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Subject: A New Kind Of Family Andrew cherished these moments. Never did he take any of them for granted. He would have never pictured himself in a situation like this. Never would he have dreamed he’d be tucked into a snug embrace of a married man and father, or he himself married to a woman who loved him far more than he cared about her. But here he was, taking the little time he had with the man he loved, and who loved him in return. Only this time, they weren’t alone. James had this notion of them being able to play happy families, just them and James’s two boys. It’s a nice dream, Andrew admitted it. But it was temporary. Yet he’d resigned himself to temporary when he first allowed himself to go there with James. Only their temporary had turned into a three-year love affair that showed no signs of dissipating, thank God. “You’re looking far too contemplative on a Saturday morning.” James ran a lazy hand through his spikey black hair and smiled down at him from his mountain of pillows. Andrew stretched out over James’s lower half and snuggled deeper into him, relishing the few more minutes they had before Andrew had to skulk back to his own room before the boys woke up. “Just thinking.” “Yeah?” James put the tablet down he’d been flipping through with gusto and scooched down, pulling Andrew deeper into him. It was easy to become intoxicated with the smell that is James mixed with their evidence of nightlong lovemaking, and Andrew savored every second of it. “What you thinking about?” “What I’m going to feed the three men in my life for breakfast and lunch.” “That’s right. You know I love food. But you were thinking of something other than today’s menu, weren’t you?” How could someone know you inside out? The power of a look can pierce through armor no one else even knew existed. He looked into loving eyes, warm eyes that were at peace with the knowledge that every person he cared about was at that moment taken care of and okay. It was those damn eyes that had tripped Andrew up at the start, and had held him captive ever since. “You know I can’t lie to you.” “Damn straight. So out with it.” “I was trying to live outside of the moment again, I’m sorry.” James bent forward and pecked a soft kiss on his forehead, scratching Andrew’s head with his morning stubble. “You don’t apologize for anything. But you’re right, no need to think about anything else other than what we have right here. Right?” “Right.” Andrew returned the kiss, only it was filled with a lot more passion than the gentle kiss he’d received, and it held the promise of much more to come. When he pulled away he rested his head on James’s taught stomach again, and wrapped his thigh over James’s lower legs. “I guess I’m…dunno. Guess it’s just having the boys here. It’s our bubble, our safe space. Having them here just reminds me of our life outside of here. Of Jenna waiting for you at home, of Elizabeth waiting for me…I’m being silly again, I’ll try and switch off and be in the moment.” “Hey.” James kissed the crown on Andrew’s head, but didn’t move away. Instead he pushed his face deeper into Andrew’s hair, breathing him in slowly. It was comfort embodied in an intimate act and it sent shivers down his spine. Speaking into Andrew’s hair, James continued, “Don’t dismiss your feelings like that. Ever. Okay?” Andrew nodded, not speaking. They remained like that for a while longer, until the sound of a flushing toilet poured a bucket of cold water over their intimate embrace. Andrew shot up, wiping a hand over his sleepy face. James looked far more relaxed and effortlessly masculine and sexy in his spot. Andrew scowled at him. He shuffled into his boxers and moved to the bedroom door, slowly peeking to see if the coast was clear. The last thing they needed was either of the boys seeing Andrew slip out of their father’s bedroom first thing in the morning. How would they explain to them to keep *that* from their mother? All the while as Andrew did the stressing on both their parts, James just laid on the bed laughing at his efforts to go undetected. It was in James’s nature to be laidback. Andrew’s penchant for looking at the world through realistic, pragmatic eyes were the perfect counterbalance to James’s happy-go-lucky outlook. He kept them both going with his serious nature while James kept him young, and they both knew it. Coast clear. He slipped out the room and walked past Brian’s room, James’s youngest at 8 years, then passed the hall bathroom before past Jamie, James’s oldest at 10. Both brothers were carbon printouts of their father, the dark, straight hair and the blush skin tone, and they loved each other fiercely, even though at times they really put that theory to the test with their epic fights. Walking into the third spare room, Andrew ruffled the bedspread and punched the pillows to make it seem slept in, then fetched clean underwear and his towel. Ordinarily on guys’ getaways like these he’d never have to shower alone. But seeing as James had had the idea of bringing Jamie and Brian along on the long weekend, he didn’t anticipate any sexy shower time this trip. Standing under a hot jetty of water pelting down on his back, Andrew let the water wash away the sweat and cum from his back and ass from the night before. There was only one man that could get him worked up into such a frenzy, and he was probably playing with his balls right now or snoring again down the hall. The thought of either brought up endearing images in Andrew’s mind. He loved James, loved him more than he thought he’d ever allow himself to love anyone. If they could’ve met before they’d gotten married…he stopped himself going down that route. It was pointless. The reality was there were marriages involved, families, kids. Try as James might to convince Andrew to leave the outside world outside when they had these short-lived reprieves from reality, he found it difficult when evidence of their real lives were sleeping down the hall from them. Drying off, he caught a whiff of fried bacon wafting into the bathroom. Wonders never ceased! Whipping the door open, Andrew pulled the towel tighter around his waist and walked into down the hall quietly, stopping just out of sight of the kitchen’s entrance. There, standing on a step was Brian, studiously flipping bacon pieces with such care and concentration while his father stood behind him, ready to intervene the moment it might become necessary. It was a tender moment between dad and son, and it was beautiful. Brian’s chest swelled a little bit more every time James atta boy’ed him, or praised his flipping technique, and James kept his hands rested on Brian’s shoulders, shielding him from the world. It was quite a sight, his lover standing bare chested behind a mini version of himself who also stood bare chested in Cars pajama bottoms. “I knew it was too good to be true.” Both guys turned to him at the same time, Brian smiling goofily at the sense that he’s the center of attention, which of course he was. He couldn’t help but be everywhere he was. “Knew what?” James demanded over an equally goofy grin. “Thought for a moment your dad was doing breakfast for us, but he roped in child labor!” “That’s right,” Jamie said from somewhere behind, look decidedly less impressed with his assigned duty of squeezing oranges. The boy was covered from palms to elbows in orange stickiness and there seemed to be more juice around the container than inside it. Walking over, Andrew ran a hand through the soft mod grunge hairstyle, a heavily textured, round-shape cut that softened Jamie’s strong and angular facial features. A style that suited the boy really well. “Your efforts are admirable.” Andrew laughed at the setting scowl on Jamie’s handsome face. “Why don’t you jump in the shower and I’ll finish this?” Just like that the scowl was replaced by abject relief as Jamie shot up before James could intervene and order him to finish what he started. As if the situation could pass James’s keen observation. He shook his head in a you-spoil-them kind of way, and Andrew beamed a smile back at him that said it’s a stepdad’s prerogative to do so. He quickly took care of the fresh orange juice, all the while taking in James’s tight ass under his flimsy pajama shorts contracting with the muscles in his back as he bent over his son, helping Brian lay out more rashers and scooping up the crispy pieces that were done. Andrew had a full vision in his mind of what was underneath that pajama shorts. He licked his tongue, which was still sensitive from the previous night’s marathon rimming session. It was all he could do not to wet his finger and walk up behind James and delve it down his crack and slip it inside him while he was bent over his son. He would have done it too, if James let him anywhere near his ass, ever. Which was off limits, always had been, despite Andrew’s case that a fine ass like that could not go through life without ever experiencing the fullness of a big dick. But alas, the closest Andrew would probably ever get to that hole was with his tongue. It was more than he ever thought he would be allowed to enjoy when he’d met James at his father’s law firm four years ago as a lowly associate. That year of working together with the senior partner’s son and not acting on the intensifying sexual undertones of their professional relationship had been hell, for both of them he’d learned later. Nope, he was quite satisfied to offer his ass up to this man any and every time he wanted Andrew to drop `em and spread `em. You didn’t find a quality dick like that around every corner, and you certainly didn’t get it attached to a quality man like James. With the bacon done, juice squeezed and Jamie showered, Andrew excused himself to quickly get dressed and then joined his main guys around the table for a hearty breakfast of toast and bacon. Okay so the breakfast lacked some of the essentials that would qualify it as breakfast, but the congenial air was there. They were a family in their own way, and it was moments like these, sitting around the table and sharing plans for the day and making memories that would stay with Andrew forever. The day was spent at the beach house. It was decided to leave all the awesome adventures for the rest of the trip for Sunday and Monday before they headed back last Monday evening, and just spend the day unwinding and taking a load off. They would enjoy the private beach, do a barbecue for lunch on the porch and spend the evening around a bonfire on the beach telling ghost stories or listening to James play country songs with his guitar. It was set to be a great day, but a day that would change the lives of all four guys forever. It was times like these that Andrew took on the cloak of mother. Or just the role of responsible adult. It wasn’t something he aspired to, but with three airheads under his charge, if he didn’t look after them they’d all be out cold by midday by way of their natural dumbassery. So he layered all three of his men under thick coats of sunscreen to ward off the unforgiving sun and packed a bunch of cold waters and sodas to keep everyone hydrated so that they didn’t have to trek back up to the house and get beach sand everywhere that he’d have to end up cleaning… He packed clean towels, dry clothes, James’s tablet and a book for himself. Rummaging through the boys’ drawers for dry underwear, Andrew let himself stand still for a minute and do what James always told him to do � live in the moment. He picked up Jamie’s briefs and held them between his hands. Could anyone fit into something so small? It fit Jamie’s waist snuggly, he’d bet, but the dark blue briefs looked tiny in his hands. The plain blue underwear was a contrast to his brother’s Disney themed briefs. Brian still enjoyed wearing characters on his clothes, while Jamie was well and truly over that phase. Picking up Brian’s briefs, he stretched it in his hand to see how far it would go. Not far. It was even smaller than Jamie’s, and the Little Mermaid’s Prince Eric contorted grotesquely, stretching the entire length of the underwear and burying Ariel’s face completely. Eric’s gleaming white teeth seemed to open up in the perfect `O’ and for a moment Andrew allowed himself to imagine that mouth being so close to Brian… “Are we ever going to get to the beach today?” James popped his head into the room, smiling at him in mock exasperation. “I’m coming, I’m coming.” Andrew threw all the clothes in the duffel bag and joined the exodus down to the beach, distributing beach chairs, towels and the cooler bag between all the empty arms leading the charge to the perfect surf. ***** The day was spent in relative peace, save for a few decidedly unfriendly skirmishes between Brian and Jamie who seemed to forget the concept of sharing as they held a fierce water battle in the surf over who got to play with the bigger surfboard. Jamie insisted he got first dibs at it because, well, he was bigger, and Brian had his own board. Brian insisted he get preferential use as his board was, well, smaller. Great logic there. However, the persuasion behind their arguments were so powerful that it was clear they were heirs to Boston’s brightest and most powerful legal family, and their lawyer blood shone through. It was difficult deciding whose side to take as they both made very compelling arguments. Luckily, Andrew was saved from choosing sides by James getting up and taking away both their surfboards in his stance of brooking no further argument. Both boys knew they were shit out of luck for the rest of the day and gave one more longing look at their stationary boards drying on the sand next to us, before carrying on playing with their myriad of other expensive toys and playthings that Andrew would’ve killed for to have at their age. “You’re wearing that just to get to me, aren’t you?” “Say what now?” “That’s right. You know there’s no way I’d let you get with me during the day because of, well, you know. So you’re wearing that tight Speedo just to make me hot for you.” “Baby, you were born hot for me, come on.” “Granted, but you’re still a prick.” James smiled his lame goofy grin that was all teeth and sparkling eyes. “I’m your prick.” “Fuck off.” Andrew dunked his eyes behind his book, but couldn’t help smiling. Yes, he was, at least for two days more. Some time later the boys had quieted down, Jamie playing quietly in the shallow surf with their neighbor’s older daughter while Brian built sandcastles a few feet away from their makeshift beach camp. A soft snore tore through the air and Andrew scraped tired eyes over the fit body of the man that took a piece of his heart out of his chest every time gaziantep travesti he looked at him. Scoffing, he shook his head as he opened up the beach umbrella and positioned the shade over James’s exposed chest. Left to his own devices, the dumbass would fall asleep under the sun and wake up four hours later burned to a crisp and then where would they be? Andrew already knew how big of a baby James turned into at the slightest little cold, thanks to Elizabeth spilling all the beans of her and Jenna’s bitching sessions about the husbands. He mused at times about what Jenna had all relayed to James about him? Point is, he didn’t relish the prospect of taking care of a sunburned big baby for the rest of their long weekend getaway. He’d much rather mount that baby and ride him into oblivion than apply ointment and soothing drapes all weekend long. Once the umbrella was up and sleeping beauty was safe from the ray’s stings, Andrew settled back on his spot and watched the boys play. They were truly beautiful. So full of life and healthy, they were fireballs of energy that never seemed to dissipate. So much of their father was clearly evident not only in their DNA, but also in their personalities. James’s fierce loyalty, compassion and boyish foolishness shone through both of them. Yet they were distinct in their own right. Jamie was far more analytical than his father ever could be, and where James used his unnatural intelligence and high IQ to make up for his lack of analytical thinking, Jamie had the best of both. He had his father’s intelligence and his mother’s calculative personality that helped her trap a great prospect into a marriage of convenience after making sure she got herself pregnant the moment it wouldn’t look too suspicious. The result being that she was set for life, no matter how miserable she made her husband, or whatever happened in life. Brian, on the other hand, was his dad’s kid through and through. He was goofy and gimpy and just *happy*. A happy kid, with the mind of a genius and the heart of a guy who could empathize with anyone. He’d make someone a great companion one day. Sweeping his eyes over the kids, he smiled at the way they interacted with the world. Brian was hard at work building an empire of sandcastles to get a moment’s regard from his older brother, who would only pat him on the head if he’s lucky, before diving into the heap of sand and pulling him along with him to lessen the sting of reducing his hours of hard work to nothing more than pile of sand. They’d both roll around the moist sand screeching in delight for a few minutes, pulling and gripping and squeezing each other before running into the water to wash off the stingy sand. Andrew adjusted his center, and was glad he’d opted for the baggy swim trunks instead of an equally unforgiving swimsuit as James had chosen. While the boys would be rolling around the sand, some sand was bound to get stuck in uncomfortable places. He allowed his mind to drift, something he didn’t often permitted, as he watched the brothers play. Jamie was beautiful. There was no doubt at all that he would some day be a real heartbreaker. His full lips wrapped around a mouthful of strong, healthy teeth, and thick lashes framed his lively eyes. The red of his lips were perfectly offset by his darker Italian skin tone, and it just made the white of his eyes and his gleaming teeth shine brighter. But what really caught Andrew’s attention was Jamie’s center. Was it just him or had the boy really put out recently? The tight swim trunks had obviously not been upgraded recently to allow for his obvious growth spurt, and it looked as if Jamie’s junk was taking strain keeping inside. Jamie, bless him, was totally oblivious to his bulging junk and but for a now-and-then tug and adjustment down there, he didn’t let it make him self-conscious. That tug and pull only amplified an already meaty Italian butt as the material stretched to accommodate the large bulge up front by taking away more material around the tight, bubbly butt that it struggled to conceal. The skin leading up to Jamie’s thighs were decidedly creamier than the rest of his Italian body that came into frequent contact with the sun. It was the trail that Andrew followed in his mind as he eyed the darker calves and followed that trail up the smooth, creamy skin that eventually disappeared behind the stretched-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life swim trunks. What would that ass look like outside of the trunks? Would there be a small, pink, untouched asshole puckered against all the many invasions that have imagined itself between Jamie’s thighs already? And of that Andrew had no doubt. Both men and women had probably looked at Jamie already and imagined what they could come up with with only a half an hour alone with him. He had that type of effect on people. Jamie tackled Brian in the surf, and they both hit the water in a fit of giggles. They rolled around the retracting water and rolled back into the sea, both vying for dominance in a struggle of supremacy, neither willing to give. Just before another massive wave hit them, Brian was able to get up and declare himself the victor, only for Jamie to grab at his midriff. He wrapped his hand around Brian’s shorts and pulled down, desperate for leverage. Instead of pulling his brother over, Jamie merely pulled the material down to expose a smooth, creamy colored center with a small stick for a dick poking out. Andrew was dumbfounded for a moment. Seeing the hairless, smooth center of a kid’s ass he’d watched countless times sway up and down past him was such a contrast to James’s hairy crotch. In fact, it couldn’t be more different. James didn’t like trimming, but demanded that Andrew kept his area trimmed down and balls shaven. You had to employ a pick and shovel to get to James’s dick through his bushy pubes, but seeing a small version of James that was so smooth, and had not a single hair there without the fakeness of a wax or other hair removal technique landed a sucker punch right in his groins. Damn the fact that he was so far away from the boys that he couldn’t get a decent enough look. That look would have to keep him, he supposed, and he lay back on his towel, continuing to watch the boys tire themselves out. Brian had a fine butt on him, one of the very best Andrew had seen. What made Brian’s ass even more beautiful was the fact that the kid was totally unaware of what a sexy trunk of junk he was carrying around. However, Andrew secretly wondered if that was always the case. Sometimes he’d catch a glimpse of Brian walking and there would be the faintest sway in his hips. Of course then his big butt would sway in tandem, and the jelly mounds seemed to have a life of its own. It bounced and hopped and bounded and leapt on its own it seemed these days, and you could bounce a penny off it with its tautness. Sometimes, in Andrew’s most private thoughts, he wondered if James’s dick was as thick as Brian’s waist. Would he split his son in two if he speared him? Or would Brian’s small and innocent asshole be able to take his daddy’s dick like the little champ he was? He’d probably never know. A loud grumbling sound pulled Andrew out of his reverie, and he realized it was his own belly’s loud complaint. He could eat a whole pig on his own. As if on queue, his beautiful lover stirred next to him before stretching lazily and wiping his eyes, only to mesh it against his dark Ray-Bans. Taking off his glasses, he squinted up at Andrew before smiling lazily. “You were dead for the world there,” Andrew said softly, fighting the overwhelming urge to lean over and plant a wet kiss on those adorable lips. Instead, he just reached out his hand and squeezed the hand tightly that was offered in return. “What are the boys up to?” James asked sleepily. “Killing each other in the surf.” James laughed, raising his head to scan the beach for the boys. Finding them in a bucket war and dousing each other with water, he laid back contentedly and stretched again. “I need food.” “Sex, food and sun, and you’d be set for life.” Andrew shook his head. “You know you’d be it for me, baby.” “I’d make the food, give the sex and protect you from the sun, you mean.” “That sounds like a great life to me.” Andrew laughed. “Stop it, I can’t kiss you to stop your foolishness today.” “Unless you want me to want you to want me to kiss me.” “What the fuck are you on about?” Andrew shook his head again, but took in the sparkle of love in James’s eyes, and not for the first time realized just how damn lucky he was. “While you sort your head out, I’m going to round up the boys so we can get that barbecue going, what do you say?” “Sounds good to me. I need more food. And sex.” “Sex later, food now. Start packing up here,” Andrew waved his hand all over the makeshift camp then descended on the boys in the surf. Times like these he felt like he knew what he was doing, could take care of this family. Be a parent to the boys, a partner to James and just feel legitimate and equal in this setup. Heading back to the house, James herded the boys off to the outhouse to shower outside and change into their dry clothes, obviously not relishing the prospect of dealing with a pissed off Andrew over the wet footprints and trailing sand in the main house. Just the thought that James was confident that Andrew had packed the dry clothes, deodorant and towels warmed Andrew’s belly. They were like a little domesticated family, each with their own defined roles. James already knew Andrew took care of the details, while he took care of the big picture. They were a great team. By the time James had helped Jamie shower and dry off and get dressed, Andrew was ready to light the fire. He searched for the lighter in vain, only to resort to asking Jamie if he’d seen it. Jamie mumbled something about seeing it in the clothes bag while getting dressed, once Andrew succeeded in getting Jamie to lift his head from his tablet for two seconds. Andrew headed into the outhouse and walked in on James bent over Brian, drying one leg before going to the other, then ruffling his hair with the towel. For a split second, no one knew of Andrew’s presence, and with the towel over Brian’s head obscuring his vision, Andrew could drink in the little guy’s complete frame without fear of being discovered. The little dick at Brian’s center was standing forward straight. It was difficult to tell whether Brian Jr. had a boner, or if he just needed to pee or if it just was what his dick looked like at that moment. But the balls were turned up tight from the cool air in the room, and his creamy thighs were held together tight. His lean, boyish belly was trimmed with the swim and equestrian lessons he took every week, and he was beautiful. For a moment Andrew’s mind flashed with an image of seeing Brian as one of the small colts the kid rode every week, with James with the crop in his hand…Jesus! Why did that image burn a hole right through Andrew’s jeans? “Dad!” Jamie’s voice sounded from outside. “Dad! Grandpa’s on the phone.” Cursing, James dropped the towel. It was at that moment that Andrew made his presence known, clearing his throat. James turn around and smiled. “Hey, help Bri get dressed quick, and let me see what the old guy wants.” “Sure.” Andrew returned the smile, but avoided making eye contact with Brian as James swept out the room. Locating the duffle bag, Andrew pulled out the damn lighter and then also took out the carefully folded outfit he’d packed for Brian. The little guy kept an easy eye on him, smiling and trying to catch Andrew’s eye. Andrew finally looked at the naked boy, and bent down before him. He unwrapped the small Prince Eric underwear and told Brian to raise his right foot. “Did you have a good time today?” “Yeah.” “Lucky you didn’t get burned like Jamie did.” “Mom’s gonna be pissed at dad. She told him not to let us get burned,” Brian said conspiratorially. “In all fairness, it wasn’t your dad’s fault. He was asleep all afternoon, I should’ve made your brother top up his lotion.” Left foot. “Jamie hates lotion, he says it’s snotty and too greasy.” “Yeah, so what is the upshot of that? Now he’s a grumpy old guy with a super tan.” Brian laughed, giving him a gapped tooth smile a mile wide. For some reason Andrew felt sad at the prospect of pulling up the underwear and hiding away the beautiful little dick that was mere inches from his mouth. If he leaned forward just slightly… “Turn around for me, Bri.” Brian did as he was told without any hesitation. Andrew, for his part, just wanted the temptation of the little guy’s dick away from his mouth, but was then presented with a perky, creamy, bubbly butt to contend with. How easy would be be to push his face in there and just inhale the essence of Brian? He could drown in there, quite happily never coming up for air again as he lapped and licked and poked and tasted to his contentment. He indulged himself to lean forward ever so slightly, taking in a deep breath through his nose but not getting a whiff of anything other than the stale air of the outhouse. Brian laughed, and looked over his shoulder. Andrew returned the smile and reluctantly pulled up the underwear to cover up the beautiful boyish butt before him. Suddenly Prince Eric’s face was stretched across two perfectly round globes. “Turn around and raise your arms.” “I’m hungry,” Brian said as Andrew sprayed deodorant under his pits then dropped an expensive Diesel shirt over the arms. He chucked a pair of shorts over to Brian and said, “Then we best get that fire going so we can fix our barbecue lunch, what do you say?” “Yes!” “So go!” Andrew shooed him out the door, watching as the little butt bounced up and down as Brian ran the length to the house, the little butt that only moments ago were inches from his mouth. ***** The boys had settled down in post beach euphoria and were completely lost in their own little worlds, playing against each other with a group game on their tablets. James stood next to Andrew, sipping his beer and staring blankly into the fire. Andrew cursed his boss for a second, wondering what could have been so important to phone his son on his rare off weekend. “You might as well tell me what the call was about, maybe I can provide some perspective. Is it the Hannity case?” James shook himself out of his reverie. “Nah, it wasn’t. And no, I won’t. No work, I promised. It wasn’t anything that can’t wait until Tuesday.” “So why’d he phone you then?” “You know him,” was all answer James gave, and all the answer Andrew would get. “How long till the food’s ready?” Brian whined from the porch. gaziantep masaj salonları “When it’s ready,” James called back. “And I’m watching you, stay away from the potato chips.” Andrew had to laugh. James was a real dad through and through. “They had such a great day, thanks baby.” “I didn’t do anything.” “You did everything. Everything I always take for granted, but you know I see what you do for us. So thank you.” James smiled warmly, and Andrew had no doubt he’d have gotten a hot kiss if they were alone. He’d take that kiss later. He’d make sure to remember to. “Anything for my main guys,” Andrew smiled, returning the warm smile with a hint of something hotter to come later. James lifted the bottle to his lips and winked. The boys had caught a second wind and had swapped battling each other online for battling each other in real life. They were roughhousing on the shag carpet leading into the kitchen, their thuds hard against the wooden porch. When the boys played like this, all sweaty and out of breath, Andrew couldn’t help but let his mind drift and imagine how their tight underwear must smell with their little boy sweat permeating it in their most intimate places. It would stretch over their little boyish bubble butts and really get up between the crack, absorbing their boyishness and becoming one with their tight, young bodies. “You look a million miles away again,” James said as he flipped a steak on the grill. “And don’t bullshit me, man. I know you inside out. So out with it.” “I don’t know if I can talk to you about it,” he said honestly. He pulled his eyes away from the boys on the porch and eyed the grilling meat, all appetite in him suddenly gone. “Hey,” James said. He took hold of Andrew’s arm and pulled him closer. “Talk to me. I’m right here.” Andrew smiled, keeping his eyes on the hot coals and grilling meat. “Thanks baby, I know. I just don’t think I can ever talk to you about this specific thing though. Is that okay?” Andrew lifted his gaze to the scrutiny he knew was waiting in James’s eyes. Normally he would tank under that gaze and spill his guts, but spilling his guts now would mean that he would kiss goodbye what he had right now while just contemplating what he didn’t. “Owwwww!” “You big baby!” Jamie yelled from the porch. “Fuck you!” “Boys!” James let go of his arm and marched up to the boys, pulling them apart. Andrew flipped the burgers and steaks, asking himself why he was on the verge of tears. He had a great life, a great man. So why was he biting back tears looking at that great man pulling apart two beautiful boys? Man up, bitch. James delivered a stinging blow to each butt, to a collected chorus of swallowed gasps and hanging heads, both boys clutching their pinched asses. It was quiet for a moment, until James had reached him again and the boys were back to playing like nothing had happened. “I am telling you now that there are no secrets between us. There are enough secrets and masks we have to wear in our every day lives,” James said, looking sterner than his devil-may-care boyish attitude ever let him appear. “So out with it, and I’m being serious.” “What makes you think you’re entitled to every bit of me?” “Because you have every part of me. Now enough stalling, and tell me.” This had to be one of the most severe Andrew had ever seen James before. Not even when he had royally fucked up a client’s account in his first year at the firm, way before they had even acknowledged any sexual undertones between them, had he seen James this worked up. And he’d been pretty pissed about being forced to tell his dad about why four-million-dollar a year client had packed up and moved to their biggest competition firm. Andrew ran a hand through his hair. Was he about to fuck things up for the rest of his life. He shot a look over at James again, who was still studying him intently, but with a hint of the lovely guy who loved Andrew more than he did himself under the surface. “Will you still love me if I tell you what’s on my mind?” “Fuck sakes, Andy.” James walked up behind him and stood so close to him that their bodies pressed together tightly. From the vantage point of the porch it would look like nothing untoward, but from where they stood it was the most intimate stance next to actually embracing each other. “I’m here, forever. Nothing in that over achieving mind of yours can ever change that. Ever. Got that?” James breathed the words softly against Andrew’s neck, his lips millimeters away from touching Andrew’s skin. “Got it.” He swallowed dryly and his throat clicked. “Don’t look at me while I talk, okay?” “Fuck. Fine, I won’t look at you.” James moved back slightly, but his presence still lingered. It’s now or never. Take the leap or not. There was no middle ground. They were both standing with their backs to the house and the porch where the boys were playing. So Andrew picked up the grill fork and started walking over to the other side. “Where are you going now?” “Just follow me, please.” James followed behind, and Andrew came to a standstill on the other side of the grill. From this vantage point, they only needed to look up to see the boys. Andrew played for more time by throwing barbecue spice over the chicken, thinking over his next words carefully. “Have you ever…looked at Jamie and Bri…and…fuck.” Andrew rubbed a sweaty palm through his frizzled hair. “And what?” James pressed softly. “Don’t think I’m this fucked up creep, okay? But…have you ever looked at them and thought they were beautiful?” Silence. It was the type of silence that fell on top of your lungs, bringing with it a thousand scalpels with sharp ends that sliced the air out of your lungs until you suffocated and died a horrible death. “Yeah,” James said, confusion coloring his voice. “Sure, they’re beautiful. People tell us all the time. We can’t go anywhere without people commenting on how good looking our kids are.” For a split moment Andrew wondered if James had any idea what many of those men and women really thought about his kids. “I mean,” Andrew continued eventually, “have you ever looked at Brian and Jamie and thought…they’re sexy?” More silence. Only this time the strong, reassuring presence that had lingered behind him all evening, all four years, were suddenly gone. Andrew didn’t have the guts to look behind him to see where James had gone, to see the reproach and disgust in his eyes. “They’re my sons, Andrew.” There it was. The sound of love dying, of respect being replaced by contempt. Andrew hung his head, biting back the tears that had threatened all day. “Look at me.” James’s voice was back to the voice he knew, but not the voice that was reserved for him. It didn’t carry any scorn, but it was James’s lawyer voice, the voice he used on clients, defendants, judges and other lawyers. Andrew had decided to see this through to the end and he would. He lifted his head, seeing Jamie towering over Brian, his thighs on either side of his brother and Jamie leaning forward, pinning Brian’s wrists above his head. He turned around slowly, and mustering all his courage he raised his eyes to James’s. Only James wasn’t looking at him. His eyes were trained over Andrew’s shoulders to somewhere in the distance, and Andrew had an idea where he was looking. However, James’s usual casual demeanor was gone, and in its place was a man that stood fiddling with and stressing the hem of his shirt while his mind raced a millions miles a second. Eventually, James returned his stare to Andrew and eyed him silently, not giving anything away. “Will you say something, please? You made me share, I didn’t want to,” he accused childishly in a sullen effort to get a reaction from James. Again James pulled his eyes away and stared off into the distance, something pulling on his emotions quite obviously as James’s top lip twitched and his eyes narrowed. He wiped a hand over his face and breathed heavily. The goddamn meat was starting to make a ruckus with their juices, and it would soon dry out and burn so Andrew turned around scooped each piece into a barbecue bowl, then put the lid on it. The boys were back to playing on their tablets in the dusk, leaning over each other to press something on each other’s screens and eliciting screeches of laughter from each. “They are sexy together, aren’t they?” James said softly from behind. Andrew lifted his head ever so slightly, unsure of what he’d just heard. Had he heard what he thinks… “Yeah,” was all he could think of saying. “How long?” “What?” Andrew turned around to finally look at James again. This time there was no reproach or harshness in his eyes. His stance wasn’t defensive, in fact his eyes were pained, clouded by something akin to aching and discomfort. “How long have you looked at my children this way?” “I don’t know Jay,” he said, using his one term of endearment that he rarely did. “You just notice it one day. I can’t tell you.” James nodded, licking his upper lip and pulling at his shirt’s hem. “Dad! We’re hungry!” “Yeah, dad! Hungry!” Brian echoed his brother. “Hungry!” “Let’s get the boys fed and then we can continue this. Unless you’d like to pause to eat something?” “Are you kidding? I couldn’t stomach anything right now.” James nodded and took the bowl of meat up to the house. Andrew followed wordlessly, looking at the beautiful swaying butt of the man he loved more than life itself, and wondering if he’d ever get to love it again. James dished up wordlessly, the boys unduly subdued by the heavy atmosphere in the room. They were nothing if not observant, bless them. Giving general orders to eat their food and leave electronics alone at the table, James opened two beers and held the screen door open, looking at the porch. Andrew knew what was expected of him and he walked silently through the door. Walking up behind him, James frog marched Andrew down the porch to where the barbecue coals still held some good heat. The frog march was awkward and Andrew ended up with James’s crotch pushing into his crack. He laughed halfway down the path and James let out a burst of laughter too. It was enough to break the tension and both men visibly relaxed when they reached the relative solitude of the barbecue. Looking up from their vantage point, Andrew was just able to make out the two hunched figures sitting next to each other and shoving each other back and forth between bursts of giggles. He smiled. The infectious life of youth. “How long?” Andrew asked. He was being brave, maybe pushing his luck a bit, but hey, James hadn’t hit his lights out yet, so maybe he was on a roll. “Probably the last year of so. I don’t know. Like you say, it creeps up on you.” “Creep,” Andrew said. “Adequate description.” “Shut up,” James laughed. “I don’t know what I’m feeling if I’m honest. I just know that sometimes when I see them together, I get…that pull I do whenever I see you.” Andrew’s eyebrows shot up. “Really? Is it that strong?” “What, like yours is only a minor tremor?” “Touch�.” Andrew looked back at the two small figures in the kitchen. “Have you ever…done anything about it?” “Of course not!” Fuck. “I’m sorry.” James scratched his elbow. He breathed heavily, then continued. “Nah, I’m sorry. It’s just weird for me, talking about this shit. I never thought I’d talk about it with-” “With anyone,” Andrew finished for him. He nodded, then extended a hand and rubbed James’s arm. “Do you think you ever will act on it?” “How can I?” James said right away. “Even if I wanted to? How? They’re older now, they wouldn’t keep quiet about it.” Andrew watched the two brothers fight again, enemies at the moment. It would soon be something else again, best friends or co-conspirators. It changed every two seconds. Andrew nodded. “You’re right. Especially Jamie. He’s his mother’s son, alright, even though you have him your name,” he laughed. James laughed at that too. “But Brian would be your key,” Andrew said after a while. James remained quiet for a moment, then said, “What do you mean?” “Bri is the key to getting into their pants, is that plain enough for you?” It was meant as funny, a funny way to break the ice and get a very uncomfortable message across, but it wasn’t funny. It was quite serious. “Brian will keep him in line. If we…you get Bri on side, he’d keep Jamie in line.” “You think?” James said after a while, thoughtfully rubbing his afternoon stubble. “Yeah. Brian loves you, he adores you, in fact. And he’s the type of kid that would do whatever the fuck you asked of him. His loyalty is as severe as yours, even more so I suspect.” James laughed, though there was a distinct lack of humor in it. “So you want to use that against him?” “It’s not like I’m saying we’d rape or hurt them. It could be fun for them too.” “Fuck, what are we talking about?” James sighed heavily and moved closer to the dying coals. The chill sending goosies all over his arms most probably wasn’t from the dropping temperatures. “Okay look,” Andrew said. “Before we discuss this any further, you need to come to a decision. Make a decision and go with it. Either we’re going to explore this further, or we’re going to never talk about this again and just go back to the way things were. Which will it be?” James looked pained for a moment, and genuinely torn, when he said, “discuss further.” “Okay. Discussion remains open.” He took off his jacket that he’d grabbed before following James out earlier and hung it over James’s hunched shoulders. James tried to shimmy out of it, and Andrew clucked his tongue at him. “Just let me take care of you. I’m not cold at all right now anyway, if you know what I mean.” James looked him in the eye, and smiled after a moment. He shook his head and pulled the jacket closer to him, breathing in the collar. It was an intimate gesture that came naturally. “What about if we approached them with a discussion of the status of our relationship.” Panic replaced the quiet intimacy and relaxed vibes James had been shooting his way. “Hear me out,” Andrew said before James could interrupt him. “We talk about our friendship, see how the water lays, then we can gauge the room and see where that takes us?” “Fuck, Andy. We’re risking a damn lot.” “It’ll be worth it, though. Wouldn’t it?” James was off again looking at the now quiet boys back to playing their individual tablets. “Yeah.” “So it’s settled. Now let’s go in before you catch your death. Go take a long hot shower and I’ll wash up.” “Yes, wifie.” “Screw you, man,” Andrew said, and threw his arm around James’s shoulder, hoping against hope that he was coming across gaziantep escort bayan like he had a clue in hell what he was doing. ***** “So you see, boys. Dad and I are friends, but we also love each other like a mommy and a daddy.” “But daddy already loves mommy, right?” Brian looked at James with trusting eyes, Jamie sitting quietly next to him. “That’s right,” James said, “but this is different. I love both mommy and Andy, can you understand that?” “Maybe.” “How about you. Jamie?” “Yeah.” Jamie stressed his thumb’s cuticle with his fingers, resisting the urge to bite his nails, a nervousness and weakness his dad detested to see in any of his sons. “How long have you loved each other?” There was no malice in the question, and no underhanded tone, just innocent curiosity. The boys were freshly showered and their hair stood dried in every which way. They had on their pajamas, Brian wrapped up in his Cars pajamas and Brian in a plain two-piece dark blue set. James had not given them time to put on any deodorant after the shower though, calling them into the lounge immediately after. “A while,” James said. “So how do you feel about it?” “How does mom feel about it?” Jamie asked. “She doesn’t know,” James said quickly. “Sometimes, in order to help keep those we love happy, we don’t always tell them about everything. Like for instance,” Andrew said, sitting forward in his seat, “has there ever been a time when you did something that you knew would hurt mommy or daddy?” Both boys nodded quietly, Brian’s eyes large saucers and taking everything in. “There were times like those that you knew if you told mommy or daddy about it, they’d be hurt and upset, wouldn’t they?” Both boys nodded again. “Sometimes it’s just better to not tell them, and they’re not hurt and nothing bad happens, right?” Brian nodded, but Jamie kept still. He looked from his father to Andrew and back again, intelligent eyes never missing a single beat between them. “So you see, we just love each other like people do, and love is never a bad thing. The world needs more love, like we’ve talked about a lot,” James said. This time they got a positive response from both boys. Things were moving at a slower pace than Andrew liked, or thought was prudent. “Has there been a girl, or a boy, that either of you like at school?” Silence. After a second, Jamie replied, “not a boy, but there is this girl.” “Ooh,” Brian said, fluttering his eyes at his brother. Jamie pushed him hard, and Brian nearly fell off his seat, but it wasn’t in malice. “And you, Bri?” “I like Kathy Henderson, but I really just like her dollhouse. Her mom gets her the beset dolls, and she lets me play with some when mom takes me over to visit.” “Well that works too,” Andrew said and laughed at the surprised expression on James’s face and the look of derision on Jamie’s. “Jamie,” James said, “did you ever feel like you wanted to kiss the girl?” “Sometimes,” he said. Jamie wrung his wrists. “No need to be shy about anything here, guys, okay?” Andrew said. “We’re all okay, and we love each other. We’re just talking like men about this.” Both brothers nodded, but Jamie kept his eyes to the ground. “I think we need to show them what we mean,” James said after a moment. “I don’t think they understand what we’re getting at.” “I think you’re right.” Andrew ran a hand over his face and sat back in his seat, only for James to wrap his palm around Andrew’s neck and pull him in for one of the hottest, seriously it had to have been one of the most searing kisses they’d ever shared. Tongues and spit and lust and emotion and everything in between was poured into that kiss and after what felt like an eternity James broke away when he decided the kiss was over. Andrew kept his eyes closed for a second, trying to regain his breath. When he opened them, he looked at the two boys who had sat quietly watching their daddy kiss another man. Brian’s mouth hung open, his eyes never leaving Andrew, while Jamie looked surprised, varying his stares between James and Andrew. James placed a palm over Andrew’s growing bulge in his jeans and squeezed tightly. Andrew closed his eyes and threw his head back. He tried to keep his thoughts straight and clear, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. “Boys, we need you to be big for us right now,” Andrew said after a moment. “You know how much your dad loves both of you, don’t you?” Jamie nodded first, and Brian followed, transfixed with their dad’s hand on Andrew’s crotch. Andrew shuffled forward in his seat, eventually shuffling out of James’s grip, and went and knelt in front of Brian. He placed both hands on Brian’s small thighs and looked him straight in the eye. “I love you guys too, you know that, right?” Brian nodded, and Jamie put an arm around his brother’s shoulders. James got up off his seat too, and hunkered down in front of Jamie. “I’m hard on you a lot of the time, aren’t I?” James asked him quietly. Jamie nodded, looking his dad in the eye. “I know why, though. I’m your son, your first born. And I have a lot of potential to live up to.” That sounded something textbook out of Jenna’s mouth, but Andrew didn’t say anything. “That’s right,” James said. “But also because I really love you. And I want you to be happy. Do you want me to be happy too, Jay?” “Yes.” Jamie nodded quickly, vigorously. “Do you love me too?” “Yes daddy.” Tears pricked at the corners of Jamie’s eyes, and it upset Brian right away too, nothing getting past the little tyke. “Hey, look at me,” Andrew said and pinched Brian’s thighs softly. “Don’t worry about a thing, okay? Daddy’s just having a big boy conversation with Jay, nothing’s wrong.” Brian nodded mopily, keeping his eyes on his thighs. “Look at me?” Andrew asked. Brian looked up and Andrew drew a funny face with his eyes and stuck out his tongue. That earned him a belly laugh from Brian, and he returned the chuckle, seeing the kid straighten his shoulders in joy at having made Andrew laugh and show him some positive reinforcement. “Show me how much you love me,” James said to Jamie, never breaking his intense concentration and focus him. Jamie sat forward and threw his arms around James’s shoulders, crushing his dad’s neck and burying his face in James’s neck. James lifted his head and rubbed Jamie’s back softly but reassuringly. For some reason the kid broke out in sobs in his dad’s arms, pulling him even harder into him and digging his nails into James’s neck. As the tears wracked through Jamie’s little body, Andrew kept his focus on Brian, trusting that James knew how to handle his son. Andrew pinched Brian’s nipples through his pajama top, playfully trying to get at them while allowing for Brian to pull away and cover them with his arms. He persevered though, trying to get at the nipples and eventually setting on tickling Brian under the armpits. The squeals of laughter turned Andrew on even more than he already was, wondering what the squeals of high pitched boy crying would sound like. As Jamie regained control of himself and breathed heavily in his father’s arms, keeping his face buried in James’s neck, James continued rubbing his back. Eventually he pulled back and looked his son straight in the eye. “Show daddy how much you love him, son.” James parted his lips and leaned forward ever so slightly. He moved his head forward and closed his lids slightly, and waited. Jamie took a second to catch up, and parted his lips too, leaning forward. He placed both hands on his dad’s big shoulders and placed a kiss on James’s open mouth, like he’d done a thousand times on both James and Jenna’s mouths probably. Only their mouths were probably never open. When Jamie planted the kiss on James’s mouth, James pushed his tongue through his mouth and placed a hand on Jamie’s head and shoved his tongue through the opening. Jamie’s eyes bulged but he didn’t try to pull back. He took his dad’s tongue, and let James wash his mouth with his tongue. Brian looked at them with an expression akin to wonderment. “What’s daddy doing?” “He’s showing Jamie how much he loves him,” Andrew said softly, unable to take his eyes away from the scene. This had to be the pinnacle of his most terrifying and evil and hottest fantasy, seeing father and son kiss passionately like that. “I love daddy too.” “I know you do darling.” “Why hasn’t he ever showed me he loves me like that?” “He will,” Andrew said. “Believe me.” He pulled his eyes away from the two who still were locked in a skull searching kiss and turned to Brian. “But first, do you want to show daddy how much you love me?” Brian nodded and beamed at the thought of performing well for his dad and making him happy. “Tell you want, let’s up the ante. Take off your pajama top, it’ll make daddy really happy. And me too.” Brian laughed and quickly discarded the pajama top. In front of him was a short little Italian 8-year-old with a toothy grin and a small chest. He leaned forward and placed a small peck on the nose. Brian laughed, and Andrew leaned forward again, pressing his tongue against Brian’s lips. In his peripheral vision Andrew saw that James had broken his kiss with Jamie, and they were both watching them now. Intent on giving James a good show, and showing Jamie what was to come, he pinched one of Brian’s nipples just hard enough to elicit a moan from the kid, and then leaned forward to deepen their kiss. Brian was all gums and missing teeth, the wet moist of his warm mouth inviting and searing at the same time. It was all Andrew could do not to strip the kid right there and take him from behind. Instead he continued to play with Brian’s little tongue, twisting it around with his own while exploring every crevice inside. He hooked his thumbs around the waistline of Brian’s pants and pulled it down. Brian tried to pull away, but his dad’s reassuring hand was on his shoulder, telling him it was okay, and to look at Jamie, who was also shedding his shirt now. With Brian now totally nude on the couch, Andrew separated his thighs and settled in between them. He broke the kiss and stared at James through lust filled eyes as he undressed his ten-year-old son. Pushing Brian back on the couch, Andrew bent down into his crotch and took the tiny dick no bigger than a pencil into his mouth and washed the balls and dick with his spit. God, how easy it would be to just bite down and dismember the boy, and swallow his tiny dick, or better yet, make Jamie swallow it? The small dick was coming to life, as much as it could, and Brian was sporting his very own erection. James was doing the same to Brian, and it was a sight to behold. Father and son in such an intimate kiss, his dad’s lips curled around Jamie’s growing erection. Andrew couldn’t hold it any longer. He bent down and lifted Brian’s thighs, separating it harshly and pushing his face into the small butt he’d had only inches away from his face earlier. Brian smelled and tasted of expensive soap, and he washed the tiny red bud with his tongue, pushing against the sphincter insistently until it gave way. He was inside Brian, washing his insides with his tongue, lubing him up and tasting the most intimate parts of this beautiful, beautiful nine-year-old son of his lover. When Brian’s cunt was dripping wet and relaxed Andrew withdrew, unable to further keep his wits about him he ripped off his shirt and shucked out of his pants. He kicked it off and looked over at James, who was doing the same, all the while while somehow keeping a finger inside of Jamie’s ass. When they were all four naked, Andrew sat on the plush carpet and drew Brian into his lap, facing away from him. He sank the kid onto his hot dick, putting a hand over Brian’s mouth to drown out the cries of pain and protests, James sat opposite them, and dropped a big glob of spit on his dick, then spat at Jamie’s hole and pulled him onto his lap too. It was too much for Andrew and he couldn’t help it any longer, he started pumping the small ass that stretched so hard around his dick. He couldn’t take it any longer and needed the friction. James moved closer to him, and the two brothers were face-to-face as they were fucked from behind, seated in bigger men’s laps. “Kiss your brother for me, Jamie. Show Bri how much you love him.” Jamie was crying at this point, out of humiliation, shock or pain, it was hard to say. Andrew withdrew his hand from Brian’s mouth and the sobs came. So that was what the boy’s beautiful cries sounded like that he was the cause of. He bet as he bounced the small butt on his dick that he could elicit some more symphonic cries out of both brothers, maybe with that crop and saddle idea he’d had earlier. Jamie leaned forward and tried to connect his lips to Brian’s, but both their fucking and rhythms were too severe for their mouths to connect. Andrew forced himself to calm down and Jamie put his hands on Brian’s shoulders to steady themselves, and leaned forward and kissed his brother like his dad had kissed him minutes earlier. Andrew was fascinated that James couldn’t take his eyes off his sons as they kissed while bobbing on thick dicks. He leaned forward and kissed James off guard but deeply. James responded quickly and upped the fucking motion again as the kiss intensified. Soon Andrew was aware of the signs that heralded James’s release. James’s breathing increased and he made the low guttural moan he always did before spilling his load. Only this time it wasn’t into Andrew’s ass, but his beautiful little son’s. Andrew wasn’t far behind and followed, flooding Brian’s ass. Brian would probably have indigestion later, burping up come from the load he deposited into his rectal tract. When they were both spent, they pulled the boys off their dicks. They would soon pleasure the brothers too, and get them addicted to Andrew and James for life, like they were to them now too. But first they had to seal this bond between them, and James told Jamie to lick Andrew’s dick clean, and for Brian to do the same for him. Both brothers looked from the dicks to James and then to Andrew. Were they really required to lick up that messy mess? Oh, boys. That’s just the start. Soon you’ll be lapping up come out of each other’s holes, and you will grow to love it. As the brothers sucked off the two grown men’s dicks, lapping up juices of their brothers, father and his lover, James and Andrew fondled the brothers until they had hard erections and made them come, sharing their first orgasms with them too. Andrew knew where he wanted his life to go now. He wanted this, every night. He was willing to give up his marriage, his career, everything, to have this every day. He and James had enough to live comfortably of for the rest of their lives. They could move out here and be remote like this with the boys, train them to be good boys, and live happily. He decided to broach the subject first thing in the morning as he watched the two brothers suck for air between the dicks in their mouths as they shuddered through their first of so, so many orgasms.

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