A New Life Ch. 05

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This is the last part of this story, and they finally get together, so this chapter is pretty full on.

I want to say thank you to everyone who has voted, and particularly to those who sent kind comments and e-mails. As you will see, this is the first story I have posted and I’ve been really pleased that so many of you have enjoyed it. I have been reading on Lit for a long time, and writing for my own enjoyment for a while and I will put some more of my stories on here very soon.

* * * * * * *


By mutual agreement, I didn’t see Greg on the night before the presentation. After the situation we had got ourselves in earlier it seemed a bad idea, especially knowing that tomorrow was going to be it, no more waiting. I had a funny feeling the next 24 hours were going to be the slowest I had ever experienced. The weeks of waiting had been good in a way because we had got to know each other far better than would have happened if we’d been sleeping together. Our hours together would then have been spent learning how to pleasure each other to best effect, which would have been great fun but not given us the closeness we now had. I was so relieved when he said I didn’t have to wait much longer though, since it had been frustrating finishing each night with a kiss and not dragging him off and getting naked.

I felt strangely lonely as I wandered around my flat that night. I had spent every night with Greg and to not have him there, even if it was just to hold hands while we watched a movie, was very strange. I decided not to visit Mark and Charlie because I wasn’t sure I would stand up to much teasing tonight, I was wound tight enough as it was. In the end my decision didn’t matter because the doorbell rang and when I checked they were on my doorstep. I steeled myself before opening the door.

‘We were just coming to check that you and Greg are coming to the club tomorrow.’ said Charlie as the two of them came in. I groaned internally. How did I get out of that without making it obvious what else Greg and I had planned?

‘Sorry guys, we made other plans tomorrow. I expect we’ll join you again next week.’

I swear I didn’t blush or twitch or do anything, and the tone of my voice was perfectly normal. Mark must have some sort of psychic ability when it concerns sex because he was instantly on my case. ‘You’re finally going to get laid then?’ he teased. I know I blushed in response to that.

Thank god for Charlie. ‘Leave it Mark. Unless you want to sleep on the sofa tonight.’

Mark looked affronted, but still amused, and just changed the focus of his teasing. ‘Good idea, we haven’t done it on the sofa for weeks.’ he directed at Charlie, and got him blushing as well as me.

Charlie ushered Mark out of the door apologising profusely. I didn’t mind it really, it was almost funnier seeing the two of them interact, but now I would also have to deal with questions next time they saw me. I could field them easily I guessed, and it would be easier for me to joke around with Mark when he didn’t have the upper hand and I’d actually got some rather than being permanently sexually frustrated.

The night passed very slowly as I had anticipated, and so did the day at work. I was on edge the whole time. I didn’t have to go to the presentation but I wished Greg luck before went in. He looked terrified and I wanted to hug him and tell him it would all be fine, but this wasn’t the place to do that. In fact I was so on edge I didn’t dare touch him for fear of getting carried away. I just had to make it through to 5 and all would be okay. Well, probably a bit after that because I could hardly tear his clothes off in the carpark. The thought amused me though. We could do it on the bonnet of Sally’s car for full effect. I almost had tears in my eyes at the vision in my head making me laugh. I got an odd look from some of the team as a result but I pretended I was listening to a comedy on my ipod.

When Greg got out of the meeting in the early afternoon we exchanged a look. He told me how it had gone and that management were pleased with the work we had done, but his look said a lot more. The waiting was over. Except it still ruddy wasn’t, because I had two hours to kill. I swear that none of what I was doing on my screen made any sense whatsoever. I’d have to check it all on Monday before I could carry on. I might as well have been typing in greek because for once the code read like nothing I could understand. I could practically talk in these programming languages usually but all of a sudden my brain was mush.

Finally, it was time to go home. I had a quick word with Greg first. ‘We didn’t agree on where we are going?’ I said quietly to him.

‘I’ve got an overnight bag in my car, so yours if you don’t mind.’

I shook my head to say no, I didn’t. At this point I really would have gone anywhere and if he’d suggested the carpark I might well have agreed. I had changed the sheets at home in case, and tidied up because he’d never seen my bedroom and I figured that putting artemisbet yeni giriş my porn away first would be a good idea. I wouldn’t need that tonight if the man of my dreams lived up to anything like my expectations. And although they were high, I had a good idea that the reality would be a hell of a lot better.

Greg knew where I lived, but he followed me home, putting me more and more on edge as I could see him in my rearview mirror when we stopped at lights, and I wanted him in my bed badly. I almost ran to the house to get the door open so we could get inside, and he followed me pretty quickly too. When he got inside I shut the door and we just looked at each other for a moment. It was like a brief moment of calm before the storm came. He smiled at me and pulled me close to him, wrapping his arms around me and making me surrender to his kiss. It made me tremble again, and when he worked his hand into my hair and took out the tie, letting it fall around me and allowing him to stroke it, I moaned.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted this to be fast and frantic or slow and passionate. Greg seemed to have decided on slow. We kissed with increasing passion and force, but he made no attempt to get inside my clothes or touch me anywhere he hadn’t already. I broke the stalemate there and ran my hands slowly down his back, resting them on his cheeks and pulling his crotch closer to me. I heard him give a little gasp and knew he liked it. I pulled his shirt out from his trousers and let my hands wander underneath it, feeling the soft smooth skin for the first time. He took the hint and his hands slid to my front and he started to undo the buttons.

My hands moved around to the front of him shortly after, when I remembered his hairy chest. I ran my fingers through it, gently tugging at it and both hearing and feeling his moan in response. That was too much for me and I needed to see him too. I struggled to get my hands out from under his shirt and got our arms entangled as I desperately tried to get to his buttons to get him out of the shirt that was just getting in the way. He broke away from our kiss, his eyes darkened with the passion we were both feeling, and started to help me, leaving my shirt open but for one button at the bottom.

I ripped it off and got out of the thing, watching intently as more and more of his chest was revealed. I had a light covering of hair across my chest but little or nothing down my stomach. He had dark fur all across his chest, tightening to a line straight down his middle and leading enticingly into his trousers where I could see the tent of fabric showing his arousal, and although I had felt it and seen such a sight before, it just reminded me that I needed to find out how big he was, because that bulge gave me the idea it was going to be impressive.

‘We’re going to have to take turns.’ he said, and pressed me back into the wall. I wondered what he was talking about until his kiss moved from my lips to my neck. I automatically tilted my head to let him kiss and nibble at me, turning all but one part of me to jelly because this was a major turn on. When his hand swept across my shoulder to move my hair away I jolted with the electricity that went through me at his touch. And when his mouth moved further down and finally captured one of my nipples I went into overdrive. My hands went to his hair and stroked through it while I moaned my pleasure. It was a most pleasurable torture, because every move he made on my nipples went straight to my dick, and it was desperate to be set free. When his hand went to the other side of my chest and he started to tweak at my other nipple and rub his thumb across it I was in heaven.

Finally the pleasure became too great and I knew I would lose control if I didn’t stop him. ‘My turn.’ I growled, as I pushed him off me and led him towards the sofa. I sat him down and then straddled him, my erection obvious in my trousers, and I saw him looking. I kissed him again before doing much as he had done, licking and nibbling along his neck and finding the pulse there, then down, but all the while I had my hands on his chest, playing with the hair that intrigued me. His moans now filled the room, and he gasped when I finally licked across one of the nubs on his chest. I guessed his were just as sensitive as mine, because I could feel the response in his trousers. I would get to that, but first I had to get him as hot as I had been.

It wasn’t difficult either. He was so responsive to my touch, just as I had been to his, and I guessed that waiting had built up quite a high level of desire in both of us. I managed to break away from him eventually, not really wanting to stop doing anything that gave him so much pleasure, but needing to move things on for both of us.

‘My room.’ was all I could get out, but he managed to get up on shaky legs and follow me. I was finally going to get him into my bed. I practically threw him back onto it when he came through the door, and had his trousers undone and down his legs before he had artemisbet giriş time to object. He had long, lean and hairy legs, and his cock was straining to get out of his boxers. I figured I would leave that a moment longer and started to kiss and caress his legs, starting at one ankle and working my way up to the knee, and then doing the same to the other. I trailed my tongue over the hair and skin, and nibbled on his calves. He made less noise when I did this but clearly had no desire to stop me, and the occasional moan still drifted to my ears.

When I started on his upper legs, particularly the inner thighs, I got a lot more reaction from him, and subconsciously or not, he spread his legs for me to get better access. I could also see how much his underwear was under strain, and wondered quite how big he was. Certainly well hung, anyway, and my mouth watered at the thought of getting my hands and mouth on him. My cheek brushed against his balls and the base of his cock when I reached the top of the first leg and he moaned loudly, and then groaned his disappointment when I headed back down to his other knee to treat the other leg to the same. Again, my tongue trailed ever upwards and I occasionally paused to nip and kiss him too. His skin there was wonderfully smooth and I could taste him, but I wanted more.

I sat up a little so I could consider my next move. Well, basically how I was going to get his boxers off, and the sight of him took my breath away. He was trembling all over, his eyes closed and his mouth curled into a slight smile but he was panting slightly too. He seemed to suddenly notice I was no longer touching him, and opened his eyes to see me looking lustfully at him. He solved the problem of his boxers by starting to push them down himself.

‘Get naked babe.’ he told me. I stood up and started on my trousers, watching him as his hands slowed and he pushed his own underwear down so slowly, clearly waiting for me to join him before I got to see him properly. He was probably also teasing me, because I couldn’t keep my eyes off his crotch, wanting to see his cock when it was released. Once I got my button and zip undone I went for the full reveal, and pushed everything straight to the floor. I was pleased to hear him moan when he saw my own dick, pointing to the ceiling when it was no longer contained and already leaking thanks to what he had done to me and his reaction to my attention. His own clothing swiftly followed.

I gulped when I saw him fully. His cock was long and thick. I had a moment of wondering whether he would break me, or if I’d ever sit down again, but if I got to sit on that regularly I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life standing. It was magnificent. It’s not like I ever had any complaints about what I’d been blessed with, but he was in a whole other league. I had about 8 inches, but he must easily be 10. I had a dildo that length, but it wasn’t as thick as he was. And it was all the way down too, it wouldn’t even be an easy start, but I was going to try at some stage, and soon. I heard him start laughing, and it brought my attention up to his face for a moment.

‘Are you going to stare at it all night or can we do something that involves a lot more touching?’ He was definitely teasing me now.

‘Sorry, it’s just I knew you were hung, but damn!’

He looked concerned for a moment. ‘I’m not expecting you to take it babe. Anything you want to do will be fantastic.’

I was confused by that comment. ‘Don’t you want me to?’

He looked embarrassed. ‘Not many guys have wanted to, and I don’t think I’ve ever managed, um, full docking. It takes a lot of work to get there and I’ve never had the time to.’

I stared at him hard. ‘We’ve got all the time we need. Right now though, I think we need to take the edge off, and then perhaps we can have the conversation we should probably have had already but for the fact it would have driven us nuts, and work out who likes what.’

I winked at him as I finished my sentence, but didn’t give him time to reply, I just fell to my knees and worshipped. I licked, I sucked, I caressed and stroked and cupped, I tried damn hard to get him right down my throat, but there was no way it was happening tonight. About 6 inches was all I could manage. My jaw ached, but I didn’t care, so long as I could keep playing with this huge tool which was attached to the man I loved. And so long as I kept being treated to the stream of moans and cries of ever increasing volume. When I realised he was going to come I backed off and waited for his load, and soon I was drinking from the fountain as he stiffened and cried my name.

I kept gently stroking him as he came and sucking on the head so he would give me all he had. He tasted so good and I swallowed every drop like a man who had been dying of thirst, licking up the last drops as he finished pulsing. I heard a long drawn out groan from him as I let his dick slip from my mouth as it softened a little. He was spent. I however was more turned on than I thought I had artemisbet güvenilirmi ever been, and from the look of him, I wasn’t going to get a release for a little while. It looked like I had sucked all the life out of him. He was flushed and panting, still groaning slightly, and his eyes were still shut as he tried to calm himself. My dick lurched at the pleasure of having put him in that state.

I got onto the bed and lay down beside him. My hand went to his chest to gently stroke across it. Now that I could finally touch him I didn’t want to stop for a long time, even if it was just calm and soothing motions as he recovered from his orgasm. I wriggled as close as I could to him without jabbing him in the side with my own erection which showed no sign of receding. I wanted to let him come to me, not seem insistent that it was now my turn. I could be fairly sure that would come at some point soon. And I could be patient, because the view I had while I was waiting was to die for. His lightly muscled chest and stomach were begging to be touched and I traced the muscles and lines softly. I ran my fingers through the hair, twirling it through my fingers as I followed the trail down his stomach, not too far, but it still seemed like his massive cock was starting to grow again.

He was wrong if he thought I wouldn’t want to, or couldn’t take him. I was desperate to and with a bit of preparation I knew he could fit. And at least I could give him something he had never had before, that “full docking” he spoke about. The phrase amused me. I guessed he must have done some bottoming if most of his liaisons hadn’t wanted to take him in them, and I enjoyed fucking and was sure I would with him, but what I loved best of all was being taken by a well-hung man. He more than fulfilled that description. Just thinking about being impaled on that cock had me moaning softly. I stopped when I heard gentle laughter, and looked back to Greg. His eyes were now open and he was a lot more calm, but he still had a slightly glazed look about him.

He put his arms around me and pulled me down for a kiss. I was sure he could taste himself on me, and he almost seemed to make a more thorough exploration than he had done before. Perhaps it was just now that our brakes were off it was time for me to experience all he had to give. My thoughts went back to that cock, I really wanted to be given that!

He rolled us so I ended up pressed into the mattress by his glorious body. I just sighed my contentment. It can’t have been all that comfortable for him because my cock was still rock hard and was pressed into his crotch but he didn’t move for a little while, just keeping on kissing me until I moaned. Then he started to repeat what he’d done in the hall, licking and nibbling my neck and down onto my shoulders, and then across my chest. When he hit a nipple my cock jerked hard and hit him in the balls. He pulled off me for a second and smiled.

‘I know baby. I’ll get to that in a moment.’

My moans were desperate now, the pleasure he was building up in me yet again and having had no release taking its toll. As he slowly slid his tongue down my stomach I writhed on the bed, trying to rub my erection against him somehow by bucking my hips. All that happened was his hands went to the sides to hold me down, and it made me moan even louder. Then I couldn’t do anything other than beg.

‘Please Greg, please. Suck me, please, I can’t take this any longer.’

He looked at me and grinned, then shifted down so he was looking at my erection. If I’d been able to move my hips I would have been thrusting it up towards his face no matter how desperate that looked. His tongue flicked out and across my head to lick up the precum forming, and I screamed my pleasure. A few more licks followed and I tried as hard as I could to move and get him to take me into his mouth but he seemed quite happy to set me on edge like this. After a moment he looked up at me.

‘Time to show you one of my special skills love.’

And then he took a breath and swallowed me whole. If I’d not been about ready to explode I’m not sure I would have believed my own eyes, but my brain was a bit fogged. As he raised his head again my cock started to reappear from the softness and heat of his mouth, and my eyes rolled back in my head as he went to work on me properly. I didn’t see anything else of what he did, but I sure as hell felt it. Every part of me was on fire, trembling, and ready to explode. I could feel his lips and tongue moving on my shaft, and the head hitting the back of his throat each time he took me all the way in, his warm breath coming out of his nose right onto my groin driving me even more wild. Before long it was too much, and the orgasm coursed through my body as I shot everything I had into his hot mouth.

It was my turn to lie there like a limp rag while he first cleaned me up gently and then lay beside me, stroking my chest, and then hugging me to him. I couldn’t even lift my arms to return the hug to start with, he’d made me come so hard. As soon as I could I started to kiss and caress him back. When I finally got my breath back I opened my eyes and he was smiling at me with so much love in his eyes I couldn’t help but roll him over and try and kiss him senseless again. When I pulled away from him he just grinned.

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