A Musical Journey

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Music lesson 1

Let me tell you about a marvellous but unusual experience I have had over the past month.

At the grand old age of 38, I am learning to play the clarinet and having regular lessons. I am a simple soul with little life experience, having married my childhood sweetheart at the age of 19. I must have been terribly naive over the years and not noticed the obvious. My husband is now happily cohabiting with a man called Brian!

My world fell apart as you can imagine when I found out that my husband preferred men. I had wondered why he didn’t seem to have much of a sex drive, but as I have only ever been with him thought this was normal. My self confidence has been in tatters as a result and I have been feeling very alone in the world.

A work friend of mine has been nagging me to ‘get out there’ and meet people. She advised me to join a social club, do online dating, and take up a musical instrument. I decided that out of these suggestions, taking up an instrument was the most attractive option. I haven’t picked up the clarinet in 25 years, but decided to give it a go…

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I am shy, and perhaps come across as a bit ‘mousy’. I have long curly auburn hair and a small trim figure, but confess to often just blending into the background.

My clarinet teacher frightens me. He is tall, dark haired and brusque in manner with very little time for small-talk or idiots it would seem. When teaching me, he ‘barks’ out orders impatiently, sometimes whilst texting or shuffling through papers. I don’t think he’d actually made eye contact with me once or acknowledged my existence during previous lessons!

Four weeks ago, he was trying to teach me a simple enough piece of music which involved playing a series of notes quite quickly, but softly ‘a la Pianissimo’. The more I tried, the worse I got.

“Try again,” he said whilst clearly emailing someone on his phone.

The next time I attempted to play the piece, he threw down a sheaf of papers in disgust.

“This is an offence to my ears!” he blurted.

By this time, I was shaking and very close to tears.

“Don’t you realise?” he ‘barked’ whilst rummaging through a sheaf of music. “This should be played gently, softly, beautifully like caressing the soft parts of a woman orally.”

I wondered if I had heard him correctly. Surely he hadn’t said what I thought he said?

“Well, what do you think?” he enquired, still busy with his scores of music.

“Um…I don’t know,” I whispered, looking at the floor.

“Speak up, I didn’t hear that,” was his response.


More silence.

Terrible, uncomfortable silence…

He then abruptly looked up from his papers.

“Take your knickers off!” he commanded.

I remained paralysed to the spot, shaking, looking down at my feet.

More silence.

I heard him throw the scores of music to the floor crossly, move towards my chair, and pause in front of me.

“Stand up!” he ordered.

I nervously managed somehow to stand up, but wasn’t able to look at him. In what seemed like seconds, I felt his hands push my skirt up to my waist then roughly and impatiently pull my knickers down. I was then pushed back into my chair and my knickers discarded.

“I will show you how to play,” he muttered crossly, and knelt down and parted my legs.

By this time, my thighs were trembling and the embarrassment I felt was inordinate. How could this be happening? Then, I felt his tongue just softly probing my clit. I let out an involuntary cry and felt a gush of moisture between my legs! He stopped then, and actually looked at me for the first time and held my gaze. His gaze diverted to the undressed part of me, then back to my face again.

“You actually have a beautiful cunt and you are wet,” he murmured, touching me and smearing the moisture gently all the way to my arse.

“I think I will play you some more,” he said, and proceeded to lick me slowly and gently until I was practically writhing with pleasure and frustration.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please!”

But he carried bahis firmaları on playing me ‘a la Pianissimo’.

Now not caring anymore, it was my turn to lose patience with him. I sat back in the chair, wrapped my legs around his neck, put my hands behind his head and pulled his whole face in. I held his head there firmly and moved against his face desperately. He seemed to approve of this, and at last began to play me with a little more ‘Fortissimo’, eating me, licking me enthusiastically from front to back.

I could feel my pleasure rapidly building, pulled his face in harder, and screamed out loud as the climax ripped through my whole body! I held his head there so that he could feel every bit of it! As it subsided, I let him go and lay back in the chair panting, recovering.

When I looked up again, he was looking at me quizzically.

“I think you are now learning,” is all he said.

Music lesson 2

So as you can imagine, I didn’t know what to expect when contemplating my next clarinet lesson. I had come away from the previous one feeling surprised but deliciously filthy and sexy. My scary impatient teacher appeared to have awoken something in me that I hadn’t realised was there.

I decided to put in some preparation before my next lesson to make sure that I looked my best. Upon arriving at my music teacher’s building, I was told by a stern looking receptionist to sit and wait as he had overrun during the previous session.

As I sat and waited, I again remembered the experience of his head between my legs, and began to feel a certain moistness that was pleasant but decidedly inconvenient. I excused myself to the bathroom to dry myself off, paused before re-entering the waiting room, and as a last minute decision took my knickers off and put them in my handbag. I exited the bathroom, and my teacher was waiting, looking at his watch and looking not in the best of moods. He beckoned for me to come in…

To my disappointment, he didn’t even look at me, but ordered me to begin playing the piece I had been given to practice. As previously, he began to shuffle papers and only apparently half-listen to me which I found very disappointing. I had put a lot of time into practising during the previous week, and hoped he could see my improvement. I finished and waited anxiously for his appraisal. Like last time, there was a long uncomfortable silence, until he turned round, looked at me.

“Not bad,” was his response.

He didn’t say anything else, but just stood there looking at me. I looked back at him. His face did not give anything away. Silence again. In a moment of bravery, I parted my legs so he could see up my skirt. He gave a little start, cleared his throat and started to move across the room towards me.

“No,” I said. “I have paid good money for this lesson and would like to learn a new piece today please”.

He halted, paused, selected a new sheet of music to put on the stand and asked me to sight read. Then, instead of the usual texting and show of indifference, he pulled up a chair, sat down in front of me and told me to play…

So I played, and did so reasonably well. As I played, I parted my legs a little further so that he could see how wet I was. He sat and stared. When I had finished, he didn’t say anything. I pointed out that my 30 minutes were probably now up and that the next pupil would be waiting. I rose to gather my things, and he stood and walked towards me. He had a very noticeable erection which I was dying to stroke.

“You cannot leave yet,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I do not intend to let your next pupil be kept waiting,” I replied formally. “It is bad manners and disrespectful”.

As I gathered my bag and my music, I gently brushed the front of his trousers with my hand. Slowly, I undid his flies, and lowered his underwear to reveal his huge erect cock. I bent, kissed the tip, ran my tongue around the rim, and then walked away.

“Perhaps I can teach you a thing or two Mr arrogant,” I whispered. “Until next time.”

I left him there standing, looking a little dazed with his cock looking keen. Perhaps now I was the kaçak iddaa one in a position of power?

Music lesson 3

I arrived at my next clarinet lesson feeling quite pleased with myself. It had been very difficult to walk away from the previous session, but I had very much wanted to prove that I was not a mousy little thing to have orders ‘barked’ at as my teacher had probably initially thought. This time, just to be difficult, I had decided to wear trousers; not just ordinary trousers though…a skin tight pair to showcase my bum!

This week I was not kept waiting, but I was unnerved to be greeted by my teacher with a cheery welcome and a big smile rather than his usual show of glowering indifference. He beckoned me into his studio and closed the door behind us.

“How are you this week my dear?” he asked.

“Very well thank you,” I replied formally.

His cheery smile vanished in an instant.

“You are a tease,” he said looking at me darkly.” You have made me suffer.”

He walked towards me, looked me in the eye, and gripped my bum with both hands firmly. He began to caress, then leaned in to kiss me on the neck. I practically melted in his arms and let out a groan of pleasure.

He abruptly stopped, walked over to his desk, selected a piece of music and said, “Play. This is what you come here for.”

Disappointed, I bent over to open my clarinet case. His hands were on me in an instant, and my trousers and knickers pulled down to my ankles so that I couldn’t walk properly. He reached for, and dragged over a chair, sat down, and threw me over his knee so that my bare arse was in the air!

“Now I will pay you back,” he chuckled, stroking my bum. These were long soft strokes starting at my hips, tracing each buttock, just missing my under parts, and finishing mid-thigh. At every stroke, I longed for him to touch me intimately, to insert a finger or find my clit, but the long teasing strokes just continued. I tried to manoeuvre myself to be able to get at his cock, but the trousers round my ankles and his arms rendered this impossible.

I had to give up and just endure the stroking, knowing that I would be so wet by now that it would take very little to make me climax.

Eventually, the stroking stopped. My heart was beating fast.

I waited…

He touched me once, but only very briefly like a great chef testing the lightness of his soufflé.

“You are wet enough,” he concluded. “Now I do believe the 30 minutes are up. It would be bad manners to keep my next pupil waiting.”

He helped me to my feet. My legs were shaking, my body uncoordinated and my breathing shallow. I looked at him as I struggled to pull up my clothes, but he had turned away to select music for the next pupil.

“I’ll see you next week little tease,” is all he said.

And I’m sure I heard laughter as I hobbled out of the room with as much dignity as I could muster…

Music lesson 4

The week after my previous clarinet lesson seemed to drag. The memory of exiting my music teacher’s room in such an undignified state of excitement made me burn with both desire and shame at the same time.

Whilst undergoing my more mundane weekly tasks, I found my mind would drift a little, frequently resulting in wet knickers! What would happen at the next lesson? We were after all in a stalemate situation. I had teased him and he had teased me. I gave the matter some serious thought and came up with a plan…

I was greeted by a stern-faced teacher at my next lesson. He formally beckoned me into his room and shut the door. We stood there, looking at each other.

Very slowly, I moved towards him without breaking eye contact and put my lips to his gently, having to stand on tip-toes as he was so tall. He didn’t resist, and we stayed like that for some time, tongues touching, moving, wanting…

I abruptly pulled away, but kept full eye contact with him.

“Take your clothes off,” I said. “I want to play with you until you beg me to take mine off too”.

He looked at me uncertainly.

“Do as you are told, and go and lie on that settee!” I ordered kaçak bahis him.

I turned to put my bag and clarinet down safely, and as I was doing so, heard him undoing his belt and the soft swishing noise of clothes being shed.

I eventually turned round, and walked over to the settee where he was lying completely naked with a huge erection looking gorgeous. I knelt on the floor, leaned to kiss him once more, and then began my journey downward…

I kissed his neck softly, breathed in his smell, and ran my tongue down under his chin to the top of his chest. I was delighted to find that he was dark and extremely hairy, and buried my face in his chest hair, still kissing, gently biting, moving downwards, licking his belly button, nipping his lower tummy, moving closer…

I paused, and he looked up at me questioningly? I then without breaking eye contact, gently and slowly ran one finger down the crease between the top of his thigh and his left ball. I then did the same with the right, gently stroking, outlining his lovely soft area, just disturbing the hairs for maximum sensation. He sighed, and began to plead with me.

I parted his legs slightly, leaned in, and kissed the beautiful soft flat area men have between their balls and their arse. I ran my tongue slowly from there over his balls, taking my time, feeling his breathing rate increase. He let out a little whimper, so I paused again just momentarily, looked him in the eye, ran my tongue around the end of his cock, then took the whole length in my mouth and sucked him joyfully! I next returned to his balls which had contracted, and began once again to lick, but more firmly and assertively now. Suddenly he sat up.

“I am begging you to take off your clothes,” he uttered breathlessly. “Please, I need to fuck you!”

I stood up, undid my trousers, turned away from him and bent over to climb out of them, revealing the tiniest lace g-string. I took my time, enjoying him looking at my behind. I turned to face him and removed my top, then walked towards him in just my skimpy underwear. By this time, there was a pulse between my legs and I longed to be fucked.

He practically leapt up from the settee, tore my knickers down and slid his erection between my legs into the wetness.

“Now I will tease you,” he whispered, kissing me, stroking my bum and moving his cock in and out of my wet crotch. Now it was my turn to whimper.

“I think it is time,” he whispered, and laid me gently back onto the settee, then ever so slowly entered me fully, then paused, just slowly rotating his cock.

“Please,” I cried. “Please, I need more!”

There was another pause whilst he slowly teased me with his manhood, then at last he started to fuck me properly and deeply. I groaned with pleasure, and could feel my pussy tightening around his length, reached out, grabbed his buttocks and pulled him into me hard. His cock touched a special area deep inside, and I let out a cry, pulled him into me, pleaded for him to go on! Oh, that little area inside…how it loves to be fucked!

I begged him not to stop, begged him to continue, pulled him in closer again as my insides tightened around him…

No other sensation now except the beautiful feel of his hard cock and the sound of his breathing and the sound of my breathing. Someone cried out! Was it me?

Building, building, faster, nothing else mattered now. That sweet, sweet feeling when you know its close, like nectar, painfully, painfully sweet…

Couldn’t stop… I couldn’t hold back any more…maybe this is what dying feels like?

“Oh, holy fucking shit!”

I screamed out like an animal as my insides reached their final tension and then went into a massive orgasmic spasm! He cried out also and I felt him tense and shudder.

I lay there with my eyes shut, experiencing pleasant little ‘aftershocks’ as his movement slowed and finally stopped. I’m not sure how long it went on for, but just remember ‘coming to’ with him lying on top of me panting.

We lay there for a while recovering.

Eventually, he propped himself up on one elbow and planted a kiss on my lips, looked at me for once with a genuine smile, and said, “Would you like your lesson now?”

“I think not,” I replied. “But I would quite like to know your first name now we seem to be acquainted!”

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