me.” “I took my jacket and shoes, then headed back into the living room. The room was quiet and empty, the professor no where in sight. I sat down and just looked around trying to figure out what I was doing here. The professor came out of the other bedroom. He had changed and was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants and a t-shirt. I had never seen him without his sport jacket, sweater and slacks before. The t-shirt fit his body nicely showing off his strong body. He took a seat next to me and I could feel the warmth of his body. We started to talk again and soon I felt his hand on my leg. It was exciting and warm and felt amazing. My dick shot up so fast that it caught on my pubic hair. The professor put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me to him. I rested my head on his t-shirt and felt a bit awkward, but nice at the same time. He just held me there for a moment. “You can touch me” the professor said softly. I reached down and placed my hand on his leg. Through the material I could feel how strong his legs were. My hand moved up his thigh to where his cock was. Like he did to me, I moved it up to where his dick would be, and my hand came in contact with the hardening mound. The professor leaned back and got comfortable as my hand slide over the outline of his dick. I could feel the professor’s breathing become deeper. He reached down with his free hand into the waistband of the his sweatpants and yanked them down over his cock exposing it to me for the first time. I had never been this close to a cock in my life. I just stared at the thing. It was framed by more of the reddish hair that was on his head and chest. His cock was a straight tube that arched up toward his belly and it was uncut.” “You can touch it” the professor said encouragingly. “I reached out with caution as if it were something that would attack me. The flesh was warm and soft and when my cold hand came into contact with it, it jumped up and then settled down. I was not certain what to do, so I thought about how I worked my dick when I jerked off. I wrapped my fingers around it and started to stroke it. As I did it got harder in my hand. The professor moaned a bit as did this. Then without warning he put his hand behind my head and forced me down to his cock. “Suck it” He said with what sounded like anger. My face came into contact with his cock and I tried to pull away. “Do you want to pass the class or not?” he asked with an angry tone. I had never given much thought to it before a week ago and now a cock was being forced into my face. I wriggled free and pulled away. Fear came over me. I just stood there looking down at the professor, his pants down, cock out and looking up at me.” “Wow, what did he do?” I asked wanting Jordan to continue. There was something exciting about the story and I found myself being turned on. Images of older and younger, the professor being aggressive, the idea of Jordan being face fucked. All these images excited me as I sat and listened. “He looked up at me. The expression on his face was more of innocence then regret. He just stared at me and reached down and wrapped his fingers around his hard cock. I watched as he played with it. He pulled the hood down over exposing the head which glistened with precum. He alternated looking at me and then looking at his cock. It was as if he were watching me and jerking off. “Do you want to pass the class?” He asked again still playing with his cock. I was not thinking about the class, I was thinking that despite what he just did, I could not take my eyes off his cock. “Take your pants off” the professor said when I did not answer his question. I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. I realized my dick was rock hard and pointing right at the professor. He took my dick in his hand and pulled me to him. “Sit on my lap” he ordered, and I found myself climbing up on his lap and straddling his legs.” The image of Jordan sitting on the professors lap reminded me of our session a few hours ago where he slid down my cock. “The professor pulled his shirt off and pulled me to his body. He wrapped his arms around me and started to rub my back pulling me closer to him. My dick started to rub against his as he held me. Soon I could feel his beard on my neck as his lips started to kiss and lick. At first it was tickling me, but quickly felt amazing. I moved my head so that my mouth came into contact with his. The professor yahya kaptan escort liked this, and his lips parted mine and his tongue eagerly explored my mouth. I never made out with any girl with this much intensity.” “Did you ever have sex with a girl at that point?” I asked interrupting his story. “Oh yeah” Jordan said with a bit of a boast. “I was fucking girls for a while at that point.” He added. I stopped talking so he could continue. I did not want to tell him that I was getting horny listening to the story. Jordan resumed the story; “As his tongue probed my mouth one hand moved up behind my head and held me in place, the other hand ran circles up and down my back, going lower with each rotation. Soon his free hand came to rest on my ass. I could feel his rough fingers slide up and down my ass crack. It felt good and I did not stop him. Soon I felt a finger on my hole. My body shuddered with excitement and my dick pressed harder against his. Soon he was working it into the hole. I felt like I had to take a dump at first but as I relaxed it started to feel good. The professor worked his finger all the way in to me. We never broke off the kiss while he did this. Then he started to slide it in and out of me. I started to squirm and gyrate and grind against him as he did this. Soon I was panting like a dog in heat. The professor held me tight to him as he fucked me with his finger. He knew exactly what he was doing.” “He seemed to find the exact right spot and a shock went through my body. I broke off the kiss arched my back and pressed hard onto his finger. I tensed up for a second and then my cock shot its load up the professors hairy chest and hit his chin before I could even stop it. My body trembled and convulsed as the orgasm ripped through me with force, then it subsided, and I just panted. I looked at the professor and he just smiled, my cum dripping off his chin and coating his chest hair. I do not know what was going through my head, but I bent down to the spot on his bearded chin and placed my mouth onto it. The cum filled my mouth and I sucked it up.” “You ate your own cum off his chin?” I asked a jolt of excitement hitting me, as I pictured it. “Yeah” Jordan replied a bit shyly. “Did anything else happen?” I asked wanting to hear it all. “After I cleaned the professors chin he told me to stand up. I did as he said, then looked down at him and took in the full extent of my orgasm and how it covered him. “Kneel between my legs” He ordered, and I did as I was told. He sat up and his dick pointed towards me. He took some of the cum from his chest hair and rubbed it onto his cock. Then he moved his hand and smiled at me. I knew he wanted me to lick it up, and he was right. I did want to. I bent my head down and licked the cum off his cock. Then he put more on and I licked that up too. Soon the head of his cock was going into my mouth. He did not push it in, he let me explore it. I started to pull it deeper into my mouth and began sucking my first cock. It was more natural than I thought it would be. His dick was large, so I could not get it too far into my mouth. Instinctively I wrapped my hand around the shaft and combined that motion with my sucking motion. Whatever I did the professor seemed to like because he was moaning. “Good boy suck, that dick son” he would call out. At first hearing “son” was weird, but then I got into it. His commands excited me and drove me to suck him better. I remember feeling his cock swell in my mouth and then I was hit in the back of my throat with his warm cum.” “He didn’t warn you” I asked. “Nope he just unloaded. He flooded my mouth and I sucked it down the best I could. There was so much that some of it ran out of the corners of my mouth. When he was done, his cock slipped from my mouth and I sank back onto my heels. Neither of us said anything, we just sort of sat there spent.” “After a bit more time, the professor stood up and pulled me to my feet. He gave me a hug and kissed my neck. “I am going to take a shower and jump into bed” he said leaving me standing there. I decided to go to my room and clean up too. About 30 minutes later there was a knock on the door. The professor stood there in just his boxers, he was all cleaned up. “It gets cold up here, you can jump into bed with me if you want?” I followed him into his room, got under the covers. He wrapped himself around me and we fell asleep.” Jordan stopped talking. I wanted to know if there was more? What happened next? I realized it was getting late and I was beat. I decided that the rest of the story would have to wait. I cleaned up the table. Jordan must have realized it was time to go, so he grabbed his stuff and put on his grey Alpha Industries jacket still coated in dry cum. I led him to the door. “Are you ok?” I asked him as we stood in the doorway. “Yeah I am fine. I think her leaving was for the best.” He said with a sigh. I gave him a hug and a quick kiss, and he left the house. ————————————————————————— Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate fty/donate.html

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