A New Neighbour, A New Experience.

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I live in an apartment block where there are a few apartments rented through Airbnb. This means some frequent comings and goings. We have one apartment a few doors down which is currently rented by an Asian woman. She has been there for a month now and I have spoken to her a few times. She is here for another three months. She is of Singapore origin, aged in her late twenties, and extremely beautiful. Last weekend I spoke to her as we travelled up in the lift and for some minutes after we arrived at our floor. I was quite impressed with her conversation and asked if she would like to come in for a drink and a chat at about 6 pm. She accepted saying she would really appreciate that. She was on her own and a bit lonely at times, especially at weekends. I prepared some cheese and biscuits and a bottle of Champagne. At six she arrived, and I invited her in, she was beautifully dressed for a casual meeting in loose slacks and a lovely top. I had already ascertained that her name was Su Ann. We chatted for a while, and I soon learned she was in a similar occupation to me and worked in hospitality. She was here to assist in implementing some changes to management systems. A remarkably similar role to mine. We were getting along excellently, and a few glasses of champagne had ensured that the conversation was light, and we laughed quite a bit. I soon learned that she had a man in her life but not seriously.Su Ann had noticed I live with another woman. She had also seen my partner and me with a couple of guys at the weekend. She was curious. I explained our situation I told her that in straightforward terms, the guys were a bit better than friends and they slept over most weekends. Jan and I were bisexual and enjoyed the company of both sexes. Su Ann was interested and did not shy away from asking some intimate questions after I indicated the guys slept over. “How do they feel about Jan and you sleeping together?”I explained that it was not a problem when they were here the four of us were all friends and in polite circles are described as Friends with Benefits. “Jan and I moved in together over four years ago. We had another FWB arrangement that ended disastrously. Shortly after we moved here, she befriended Tim who arranged a blind date for me, and this resulted in me taking up with Mick. The relationship very quickly became an intimate foursome.”“Wow, that sounds interesting,” Su Ann commented. “The arrangement has continued satisfactorily ever since and the four of us live happily within the arrangement. Given the guy’s occupations, we choose to live apart as they do a lot of work internationally requiring calls at all hours of the night and requiring extremely secure internet connections. Their companies would not be happy with them using our network given security problems. “Su Ann then asked, “Does that mean that you and Mick are not serious?”I asked what she meant by ‘serious.’She replied, “I am referring to your sleeping arrangements. From what I have deduced, you don’t confine yourself just to Mick. Where does Tim fit in?”I joked and told her, “The same place Mick does,” and laughed. “If you are asking do I sleep with both of them, then the answer is yes.”“Good heavens, is there not some confusion about who loves who?” “No, love is a word that is only used in bed, it is not used to describe a relationship. If I love anybody it would be Jan. The guys know that and, to be honest, the subject of favouritism never arises. We have our preferences, and we share and share alike.”“That sounds amazing. How long have you been friends?” She asked. “We have been together as Eryaman Escort we are for over two years and there has never been a problem. They know we are not interested in marriage, and neither are they. They know we enjoy the relationships we have with each other, and they have with us. We can and do often enjoy being intimate together…. the four of us all together. It sounds like an orgy, but it isn’t. It can be just four people having sex in the same room and bed. Given the fact that Jan and I have had problems previously with live-in partners, we agreed not to live with them. “ “I would love to be like that, I have no wish to marry, and I don’t want to live with my boyfriend either. I am happy to sleep with him and for him to be my friend but that’s as far as I want to go.” “Where is he?” “We both live in Singapore. What you just told me is exactly how we feel. The only difference is I became bi after I joined the airline. Your ‘friends’ arrangement would be perfect for me. What happens when you go on holiday? Do you all go together?”“No, I usually partner with Mick and travel as a couple as does Jan with Tim, not necessarily at the same time. Jan and Tim are having a weekend away this weekend, that’s why she is not here. If there is a social event, I will take Mick or Jan. Mick is working today and into the evening evaluating a new system they will be introducing shortly; he and Tim are both in the IT business. I won’t see Mick at all this weekend.”“This has been so enlightening, I am fascinated, it is the way I would want to live if I had considered it. “ “Do you enjoy female company?” I asked. “Do you mean like you and Jan?”“Yes.” “Well, I used to be a flight hostess or cabin attendant. When we had an overnight stay somewhere there were times other girls liked female company rather than the male aircrew. We knew most were married, and a few were married to girls we flew with. That didn’t stop them from sleeping with some of the other girls. I was not one for sleeping with pilots and most of the male cabin crew were gay so that situation never developed. Some of the girls were lesbian and I was happy to enjoy a little bit of same-sex pleasure with a girl I knew, and we would not get serious. I still had my boyfriend to consider as well,” Su Ann explained.Su Ann and I continued to chat more about her occupation and some of the places she had visited as aircrew. I had been to many myself when I toured the world before settling down. She was fascinated when I revealed I had been a nude model for a couple of years. I showed her some of my portfolios and she was fascinated and asked many questions. She was curious about the fact that I had often been photographed in public places.I explained that ever since I could remember I had no problems being seen nude. In my late teens, I was often the first one naked into the pool. I have always swum at nudist beaches and still do. Su Ann showed a lot of interest in my desire to be nude in public and said she had often considered going to a nude beach but could never find anybody to go with that was prepared to bare it all.I told her any time she wanted to she could ask and I would only be too pleased to go with her. I explained that the four of us often go together and she would be most welcome. She said that she would certainly take me up on that.“You could try it out here with me here in the apartment and ‘break the ice,’ with just me. Then you would be more comfortable with Jan and the boys,” I suggested.Su Ann had beautiful features and I found her sexually Sincan Escort attractive. I was working toward getting her into my bed. She seemed interested and said the champagne had given her a bit of courage, but she was still hesitant. I told her I was prepared to undress, and she could follow if she felt comfortable. “It could be like you were with one of your colleagues.”She giggled and said, “this is going to be interesting.”Then I suggested that as I removed one garment she could follow until we were both naked. I then began by removing my slacks. I didn’t want to start with my blouse as I was braless. I stood in just my bikini pants and blouse. Su Ann followed. Then I suggested she remove her blouse as I was bra-less.Then I said, “OK, now you remove your bra as I remove my blouse.”I was stunned by her beauty. Her Asian features and her small but firm breasts looked beautiful, and we still had our pants on. One thing I noticed was she had no tan lines. Then I removed my pants and stood naked before her. She didn’t hesitate and followed, I had not seen a woman as beautiful as she was for ages, petite, firm and absolutely stunning.“How do you feel now that we are both naked?” I asked.“It feels nice. When I have been with other girls, we undressed in the dark and got straight into bed.” “Out of interest, how far did you go with the other girls?”“It depended upon the girl. The lesbian girls went all the way. Others just masturbated and kissed. One girl had her toy so we both used that which I enjoyed.”“How about your boyfriend, you mentioned one earlier?”“We have normal sex together, we like it and while I don’t do it often, I enjoy it when we do.”“You mentioned you don’t live together?” I asked.“No, he lives with his elderly mother, and we only see each other during the day at weekends. She has a friend of hers come in some days at weekends so he can have some time with me. During the week she attends a seniors’ place where they entertain and give them lunch. He is home to prepare their evening meal. It’s not much of a life for him but he loves his mother – more than me, I feel.”By now we had been talking and standing together naked and she had relaxed and seemed quite comfortable. I then asked if she was comfortable being with me nude, and she laughed and said, “I had forgotten, so I obviously am.”I moved toward her, and she looked at me as I put my arms around her, and I kissed her. She hesitated for a moment then joined me in a nice soft and gentle kiss.  “I think we have made first base!” I commented with a soft laugh.“I can’t believe that I am not feeling guilty or embarrassed,” she told me.“There is nothing to feel embarrassed or guilty about. We are two grown women and I think we know what we are doing, and I hope, where we are going. You have said you have been there and done that before, I just hope we can continue. Do you mind?” “I think it must be the drink, but I am feeling happy and relaxed, I am curious to see how far I can go. It’s our first meeting and already we are acting as lovers,” She admitted.“There is no better time to find out, and to be honest, I am liking what we are doing and where we might be going.”Without another word, I kissed her again and this time added a bit more feeling and passion and she responded similarly as our bodies pressed together and I was already planning on how I might be able to get her into bed. After a couple of minutes of kissing that became quite passionate, I touched her breasts, and she did not reject me.“You have beautiful breasts,” I told her.“Yours Etlik Escort are even nicer,” Su Ann said as she copied me and placed her hand on my breast.Within a minute we were both fondling each other.“Just tweak them for me,” I asked.As she touched my nipples, I gave a huge sigh of satisfaction. My nipples are so sensitive and give me amazing sensations when somebody just touches them. Then I went a step further. I took her hand and put it down on my mound. “I want you to feel me,” I whispered.She slowly rubbed her whole hand over me and felt around my lips and then slid her finger up and along my slit, I moaned swiftly letting her know that I was satisfied and was prepared for her to go further. It was obvious that this was not the first time she had done that to another woman. Her finger slid into my now very wet vagina and began to massage around the opening.“I think we should adjourn to the bedroom,” I suggested and I took her hand and she followed me to my bed.I sat on the bed and patted the sheet beside me, indicating I would like her to sit next to me. She did and I gradually eased her back onto the bed and then stood up and motioned her to lie back. Without saying a word, I got down and proceeded to position myself to lick her.“Are you sure?” Su Ann said as I opened her legs further to give me full access to her beautiful autumn skin-toned lips. She had one of the most beautiful bodies with the most flawless skin I had ever seen. She was glistening with the faint covering of body moisture that was conducive to the ambient temperature and her sexual arousal.I did not answer. I just applied my mouth to that part of her I had just admired and slid my tongue into the valley of moist flesh and licked the river of juices from her.She was ready for me and willing to allow me access to that wonderful part of a woman no man or woman can refuse to admire and enjoy the pleasure it provides in so many ways. I took a couple of good licks to remove the surplus nectar and find her little clit hiding in its sheath. I opened her wider with my fingers and licked her nub with a vigour which caused her to jump a little. I squeezed it out of its sheath and licked it. Her body shivered all over with the sensation. Her clitoris was a bit bigger than a match head easy to lick.“You do that beautifully,” she said. “I can take all that you can offer.”I was able to suck it into my mouth and lick it. Her whole body trembled again. After a few minutes of me enjoying myself and Su Ann seeming to, I continued with the treatment I was offering. I could tell by the way she moved her body and long shapely legs Su Ann was enjoying the way I was providing her with her pleasure. She spread and lifted them to grant me complete and uninhibited access to the part of her giving her utmost pleasure.After about ten minutes she began to tremble again, I was hitting the right spot. It was then she came, and it was the culmination of the erotic treatment I had engaged in and given her in that area so intimate and enjoyable.“Oh God…  oh God,” she exclaimed as her body shook and jerked as my tongue rubbed over her clit. She pressed her mound to my mouth to get even more pressure and sensations from me. Sue Ann knew how to enjoy herself and was no novice when it came to cumming.She need not have demonstrated her delight and pleasure any more than she did. It was obvious she was enjoying my attention to her beautiful and tasty well of pleasure, it was as pleasurable for me as it was for her. Her musky scent added to my pleasure.I was sure now that Su Ann and I would be enjoying girl sport for a while to come. She lay breathless for a few minutes, her breasts and tummy heaving with the intake of her breath. After she had regained her composure she said, “I had no idea that we would be enjoying ourselves as we are when I accepted your invitation. I am so happy I did. Give me a minute or two and I can return the pleasure for you.”

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