A New Life for Dr. Mitchel Ch. 07

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As with previous chapters of the story of Dr. Mitchel I’d like to start with a heartfelt THANK YOU! To RecHiker! He edited this chapter, inspired me, and has helped me stay focused. He’s taken time from his BUSY schedule to advise me, and edit this chapter.

I’d also like to thank RecHiker for allowing me to insert my characters into his story, The Morrisons. And for allowing me to borrow some of his characters to insert in mine. It’s actually a lot of fun to exchange events, and blend dialog between both stories. This chapter is very closely interwoven with RecHiker’s chapter 25. There are “scenes” (events) described in both stories, from a little different perspective. (Almost like the description of real events by real witnesses.) THANKS, RecHiker!

I also want to say Thank you to my readers. Thank you even more to the readers who like the story and go to the trouble to tell me. Feedback is a great motivator. Knowing someone liked what I’ve written helps me want to continue. Also thank you to the readers who send constructive criticism. Writing to me and calling me names does nothing to improve the storyline or the writing.

Special thanks to those of you who have written me with encouragement and well wishes, during my time off. My wife is home, breathing on her own just fine. It was a trying month+, but things are nearly back to normal.

If you are looking for a “stroker” story with quick, dirty, irresponsible, sexual encounters, (slam bam thank you ma’am) this is not for you. This story is about loving relationships, and builds the characters in what I consider to be safe, loving situations. It does contain descriptions of graphic sexual encounters. Some of these are faded memories of certain portions of misspent youthful encounters. Others are complete fantasies and wishful thinking. All are intended to be entertaining.

I readily admit to being an amateur, and I write mostly for my own entertainment. Believe me when I tell you I sometimes entertain myself way more than I should. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that gets edited out. Thank God for the delete button. I’m old enough to remember typewriters, carbon paper, and white-out. I wouldn’t do this under those conditions. I’ve even owned an IBM Selectric, and a Xerox Memorywriter…. With either of them this story would not exist.

This story, the characters in it, the events described, and the activities of the characters are all figments of the imagination of the author. Any resemblance to real life, or actual people, is strictly coincidental. Some of the locations mentioned do in fact exist, and most of the inanimate objects are real. Please note; though some of the locations are real, some of them have been modified to fit the story lines.

The characters that are involved with sexual encounters are all adults, and capable of making responsible decisions.

Please take the time to rate the story. If you like the story, give it five stars. If you just want to make my day that’s OK too. I like five star ratings, and positive feedback.

I hope you enjoy this chapter.



Marsh woke up to the sound of laughter coming from the shower in the front bathroom. A quick survey of his surroundings revealed that he and Becca had been left in the bed. Trish, Sue, and Jenni had gotten up early and were in the shower. From the sounds of it, they were having fun in there.

Marsh just laid there and listened, enjoying the sound of happiness that the laughter portrayed. It wasn’t long before there were movements from the sleeping beauty beside him. Marsh turned his head and watched as Becca adjusted her position, then opened her eyes. She blinked a few times, and then smiled at Marsh, as she became aware of his attention directed towards her.

“Good morning, my love.” Marsh whispered. “You are looking beautiful this morning. I sure hope I can wake up to this vision a lot more times before I die.”

“Thank you, my handsome prince,” Becca softly replied. “I’ll be the happiest woman in the world, to have you do that.”

Becca turned a little more toward Marsh, and her right hand slipped down to wrap around his morning wood. As she slowly stroked up and down his cock, Marsh hummed a contented murmur. “Hmmmm, I’ll give you two hours to quit that,” he told her.

“Marsh,” Becca spoke quietly.

“Mmmmm-Hmmm.” He responded.

“You woke up hard. I woke up wet. Do you suppose it would be too much trouble if I rolled over on top of you and rode that pony?” She asked.

“What the hell kind of question is that?” Marsh gave her a shocked look. “You can climb on here any time you want. It’s your pony! You ride it or share it as you see fit.”

“Oh thank you!” Becca replied as she started to roll the rest of the way over and move on top of Marsh.

Becca guided Marsh’s cock directly to her tight, but very wet pussy. She slowly lowered herself till Marsh was fully embedded. Becca just stayed still for several minutes, enjoying the fullness she felt and the joy of being connected bahis firmaları to the man she loved so completely.

Marsh wrapped his arms around her and just held her tightly on top of himself as he basked in the warmth of not just her pussy, but her love as well.

Becca’s pussy muscles began to contract around Marsh’s cock. Anyone who was watching them would not have known there was anything happening, but Marsh could feel the marvelous sensations of the pressure his lover’s muscles were causing.

Soon enough Becca’s hips started to rock. It began almost imperceptibly and Becca began to purr softly. “Oh Marsh,” she whispered. “This feels soooo good.”

“Becca,” Marsh responded. “I couldn’t agree more. You are taking me to heaven, on the glory train….Mmmmm. Don’t ever stop.”

Becca’s breathing deepened and her hip movements gradually increased in length and speed. Her soft purring advanced to first low moaning and soon to much louder exclamations of pleasure.

“Oh….Marsh….Oh… that’s soooo… good! Oh… Marsh!” Becca was slamming her hips on Marsh, and his hips were now thrusting up to meet hers.

The three girls that had been taking a shower had exited the bathroom and were all standing at the door of the closet. One after the other found their hands down in their own pelvic area, rubbing their own now drenched pussies, to very satisfying climaxes of their own.

Marsh and Becca had no idea what was happening in the room around them. Marsh still had his arms wrapped around Becca, and they were kissing passionately. Their moans and Becca’s screams of pleasure were muffled by the lip lock they shared.

Becca lifted her head, and broke their kiss, so she could get a breath. Both of the lovers were breathing erratically and both could feel their climax building.

“I’m…. gonna…..cum!” Marsh exclaimed. “I’m … almost…. there!”

“Oh….Marsh! Me…..too…Come with meeeeeee Maaarrrrshhhhhh! Becca slammed herself down on Marsh one last time. – Hard! Her back arched, and her toes pointed to the end of the bed. Her pussy muscles clamped down on Marsh’s cock and sucked the hot cum out of his spasming balls.

Marsh arched his back and thrust himself up towards Becca, spurting his hot white cream into Becca’s spasming love tunnel.

Becca’s body finally relaxed and she melted into Marsh. He pulled her as close as humanly possible. “Oh Becca,” he breathed. “Each time we make love is better than the one before. You’re awesome!”

Marsh and Becca were finally aware of their surroundings, and heard the applause and praises of the other three ladies in the room, who had all had their own orgasms while watching Marsh and Becca make love.

“Now see what you did?” Sue chided them. “You got us all worked up and we’re going to have to take another shower to clean off the sweat and the juice running down our legs.”

“And well worth the trouble!” Jenni commented.

Trish just walked over to the bed and bent down to kiss Marsh and Becca. “That was great.” She complimented. “I’ll risk needing a shower anytime at all, to watch you two. You’re inspiring to watch. The only thing that might be better would be to have that marvelous cock in me, instead of you, baby girl.”

Sue and Jenni had already headed back into the bathroom, where they took turns using the toilet and then the bidet, then turning the shower back on, and cleaning off the fresh sweat, and other body fluids.

Marsh pulled Trish down onto the bed and wrapped her in a hug that Becca joined. Then the three of them went to the back bathroom where Becca, then Trish used the toilet and the bidet, then joined Marsh in the shower.

If each of them had taken showers separately, one after the other, they would probably have taken less time. They would most certainly have had a lot less fun. They washed each other and groped and tickled, poked and prodded, and generally had a good time getting clean.

When the shower was a little more than complete, the water was turned off and the three participants proceeded to dry each other with the same approach, having fun. Everyone was a little more than clean, and everyone was a little more than dry, when they were finished.

Next they all moved to the large front closet, picked out the clothes they thought appropriate for the day, and got dressed to go to work. It was going to be a short work day, but everyone needed to show up at the office, to close out the projects they had in motion the day before. Or at least get things at a convenient stopping place for the weekend.

Sue and Jenni had gone to their room to get dressed and returned to Marsh, Trish, and Becca’s room when they were ready for work. They both picked a spot and sat to wait till their friends were ready to head downstairs.

Marguarita and Rick were in the kitchen where Marguarita was making breakfast for all of them. She had mixed the batter to make waffles and had actually made enough waffles already so that everyone could get started. There were hot waffles kaçak iddaa in the oven and there was batter for anyone to have as many as they would like.

Mita had set out several different toppings, including several kinds of fresh berries along with butter, powdered sugar, and Becca quickly recognized a bottle of Vermont maple syrup. The bottle had the label from the Andrews’ farm.

Becca asked Mita where she had gotten that bottle of syrup, and Mita told her that she had contacted Sandy Hanson, at The Hole. Sandy had hooked her up with a guy in Vermont named Bruce Andrews, who was making the maple syrup on his cousin’s farm. Mita had ordered a case of it, and said she had already tasted it and it was the best maple syrup she had ever had.

Becca beamed. Bruce was in fact her cousin, and the farm he was producing Maple syrup on was the farm her father had left to her. The farm she had been raised on. She ran over to Marguarita and wrapped her in a huge hug, then planted a very warm kiss on her lips.

“Wow!” Mita exclaimed. “That was nice. I don’t know what I did that was so great, but I will be glad to do it again for that kind of treatment.”

“Oh mama,” Becca responded. “That maple syrup is so good. That’s from the farm I was raised on. I used to help my daddy harvest it and cook it down. This is comfort food for me. Thank you, so much!”

Becca knew her cousin was living on her farm, but she had no idea he was harvesting the syrup from the trees her father had harvested. Trees she had harvested with her dad when she was a little girl. This was indeed a treat. Becca had a little bit of waffle with her maple syrup.

Mita had placed the bottle of syrup in a pan of water, on the stove, and brought the water to a simmer. The syrup was warm enough to melt the butter on the waffles. The whole effect was exquisite. The waffles stayed warm, and the syrup, with the melted butter, soaked in and tasted delicious.

“Don’t ever buy any more of this,” Becca told Mita. “I’ll call Bruce and have him ship cases of it for free. After all, it comes from my trees.”

Marsh decided he had to have a second waffle with strawberries, blueberries, and some whipped cream. He was convinced he would not need to worry about having any lunch when he was finished with the breakfast Marguarita had provided, but he was also convinced that it was worth it.

Marsh invited everyone to ride in the Bronco again. This time Trish drove and Sue sat on Marsh’s lap. When they got down to the hanger Jimmy was there and had the helicopter out on the pad. Marsh and Becca did their routine walk around inspection before they climbed in with everyone else. Becca went through the start-up routine, and flew the Turner executives to the office.

Becca left the helicopter on the pad and she and Marsh put a couple of tie-downs on it just for the hell of it. They could all be sure it would still be on the heli-pad when they came back to it, and not blown off to the lawn below. The rest of the group headed to the stairs, and then to their offices.

When Marsh and Becca went down the stairs and into the executive suite, Marsh asked Becca to come with him, and headed straight to Jimmy’s office.

The door was wide open, but Marsh knocked on the door frame and asked if Jimmy could spare a few minutes for him to bounce a couple of things across his field of expertise. “Come on in,” Jimmy said cordially. “I’ll always have time for my favorite son. Bring that gorgeous lady with you,” he continued. “I will also always enjoy looking at my beautiful granddaughter. Just because she’s my granddaughter doesn’t mean I can’t bask in the pleasure of looking at her.”

Becca blushed a bright red. “Grandpa!” She exclaimed.

“Why don’t you two have a chair and make yourselves comfortable? I don’t know why Marsh drug you in here, but I have something to talk about as well. Marsh, you go first.” Jimmy looked like he was in a particularly good mood.

“OK,” Marsh replied. “Here goes nuthin. I’ve been thinking….”

“Oh no!” Becca exclaimed. “Now we’re in trouble.”

“As I was saying,” Marsh continued. “Before I was so rudely interrupted.” Marsh emphasized the word rudely. “I know I now own a custom built Boeing 747-8. I have yet to see the inside of it. I don’t know anything about the amenities it contains, and I have never been seated in the cockpit of it.’

“Would it be the better part of wisdom for us to have its regular flight crew on board instead of some beauty queen and some deputy sheriff trying to wade through the procedures to get it from our airport to Honolulu? I have the utmost faith in the beauty queen, but the deputy may be a bit of a liability.”

I also think that a flight like the one we are taking this afternoon might be a little more enjoyable if there were some cabin staff. Do I have some of them? If I do, are they on call at a couple of hours’ notice? I really think we should enjoy each other and our guests this weekend.”

Becca was smiling at Marsh. Jimmy took a deep breath, let it out, and kaçak bahis smiled. “Marsh, you are not only a good doctor, and a nice guy, but you are a smart cookie as well.”

“I thought about that last night, and called the crew. I was going to call you in here this morning and hope you weren’t going to be pissed off at me for making a command decision without asking. They are up at the base, as we speak, getting the plane ready to go. Leyanni has the flight crew quarters ready as well.”

“Oh goody!” Becca bubbled. “Maybe I can have a chance to join the mile high club. I’m always flying the plane and have never had a chance. Oh wait…. I never had the right man either. Now I have both.”

“I’d be happy to swear you in,” Marsh smiled.

“OK,” Jimmy chipped in. “I’ve got all the information I need. Let’s change the subject. Shall we?”

Marsh quickly thought of one thing to clarify. “Jimmy,” he asked. “Our flight crews are all given confidentiality agreements, right? They aren’t going to feel like telling the world, or their friends what they see or hear on any given trip, are they?”

Jimmy chuckled. “Yes, Marsh. They have signed confidentiality agreements, and they aren’t going to report you to the boss for any discretionary liberties you take. They may not join in if you adopt the Morrison’s dress code, but at least some of them will if you give them that option, and nobody is going to talk about anything outside of the plane.”

“Sweet!” Marsh responded. “I’ll still try to have a little huddle with them before anyone gets on the plane. I think our guests would rather have that option, and I know that will be my preference. Wolf will enjoy not wearing his vest as well. I’ve heard he’ll have to wear it at the airport, but he’ll probably enjoy showing it off to the authorities there anyway.”

Jimmy laughed out loud. “I take it you’ve heard that Hawaii isn’t really fond of having people bring their animals to the islands. Are you bringing Wolf just to see if you can piss off some bureaucratic numb nut? Or do you think he’ll serve some purpose on the island?”

“Oh, he’ll serve a purpose, even if it’s only to piss off some self-righteous bureaucrat. I love my dog, and he goes with me. He’s gonna make sure my fiancé is safe, with or without me present. He’s my fiancés’ and my mother-in-law’s guardian. When all’s said and done, I’m pretty sure they won’t want to mess with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department, or the US Marshals service. And I have the security of knowing that John will back me up completely. That’s what kind of guy he is.”

“Don’t you think I know it?” Jimmy asked. “John will stand up with his men straight into hell. I’ve seen him do it in the jungles of Vietnam. He’s the best.”

“Now let’s get a little work done. And just so you know, I asked a couple of your pilots to get the 92, and a 53 ready, and be at the Morrison’s place at 1300. If you get us all up there early, you can go with them, or you can just do whatever you’re heart desires. The birds will be ready.”

Marsh cocked his head as he responded. “I knew there was a reason I kept you on after the change of power. You’re gonna make me want to keep you for another couple of days. There goes your fishing trip to Alaska, buddy.”

“Damn!” Jimmy proclaimed. “There you go spoiling my plans again. I knew I shouldn’t have done you any favors,” he laughed.

Marsh was about to make another comment, as Sally Armstrong stepped to the door of Jimmy’s office; “I have a Mr. Juan Javier on line one. He sounds angry.”

Jimmy responded immediately. “We’ll pick it up in here, Sally. Thank you!”

Jimmy gave Marsh and Becca a brief introduction to Mr. Javier before he picked up the call.

“Good Morning Juan. This is Jimmy Turner. I have you on my speaker with my new CEO Dr. Marshall Mitchel, and his executive vice-president, Rebecca Andrews. How can we help you today, my friend?”

In a very heavy Latin-American accent, Mr. Javier started to shout into the phone. “My God Damn security system is AFU, Jimmy Turner. When I got here this morning my security chief was running around trying to make it work. He can do nothing with it. I have almost a half billion dollars in a satellite security system and it isn’t working after only four months. I need it to work right now, Jimmy Turner!”

Marsh held up his hand with one finger up, signaling Jimmy he would respond, and when Mr. Javier stopped Marsh responded; Buenos días, Sr. Javier. Este es el Dr. Marshall Mitchel. Voy a intentar ayudarle, enseguida. (Good morning, Mr. Javier. This is Dr. Marshall Mitchel. I will try to help you, right away.) ¿Puede decirme algo sobre lo que ocurrió con el sistema? (Can you tell me anything about what happened to your system?)

The Turner executives could hear the relief in Juan Javier’s voice as he replied to Marsh in his own native language. “No sé realmente el Dr. Mitchel. Algo ha sucedido anoche, y no he sido informado de que hasta esta mañana. Creo que mi pueblo estaban tratando de arreglarlo, y que no me iban a contarme.” (I really don’t know Dr. Mitchel. Something happened last night, and I was not told about it until this morning. I think my people were trying to fix it, and they were not going to tell me about it.)

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