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Subject: A New Family Dynamic Chapter One Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; please do not repost or claim as your own. This story involves sexual encounters between a man and his underage sons, as well as depictions of sex between young brothers, if you’re not into that or it’s illegal in your area, please stop reading. If you wish to comment, please send me an email at ail. If you’re interested in a similar story involving sex between adult men and young boys you can find my other stories fty//gay/adult-youth/joshs-adventures/ P.S. Please consider donating to the Nifty Archive so we can continue enjoying our erotic stories. Thank you! A New Family Dynamic, Chapter One. Even though I wished it would happen, I never really planned this. It just kind of happened, and I don’t regret it at all. Lucas is far better at this than his mother, far far better. He moves his hips up and down, moaning every time my cock slides deep inside him. Ethan, my fourteen year old son, watches and strokes himself from the other end of the bed. I grab Lucas’ shoulders and pull him closer to me, making him lose his grip and fall on top of me. He starts to laugh, which makes me laugh. I stay inside him as I tickle his sides, making him squirm to get away. “Alright, let’s switch” I tell him. Ethan looks up. “Is it my turn?” he asks. “Yes” I say, which makes Lucas whine. “Daddy! Just a little more, please?” he begs. I shake my head. “Don’t be greedy, let your brother have a turn. I promise I’ll get back to you after” I say. Lucas pouts, and I swear, it’s so adorable I want to let him keep going. Ethan straddles me, reaching back to take my cock and line it up to his pretty little boyhole. He bites his lip and lowers himself down, making me grunt as his warm hole wraps around my cock. I have a prefect view of his face: his lower lip in between his teeth, his perfect blue eyes rolled upward, his eyebrows pressed closer together. He moans his cute little boy moan right as he gets to the base of my cock. He looks at me, smiling and proud. His hands are on my chest, so I put mine on his hips, rubbing his hipbones with my thumb as he starts to lift himself up. He lowers himself down again, waits for a second, then rises. I don’t move a muscle. I let him decide what pace works for him. But only for a while, after a few more times, it’ll be my turn to decide. Lucas watches as his older brother takes my cock, slowly and carefully. escort His cock his hard as a rock, and I am tempted to reach out and touch it, but Ethan drops himself on me and lets out a cry. “Daddy!” he whimpers. I move my hands to his waist and lift up, making him pull up and letting my hard cock hit my stomach. “Is it time?” He asks. I nod at him. Ethan gets off of me, lying down on the bed next to me. I roll over and get up on my arms. Ethan places his hands on either side of his head, resting on the bed. I grab his wrists and press down, holding him in place. He looks up at me, his eyes begging me to have my way with him. I poke at his hole with my cock a few times, teasing him. He lifts up his hips and begs. “Daddy, please!” he says. I push my cock inside him, moaning as his warm, tight hole wraps around my cock, making us both shiver. I look into his eyes, his adoring, loving eyes. He’s biting his lip again, moving his body around as he gyrates his hips, moaning at the feeling of me inside him. His breathing gets faster, and watching the rise and fall of his chest and the rolling of his stomach makes me want to plow him hard enough to make him cry. But I don’t, I just keep sliding in and out of him, kissing his neck and nipples and watching as he moves his hips faster, searching for the right angle. “Oh! Daddy that’s it!” he moans. I smile at him and watch as his face twists with pleasure as he presses his prostate against the head of my cock with each slide. His voice breaks as he moans, and it’s the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever heard. I let go of his wrist and grab his cock, squeezing it tight and letting him thrust into my hand as I fuck him. I watch the roll of his little muscles on his stomach, the way his chest rises and falls with each little moan, the way he bites his lip, eyes squeezed shut, his cheeks pink and flushed as he moans and writhes under me. He has a thin layer of sweat over his face and his chest, making him glisten as he moves. I keep sliding in and out of him, struggling to resist thrusting into him faster. Ethan arches his back, clenching his hole around my cock and moaning loudly as I feel his little cock swell and squirt cum all over his chest. “Daddy! yes!” he whines as he squirts and writhes, making me bite my lip and grip his wrist harder to keep myself from finishing. He relaxes, going limp and looking at me with those eyes, thanking me as he struggles to slow down his breathing. I pull izmit escort bayan out and kiss him, sticking my tongue in his mouth and exploring him as he puts his arms around my neck and kisses me back, still breathing hard. “I love you, Daddy, I love you so much!” he whispers, almost crying. I kiss him again. “I love you too son, so much” I whisper into his ear. I get up, looking at my boy lying on my bed, covered in his own cum, looking at me like I’m the greatest thing in the whole world. “Is it my turn?” Lucas asks. I look at my twelve year old and nod. His eyes light up and he immediately lies on his back, grabbing his legs and spreading them for me. I laugh at how eager he is, how willing to take his father’s cock inside him. I go over to his side of the bed, running my hands down his thighs, making him giggle. I look at his hard cock, all four inches of it, I touch it, running my fingers down the shaft and caressing his hairless balls. He’s still perfectly smooth, though he can cum now, just a few watery spurts that tastes as sweet as he looks. “What number is this?” I ask as I run my fingers down to his little hole, a beautiful, pink little nub of puckered skin the size of a dime. “That you fuck me?” he asks. I nod. “Seventh, and four since I can cum” he says. I smile and lead down, kissing him as I slip a finger inside him. “I’m going to cum in you again. Then it’s Ethan’s turn next time” I say. Lucas nods at me, smiling and jiggling his hips. I laugh and press my cock against that puckered nub and look into his eyes as I push in, stretching him out and moaning as I feel his tight hole take me in. “Oh my god, Lucas! you’re so fucking tight!” I say. Lucas whimpers and closes his eyes as I slide inside him, one slow push all the way to the base of my cock. I can’t stand it anymore, I pull out and push back in, thrusting hard and fast a few times before I’m over the edge and I’m moaning and pulsing as I shoot inside my son, shot after shot of cum, making him whimper with each thrust. “oh my fucking god! fucking god! Lucas!” I moan as my son wiggles and shifts under me, holding on to my neck with both arms as I moan into his ear. I collapse on top of him, breathing hard, still deep inside him. I don’t want to pull out. I want to stay on top of him, my cock inside his incredibly tight hole, kissing his neck and face. I pull out anyway, rolling over between my sons and catching izmit sınırsız escort my breath. “Next time, I’ll last longer, I promise baby” I say. Lucas flips over, getting on my chest and looking down on me. “It’s okay, you fucked Ethan really long. But I still wanna cum” He says. I smiled and nod, pushing him of of me and getting between his skinny little boy legs. I slip a finger inside him, finding his prostate and flicking it as I take his entire cock in my mouth and start sucking hard. “Ohhh!” he cries as he tenses up and grabs my head. He starts thrusting into my mouth as I massage his prostate. I keep sucking, bobbing my head up and down over his cock as I press harder against his prostate and begin flicking it harder, getting hard again as the pitch of his cries get higher and higher. He thrusts like a little wild boy until he cries out and I get a squirt of his thin, sweet boy cum in my mouth, followed by another two squirts before he stops and goes limp. I don’t stop, I keep sucking him and flicking his prostate, making him grab my head and whine. “Daddy I’m done! Fuck Daddy please stop! Ahhhhhahhhhaaaaaa my god!” he whines, I stop, swallowing his cum and pulling out my finger. I get up, looking down at his small body, covered in sweat and still shivering from the orgasm, his little chest rising and falling as he struggles to catch his breath. I lay down between my sons, and Ethan turns on his side and puts and arm around me. Lucas does the same. “It’s too sensitive after I cum” he says. “I know, I just like watching you wriggle and I love hearing you whimper” I say. Lucas nods and kisses my neck. “Get to bed, you have school tomorrow.” I say. “Can we sleep in here to night, please?” Ethan asks. “Alright. I don’t see why not” I say. After a while, both of them are asleep and my mind wanders. Tomorrow is Friday, which means that I get off work early, pick up the boys, and then spend the weekend with them. Weekends have become my favorite days, and I feel like a college kid again. I work Monday through Friday, and most days I get home too stressed out and worn out from explaining how investments work to people who think they can do my job better than me; but weekends, they’re amazing. I don’t have to work, and since the divorce and the custody battle that tore my family apart and almost bankrupted me, there’s no wife to argue with, no tantrums to handle, no fights to be had. It’s just me and my three beautiful boys. Weekends have become our time, and this next weekend is going to be even better. Tomorrow, Lucas’ twin brother Liam goes from thinking that sucking his brothers is a secret, to learning that he gets to suck me as well.

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