A Mother’s Day to Remember

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25-year-old Mick walked into his mother’s house. After his father died 2 years before, she had sold the old house and moved into a small two bedroom apartment.

He had asked his mother many times when he was younger why they didn’t give him a brother or sister. Apparently she had such a hard time with him that they had both been fixed after he was born. Mick wished at times that he wasn’t an only child but he had learned to accept it over the years.

Andrea was sitting at the kitchen table dressed in just a robe covering her slender body when Mick walked into the room. He stood in the doorway for a minute and just stared at her. Even at 45, he thought she was beautiful. Her dark brown hair didn’t have any gray to mark it up, her pale blue eyes moved as she read the paper.

As he stared at her, Mick felt his 8 1/2 inch cock jerk in his tight jeans. He had discovered a little over a year ago when he accidentally walked in on his mother when she was just getting out of the shower that he had the hots for her. The thought of her pussy, wrapped around his hard cock kept him awake most nights. He had spent a lot of nights jerking off to that thought.

“Mom?” He said softly sitting down next to her at the table.

Andrea lifted her eyes from the paper and smiled at her son, she thought he looked more and more like his father everyday. He had Rick’s jet black hair and amber eyes. He even took his medium build from his father.

Looking at the man she loved in their son, made her pussy start leaking its juices. “Hey sweetie.” she said pulling her robe closer around her body as she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. “How long have you been home?”

Mick had moved back home about a year and a half ago after his marriage fell apart, he kept saying he was going to get his own place, but so far hadn’t bothered. His mother seemed to enjoy the company and he didn’t like the idea of living alone.

“Just a few minutes.” He said standing up and walking over to the coffee pot. He refilled his mother’s cup then filled one for him. “Happy mothers day.” He said with a smile as he took a sip of his coffee.

Andrea smiled, “thanks, you gonna take me to dinner?”

Mick’s eyes sparkled as he thought about the plans for the evening. “Yup, I made reservations at Roberto’s.”

Andrea looked at him, “Roberto’s? That’s a pretty spendy place.” Roberto’s was the local Italian restaurant. Their prices were high but the food was definitely worth it.

Mick just shrugged as he drank his coffee. “You’re worth it.”

Andrea stood up and hugged her son, her 36C breasts pressing against his arm. “I love you honey.”

Mick inhaled her scent and felt his cock jump again. Forcing his hands to stay on the table, he kissed her on the cheek. “I love you to mom. Why don’t you get dressed? The reservations are for 7.”

Andrea pulled away from her son and looked at the clock, it was a little after 5. “Okay, I’ll grab a shower and be ready soon.” She kissed him again then ran from the room.

Mick sat in the kitchen drinking his coffee until he heard the shower running. Standing up, he walked quietly down the hall and silently opened the bathroom door. He could see his mother standing under the shower, the curtain giving him a perfect view of her body.

His cock hardened in his jeans as he looked at her and licked his lips. He had wanted her for over a year and tonight he was going to have her.

By the time they returned from dinner, Andrea was feeling a little tipsy. She knew she should have said no when Mick refilled her wine glass for the fourth time but she was having such a good time that she figured what the hell.

She laughed as she took off her lotusbet güvenilirmi coat and tried to hang it up, only to have it land in a heap on the floor of the closet. “Oopsy…” She said with a grin.

Mick hung up her coat then turned towards her. “I think we should get you to bed mom.” He said his eyes darkening.

Andrea threw her arms around her son and pressed her body tightly against his. “I think that is a good idea.” She said with a giggle.

She didn’t protest when he lifted her up in his arms or carried her to her room. She just rested her head against his broad chest and closed her eyes.

She kept her eyes closed as she felt the bed come up to meet her. They opened abruptly a minute later when she felt Mick’s hands working at the buttons of her shirt. “What are you doing Mick?” She asked trying to focus on him as he opened her shirt then unclasped her front clasp bra.

“Shhhh…” He said quietly. “It’s okay.”

She let him help her sit up so he could slip her clothes from her body then laid back down, watching him through half closed eyes.

Mick didn’t say a word; he just unzipped her skirt, sliding it down over her legs.

She grasped his hands when he reached for her panties but he just pushed them away and slid the panties down her legs. “Mick, I don’t think…” She started to say when he suddenly lowered his face towards her breast.

“I need you mom. I have wanted you for so long, I need you tonight.” he said huskily lifting his eyes to hers. Andrea’s eyes widened at the lust she saw there.

“Mick, no, this isn’t right.” She protested as she reached for the blanket to cover herself.

Mick grabbed her hand and holding it with the other one, held them above her head as he once again lowered his mouth to her breast.

Andrea whimpered as his tongue moved over her breast, making the nipple harden under his gentle teasing. “Mick, baby, please, don’t do this to me.” She begged as he took her nipple between his lips, sucking gently on it.

Mick didn’t respond to her pleas. He held her hands easily in one hand as he brought his other hand to her body. He teased her other breast while he sucked greedily at the one in his mouth.

Andrea moaned and instinctively pressed her body up against him. He let his hand move over her breast then slowly moved it down her body until he was resting just above her mound.

Andrea’s breath was coming heavier as he moved his mouth to her other breast and sucked hard on it. Her eyes drifted down over his head to his hand.

She closed her legs tightly as she tried to pull her hands free. “Mick, you’re my son.” She protested weakly as he brought her body to life. It had been so long since she was with anybody and her body was getting turned on something fierce.

Keeping his mouth on her breast, with his tongue moving slowly over the nipple, Mick moved his body so he was lying next to her on the bed. His jean covered cock pressed against her side, making her gasp. He reached his hand down lower over her body. Gripping one of her legs, he pulled it open even as she tried to keep them closed.

“Mick…” She shrieked as he pulled her legs apart and laid one of his over hers so she couldn’t close them.

Mick sucked harder at her nipple, making Andrea mewl in pleasure as he moved his hand to her mound. Andrea whimpered in shock, fear and desire as she watched his hand move between her legs. “Mick…” She said softly watching his hand move towards her pussy. “Oh god,” She breathed when he let his finger brush over her clit.

Mick flicked his finger over her clit as he kissed his way down her body. He released her hands and smiled against her skin lotusbet yeni giriş as she rested them on his back. He kissed her stomach while his finger moved rapidly over her clit.

“Mick, oh god,” Andrea moaned lifting her hips towards him as she closed her eyes in pleasure.

Mick kept his finger moving as he moved his body until he was lying between her legs. When he moved his finger, Andrea opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Mick, no, you can’t eat my pussy.” She protested pushing against his shoulders with her hands.

Again Mick ignored her. He felt her hands pressing against him but he ignored them. He looked at her sparsely covered pussy for a minute while he licked his lips. His mother was begging him not to do this but he closed his ears to her pleas.

He spreads open her lower lips with his fingers, and then lowered his mouth. Andrea shrieked at the first touch of his tongue. “Mick, oh fuck.” She cried as he ran his tongue lightly over her clit.

Mick ran his tongue lightly over her clit, loving it with the tip of his tongue, as he slowly slid a finger inside her.

Andrea whimpered in pleasure as he slowly fingered her pussy. Her hands that had been pushing against him instead pulled him closer. “Mick, baby,” She whimpered wrapping her legs around his head as she waved her head back and forth over the pillow. “Oh baby, yes.”

Mick smiled against her hot pussy as he took her clit between his lips, sucking gently on it. He slid a second finger inside her to meet the first and was rewarded by her coating his fingers with her wonderful juices.

“Mick, Eat me,” she begged humping against him.

He slid a third finger into her depths making her shriek in pleasure as he sucked harder at her clit. His tongue flew over her flesh while he bit down gently with his teeth.

“Fuck, yes. I’m cummminnnggg…” she screamed suddenly as she pushed her pussy roughly against his face.

Mick kept his fingers slamming into her body as he sucked at her clit keeping her cumming for as long as possible.

As she came down from her orgasm, Andrea’s clit became sensitive and she pushed him away. “Enough baby, I can’t take anymore.”

Mick licked at her clit one more time then pulled his mouth away. “You taste good mom.” He said licking her juices from his fingers.

Andrea looked at him through half closed eyes as he worked to open his jeans. She knew roughly how big he was and wasn’t shocked at the size of him. He wasn’t so much long as thick; he was like his father in that respect.

She knew she should stop this before it went any further but her pussy was still strumming with need even after the tongue lashing he had just given it. Plus he was about the size as her ex-husband and she wondered if he was as good a lover.

Mick kicked off his shoes, then pulled his jeans and underwear down until he could kick them off. He pulled his shirt over his head before he moved on his knees up over the bed until his cock was resting against his mother’s cheek. “Suck my cock mom.” He said huskily.

Andrea didn’t resist, she just turned her head and opened her mouth letting him slide inside. “Mmmmmm…” She moaned around him as she closed her lips, trapping him inside.

Mick wasn’t a virgin by any means but he had to admit that his mother’s mouth felt a lot better then anyone else’s he’d had before. “Oh yea, suck my cock mom, that feels good.” He groaned as he felt her tongue move over him in a caress. His cock leaked precum which she drank up eagerly. He ran his hand through her hair as he slowly pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

Andrea had never been able to deep throat, so when she felt the tip lotusbet giriş of his shaft pressing against her throat, she wrapped her hand around his base to keep him from pushing further inside. She pulled her mouth back and whipped her tongue over his piss slit looking for more of his juices.

Mick groaned as he closed his eyes feeling her tongue move over him. “Oh mom, fuck, yea.” He pushed forward burying his cock deeper in her mouth as she nibbled at his flesh with her teeth.

Feeling his mother sucking hard at him was driving Mick crazy. He tangled his fingers in her hair as he started slamming his cock deep into her mouth. “Fuck, agh, oh god, I’m gonna cum.” He growled fucking her face violently.

Andrea kept her head still as he fucked her face. She jacked the base of his cock while she sucked hard at him trying to get the juices she knew he had for her.

She moaned around his mouth as her free hand drifted down her body until she was able to slide 3 fingers into her sopping pussy. She fingered herself furiously as she sucked on him. When he shot the first load into her mouth, she drank it up eagerly as her body convulsed around her thrusting fingers.

Mick continued to fuck her face as he came. When he finally pulled out, he was surprised to see that his cock was still rock hard. He figured it would go down after the load he had just spent. He moved his eyes down over his mother’s body until he saw her fingers resting just outside of her soaked pussy.

He licked his lips as his cock jerked. “I’ve got to have you mom.” He growled rolling her over onto her stomach and lying down on top of her until his cock was resting against the entrance to her body.

Andrea gasped in surprise when he suddenly rolled her over onto her stomach. She pulled her arms out from under her body and rested them above her head. She moaned loudly when she felt his cock pressing against her. “Fuck me baby,” she whimpered lifting her ass towards him. “Show me that you are as good a lover as your father was.”

Mick nipped playfully at her neck as he rubbed the head of his shaft against her pussy. When he was lined up once more, he pushed forward with his hips, burying himself deep in her body. Both lovers let out a loud moan as he filled her with his heat. “Oh fuck, you feel so good mom.” He growled against her ear as he slowly pulled back out of her.

Andrea tightened her muscles trying to hold him inside her as he slowly pulled out. When she felt just his head buried inside, she lifted her ass as he slammed forward with his hips. They met in the middle and both cried out in pleasure.

It didn’t take long for them to set up a rhythm. When he pulled out, she pushed up, when he slammed into her, she pulled back. Andrea cried in pleasure as he rode her pussy. “Fuck me,” she cried humping back against him. “I need it so bad, make me cum baby.”

Mick pumped his hips furiously burying his shaft deep inside her. “Fuck, agh, mom, I love your pussy. It is milking me. It feels so good.”

He thrust harder and faster into her making her squeal with pleasure. He grabbed her hips, pulling her body hard against him as he pounded her from behind.

“Fuck, yes, I’m cummminnnggg…” She screamed into the pillow as she coated his thrusting cock.

Mick tried to hold back as he felt her tighten around him, but she was so tight and it had been so long. “Agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…” He howled as he started shooting deep into her depths. “Fuck you’re milking me mom. I can’t hold it.” He buried his cock completely inside her as he emptied his balls.

Feeling Mick’s cum splash inside her pushed Andrea over the edge again. She pushed back against him as she once again screamed into the pillow.

When it was over, Mick lay down beside her and pulled her gently into his arms. “Happy Mother’s day Mom.” He whispered kissing her lightly.

Andrea snuggled against his chest, with a smile on her lips. “That was the best present I have ever had.”


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