A Mother’s Love in 1949 Ch. 06

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This story involves incestuous relationships.

All characters are eighteen years of age or older.

This is a continuing story, you may want to read the earlier chapters for background.


A brief recap

In 1949, before birth control pills were developed, the overriding concern of women regarding sex was the fear of becoming pregnant.

Rick was a short, skinny boy who had turned eighteen without a girlfriend and still a virgin. His mother worried about his lack of popularity with girls. She taught him how to eat pussy. She had him practice on her until he became proficient. (Many men wouldn’t eat a woman in those days.) She thought women would be more interested if they could have oral sex, with no threat of pregnancy.

His mother led her friend Carol to him. Carol was thrilled to have her cunt licked and sucked. She wanted more, but she had agreed to tell at least one other woman about him. Carol passed his name on to Mrs. Gaffney (Cynthia). She owned a local grocery where Rick worked part time. Mrs. Gaffney became the third woman in his life.

Carol and her daughter Lucy became incestuous lovers. Carol suggested Lucy get to know Rick. She had a date with him that ended up with a memorable session of mutually enjoyable oral sex. Licking and sucking if you prefer.

Rick has gone off to college. Carol and Lucy became lovers with Edna. Edna also began a love affair with Cynthia.


At college Rick lived in a dorm, at least for the first semester. He had a roommate, Tim, who seemed quite congenial. They got along well, but Rick was reticent when it came to exchanging too much personal information. It was hard not to notice, however, the number of letters he received. All of them with woman’s handwriting. His roommate commented on it a time or two. Rick told him they were from his mother, sisters and a girlfriend. He did not elaborate any further. He kept the letters locked away to avoid snooping.

None of the letters were of a salacious nature. In fact most of them were innocuous. Lucy’s letter’s would sometimes get very slightly suggestive; Cynthia’s, too, on occasion.

He did miss the ladies and dreamt about them often. In his dreams he was starting to, occasionally, see himself making love with two of them at a time. It didn’t seem to matter which two. Rick didn’t realize it, but the juices and scents that other women had left on his mother’s face and body had affected him. The essences of the other women, mixed with his mother’s, had wormed their way into his psyche. They had slid stealthily into his sub consciousness mind. A mix of women were influencing him, not the scents and essences of one. They brought with them notions of making love with more than one of them at a time. The thoughts were starting to manifest themselves in his dreams. They would strengthen with time until he had a chance to act on them.

A roommate, of course made it difficult to masturbate. Fortunately Tim went out often. That gave Rick sufficient opportunity to relieve the tension in his loins.


At home things were happening.

Edna knew that all the women should meet, and soon. Cynthia had mentioned it; that triggered a response in Edna’s mind. Something told her it was time. She called Carol, Lucy was with her; both said they would be delighted to meet Cynthia. They would be there the following Saturday.

The heat of summer had broken and the days were noticeably cooler. Much more comfortable for lovemaking. (Homes were rarely air conditioned in those days. Nor were most businesses for that matter. People became adjusted to the heat of summer and except on especially hot days didn’t seem to notice it.)

Edna and Carol had a combination tryst and planning session on Tuesday. They discussed what refreshments they would need for an open ended get together. They decided to move a bed from Edna’s guest room to her bedroom. They would set it up next to her bed effectively doubling its size and, hopefully making it big enough for four ladies making love.

Their planning done they stripped and made love.

Thursday evening Carol visited again, with Lucy this time. The three of them moved the bed from the guest room and set it up. Both women came back again Friday to help make finger sandwiches. Edna had already made a pot of stew, and another of chili, that could be warmed up as needed.

Saturday morning Cynthia arrived first. She carried a small overnight bag. It was about ten; they had planned to spend the day and night together. She parked on the street and walked up to the front door. She had driven her work car. That was a two year old Chevrolet. What she considered her good car was a late model Cadillac. She thought it would be prudent not to advertise her presence at Edna’s.

Edna and Cynthia greeted each other with a warm kiss on the lips. Edna showed her into the living room. Carol and Lucy arrived together a short while later. They too exchanged kisses with Edna. kırıkkale seks hikayeleri Edna introduced them to Cynthia. The ladies all sat in the living room getting acquainted. Cynthia knew who Carol was, but had never spoken to her except for impersonal greetings. She had seen Lucy, in the store, but never spoken to her at all.

Much of the talk was about Rick. Lucy mentioned the muscles he had started to develop while working on the farm. The other women agreed. They all thought highly of Rick. As a person as well as a lover. After more talk, some of it drifting onto other subjects, they moved to the dining room for coffee and pastries.

Cynthia turned to Lucy. “I remember the day you came to the store to ask Rick out,” she said. “I wished you well, and I’m glad things have worked out as they have. Believe me, I am happy for you both.”

Lucy smiled at Cynthia. She was elated to hear that the older woman approved of her affair with Rick. When Lucy had first learned that Rick was Cynthia’s lover, as well as hers, her mother’s and his mother’s she had felt pangs of jealousy; even though she knew they were unreasonable. Carol helped her get through it. She made Lucy understand that Rick loved them all. And, that they all loved Rick. That if Lucy was okay with Rick making love with Carol and Edna why should she be jealous of Cynthia. Last, but maybe most important; weren’t they all keeping their affairs, among themselves, secret from Rick?

Lucy studied Cynthia. She thought she was quite nice looking for a woman of sixty. She found herself a little attracted to her. More than a little. I must be drawn to older women. Mom or Edna, and now Cynthia, are the only women who’ve ever appealed to me that way. Cynthia seems like a logical next step.

Cynthia looked at the other women. “I’m actually happy for all of us. We are getting what we need and giving Rick what he needs. I wonder about our own relationships; among ourselves.”

Edna felt she had to say something. “I think…I think we need to talk about our own relationships. But with an eye to how they work into our relationships with Rick.”

“The two can’t be separate, can they, Carol put in. “Sooner or later Rick must know about our loving with each other.”

“I think you’re right,” Cynthia said. “Perhaps that is what I was getting at and didn’t realize it.”

Lucy didn’t say anything. She looked at Edna, hoping for direction.

“I think,” once again Edna hesitated. She wasn’t getting a feeling for what she should say. “I think we – two of us, maybe more, should make love with him – together.”

“We’ll have to see how he reacts,” Carol said.

“Yes,” Cynthia said. “I think he will like it, though. He has never been averse to new things. I think we can thank Edna for that.” She smiled at Rick’s mother.

“I see great possibilities for all of us, including Rick,” Carol said with a broad smile. “The variety of partners will be exciting. Man and woman both, what could be better?”

“Don’t get carried away, Mom,” Lucy cautioned. “It hasn’t happened yet.”

“I know, Honey,” Carol told her daughter. “All this talk is making me horny.”

Cynthia and Edna both laughed.

Edna felt the time had come to speak. “I think I need to tell all of you a few things. Cynthia knows much of it. But I have to let Carol and Lucy know about it.”

Edna related how she had come to realize that tasting the juices of the others was revealing things to her. Sometimes an idea or thought might be implanted in her mind for her to act on when the time came. She usually didn’t know, before that time came, just what she was supposed to do or say. Today was an example.

Other times the women’s essences told her that they were ‘right’. That they meant only good for Rick. Everything the tastes had told her revolved around Rick. Even if it wasn’t apparent at first. At least that seemed to be true. There were still a couple of unknowns.

“I don’t know why we women started making love with each other,” Edna said. “I can only assume it is something to do with Rick’s welfare. I think it is not done yet. I think we all have to bond together; to bring Cynthia fully into the group.”

She paused and looked at the others. “I think that is why we are all here today.”

Silence greeted Edna when she was done talking. Carol responded first. “You explain much I wondered about, Edna. But are you saying that we are being maneuvered into what we are doing? It certainly doesn’t feel that way when I make love with Lucy, or with you.”

“I don’t think so,” Edna responded. “I think, maybe the ones chosen are ones who would feel that way anyway.”

“Rick too?” Lucy asked.

“Probably Rick too,” Edna answered.

“We’re all part of some game?” Cynthia wondered.

“I don’t know,” Edna said. “The reason why is a mystery to me. Sometimes I get feelings of mysticism, but I find beliefs like that suspect.”

“What’s our next step?” Cynthia asked. She was speaking to all three of the others. No one answered her immediately.

Lucy spoke first. “I think I understand what Edna is talking about. I sometimes feel destined. Always in ways involving Rick. I often feel that making love with my mother was only a stepping stone on the way to loving him.”

She looked at Carol. “But I do love you, Mom, just like you love me. We are drawn together because we both love him. Now the four of us are being tied together in a group simply because we all love Rick.”

“But for whose benefit?” asked Carol. “I feel I am getting tremendous good from what has happened. I have learned wonderful new things about myself and I am more sexually content than I have ever been.

“There is one other thing,” she continued. “I have no desire for sex with anyone outside our little group. Only with those included among us.”

Carol looked at Cynthia as she spoke.

Cynthia felt heat building in her body, lust, desire. It came out of nowhere and found her ready.

“I think we need to prepare ourselves for Rick’s next visit,” Cynthia sounded flustered, unusual for her.

Edna stayed silent. She was not sure what her role was. She felt her pussy getting wet and her body felt the beginnings of lustful desire. She would watch and act if the time came. She thought, though, that she had to take some action soon. The bed was prepared upstairs, but maybe something more immediate was needed; something that would get things started.

She went upstairs to her linen closet. She pulled down a couple of comforters and sheets. She tossed the quilts downstairs and tossed several pillows after them. She carried the linen with her as she came back down the stairs. Lucy saw what she had in mind and came to help her. Carol and Cynthia followed. Between them they cleared the area in front of the couch. They laid out the quilts and covered them with sheets. They moved one of the living room chairs to the edge of the bed area too. They were all laughing by the time they were done and pheromones were heavy in the air.

Their clothing was next. They had all kicked their shoes off while making up the bed. Their dresses, skirts or blouses were next. Bras were unhooked and breasts bared. Panties slid down shapely legs and hot feminine scents released.

Carol wanted Cynthia, she wanted to lick at the older woman’s cunt and feel her body quiver with orgasmic bliss. Lucy too wanted Cynthia, but Edna embraced her and whispered for her to wait. She led Lucy to the couch. She sucked at the girl’s tits and played with her pussy to make her wet. As she caressed Lucy Edna whispered to her.

“Wait, you’ll know when. Let things happen.”

Lucy accepted her words and returned her caresses.

With their lips locked in a hot kiss Cynthia and Carol sank to their knees on the made up bed. Carol pushed the older woman onto her back. Cynthia spread her thighs and held her hands out to Carol. Carol, on her belly laid between the splayed thighs and pushed her face into Cynthia’s hot, wet cunt. She moaned with delight when she felt Cynthia’s hands twist in her hair.

“Now, Lucy,” Edna whispered. “Now, sit on her face.”

Lucy didn’t hesitate, she fell to her knees next to Cynthia. Cynthia felt the girl’s presence. She untangled a hand from Carol’s hair and held it out to Lucy. It was all the invitation Lucy needed. She straddled Cynthia and rubbed her wet pussy over her face.

Cynthia responded with lust. Her arm held Lucy’s hip. Her other hand stayed clasped in Carol’s hair.

Lucy’s fragrant wet cunt was intoxicating to Cynthia. She licked at her juices and sucked at her clit while she came with ever stronger orgasms. Eat and be eaten. It was so wonderful for the older woman. She had never before been in a threesome. It raised her to a level of bliss she had never imagined. Lucy came on her face, her young woman’s juices tasting of musk and lust.

Edna watched. She pushed her finger into herself and felt her juices flow. She understood her place today. She was here to facilitate. To make it possible for Carol and Lucy and Cynthia to make love, to bond.

The scents of hot women were delicious to her heightened senses. She came on her fingers and sucked them to taste herself. A gap was closing, it was small now. There were only a few others left.

Edna slid from the couch and knelt behind Carol. She lifted her friend’s hips so she was on her knees while she continued to bring Cynthia to more orgasms. Edna lay on her belly and pushed her tongue into Carol’s ready pussy. She licked her from behind and played her tongue over the clit. Carol had soon joined the chorus of satisfied sounds resonating in the room.

Cynthia pushed Carol’s head away when she had enough. Lucy sensed it and lifted her pussy from the older woman’s face. Carol swung around to Edna and they ate each other’s wet cunts until both had a couple of orgasms.

Lucy and Cynthia laid together, holding each other exchanging warm kisses as they watched Edna and Carol making love. Lucy leaned over, lifted Cynthia’s tit and took it in her mouth. She sucked and nibbled at the firm nipple as Cynthia sighed with pleasure.

Lucy’s fingers played at Cynthia’s pussy. Sliding between the puffy labia to slide over her clit, to start her juices flowing again. Lucy was whispering in her ear, words of endearment. Telling her how desirable she was, how the young woman wanted to make love to her; to eat her pussy

Lucy rolled onto her back bringing Cynthia with her to lie atop her body. Her hands urged Cynthia, her whispers animated her.

Cynthia, older and more experienced, straddled Lucy’s face. The young woman eagerly raised her head to bury her face in the wet pussy above her. Her tongue, her lips and her teeth pleasured Cynthia to a quick orgasm. The first of many that were to increase in strength and intensity.

Carol was satiated. She and Edna rolled apart and exchanged kisses of love and thanks. Carol lay supine, but Edna knew there was more. She crawled the few feet to Lucy, pushed her legs apart and buried her face in her flowing cunt. She pushed a finger into her own pussy to make herself cum as she sucked at Lucy’s cunt. She was soon cumming with the other two.

Lucy was in heaven. Orgasms ripped through her body. Cynthia was cumming on her face, juices flowed onto her as she ate the succulent cunt above her. Her pussy was delighted with the attention it was getting from Edna. How much more pleasure could she take?

It was Cynthia who was satisfied first. She lifted herself from Lucy’s face and collapsed alongside her. Lucy gently pushed Edna back and lay totally relaxed, spent.

The women sprawled on the makeshift bed. Three dozed off. Edna was awake but blissfully relaxed; her mind drifted to thoughts of Rick and the other women. She had tasted the juices on the other three ladies. She had tasted Lucy’s and Carol’s pussies. Her own juices were on Carol’s face, there was more of her own on her fingers. She had sucked them clean.

Edna let her mind wander. The tastes were telling her all was right. That another gap was almost closed. It would be complete by the time the day was over. Cynthia’s juices had a taste of decision, something to be decided soon. She dozed off feeling contented.

Cynthia dreamed of Carol. Delightful fantasies of the orgasms Carol had sent cascading through her body. She dreamed of the other woman’s naked body, of her lovely cunt surrounded by its halo of hair. Her mouth watered in her sleep, her tongue licked her lips. She wanted to give Carol the same pleasure that Carol had given her. She wanted to be between Carol’s thighs eating her wet pussy and making her cum.

Edna dreamed of Lucy, Lucy dreamed of Edna. They had made love before. They had enjoyed the sessions of Sapphic love between them, sometimes with Lucy’s mother involved too. These two had the closest ties to Rick. Maybe they were drawn to each other.

Cynthia woke and stretched. Remembering her dream she looked over to Carol. The other woman was lying on her side. Her eyes were open, gazing at Cynthia. Cynthia smiled and licked her lip. Carol returned the smile and rubbed her pussy as if in invitation.

Cynthia stood and took the few steps to Carol. She held out a hand; Carol took it and stood with her. Cynthia led her to the chair they had left at the edge of the bed area. Carol sat, Cynthia knelt. No words had been spoken, none were needed.

Carol’s legs parted. Her pussy was as lovely as Cynthia had imagined it. Her pubic hair indeed like a halo. Cynthia rubbed her face against the other woman’s bush. She kicked at the juices of her cunt. She tasted the nectar and licked at her clit.

Cynthia felt a thrill as Carol’s body quivered from an orgasm. She sucked Carol’s clit and pushed two fingers into her, searching for the spot that Rick had found.

Carol squealed in ecstasy when Cynthia found her spot. Orgasms overcame her; they raced, one after another, through her body. She rose to ever higher stages of passion and reached the point where she squirted.

For the second time, ever, Carol had squirted. She was beyond knowing; only the orgasmic bliss mattered.

To Cynthia it was a wonderful gift. She let the cum pour from Carol, to coat her face, her tits. To run down her belly to her own nest of pubic hair. She gloried in it. It was a first; a glorious, delicious first.

Edna heard Carol’s exultant shriek. It woke her, she knew the gap had closed. Cynthia had bonded to Carol. They were all united now, as if wedded.

Lucy was next to her, she had heard Carol too. They rolled toward each other and hugged tightly. They kissed, they fondled each other’s tits and pussies. They aroused each other and watched Cynthia bathing her body in Carol’s cum.

Carol almost fainted from the intensity of the joy rushing through her body. She wanted to stay there, in that wonderful world of bliss that Cynthia had sent her to; but she couldn’t, her body couldn’t take more. She felt herself ready to faint.

“Stop,” she murmured weakly. “Please stop.”

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