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A NEPHEW VISITSSamantha Day was exhausted as she drove into the shaded driveway of her Southern California home. She had decided to take a half day at the office, something you got to do when you were the boss, and enjoy the sunny Friday afternoon. It was a sweltering ninety degrees but that was exactly how Samantha liked it. All the more reason to get naked.Walking through her front door she came into her large Spanish style home, stripping off her form fitting business suit with every step. First came her black pinstriped jacket that revealed a good portion of her large cleavage, then the white silk blouse that was almost transparent with sweat. She unzipped the tight pinstripe skirt that fit her shapely ass like a glove and let it fall to the floor.Standing in only her black designer bra, thong, and hose, she was angry to see that the living room was a mess. Dishes were still out, some of her daughters’ clothes were s**ttered about, and the furniture was out of order.Did Maria not come today?Samantha thought about the timid little Mexican girl she had hired not a month ago to come and clean three times a week. Maria was a scared, quiet, and easily intimidated worker, just the kind that Samantha liked. Samantha liked that Maria worked for pennies on the dollar and had learned to not be uncomfortable when Samantha strutted about the house naked or had sex by the pool with one of her much younger boy-toys, but right now the domineering business woman was considering firing the lazy little bitch.Samantha sat on the couch and peeled off her hose before messaging her feet a little. Wearing high heels all day hurt like hell but it made her killer ass stand out more, and Samantha relied on her looks as much as her iron will to get ahead in the man’s world of advertising. There wasn’t a man at her firm she couldn’t break like a twig, save for one particular stud, Brock Jackson, the chairman of her firm’s board of directors. He was chiseled from stone, both his mind and his body, and more than once Samantha got wet just by thinking about him. Too bad he had a slutty little twenty something for a new wife, otherwise Samantha was sure she could get her claws in him..Freeing her giant tits from the restraints of her bra Samantha got up and climbed the stairs to her bedroom, leaving her expensive négligée hanging on the handrail. She intentionally left her things laying about, cleaning up after one’s self was a sign of submission, something for a mousy housewife to do, and Samantha Day was not a fucking housewife. She was a cougar.Besides, she had two daughters, a son, and that lazy wetback Maria to clean up after her.She left her sweaty thong in the hallway and entered her room naked save for her diamond earrings, which she carefully replaced to a locked wooden box. Feeling a little horny she grabbed a towel, some sunscreen, a vibrator, and an erotic novel she was working through before heading out to the pool. On the way she saw herself in the mirror and admired the hotness that she still was, even at 45. She never missed a trip to the gym, and some very expensive and discreet surgery had gone into keeping her tits as high and round as they had been in her twenties. She had never breast fed any of her three brats, not if it meant letting her large, perfect fuck-pillows turn into dripping milk-bags. Her skin was tan, mostly because of a spray, but it certainly wasn’t as smooth as it once was, and sunspots had appeared on some parts of her body. She was curvy, thick even, but not fat, and her long brown hair fell to the middle of her back. Her emerald green eyes stood out radically, which she loved. She cut men in half with those eyes. But as she went around the side of her house to the pool area she heard the familiar sounds of sex in the air. It was close, too close to be one of her neighbors (who were not the type to have sex outside anyway). It was coming from her backyard, right next to the pool.Could it have been her eldest daughter, Sadie? She actually hoped so. Already 25 and yet Sadie rarely had any boyfriends. She was tall and skinny, pale skin unlike her mother, and she had shorter brown hair that fell to her shoulders and was highlighted blonde. She had medium sized breasts, but she was so skinny they really popped. Samantha had worried her oldest was a lesbian, but there was certainly the sounds of a man grunting coming from the pool.Was it her youngest daughter, Daisy? No, she was 18 now but much too young to be fucking the way these two obviously were. Daisy was especially cute, with short brown hair and big green eyes she retained the look of a much younger girl, which unfortunately meant that she was as flat as a board. At least Daisy had a boyfriend though, who was an idiot, but at least he was cute, and if what Samantha thought was true he had a good dick. Samantha did not believe for a second that the porno level grunting she was hearing could come from her sweet little Daisy.Could it be her son, Mark? Ha! That made Samantha want to laugh. Mark was a weak little nerd, no chance he’d ever get some pussy back here.Then suddenly it occurred to Samantha that it might be Maria. Was that little slut getting fucked by some Mexican stud on Samantha’s property? Did this happen often? Samantha almost never got home this early, for all she knew Maria was having orgies all over her house with all of her gangster amigos.Well Samantha was going to put an end to that.Samantha walked right to the pool area carrying her things, not bothering to cover nudity an any way. She was horny and she was pissed. Just as she suspected, there was Maria bouncing up and down on some spic’s lap, moaning like a fucking bitch, her brown tits bouncing up and down like two little basketballs, and her brown hair roughly messed up.Samantha couldn’t see whatever beaner it was laying in the pool chair fucking his maid, but she was going to call the police on him, as soon as she was down slapping the shit out of Maria.”You little bitch,” Samantha spoke up, hands resting on her wide naked hips. “Is this what I’m paying you for?””Señora Day!” the frightened Maria almost screamed. She hurried to cover her breasts, but the man under her never stopped thrusting his large cock into her dripping cunt, so Maria lost control and started moaning. “I sorry, I sorry, I . . . oh . . . AY PAPI I’M CUMMING!!!”The stud under the climaxing maid had to hold on to her hips to keep her on. She was bucking up and down like a wild horse was under her, even though her lover barely wasn’t moving much anymore. Finally he lost control of her, or he just gave up, and Maria fell to the ground shaking like a maniac and spraying from her pussy like a water-balloon had popped up her cunt.Samantha was so shocked (and aroused) by her maid’s amazing orgasm that she didn’t recognize the stud who had just fucked her at first. It was her nephew, Bobby Scagliotti.”Bobby?” Samantha announced with surprise. “What the fuck are you doing here?” But the only thing she could really focus on was her nephew’s perfect body. She had always known her sister’s son was hunk, but seeing him naked and covered in sweat was an orgasm for the eyes. He was a lean mass of perfect sculpted muscle, his face devilish and handsome, and his black messy hair was just begging to be touched. Most amazing of all was his monster cock. Almost a foot’s worth of pulsing, wet, iron-hard, mind-destroying, pussy-breaking meat stood right below Samantha’s wide blue eyes. He was perfect. “Oh, hey Aunt Sammy,” he greeted nonchalantly. “Thinking you’d do some nude sunbathing huh? That’s cool.”Suddenly Samantha was reminded that she was completely naked. She was often naked around her own c***dren, it was part of her dominance, but the idea that this perfect sexual being was studying her, and that he was her nephew, made her blush from head to toe. Her tan may have hid it though. The only tan-line burdur escort she had was the outline of a tiny thong that rode high up her hips. She left it there on purpose because she thought it was hot. She tried to cover herself for a moment, but gave up when she realized that made her look weak.”Asshole,” she was angry, but her voice was husky. “I asked what the fuck you are doing here, fucking my maid, naked by my pool? Answers!”He shrugged like he didn’t give a shit. “Mom is on a month long trip to Jamaica with some rich banker dude she’s been fucking, but knowing her she won’t be there a day before she leaves him for the first big black cock to come her way. Since I was gonna be alone I thought I’d come by and hang with you guys for the rest of summer.””So you just moved into my house? Without asking me first?” Samantha was pissed. She hated unannounced guests, even if they were hard studs. “Sure. I’m a spontaneous kind of guy.” He smiled like he had done nothing inconsiderate at all. “So what about this shit?” Samantha asked pointing at the passed out Mexican maid. Maria had feinted after her orgasm. “Oh, Melina?””Maria,” Samantha corrected.”Whatever. Look, I haven’t busted a nut in two weeks, she was here, she was willing, I like spicy food, so I fucked her. What’s the problem with that?”Samantha couldn’t bring herself to answer. Her body was boiling over with equal parts rage and arousal. And what was he complaining about going two weeks without sex? Was that really a long time for him? Was he that virile? Before Samantha could come up with something to say Maria started to stir. She got up and blinked in confusion, not remembering where she was. Before she got a chance to remember the back of Samantha’s hand, the hand with a diamond ring on it, struck her in the face with the force of a professional boxer. Maria practically spun through the air before landing painfully on the concrete poolside. “Stand up you dirty fence-hopping slut! I said stand the fuck up!” Samantha yelled at the terrified girl who was now bleeding from her busted lip.”Señora Day, I am so sorry, I-“”Shut the fuck up whore, don’t even pretend you know fucking English. I pay you to clean. Comprende? Not fuck. Clean.”” Sí, I mean, yes. Yes, I clean.” Maria was crying and trying to cover her sweaty nakedness as the giant bitch stood over her, also naked. “Good. Now go clean my house before I shove my foot so far up your dirty cunt my knee touches your clit. Go!”Not even bothering to get dressed Maria complied with her instructions. She ran into the house and started cleaning, never even looking back and the monstrous bitch who seemed ready to kill at a moment’s notice.”Damn,” Bobby whistled. “I like to talk some shit when I’m horny too, but you take it to another level. You were so scary I almost lost my hard-on.”To Samantha’s amazement her nephew was in fact sill hard. His eleven inches of thick iron stuck straight up like a flagpole. Something deep inside her body told her to just go over to him and sit on it, but she resisted her a****listic urge. This was her sister’s son after all.”It’s about dominance. No one will respect you if you don’t have dominance.” That was Samantha’s philosophy of life, and it had worked well so far.Bobby chuckled. “I bet you got all kinds of whips and chains and shit under your bed. I’ve fucked a few crazy chicks like you. They all act like their in charge, and they wanna be on top, but this,” he said while stroking his sex-hammer, “conquers all.”To Samantha that sounded like a challenge, and if it had come from any other man she would have fucked him to within an inch of his life, just to show him how weak he was, but she couldn’t do that to Bobby. “Look,” she changed the subject. “You can stay here for the weekend, but that’s it, then you’re on the first bus home. I’m not putting up another brat for the rest of the summer. And while you’re here no more pussy. This is my house, I’m the only one who fucks here.” Samantha didn’t wait for a response and dove into the water, giving Bobby a very generous view of her round ass as she did so. The water was warm but the sudden shock of it sent shivers through her body, and suddenly she was aware of how absolutely horny she was. She did a few laps hoping that would calm her down, but it didn’t. If anything the smooth water gliding over her swollen mound pushed her further into her sexual daze. She felt like a time bomb ready to explode.She climbed out of the pool and was amazed that she could actually feel every drop of water dripping of her curvaceous body. Despite this heightened awareness she had never felt so out of it. She use to do d**gs, part of her hard-party lifestyle as a young woman, but this was different. It was amazing. She saw her arrogant nephew watching her. He was just laying there as if there wasn’t anything awkward about his preposterous genitals standing erect, or his aunt’s soaking nudity. She slowly walked over to where he was, her tits and ass jiggling with every step. She took the pool chair next to him and relaxed, letting the hot California sun dry her off. She knew she was hot, she couldn’t help it. Her breasts heaved with every labored breath, and her pussy mound was more swollen than it had been in years, not since she dated the black boxer who had used her cunt like a punching bag. She tried to cross her legs but it hurt, her pussy was just too ripe, so she just laid there with her legs spread like a horny slut.She felt like she was going to fall asleep when a steady whacking sound got her attention. Her nephew was masturbating right next to her. Even though he could have used both hands on his monster he just slowly stroked it with one, concentrating mostly on his bulbous head.”Bobby, that’s not appropriate,” Samantha weakly scolded. Her voice was incredible husky.”C’mon, Aunt Samantha. Gimme a break. I already told you I haven’t busted a nut in two weeks and watching you swim made me feel like my balls are going to pop. It hurts, you know?””You just fucked Maria, how are you still hard?” Samantha ignored the part about how she made him horny, although the fact both delighted and frustrated her.”She came like three times, but she never got me off. I don’t think she’s very experienced.” He was clearly frustrated, almost in pain. “She just got me to the edge, but getting me to bust is the hardest part.””Then go take care of yourself inside. There is some lotion in the bathroom.” Samantha couldn’t believe she was giving her nephew instructions on how and where to jerk off.”That’s not gonna do it. I need some visual stimulation.””Mark probably has all kinds of porn on his computer.” Samantha was aware of her son’s pathetic masturbatory addiction. “It’s mostly that Japanese cartoon stuff though.””No, I hate that hentai shit. I need a real woman.” He started beating himself so hard that it looked painful, but Samantha could tell her nephew wasn’t getting any closer to the hard-earned release he deserved. She wondered if he had been serious about his testicles hurting. Could he really be in pain? Did his body just produce so much semen that he needed to release it regularly?”Aunt Samantha, I feel weird asking this, but can you help me out here?”The implication of his request almost gave Samantha a heart attack. “What?””My balls, you know. I’m really backed up here. It’s not good for my health. Can you loosen me up a bit?” He was serious, and his devilish eyes even seemed sincere in their pleading.”What are you asking me to do exactly?” Samantha’s heart was thumping in her chest, her pussy ready to pop.Bobby looked into her eyes. His face was more handsome than the devil’s. “I want you to come over here and suck my dick. I want you to massage my balls, and I want you to wrap my cock in your giant tits and pump. Anything, just help me cum.”Samantha had nothing to say to her nephew’s request. She stood escort burdur up and walked the three steps to the foot of his chair and knelt down so that her large breasts rested on his the inside of his muscular thighs. She watched a smirk grew ever large on his face, realizing with every moment that his hot aunt was actually going to service his eager cock.She smirked back and then devoted her attention to the sexual idol pulsing upward from between her breasts. With little hesitation she reached out with both hands and began slowly stroking his impressive shaft. It was so long she really did need both hands, and it was so thick that her thumbs barely touched her fingers. She leaned over just a little to give the tip of his massive tool a sexy little kiss. She barely grazed him with her lips, but it sent a shiver through his muscular body all the same. She giggled. She loved controlling men through their sex-sticks. She was going to enjoy playing with her sister’s perfect son, even if it meant getting a little rough with him.”If you ever tell anyone about this, especially your mom, I will kill you,” Samantha promised, although it was clear at this point she was ready to do anything and everything to her nephew. Bobby didn’t respond but he laughed a little, excited about the service he was about to receive.Without anymore thought or worthless talk Samantha got started. Her slow gentle strokes become faster and stronger, eventually she was pumping him like a machine. A lesser cock would have broken under such aggressive pressure, but for Bobby it was merely foreplay. Samantha took a hand away to play with his balls a little. They were both as big as apricots and each were pulsing like little hearts, threatening to pop from the copious liquid within. She squeezed them both pretty hard, expecting Bobby to yelp in pain, but he never did. It seemed his package could take some punishment. That was good to know, Samantha loved torturing boy-balls and punishing them to point of almost popping. Her own son was a little faggot compared to Bobby. Mark couldn’t take a single knee to his pea-sized pebbles without puking. Samantha went back to pumping him with both hands and finally brought her experienced mouth down to her nephew’s mammoth appendage. This boy was in for a treat, Samantha thought, there was simply no way this young punk had ever gotten a blowjob half as good as the kind she could give. Samantha was an experienced cocksucker, and it had been well known throughout her high school, college, graduate school, and places of work that she could suck a man inside out through his cock. The only time she had ever known a woman to suck better than her was Catalina, her sister, and Bobby’s mother. They had dated a few of the same men and she hated hearing that Cat blew better than she did. Samantha had even seen her sister’s supernatural suck-skills first hand when they had doubled-up on a cute surfer-boy they met one summer. Samantha and Cat had taken turns fucking his brains out, each trying to win him for their self, but as soon as Cat’s sucker-lips went down on that blonde surf-god’s salty cock it was all over. She sucked his soul out, and she owned him after that. Samantha planned to get back at her sister by doing the same to Bobby. But Samantha’s plan to fuck Bobby into submission was not going smoothly. Despite her mouth being well acquainted with cock she still found herself having trouble taking in her nephew. His head was as big as c***d’s fist and as hard as rock. Her jaw strained just getting the smelly, wet hammer into her mouth. She didn’t want to go to quickly, so she spent a few minutes just licking his slit and sucking on the head like it was a big piece of candy.”How does Mexican pussy taste?” he chuckled down at her as she struggled with him/Shit! In her sexual haze and eagerness to help her nephew Samantha had actually forgotten that he had been fucking Maria just minutes ago. She was aware of it now though, the sweet but fishy smell of wet pussy was soaked into the salty musk of his cock. Samantha thought she should back off and spit out the juices in her mouth, maybe even force Bobby to wash off, but she didn’t care. She couldn’t stop now even if she wanted to. Maria’s cunt tasted pretty could anyway.”Fuck you,” Samantha finally shot back, but it was though a wicked smile as she kissed and licked Bobby’s full length. She gathered all of the saliva that had been pooling in her mouth and she spat it out on the head of Bobby’ cock, then she began working the spit all over his giant penis, getting it all slippery and wet. Bobby reaction was one of approval. He knew she was lubing him up so she could take more of him.Samantha stopped stroking for a moment so she could concentrate on feeding the massive shaft down her well-used throat, but every inch felt like a mile. Samantha was sure she had deepthroated longer cocks than Bobby’s, but maybe she never had one so thick before. It was absolutely rigid too. Usually even a hard cock would bend a little, but Bobby’s pole was of solid steel. She was only about five inches down when her gag reflex started to act up, something that had not happened to her since high school. She tried to control it but then Bobby’s cock twitched, maybe because he was excited by the sound of his aunt gagging. Normally a little twitch would be no problem for Samantha, but a twitch from his cock felt like someone had just smacked her in the throat with a baseball bat. She backed off the mere five inches she had taken and started coughing like someone with lung cancer, spit and pussy-juice drooling from her mouth and all over her heaving tits. This hadn’t happened to her since high school when she tried deepthroating the football team’s offensive tackle for the first time, and his black cock was just as big as this white boy’s. Was she out of practice?”Take your time Aunt Sammy,” Bobby teased her. “Not a lot of women can take this cock. Hell, the first time a girl tried to deepthroat me I dislocated her jaw. An old girl like you doesn’t want to hurt herself.” “Shut up you arrogant little shit!” Samantha huffed back between coughs. “Don’t underestimate me. I’ve sucked more cock than you can imagine. I’ve deepthroated niggers who were hung like horses. I’m going take that stupid dick of yours and I’m going to suck you dry and leave you crying for mercy! Do you got that, bitch?”Bobby was a little impressed by his aunt’s shit-talk, but he just smirked and laughed at her. Furious, Samantha stood up fully and bent over to take his cock again. This time, instead of kneeling, her legs were fully extended and her large ass stuck straight up in the air. This way she had a better angle to take in more of his cock.Her throat was loosened up now and she retook the lost five inches with little effort, but she struggled and choked for the next six. Bobby didn’t give her any help either, with his hands resting behind his head, instead of pushing her down. The fit was extremely tight, and Samantha had given up on trying to breath with her throat bulging in every direction with cock. She could actually feel his heartbeat on her tongue.Finally she made it and she felt her chin resting against his giant, swollen balls. She wanted to look up at him and say “I told you so,” but the rigidity of his cock was dictating how much she could move, which was very little. Now that she had all of his monstrosity swallowed down her expert gullet she began to move up and down, fucking him with her tight throat. He moaned as she started going, obviously enjoying the tight wetness of his aunt’s stuffed mouth. But Samantha was having trouble. She could only breathe a little on her backward motions, and his cock was just so thick that she couldn’t do any of her little tongue tricks that pushed men over the edge. She could play this boy like a flute if she could just move her tongue burdur escort bayan a little. Perhaps there was such think as a cock being too big.As if reading her mind, Bobby put his strong hands on the back of his aunt’s head. “I know you trying Aunt Samantha, but this isn’t going to do it.” Suddenly his hands turned into fists and he grabbed handfuls of his her hair and plunged her head fully down on his iron bar. His cockhead slammed against the back of throat, his balls slapped against her chin, and her nose was buried in the hairless skin of his musky crotch.He suddenly stood up, still holding his death-grip to the back of her head. His giant cock changing angles so suddenly while buried down her throat almost caused her neck to snap. Now he was standing and she was on her ass, but his cock was still balls-deep down her throat, and his hands pushed her even hard into his muscular stomach.”Sorry Aunt Samantha,” he looked down with false sincerity. “But I really need to bust this nut, and your weak-ass little blowjob isn’t going to do it.”Samantha realized she was crying, partly because of the pain from this cock splitting her apart but mostly because of the shame. She couldn’t please this young punk? She couldn’t make her nephew cum? That was impossible, Samantha Day destroyed boys like this shithead.”I hope you don’t mind some skull-fucking,” Bobby smirked. Samantha tried to protest but it was too late. Bobby began shaking her head off and on to his cock like he was masturbating into a towel. He was fucking her throat like he wanted to kill her. Samantha struggled and pushed and even tried to bite down, but nothing stopped the power of her nephew’s jackhammering **** machine. Samantha began to cock again but the spit had nowhere to go except down her beaten throat. She couched, and spit shot out of her noise, making it even harder to breathe. Samantha’s eyes began to roll up into the back of her skull as the light faded. She as blacking out.Just before Samantha was about to lose consciousness Bobby finally busted his nut. He roared like a lion and his cock swelled to an even greater thickness. Samantha thought her jaw would break as the first blast of semen shot straight into her stomach. The next shot two shots were the same, going directly into her gut as Bobby held her head tightly against his ballsack. He let go and the forth shot hit Samantha in the back of the throat, impacting with enough force to leave a bruise. With an audible ‘POP’ his spewing demon burst from her ****d mouth and he began ejaculating all over her face. An entire layer of thick, salty cum coated her fucked-over face as the lion roared his victory.He leaned over and grabbed her so roughly by her tits that Samantha thought her implants might pop. Even after her throat had almost been broken she still screamed out in sharp pleasures as he twisted her large, dark nipples upward and began stroking his cock with her overripe tits, pumping the remaining semen from his exploding balls. Long strands of semen flew up into the air and rained back down on Samantha, covering her tits, mouth, face, and hair in her nephew’s salty dominance. He laughed wickedly and moaned as two weeks’ worth of sexual frustration (an eon for him) was released all at once. Tears rolled down his face as the indescribable sensation finally began to fade. For Bobby Scagliotti sex wasn’t just about conquest, it was about sanity. These last two week without release had been the longest of his life. His erections had been uncontrollable, his sleep was broken by hot, erotic dreams that woke him screaming and tearing at the sheets. He sometimes wondered if he was a mutant or something, that his libido was unnatural powerful, but moments like this made him feel proud of his freakish appetites.Bobby finally sat down in the chair and slowly massaged his now sensitive, finally deflated monster. Sperm was still leaking from the head and it splashed over his muscular chest like large drops of nectar. He looked down at his prideful aunt and laughed as her say her broken face trying to suck up all of the semen that covered her. Her fingers glided over her tits and face gathering the thick seed as she shoveled it into her mouth. Bobby had always been told that his semen was delicious. He scooped up a small amount and tasted it himself. It was salty and warm, but also sweet like pineapple. He didn’t get it, but all the kittens went wild for his cream.”You’re still hard,” his aunt admired with her husky voice. He looked down and saw that she had regained some of her composure, but nothing of her dominance was left. She was broken, like every woman before her. He was still hard though, not as hard as he had been before busting. He’d be hard for another fifteen minutes probably. His aunt licked her cum-soaked lips while looking at his cock. “Fuck me,” she demanded.”What?” he jokingly asked.”I want you to fuck me, you stud. You’re amazing. I’ve never seen a cock explode like that, and your cum tastes amazing.” She licked her fingers as she complimented him. “I don’t care if you’re my nephew, it’s not my fault that my sister popped out a godly hunk like you. I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. I want you to pump that bitch-breaker into me until my hips shatter. I want you to kill my pussy. I want to feel you cum inside my ****d cunt and use me like a semen-toilet. Fuck! I think I want you to impregnate me. Please, fuck me, just fuck me now!” She sat down on the blisteringly hot concrete and spread her legs. Hey pussy was so swollen that it looked like a melon with a slice taken out of it. It was practically pulsing as it dripped in anticipation of penetration. Her breathing was ragged and fast, her eyes like an a****l’s in heat. She was ready to explode at the fist touch.”Aunt Samantha,” Bobby smiled arrogantly down at the desperate whore, “I don’t think that is appropriate.”Samantha’s face turned to desperate shock and confusion. “What? But . . . I just fucking sucked your cock!””A blowjob is just a blowjob,” he laughed at her as he stood up, giving her one more look at his hard body. “I needed the release and like a caring aunt you helped me out. Thanks, but fucking you would be . . . wrong. You know, i****t isn’t cool.” He began to walk back to the house, his perfect ass flexing with every step.Samantha was crying. Water was pouring from her eyes and her cunt. She had never been this horny before, this ready for back-breaking sex. She was sure it was going to be the best sex of her life, and he was walking away from her. Abandoning her after using her mouth like a sextoy. “Come back,” she furiously begged. “Get back here this instant and fuck me you stupid piece of shit! You faggot mother-fucking shit! Fuck me!”Just then Bobby found the dildo that she had brought out with her. It was half hidden under her towel when he pulled it out and tossed it to her like it was a bone for a dog. “Here bitch, use this to pop that dirty cunt of yours. I’m going to go see if Maria wants to take a shower with me. Is it okay if we use your bathroom?” but he didn’t wait for any answer. “Thanks, bye.” And he was gone. Samantha tried to stand but she couldn’t, her legs just gave out. She was too horny to move. Desperately she grabbed for the dildo Bobby had tossed at her. She started to use it, but not in any gentle way. She stabbed her swollen cunt like an a****l she was trying to kill, like she was trying to bust open a coconut. She stabbed herself so hard it hurt, but finally she started to cum. Her orgasm was like a fire-hydrant exploding. Clear water and pussy juice poured out her pussy in a flood she had never seen before, soaking the hot concrete around her. The pain and pleasure were unbearable, it was ripping her mind and body apart like a ragdoll in a tornado. She fell onto the ground twitching like a dying fish as her deadly orgasm finally began to subside. Just before blacking out she promised to herself that before that little shit nephew of hers went home she was going to fuck her brains out. She was going to make him her bitch. That she promised, and the bright California sky went black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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