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A NEW BEDI’d finally got what I’d always wanted, Daddy had finally talked Mom into letting me get that huge great big queen size bed. Mom’s argument was that I really didn’t need a bed that size, Daddy’s was that I was growing into a young lady and needed to feel more grown up, thus buying me the bed. What Mom didn’t know, was that no matter what I was always going to be Daddy’s little girl.Daddy and I spent all day putting the bed together, we started with the base, and worked the slats in one at a time. The bed was huge, it was made of Baltic Pine, the bed head and the foot of the bed each had a carved ball placed on the poster, I’d wanted a four poster bed for so long now. At the foot of the bed was a thick carved bar, and it stood a lot higher than most beds. I was warned by my mother that if I didn’t keep it clean under my bed she would take it back.We finally got to the stage of putting the mattress in, and that was so big and heavy, but we laughed our way through it. Daddy fell onto the bed with the mattress and I stood back laughing at him laying on the bed pretending to be dead. I was, in his eyes, always his one and only little girl, although I had turned eighteen a few months earlier. We did a lot together and we loved spending time with each other.Mom called out that she was going now, she had been called into work for a few hours. We both called our goodbyes from my room, and heard the door bang as she left.Daddy looked up at me and smiled a real devilish smile, which made me lower my head and shuffle my feet, my toe circling the floor, and my hands behind my back. “So little one, what do you say about you and me christening this bed then?”, and he winked at me.I still looked a little embarrassed, so Daddy got off the bed and came over to me, he wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned in to kiss me. His kiss made me melt into him, as my hands raised and wrapped around his strong neck. Daddy picked me up and placed me on the edge of the bed, looking me directly in the eye, his eyes said so much of his feelings for me. I’m so glad I made up the plan that I did and seduced him over at his work. We had been inseparable since.As he placed me down on my bed, my legs wrapped around him, he lent back from me and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, letting my breasts fall freely in front of him. His mouth instantly went to my right nipple, sucking and biting, licking and kissing, my head fell back and my body pushed forward. His lips moved up my body and met my lips once more, his kiss was strong and forceful, his tongue intruding my mouth dancing with my own tongue.I could feel the hardness of his body, the fact that he was letting me know that he did indeed control me, and truthfully I wouldn’t have had it any other way. My hands were now on his shoulders, as we kissed, they slowly started to move down his arms, through and onto his hips, finding his zip and undoing it, taking his cock in my hands and stroking like I knew he liked, softly but with enough strength to pleasure him. He leaned back for me and I slid from the bed, taking the tip of his cock in my mouth and kissing it. My tongue slipped out of my mouth slowly licking around the head of his cock.My hands were at the base of his kaynarca escort cock now, holding with a certain amount of pressure as my mouth opened and his cock slid easily into my moistness, my hands met my mouth half way along his thickness, as my mouth and hands worked together to give Daddy the pleasure that he loved. Moving my hands my mouth continued down Daddy’s thick hard cock to the base. One thing Daddy had taught me in the time we had been together was how to give him a blow job that he would remember, and how to do it without feeling uncomfortable, as Daddy’s cock was thick, very thick.I moved my mouth back along his cock to the tip, and felt his hands move to my head, I looked up and saw him smile at me, licking around the tip once again, I licked the underside of his cock gently with just the tip of my tongue to the base of his cock, licking with the flat of my tongue when I moved back to the tip, Daddy let out a moan of pleasure as I opened my mouth and once again took his cock in. He pushed forward this time making me take his cock to the back of my throat, I sucked a little harder my hands now moving to his ass as I pushed him into me, rubbing his ass at the same time. Daddy started to thrust his hips and I sucked a little harder and faster, I licked the underside of his cock with each thrust in and sort of blew with each thrust out, trying so hard to please him. Daddy pulled my head from his cock and I pouted at him, but he lifted his fingers to my mouth and hushed me.Lifting me from my knees he lay me down on the bed, my eyes looked at him for some sort of offer of what was happening. He just smiled at me as he lay me with my head at the base of my bed and my feet towards the headboard. The bed had been in a certain amount of wrapping and Daddy bent to pick up one of the plastic ties, taking and moving me up the bed so that my knees bent and my feet were flat against the headboard, he tied my foot with the tie to the base of one of the big carved balls. Climbing over me and doing the same to my other foot, as he climbed over me I could feel the hardness of his cock against my stomach.He straddled my stomach, taking my hands in his and lifting them above my head, kissing me roughly on the lips. He sat upward and took both of my hands into one of his, leaving one of his hands free, he lifted the free hand and started to smack my breasts hard and fast, I couldn’t kick out with my legs and his strength on my arms was too much for me. Daddy knew that I loved to feel the pain, so he kept smacking therm harder and harder, and I could feel his cock getting harder against my stomach.He moved up my body and placed his cock between my breasts, pressing hard on the fleshy outer of my breasts, my god did they sting. As he pushed forward the tip of his hard cock touched my lips, after three thrusts I started to lick the tip of his cock, Daddy was smiling down on me, and could see how much I was enjoying this new play with him.Daddy thrust a few more times and then moved further up my body, straddling my face, his knees either side of my head, but he didn’t have to restrain my hands any more as I was enjoying this as much as he was. I took his cock deep into my throat, orhanlı escort as with each thrust forward he would feed more into my mouth.I sucked long and hard, my hands now moving up and touching his thighs, slowly moving up to rest on his ass, I started to move my fingers to his asshole and slowly pushed one in, I knew Daddy loved this so I slowly started to move it in and out and in a circular movement, sucking and licking his cock the whole time.Daddy was forcing his cock into my mouth as far as it would go, and I felt I was going to gag, but it just made me want him to do it more. Daddy started to fuck my face faster, as I was now working two fingers in his ass, Daddy started to get ready to cum “Oh baby, Daddy is going to cum Baby”.I sucked as hard and fast as I could and got ready to swallow as much of him as I could. I worked my fingers fast and sucked hard, as he came with such force that he squirted half of his cum straight down my throat, actually making me gag, but I swallowed most of him, the rest fell down my checks and neck and into my hair. Daddy stayed there so that I could clean him all off, and smiled at me, as he stroked my face he said “good girl, good, good girl”. I felt so loved and wanted.Daddy lifted one leg over me and lay next to me, holding my face in his hands he kissed me, nothing in the world turned me on as much as him tasting himself off me, when he did that I nearly came on the spot. His tongue entered my mouth, searching for himself, then he took my tongue and sucked hard on it, making me giggle uncontrollably. One hand left my face and moved down to my now dripping wet pussy, he wasn’t at all gentle with me as he roughly stuck his middle finger deep into my pussy, getting as much of my juice as he could on his finger, he lifted his finger to his mouth and licked it clean before leaning into me once again and letting me now taste myself.Daddy then crawled between my legs, still tied to the bed head, and started to kiss the tops of my thighs, slowly working to my pussy, licking along the outer walls and along my slit, working up ever so slowly to my clit, stoping every so often to just let me feel his hot breath on my pussy. My hands moved up and started to pinch and pull on my nipples before they moved down and held onto his that were now wrapped around the tops of my thigh’s.Daddy licked along my slit and then made his tongue hard and round before pressing it into my pussy, which made me push my body down onto his tongue, then he moved his tongue back to my clit before he bit down on my clit but shoved two fingers deeply into my pussy at the same time. Oh god he was sending me over the edge, and then he did send me over the edge when he moved his fingers from my pussy into my ass, my body tensed and I let out one hell of a scream as I came, my body thrashing all over the bed, as my juices fell freely from my soaking pussy. Daddy licked all my juices off me, kissing slowly back up my body, to my mouth, once again letting me taste myself off him.I was now truly in heaven, and this felt oh so right. Daddy started to kiss my neck, and I could feel his hardness once again against my mound, pressing hard against me now, I bucked my hips up so that tepeören escort he knew I wanted him, needed him inside me.Daddy slowly slid his cock against my slit, rubbing it over my clit, making me beg him “Daddy please Fuck me, Please Daddy”.He looked at me and said in his authoritative voice “Pardon baby, did you want Daddy to fuck you, is that what you want?””Oh god yes Daddy, please Daddy, I’ll be good girl, I promise Sir”.He let out a small laugh and then in one swift move his cock was buried deep within my pussy, it felt like he had impaled me onto something hot and sharp. His hands once again moved to my breasts as he smacked them from side to side while my body thrashed around the bed under him. I was pushing my feet hard against the headboard and my muscles kept tightening around his cock, sucking him in then pushing him out.”Fuck me you bastard” I screamed at him.That made him madder than ever, and as his hand came down sharply across my face, I came, screaming out louder and harder than I ever had before. His hand came down again across my other cheek before he used it as a gag to keep me quiet. I couldn’t get enough of this as his cock pounded my pussy raw, he wasn’t being at all gentle with me, it was as if he wanted revenge for something, and yet at the same time I could see the love for me in his eyes, the knowing that this was what I wanted and he knew how to give it to me.He forced his cock deep into my pussy, grinding his hips once he had it the whole way in, making it hit every wall, his hands were now squeezing and pinching my breasts. Leaving marks on them. He used my breasts as handles to lift my body and push it back down, treating me like the little slut that he knew was in there. His little slut.He started to get rougher with me, slapping my face and hitting my body, and all this was making me cum one after the other, I must have cum five times in a row before he even thought about cumming. He slammed his cock deep into my pussy, smashing his hair against my smoothness, he dropped down hard onto my body, his whole body weight on me now, he lifted his hips, the head of his cock now at the entrance of my pussy, dropping his weight once more he came deep inside me, just at that point he bit down on my neck, making me cum hard and fast, our bodies were just a mess of sweat and cum.His hands wrapped around my body holding me tightly, he wasn’t about to let go off me, he wanted me to know that no matter how much pain he put me through, he loved me and would never actually hurt me, he only did it because he knew it was what I wanted.We lay and held each other, kissing and talking, his hands roaming my body and stroking each mark he had made, before he said that we had better get cleaned up as Mom was due home any moment. He walked me to the bathroom and ran a bath for me, the marks around my ankles from the ties would probably be there a while and I was going to have to wear something to cover them. He sat on the edge of the bath and cleaned me all up, lifting me from the bath and drying me, in between kissing my sore red, marked body.He dressed me and helped me make my bed, kissing me again and saying “well at least we know now there is room for Daddy to make his night time visits baby”. We both laughed.We made it downstairs just as Mom pulled up the driveway, we must have looked like two Cheshire cats when she walked in, all smiles and happiness.Our little secret, and one that I secretly hoped would never end.

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