A Mother and Her Love of Her Son; Pt 4

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PART FOUR; The xxx movie store

Kim decided to drop the kids off at school on her way to see Monty. It was hard not to kiss them good-bye as they had become accustomed to but they needed to learn to live with their new lifestyle, and to act normal in public, so they just said good-bye and parted with heavy hearts. When Kim arrived at Monty’s he smiled as she walked in the door and said, “My favorite customer, good morning beautiful!” “Hi Monty, walking in here makes me feel like I’m still 16 baby, nothings really changed much in here in all these years” Kim offered. “Yeah but some things change Kim, my old cock don’t stand at attention like it used to when you walked in the door back then, and you’re much more beautiful now than then” Monty said smiling. He reached under the counter and brought out a packet and dumped the contents on the counter top. “I threw in birth certificates from Saint Anne’s Hospital for them both, and they are on file there. I have a pretty lady that works there in records that takes care of that for me. I also gave you passports to match. They are authentic and I also have a lady there that files them for me, just have the kids put a thumbprint on them using black ink before they use them. Kim glanced at the passport photos and saw the differences in the hair and clothes immediately and asked, “How did you get the pictures to change Monty?” “I also have a boy that’s an expert using Photoshop baby” he said. ” And you do all this overnight, you still amaze me baby.”

“How much do I owe you for the extra’s Monty.” Kim asked. “You paid for those years ago sweetie. I wish I were still the man I was back then, I’d take you to the back like old times and probably enjoy it more!” Kim remembered how he had fucked her young pussy back then and she felt moisture forming inside her and said, “How about I give you a good blow job for old times Monty?” She asked him as she fell to her knees and began lowering his zipper. She had his cock out and was sucking at it before he could answer. Damn you haven’t changed a bit in all these years Kim he murmured as his head lay back and his eyes closed as she diligently worked on his stiffening cock. Soon she had him extended and stiff just like in the old days and the pulsing in her clit matched the hard throbbing she felt as a young girl sucking Monty’s dick. “Damn Kim, that ole dick hasn’t been that stiff in years, you still give the best head in town baby!” Kim decided she would give Monty a real thrill, stood and dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out of them and bent over while gripping the edge of the counter. Monty stepped behind her and pressed his dick into her wet pussy as a loud moan escaped his lips. Kim couldn’t help but notice the difference in size between Ricks and Monty’s dicks. Monty, fucked her to the best of his ability, driving his dick deep into her pussy but still just prodded her cervix, unable to open and fill her womb as Rick does. It wasn’t long until she heard his groan and felt his hot cum blasting into her pussy. That flooding hotness put her over the edge and she tensed tightly, both of them remembering this feeling from years ago.

Monty stood there as Kim again knelt and cleaned his cock with her mouth. When he was younger his cock would have surged to life as she did this she thought, but now it just continued to deflate.. “Not like the old days huh Kim? I’m a one shot wonder now!” he said smiling. “Yeah but like the song says Monty, you’re as good once as you ever was baby. You must have been saving that load of cum for me awhile, I feel it running down my thighs”. Yeah its been awhile since I unloaded these old nuts baby. I never realized how much I missed your visits till now. “You remember where the bathroom is don’t you?” he said. “No thanks Monty, I’m gonna keep your cum for awhile and remember the old days when I’d leave here and leak your cum for days!” She replied smiling. “Thanks baby she said as she picked up the packet and then as emotion flooded her she stepped to him and placed her lips on his and kissed him warmly. His kiss was as passionate as it was years ago and she felt her clit throbbing when it ended. She pulled her skirt up and showed him her erect clitty and said, “You still got it baby, that kiss was what got your dick in me in the first place all those years ago. If I didn’t need to run I’d stick around and see if that tongue of yours is still as talented as ever.” Hmmm he moaned as he said, “I’d be glad to oblige now or anytime you want me to Kim, don’t be a stranger!” He watched her ass move as she left and thought to himself, “That’s the best pussy in this town and has been for 25 years” He wished he had told her how much he loved her way back when. But he was afraid she would think him a fool and laugh at him, and he hadn’t wanted to stop her coming around. Her fucking him had reopened some very old wounds.

Kim felt her thighs wet with Monty’s cum and it brought back memories of her rebellious youth and how much she loved Monty. She would have married him in a split second if he’d just asked but she always felt she was just a piece of pussy to him and him being so much older wouldn’t allow herself to believe he could actually care about her. She had cried herself to sleep many nights thinking of his arms around her making love to her after she had finally told herself she just couldn’t bear to be around him and him not loving her. He was her first true love and she still responded to him. If not for her son’s dick she could probably be using him to alleviate her loneliness when Joel was away. He would be a “Safe” fuck with no strings attached. But now she could never replace her son with him!

Kim went home and stripped and used Monty’s cum as a lubricant to roll her clit around slickly with as she thought of her son fucking her pussy and the previous nights events. She remembered the sting of Kenzie whipping her with the flyswatter and how it had enhanced her orgasms. Ummm she thought as she wished she were there smacking her ass now, dominating her, making her obey her every whim and desire under threat of “Punishment”. Then her mind wandered to a black man dominating her, making her do all sorts of debasing things to his body and his friends bodies as they used her orifices for their pleasure. Those thoughts soon had her adding a second flowing of her slick fluids to those already leaking from her vagina as she cum intensely.

Since the first time she had felt her son’s cock inside her it seemed her life consisted of moving from one orgasm to another, unable to focus on anything but her pussy. The worst part of her new altered existence was that she loved it, loved embracing the slut within her and allowing it to flourish and grow exponentially from day to day. A few months ago she would never have so willingly sucked and fucked Monty right there in his storefront without an ounce of guilt towards her husband Joel. Fucking her son and finding the uninhibited joy she felt with her womb impaled and stretched had freed her of all her sexual inhibitions and now she took advantage of every opportunity to orgasm on a cock or stiffened tongue or even probing fingers. She had begun to see women as sex partners since her experiences with her daughter’s young body, even young girls. She caught herself gazing at young teen girls and thinking of their taste on her tongue, seeing their passion and hearing their moans and sighs as she imagined sexing them.

She had almost wrecked this morning as her gaze tried to follow a young black stud in her rear view mirror. He had been flexing his muscles wearing sweat pants and a wifebeater and the imprint of his big dick pressed outwards against the sweat pants and she immediately felt herself aroused and wet. She almost rear-ended a van trying to keep him in her vision. How long had she repressed those cravings to feel a black cock throbbing inside her and now she seemed unable to repress anything sexual in nature. Her fantasy’s became goals to accomplish, experiences for her body to indulge in. She had even quit yearning to return to her old existence since her guilt had vanished. Now her goals in life were to find new ways for her family to find sexual pleasures with her, even trying to help her daughter seduce her father into their perverse family group. She had to wonder how seeing his wife enjoying her son’s huge cock would affect Joel. Him watching her become totally unglued as his son’s huge dick forced past her cervix to enter and fill her womb, helpless to stem her reactions to those intense sensations even knowing he was seeing them could be the end of their marriage.

How would he accept watching her and their daughter rutting on black men’s dicks, having them shoot their black baby sperm into his wife and daughters wombs as they both cried out their love of what they felt. She knew him fucking his daughter would be the end of their old family. The only question is could he adapt to their new family order as he found out about them all and their desires? Would he join them and find his own inhibitions freed from his mind as her and their children did? She had to tear herself from her thoughts as she noticed it was time to go get Kenzie at school.

“Hi mom, Kenzie said as she leaned over and kissed her cheek upon entering the car. Lets go get my freedom pills mom, I’m excited an a little nervous about Dr. Feelgood though. “You’ll be fine baby, he’ll take good care of you I promise. You’ll love him when you leave there!” Little did she know how prophetic that statement would turn out to be though. They had to wait until the last appointment to get in today and his receptionist/nurse had already left for the day. He came out shortly and ushered them into an examination room before leaving the room saying he needed to get some things, the door remaining open a crack as he left. “Wow mom, he is good looking! I’d fuck him if he wanted to, are you sure you never fucked him?” Kenzie asked. They were unaware that Dr. Ray Allen was right outside the door as they talked. He came back holding a folder and said, “So we want to get a prescription for birth control for your daughter huh, is that right Kim. Has she ever been seen by a gynecologist before today?” “No this is her first time” Kim answered.

“16, is that right Mackenzie?” he asked. “Yeah, that’s right”..she answered. Then looking at Kim he said, “Well Kim this is a little awkward, my nurse has left for the day and I’m supposed to have her with me when examining a minor and I also have to talk to Mackenzie without a parent being present by law before prescribing birth control so we have a quandary here. If you trust me you can wait in the waiting room while I ask her some required questions and examine her and then I’ll write the prescription. Or you can schedule another appointment when Karen my nurse is here but I’ll still have to talk to her alone without you present but with Karen there. “No I’ll wait in the waiting room and you do what you have to do Ray, I understand”.

After her mom had left Dr. Allen looked at Kinzie and said, “You’ll have to undress sweetie. If you’re uncomfortable nude you can slip into one of those gowns laying there. Would you like me to leave while you undress?” Kenzie looked at the bulge in his pants and it seemed to be growing and she said, “No you don’t have to leave, you are a Dr. you know”, and she began undressing. “Are you sexually active Mackenzie, these are questions I have to ask you sweetie!” ” I wish, Mackenzie answered, I’m still a virgin!” “Have you ever been sexually molested by anyone, even a family member?” “No” Kenzie replied. “Why are you here today sweetie, I know but I have to hear it from you personally?” “To lose my virginity” she replied.

Kenzie saw his dick jerk strongly in his pants but he tried hard not to appear nonplussed as he asked, “You mean you want me to surgically remove your hymen?” “Can you do that?” she asked? “Oh yes, its a common procedure for athletes, especially gymnasts that don’t wish to have it broken in a fall on the beams while in competition and maybe cause them to have to withdraw from competition to be examined because of trace blood.” “Well I actually meant I was here to get birth control so I won’t get pregnant when I, you know, have sex, but that sounds like something I might want to do. Does it hurt, will I get sore? I really want to have sex Dr. Feelgoo…I mean Dr. Allen”….then, realizing what it sounded like she had just suggested, she blushed and felt her body flushing from it all the way to her pussy which he couldn’t seem to take his eyes from.

“Dr. Feelgood, where did that come from Mackenzie?” he asked. “Uh, I don’t think I should say, mom would kill me”. “Ohhhh I see. Did you really want to leave here today without your virginity Mackenzie?” he asked as he guided her onto the examination table. “Put your feet in the stirrups sweetie”. He saw the moisture forming at her pussy and knew she was aroused and the sight of her young body had his thoughts tearing down his resistance to taking advantage of her state.

Kenzie kept staring at his hard cock and couldn’t help but get aroused knowing this handsome hunk wanted her pussy. Mom was right she thought as he touched her smooth mound and said, “I don’t usually see such a smooth pretty vulva on a girl your age Mackenzie. You take good care of it.” Then he slid his fingers into her pussy and she couldn’t restrain her hunching and her breathing became raspy, chest rising and falling visibly as she felt him moving inside her, even rubbing her g-spot as small moans escaped her. “Am I hurting you sweetie?” he asked, as his thumb kept purposely grazing her swollen clit. “No, actually it feels pretty good” she heard herself say and was immediately embarrassed at her own honesty. “Are you sure you want to lose your virginity here today sweetie?” He asked her. She was sure of his intentions and she replied, “There is nothing I’d like better Dr. Feelgood”, she said intentionally using that instead of his name as he continued to finger her pussy.

He stopped and rose and picked up a piece of medical equipment and said, “Well we have two choices on how to rid you of that annoying hymen sweetie”, he said, as he turned away from her. She heard a zipper and he turned while saying, “We can use this he said as he held up the shiny scalple or we can use this he said as he showed her his hard dick. His cock was jerking as he allowed his gaze to rape her body. You know what I want Dr. so let’s quit pretending and do this please. His heart was beating wildly and he knew he was putting his whole life on the line trusting this girl but he couldn’t control the wild craving he had for her as he watched her hips gyrate and her hand began fondling her clit. Kenzie’s mind was fogged with lustful need as she said, “Eat me first please!”. He lowered his body and began licking and sucking her pussy wildly, using his knowledge of the human body to expertly excite her for the ordeal he had planned for her beautiful shaved pussy.

Kenzie loved having a tongue on her bare vulva and this whole experience had her emotions choking in her throat as she knew she was going to lose her virginity to such a handsome man. He had her craving orgasm and she begged him, “Fuck me, fuck my pussy and take my cherry please Dr!” He dropped his pants and stepped between her opened thighs and asked, “You’re sure you want this?” Her reply was, “Fuck your dick in my pussy hard and fuck me damnit!” He did, he wasn’t too thick and he was maybe eight inches long and as she felt his dick hit her hymen she said, “Do it, bust it, make it go”. His next hard thrust and she was no longer a virgin and the feel of his dick entering her deeper than anything ever had sent shudders of orgasm through her as the burning sensation inside her just enhanced and intensified the rolling waves his dick instilled in her body.

He felt huge but she knew he wasn’t but her tight young pussy had never been opened before and she felt pressured from within as her nerve endings experienced pleasures she had never before known. He leaned over her and kissed her and his dick seemed to throb inside her and began to swell, pulse and she loved it. Then he rammed hard into her, hurting her pussy and bringing another hard orgasm roiling from deep inside her as he exploded in her pussy filling her with a heat that seemed to scald her mind as well as her pussy walls. Her hips lifted, thighs tensing as her feet left the stirrups and her thighs squeezed him tightly, ankles pulling at his asscheeks as he continued to flood her with his molten love. His groans and grunts and the way he fucked his cum deep inside her had her cumming incessantly on his hot cock. He then pulled from her pussy and wiped his dick off as she watched and then took a tube of cream and squeezed a bunch on his dick and stroked it a few times until it was completely covered and then rammed it back inside her saying, “The cream will have you healed in no time and you can fuck to your hearts content without any problems at all.”

He fucked her through another orgasm and blew his nuts inside her again and then stopped and licked her bare pussy clean of their spunk and said, “Well Mackenzie, you’re no longer a virgin, how do you feel about that?” “Thank you, and momma was right you really are Dr. Feelgood!” “Yes your mother is a firecracker. She orgasms just about every time I examine her but I was always afraid to do anything because she’s married and everything and I could go to jail and lose my license”. “Why did you fuck me then?” “Well I heard what you said to your mom when I was out of the room and the way you talked I kinda knew you wanted to lose your virginity pretty bad. But mostly it was seeing you naked and your shaved pussy just sealed the deal, I really couldn’t help myself.

“Are you gonna tell your mom or anybody what we did?” he asked with a concerned look on his face. “Well actually yes, I’ll tell my mom just to lord it over her that I fucked you knowing how bad she’d like you to fuck her”. “Really, she said that to you?” he asked. “Yeah she told me she always got excited when you examined her and she wouldn’t say anything if you fucked her someday. “You and your mom must be close to have such conversations, huh?” “Yes, you could say we share a lot of similar desires and we’re best friends not just mother and daughter. I love her more than anything in the world.

He handed her a pill in a tear open plastic container and said, “Take this after while sometime. Its called a morning after pill london escort agency and will stop those loads of cum I left in you from impregnating your fertile womb. And here’s your birth control prescription honey. You get dressed and I’ll go tell your mom we’re done. I know she’s probably wondering what’s taking so long”. Kenzie couldn’t wait to tell her mom she fucked the DR. just to watch her face when she told her he only had about eight inches but he felt great inside her young pussy. When she was ready and walked to the waiting room the Dr. was already gone and her mom was waiting impatiently. “Damn she asked, did you fuck him or what? That seemed like it took forever. Kenzie smiled real big and said, “Guess what mom, your only daughter is no longer a virgin, Dr. Feelgood felt really good today when he popped my cherry and left two loads of hot Dr. cum in my pussy.” “Nooo, you didn’t Kenzie! You really fucked him right there in the office and you didn’t share him with me, you selfish brat!” she said almost laughing. Really, you’re not pulling my leg, he really put his dick in your pussy and cum in you?” ” Twice, and he gave me a morning after pill to keep me from getting pregnant with his baby” she said, as she held the pill up for her mom to see and confirm she was telling the truth.

“Damn him, fuck my daughter and not fuck me after me cumming a dozen different times as he examined me over the last few years. I used to make appointments and make stuff up to see him just to cum with his hand in my pussy and you fuck him on your first visit, damn pedophile”, she said laughing! “Everybody loves a virgin mom!” Kenzie said. “Well you’re not a virgin anymore girlie so we’re in the same boat now”. We need to get that prescription filled because I have a feeling you’re gonna have a lot of cum in that slut pussy of yours from now on.

“Are we still gonna go to the movie store mom, did you fix my birthday?” “Oh yeah sweetie, get that bag off the back seat”. Kenzie reached back and grabbed the bag and opened it and looked at the driver’s license with her face on it and was amazed. Then she began looking at everything and said, “How did you do that mom? Where did you get all this stuff?” “Your mom wasn’t always an Angel baby and I knew a lot of people years ago that did those things and they still do, lucky for us. You can use that driver’s license for an ID but don’t ever try to drive with it baby or you’ll wind up in Jail. Put the rest back in the bag and I’ll put them up for safe keeping. And then memorize the birth date and address on it until you know it from memory”. ” I just have to subtract 5 years from the year and everything else is the same mom”, “What, let me see that”, Kim said. How did he know all that she wondered, as she tried to remember telling him that information. Was he keeping track of her she wondered, and if so, why?

“Mom my pussy burns inside a little will his cum do that?” “No baby that’s your hymen where it tore, it will be ok in a couple days.” “He put some cream on his dick and fucked it into me and said it would help me heal quicker.” “Well that was nice of him, I’ll have to thank him for treating your pussy so good she said a little sarcastically.” “I think he will fuck you next time you go see him because I told him you wanted him too”. “Always thinking of momma’s pussy aren’t you baby?” “I do love you mom and want you to have everything you want, speaking of which, when are we going to fuck some black cock together now that I’m no longer a virgin?” “Kenzie you shock me with how you talk. You aren’t ashamed about any of your desires are you, even about having a black guy stuff your pussy with his dick”. “Not with you mom because I know you’re just like me. Tell me you aren’t thinking of when your next dick is gonna be in your pussy. I bet you have cum inside you right now just like I do don’t you?”

Kim knew she was right. Her young body was experiencing hormones that drove her cravings and her own body was entering the prime sexual years of her life which left them both yearning to fuck almost continuously. And she was right, they were both sitting there with men’s cum seeping from their vaginas and both craving more. “Didn’t it feel great when Dr. Allen flooded your pussy with his hot cum baby?” Kim asked her daughter. “Oh my god mom, I cum both times. You’ll love it when he cums in you mom, he just keeps pumping and spewing and your whole pussy just burns with the heat of it and I was cumming the whole time”. “Does Rick cum a lot mom?” “Gallons baby, I’ve never felt a man cum so much and what makes it really good is that he’s in your womb when he lets loose and you feel his heat the full length of your birth canal, its like a fire explodes inside you and just spreads like a wildfire and consumes your mind as you cum.

They stopped and got her pills and she was learning how to use the container as Kim drove to the movie store. Once there Kenzie placed the pills in the glove box and took the morning after pill and swallowed it with a drink of water from the bottle they purchased at the pharmacy. Kim thought to herself, now she can fuck all she wants to tonight, and smiled inwardly. As they walked in the attendant behind the counter yelled, “Hey no minors allowed in here lady”. They both looked all around and then at him and asked “Are you talking to us?” “Yeah the kid has to go”, he said. They looked at each other and laughed as she held the driver’s license out to him saying, “I hope I look this young when I’m forty.” “Damn, girl you sure don’t look your age. You should be in porn movies, they love women that look like little kids!” Kim and Kenzie looked at each other and smiled and Kenzie said, “I might have to consider that!” “Well if you ever decide you want to fuck on film I know a guy, just let me know”

With that hurdle cleared they began looking at the sex toys and Kenzie was shocked at everything they had. She wanted everything it seemed. Kim began to notice that all the black men that had been loitering outside were slowly walking around them, looking them up and down and making it obvious they were interested. They both were wet from the attention they were receiving and the guys kept saying things like, “Damn you ladies looking fine, you don need no toys we got the real thing right here for dem white pussies” Kim picked up a black dong almost as big as Ricks cock but thinner slightly and an older black man said to her, “Beautiful lady likes em big I guess. You think you can get that all up inside you baby?” “Kim smiled and said, “I bet I can have a lot of fun trying, a girl can’t find a real man built like this”

Her clit was pounding just talking so sexual to a black man. She saw Kenzie talking to another black guy and he had his hand cupping her ass, squeezing her and Kim knew she was boiling also. The older guy looked at Kim and said, “Maybe you just haven’t been looking in the right places baby?” He rose and walked to her and opened his fly and pulled a monster sized black dick out and let it hang there almost to his knees and it was soft. He said, “You can hold it like you was that rubber dick if you’d like”. Kim could feel her face flushing and the heat that flowed through her was immediate and demanding. She knew she was going to be fucked by this man before they got out of there. Her hand reached out and grasped him and felt his heftiness as she lifted him. Kims head turned as she looked around furtively to see who could see them.

“Damn mom, yours is bigger than mine and mine is huge” Kim looked and there stood Kenzie and the guy that had been groping her ass and she also had his black dick in her hand. Kim’s pussy was crying out to be filled, fucked deep and hard and the cock she held kept getting longer, thicker and stiffer. Her chest rose and fell heavily as she contemplated fucking him right there. “Is there somewhere we can go?”, Kim asked, her voice full of nervous need. Before the older guy could answer Kenzie was on her knees sucking her first black cock and watching her had Kim so aroused she could almost cum just standing there feeling the black weapon in her hand jerking and throbbing. The older man motioned for another black guy to come to him and he whispered something in his ear and the guy began going around collecting money from all the blacks there. Then he went to the counter and came back holding four tickets. C’mon baby, lets go back to the theater. Kenzie saw her mother walking away still holding the guys dick and she rose and began pulling her guy with her as she yelled, “Hey wait for me”.

They entered the theater and she didn’t see one white man in there after her eyesight adjusted to the dim light. There were other white women being fucked and sucking black guys. They were laying in seats and the guys were taking turns fucking them. One woman was on her knees in the seats and had a black guy ramming his long dick deep inside her doggy while another was fucking her mouth, holding her head and roughly entering her throat with each hard thrust of her hips. The women seemed to be lost to the feel and emotions of having their white pussies repeatedly filled with hot black man’s seed.

Kenzie was already bent over the back of a seat, her clothes lying in a heap beside her on a seat and the guy with her was fucking her like a madman as she screamed and bucked. Being immersed in such an environment was taking a toll on her your inexperienced mind. Kenzie was watching black men fuck white women as she felt her own womb being entered deeply, stretched and she was totally lost to all the new sensations she was feeling. The Dr. had only bumped her cervix but this black guy had pressured into and through it to completely fill her uterine canal and beyond. His wild hunching had her gripping the seatback and moaning as she felt her womb battered deeply, stretched. She was barely aware of her surroundings as the feelings and sensations held her mind captive to the pressure within her birth canal and the pleasure permeating her entire being. The stark difference between her white doctor and this black stud gave her an understanding of why white wives fall victim to their black dicks. Kenzie’s young emotions had her feeling love for this African warrior waging battle with her pussy. His long thick spear impaled her wonderfully and her entire existence was submitting to his penetrating thrusts. She didn’t realize it but her psyche was identifying pleasure with a black man’s cock and from that moment on the sight of a black man would cause her to fill with a craving for his black dick, regardless of size.

Kim was mesmerized watching everything unfolding, seeing huge black cocks being rammed unmercifully into different white women and all of them screaming their love of those huge pussy splitters. She watched Kenzie’s head flail and her ass gyrating with tremendous energy as she screamed her love of black dick. Her daughter was uncontrollably lost to the feel of her womb being pummeled from deep within it for the first time. She felt such a closeness with Kenzie watching her emulate her own response to the same catalyst. When she finally again became aware of her companion he was standing there completely nude with his dick still grasped firmly by her hand, stroking it unconsciously, only now it was a formidable appendage that stood out straight and thick and her entire being craved it inside her. The older black guy stripped her as she stood there, folding her clothing neatly before taking her in his arms and kissing her. She felt in a trance, incapable of any resistance, her entire being seemed aroused and craving, but it was like she was dreaming it all, like this could never be real. Hearing a black man’s voice assured her it was reality though.

He pressed her back against the wall and opened her thighs, lifting one leg and holding it in the crook of his arm as he positioned his dick at her soaked entrance and asked her, “You ready for this Nigga dick baby?” Hearing him using that term intensified the tabooness she already felt at having his black hands on her body defiling her whiteness and she gasped, “Oh god fuck me, I’ve been ready for this my whole life”, he began forcing his dick into her and time seemed to stop as she felt him opening her, his black dick penetrating her as she had always dreamed of it happening. She felt like she was living a dream as she began cumming at the feel of her cervix accepting his black glans and pressing into her never before blackened womb. She loved this whole experience, loved feeling so wanted by all these black men as they crowded around her, felt her breasts and ass while she hunched forcefully into the huge black dick impaling her as deeply as her son ever had. The emotions of knowing a black man was fucking her in front of other women and her daughter and many, many black men had her mind seething with carnality.

“Hey Mack turn her a little and let me get up her ass”, one of the men said to the man that’s dick was seething within her womb. Nigga wants to fuck your white ass baby and I’mma mind to let him. “Ok, let him do it, let him fuck my ass baby, just don’t stop fucking me!” She felt the inner flesh of her nether ring of pleasure being pressured. The raw feel of black dick skin opening her asshole, stretching her and the subsequent feel of a hard stiff cock entering her deeply had her mind filling with a carnal insanity. She was being fucked roughly by two black cocks and she loved it, loved the subservient nature of their using her body. Her every thought was of pleasing these men that took her as if they owned her. In a very submissive way they seemed so manly and dominant and that excited a primitive response from her body as she tensed repeatedly at the feel of their dicks rubbing together inside her. They were both tall and Mack allowed her legs to drop and she was left impaled by their cocks with her feet off the floor, pinned between their bodies as they dropped their hands from her body and left her to hang there impaled as they fucked up into her strongly. Her body trembled and shook as she screamed at the ripping feelings in her pussy and ass.
She felt humiliated as every man around them was laughing and saying things like, “Man look at dat bitch hunchin dat fine ass body down on dose brothers dicks, she a real black cock whore. Imma get sum a dat bitch, man look dat slut is married, got dem rings shining on her finger.” Then he punched the guy next to him to drive his point home and laughed loudly as he said, “We should take a picture and send it to her cracker hubby an let him see what a black cock slut she be.” Their words excited her and instead of angering her they merely drove her to fuck them harder, to punish her infidelity with their huge dicks as she screamed her love of their deeply hammering dicks and cried out how they were hurting her pussy and she loved it.

Then the guy in her ass shot a tremendous load and roughly rammed it up into her rectum, grunting with each forceful spewing. Her thighs and ass were covered in her cum. Finally the guy pulled his cock from her asshole and she felt the flood from within her. Lay her down Mack someone said and Mack lay on his back and she began hunching into his fat dick uncontrollably, vaguely aware that Kenzie was being tag teamed right in front of her on the floor. There were black men all around the two beautiful new white women and some were on the phone calling their friends to cum fuck the two beautiful black cock whores in the theater. Both mother and daughter were frenzied in their quest for black jism, insatiable in the urgency of their needs. The group of blacks began tag teaming Kim’s ass hole and she screamed her joy as load after load of black ball juice spewed deep in her ass. She loved this, loved being used, dominated, humiliated, made to take ball load after ball load of hot cum down her throat and into her ass.

The fat cock in her pussy drove her, made her crave all the others. She realized that he was the one to lure a woman here and as he pumped pleasure into her pussy, made her crave his cum all the others supplied the cum she was needing. She saw her daughter excited, fucking like there may be no tomorrow and she had to get all the black ball juice she could today. They were just alike Kim thought as they both cum. She cum until she was sure she couldn’t cum again and then some big cocked black guy would begin fucking her ass like a wildman and she’d be screaming, tensing, squeezing her pussy down on Macks dick as she ground into him hurtfully. Her asscheeks squeezed, pussy tightened repeatedly on his fat black monstrosity of a dick until she felt nasty, both their bodies covered in cum and perspiration.

Her thighs slid on his cum slickened body as her hips rocked forward and back, his stiff dick seeming to mangle her insides as he refused to bend under her wild gyrations. Suddenly she felt a face press into her asscrack and begin licking her wildly and she realized Kenzie was eating her ass out while she was being fucked doggy style. Knowing her daughter had her tongue pressed into her cum laden asshole, licking, gathering the many loads within her and swallowing them greedily incensed her mind. Each loud slurping noise she made as she avidly enjoyed her moms ass juice sent Kim’s mind reeling at the carnality she was experiencing. Suddenly there was quiet except for the slurping, licking noise her daughter made at her ass and the squishing Mack’s big dick made in her soppy pussy.

Then Kenzie left to go to a blond headed woman that was left spread in a front row seat. Her thighs soaked, coated with cum and perspiration. She had been here when they arrived and was as insatiable as her and her mother. Seeing her laying there, open and inviting for anyone to use, thighs over the seat arms and her pussy clenching and gaped had Kenzie on her knees and licking her cum filled hole. “Oh baby, yes, that’s it eat that pussy girl, suck all that black ball juice from me baby and then kiss me. Kenzie gathered a mouthful of black mans jism and rose to kiss the woman and swap cum between them until they had swallowed it all and then lowered to get more. Kenzie fingered the woman and she went wild, hunching, begging, as Kenzies cum coated fingers slid deep inside the woman’s gaped pussy until finally she rammed her whole hand up her pussy and fisted her roughly as the woman grabbed her arm and began fucking herself with Kenzie’s hand, ramming her hand into her pussy roughly, deep until her entire body tensed and shook for long minutes refusing to die independent escort girls until the woman smiled and said, “Damn, and I just came here to visit my sister and wound up fulfilling a lifelong fantasy. You come here often sweetie? I think I’ll be a regular from now on though. My little dicked hubby will never give me any fulfillment now.

The woman sat up, then stood and her legs appeared weak and she said, damn I think those big black cocks have rearranged my insides. Then she walked up the aisle leaving her panties lying on the chair next to where she had met her debauchery. She is built a lot like momma Kenzie thought and even looked like her a little. She sure has the same cravings it seems. Kenzie wondered how many white women became regulars after an experience like her and her moms and that ladys. She knew she would be back and also her mom. She would get Mack next time though. The burning was gone from her pussy now, replaced by a soreness now, feeling as if someone had been punching her inside her pussy with a baseball bat, or two or three or twenty. She plainly heard her mom screaming and looked to where her and Mack had been fucking and saw his big ass rising and falling in a fast cadence that matched her moms screams and realized that he was fucking her senseless with his giant dick. She was hunching and cumming and begging like she did with Rick but

“Did you see them fucking me mom, I completely lost it. I never dreamed anything could get me so hot and cumming over and over and just craving more and more. How do you stand feeling Ricks or Macks dick sliding forcefully into your womb as fat as they are mom. I just went wild the first time I felt my body being forced open, it was so tight and I felt so full and his dick just kept going in farther and farther and then I felt, I guess it was my womb stretching, but it began hurting and I couldn’t stop pressing into it even though I felt like it was ripping me inside. God I cum so good, and then before I could get over that some guy began fucking my asshole and I just fuckin lost it and didn’t come back until they all quit fucking me.”

“Did you see the blond woman I was eating down in the front row. She was beautiful like you, even reminded me of you a lot. Said she came to town to see her sister was going to surprise her and she stopped here to get her a new vibrator cause nobody knew her here and the black guys all started hitting on her, touching her and she was like us and had fantasized all her life about black cock and she thought why not nobody knows her here. She loved it so much she was here for hours and hours and still couldn’t get enough. She said her husband was like daddy and had a small dick. I bet she visits her sister a lot more often now”

“No I didn’t see her but I did feel my daughter eating my asshole and driving me crazy while I rode Macks big dick. I owe you for that, making me cum like that, that was downright nasty sucking my asshole after all those guys cum in it. That felt so slutty, and knowing it was you made it even sluttier, I loved every second of it!”

As they were leaving Kim said she wanted to buy the strap-on and and the huge black dildo to use with it. Kenzie said oboy I know who you’re going to use it on and I’m so ready..well maybe tomorrow..I’m kinda sore right now. Kim laid the two items on the counter and the guy said “Take them for free, its on me” “Why would you do that for us” Kim asked “Because I haven’t sold that many tickets to an afternoon matinee in years and the show you two put on was worth a lot more than those two items”. “Will you throw in a vibrator?” Kenzie asked grinning. “Are you two ever planning on coming back” he asked. “Oh hell yes, we’re local and we love black cock” “Then go pick out anything in the shop that vibrates and when you come back if I get the same turnout you can get more stuff. More if you call and let me know you’re cumming a day or so ahead we can work something out. A Friday or Saturday night is best!”

Kenzie picked a wireless clit vibrator and he said “Ok” and put it in the bag and they left smiling and well fucked but they both were thinking of their next fuck together. They knew they couldn’t hide the fact they had been fucking from Rick, not the way they both looked and smelled. They reeked of black ball juice and ass smell. They knew Rick would be pissed they didn’t come get him so he could watch but it wasn’t like they planned it or anything, well not consciously anyway, but sub-consciously I believe they both knew why they were going there and they got what they both wanted and needed. Kenzie stopped her mom as she was getting in the car and kissed her deeply and wantonly, making it clear what she wanted when they got home. The few guys standing around outside yelled, “Damn can’t you sluts ever get enough, now you’re gonna go eat each others pussies I bet”. Kenzie turned and gave the guy two thumbs up and he said, “You sluts need some of this dick”. Kenzie started walking towards him and said, “Bring that dick out here and lets do it baby, right here in the dirt, you can cum in this white sluts pussy” “Oh hell no, you bitch’s done wore the fuckin hide off this Nigga’s dick. You come back tommorrow baby!”

As they drove off Kenzie leaned over and gave her mom a kiss and started the catcalls again. They both smiled knowing they were wanted back and that thought again had them both wet and ready. They drove home slowly as they discussed how easily they had been seduced to fuck a whole theater full of black men. “How many guys you think cum in us today mom” Kenzie asked. “Oh about twenty times as many as I fucked the whole rest of my life I imagine”, she said. “Mom I love you more than you can ever imagine. Everything that happened today happened because of your love for me and wanting to see me happy. If I died right now I’d die happy. I just wanted to be like all my friends and you gave me pleasure that I know none of my friends have ever, in their most wild imaginings, ever experienced. And you did it mostly today. I lost my cherry to a good-looking handsome doctor, got my birth control pills so I could feel my pussy filled with hot cum and then you made one of my best fantasy’s come true even better than I could have ever imagined. And I ate a woman’s pussy that I didn’t know and she loved it. Now if you help me fuck daddy I don’t know what else we can do. This has been the best day of my life and its not even my birthday. Oh yeah I forgot, you even made me 22 so I can enjoy those black cocks whenever I wish. You’re my wonder woman, nobody has a better mom than me.

After they got home and endured Rick’s endless questioning and pouting about not being involved they all took a shower together in Kim’s master shower which happens to be four by eight and has four nozzles. That by itself makes you wonder if the family it was built for originally also had a special relationship or possibly they were swingers. Rick dried off and went downstairs to watch a football game and Kim and Kenzie were laying on Kim’s bed kissing and touching each other as they both remembered the others pleasure as they were ravaged by all those black men. They were telling each other how next time they would suck each others clit as they were stretched and filled by black cock, put on a show for the black guys and keep their cocks hard so they can fuck them for hours. Kenzie told her mom she wanted to see her eat another woman’s pussy it excited her so much doing it today. They were both exciting each other with their words and Kenzie was about to go down on her mom when the doorbell rang.

A few seconds later Rick yelled for Kim to come down so she slipped on a robe and went downstairs and Kenzie heard a squeal and then laughter and she also put on her robe and stared down the stairs just in time to hear a woman’s voice say, “I meant to be here earlier but stopped to do a little shopping and got delayed and the hours just seemed to fly by so quickly……her mouth dropped open and she stood staring at Kenzie, her face turned red and she looked like she was going to be sick. Are you ok Laura, you look ill baby! “Is this my aunt Laura mom because this is the woman I told you about today” Kim looked at her sister’s face and knew it was true. Laura was devastated almost crying as she said, I don’t know what happened Kim, one minute I was a happy housewife and the next I was being ravaged by a herd of black men and I loved it. The feelings just overwhelmed me, I’ve never felt anything so wonderful and it just went on and on and I never wanted it to end and then it did and Mackenzie appeared and we…we….she….oh my god I let my niece eat my pussy and fist me. Then it dawned on her that Kim knew her daughter was there and they had even talked about what Mackenzie had done with her. Why…what….I..I..mean, you…you knew she was there Kim?

Kim put her arm around her sisters shoulders and hugged her and looked at Kenzie and Rick and said, “Kids I think my sister Laura is confused and worried. We should take her upstairs and show her she need not worry about anything she did today. Come on Laura and we’ll show you the bedrooms.” Laura was confused and had no idea what was going on. No one seemed worried that she had been fucked by and sucked so many black dicks earlier that she had lost count and just allowed them to use her anyway they wished. As they entered Kim’s bedroom she was led to the bed and pushed down on it and Rick began kissing her, she tried to turn her head but Ricks lips were insistent and soon she was returning his kiss as her sister was unbuttoning her blouse and Kenzie was working on her skirt. Her hands tried to keep her clothes on her, pulling at them as her relatives slowly stripped her but Ricks demanding mouth had her moaning as she felt her body responding as she had earlier. Lips were on her breasts, sucking, licking and she felt arms wrapping her thighs and then a warm mouth encapsulated her pussy, licking, sucking, probing inside her still cum filled pussy.

Rick was excited at the thought of fucking his mom’s sister, his aunt and his dick was hard as a rock as he stripped and laid his hard cock in his aunts hands. Oh my god Kim, is this your son. He’s huge, I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Her hips hunched, Kenzie probed her pussy deeply and their aunt was losing control, her mind unable to comprehend what was happening but the cock throbbing in her hand was causing her entire body to crave release. She was becoming aroused like never before and when Rick placed his thick glans at her pussy and began pressing it into her well used pussy she moaned loudly and screamed oh god its too big, fuck, you’re hurting me, oh god Kim stop him, please. But Kim knew what she was feeling and she placed her fingertips on her sister’s clit and began rolling it swiftly. Rick forced his cock past her restrictive opening and his aunts eyes opened widely as she moaned passionately, Oh fuck that feels so good. Rick lay down on his aunts body and began fucking her smoothly, forcing his cock deeper and deeper in her body as she moaned and hunched up into his thrusts. His lips found hers and she kissed him passionately, her body responding to his dick uncontrollably as she cum hard, her hands clawing at her nephews ass while pulling his fat cock into her pussy.

Rick was becoming excited, his aunts tight pussy driving him as he began fucking her deeper and deeper until she felt him pressing against her cervix. Oh god she moaned as she prepared to again feel what had driven her crazy all afternoon. Rick felt her body resist and his young body stiffened his dick and he fucked her forcefully, spreading her already battered and relaxed cervix and entering her as she moaned and her body shook fitfully. Laura felt her mind filling with a pressured pleasure. Her uterus had never been stretched so fully, filled and stroked as her mind seemed to melt under the onslaught of his hot dick. Not even the black cocks earlier had filled and stretched her pussy like her 15 year old nephews dick was now. She knew she was losing control and soon would be begging her nephew to fuck her hard, and when she felt her womb stretching, his fat glans lengthening her birth canal, hurting her, her mind collapsed and she begged him, “Fuck me Rick, god I love your dick baby, fuck your aunts pussy, give it to me, oh god it hurts so good. Oh damn Kim, his dick is better than black cock…oh god do you fuck it sister, do you fuck your son’s big dick…cumming..cumming..oh fuck I can’t stop.” “Yeah, aunt Laura I fuck mom as often as possible, her pussy is as good as yours. I’ll fuck you everyday too if you’ll let me!” “Oh god baby yes, yes I want you to fuck me everyday. I want to see you fuck your momma, see her cum on your big dick like this…aaaiiiiiieeeeeRRRGGGHHHH ”

Kim had Kenzie eating her pussy as she lay beside her sister as she screamed her love of her nephew’s young cock and she felt closer to Laura than ever in her life knowing they shared a love of her son’s dick and her daughter’s body. Rick saw his mom laying beside them and swiftly pulled from his Aunts pussy and crawled to his mom and as Kenzie moves he swiftly forced his dick into Kim eliciting a scream from her lungs as he fucked her hard, deep, giving her his dick as he knew she loved it, roughly and incessantly. His aunt groaned as he left her pussy and she felt gaping, as if a part of her was missing. She felt so much love for her sister and her family. Never before did she feel like she could be herself and allow her inner slut to express itself without guilt or shame. She watched her sister responding to her son’s dick just as she had, uncontrollably and without reservations and she felt love for them both. She looked in her sister’s eyes and knew he was entering her womb as she shook and moaned. Her lips found her sister’s and they kissed, any bad feelings there ever were between them vanished with that kiss and they became soulmates, joined in a basic need for Kim’s sons’ dick.

Kenzie shifted to her aunts pussy and began licking and sucking her clit as her and her mother kissed and Rick bottomed his dick in her moms pussy to her muffled screams. Her mom clawed at her sisters body as her son pummeled her pussy bringing her orgasms in rippling explosive waves that immobilized her and had her mind filled with insanity. Suddenly Kenzie remembered the toys they had gotten earlier and she strapped the remote clit vibrator on her aunts body and donned the strap-on and lubed the huge black dildo and began forcing it in her aunts pussy, fucking her as she turned the clit vibe on and her aunt bucked and writhed and Kenzie began fucking her forcibly, pressing the dildo into her until it entered her cervix and Laura moaned as she felt herself filled, pressured outward by the unyielding mass of the huge black cock dildo. Kenzie pressed the dildo into her until she knew her aunts womb was being stretched and she turned the vibe up even more and her aunt’s cries became shrill and her head began flailing as the pleasure filling her became so intense she felt she had to get away from it or go insane.

Her hand moved to remove the vibe from her body and Kenzie held her hands and told her, you try and take that off and I’ll rip your pussy open with this big cock aunt Laura. Laura moaned in anguish as Kenzie began fucking her harder, deeper hurting her pussy as she began cumming, tears forming in her eyes from the pain but still begging her niece to fuck her harder. Kim was cumming continuously when Rick realized he could now fuck his sister and withdrew from his mom’s pussy leaving her crying her need for his dick, begging him to put it back. But Rick was on a mission and he knelt behind his sister as she fucked the dildo into his aunts body and placed his cock at his sisters pussy and began hunching hard into her. Kenzie was trapped, unable to get away as the dildo held her to her aunts pussy, unable to pull away from her brothers fat tip as he hunched into her forcefully.

Rick was cruel in his attack on his sisters pussy. Upset because he wanted to be her first and then she allowed a doctor to fuck her cherry away and then was gang fucked by a theater full of black men so he was going to fuck her brains out. She screamed and begged him to stop but he held her hips and forced his dick into her pussy as she moaned her pleasure at feeling him inside her. She couldn’t even think of her aunt whom she was impaling deeply with every hard thrust of her brothers dick as he delved deeper and deeper into her sister pussy. He hurt Kenzies pussy but like her mother and aunt she loved it, begged for it and when she got it she cum hard, often, as he impaled her stricken pussy forcefully. His aunt was delirious with the pained pleasure she felt as the vibe excited her clit mercilessly and her niece kept forcing the dildo deeply into her with each thrust of her nephews dick. Laura could see the pained pleasure Kenzie felt and knew her plight as Ricks dick opened and filled her. Laura knew when Rick was opening her nieces’ cervix by the awed look on her face, eyes open wide and then closing as sensations of pain and fullness overwhelmed her. Her breathing became deep moans that told of her pleasure as they escaped her lips. Laura knew the intenseness of her niece’s orgasm as she felt Ricks thrusting driving the dildo into her own womb until both her and her niece simultaneously enjoyed the pain of his thrusts. Laura couldn’t think as sensations of ripping burned in her womb, invaded her mind and enhanced the orgasms induced by the full wonderful feeling she endured. Her cervix was open, receptive now to the fat cock stretching and pressing through her uterus to torment her womb. Her inner lips stretched, mashing the nerve rich environment of her vagina tightly against the fat dick as it pistons within her body, each nerve screaming in unison with its neighbors until they become a deafening roar of pleasure that permeates every fiber of her existence.

Rick was fucking them both, his thrusts driving his cock into his sisters pussy while her hips drove the dildo deep inside her aunts spasming body. His furious assault on his sister brought forth both their orgasms simultaneously as the room filled with their loud moans and shrieks of pleasure. Ricks driving thrusts had Kenzie laid atop her aunt, hips trapped between them with the dildo piercing her aunts pussy as he hammered his cock deep in Kenzie unmercifully. Kenzie loved it, loved the way Rick dominated her, impaled her pussy, used it as an object of pleasure for Escort in dubai himself as he drove his dick forcefully into her womb to stretch her painfully. He fucked her purposefully, with the stamina that only an excited fifteen year old muster; Grinding his big glans into her with a vengeance as he asked her repeatedly, “Like that dick big sister, like the way my dick feels in your pussy, want me to quit fucking you sis, want to go back to your black guys?” “I love your dick Rick, I don’t ever want you to stop fucking me ever, oh god Rick you’re so much better than the black dicks, fuck my pussy baby, give me your cum Rick, please I need you to cum in your sisters pussy, make it yours baby, fill me up.” Hearing her begging drove him to fuck her hard, to drive his dick all the way to his balls and she cried her joy, tears streaming down both hers and her aunts face from the ferocity of his attack on his sisters pussy that transmitted his every thrust down into his aunts cumming pussy also.

His aunt was crying out, begging for him to fuck them, to drive his entire cock into Kenzies pussy so that she too could reap the benefits of his fucking his sister so fitfully. Kim took the remote from Kenzies tightly clenching hand as she was unable to work it in her stricken state and she began toying with her sisters sanity as she twirled the speed and intensity dials. Neither woman could escape the pleasure of Ricks fucking and her sister was a slave to Kim’s whims as she ran the dials up and down, varying the way her clit was being aroused until Laura was begging her to stop, crying she couldn’t cum anymore without going insane and Kim would turn the dials wide open and her sisters body would tense, her head flailing wildly, uncontrollably as she ground her pussy up into the huge dildo impaling her. Kim watched as her son incessantly fucked his sister’s pussy causing Kenzie to drive the dildo into Laura, Kim’s own sister’s stricken body. She felt envious of the pleasure she knew they were both feeling but her love of both filled her with a pleasure all her own. As she watched her son’s big cock withdrawn and rammed back into her daughter’s depths she knew even if Joel left them she would never regret her actions.

Kim felt a power surging within her as she toyed with her sisters emotions, sensations and orgasms by turning the dials in her hand. She could bring forth an orgasm so intense her sisters head flailed or she could take her to a plateau where she would beg to cum, the insanity showing on her face as her desperation etched it. She took her to a point of near total desperation and then reached under her and began fucking her finger into her sisters asshole and her body began shaking, trembling, eyes closed and at the verge of cumming but unable to and she began sobbing, crying, begging to cum and Kim turned the knobs wide open and heard her screams as she rocketed into heaven without a pause. She tensed until Kim thought she was frozen, muscles locked, back arched and then collapsed, unconscious, muscles locked so tightly her blood vessels refused to allow blood through them until the only way to relax them was to leave her reality. It was just then Rick drove his sister into her own private heaven as he began ramming his dick into her faster, harder, his face showing the desperation overtaking his body and filling his mind with a craving for release. He cried out in anguish as straining into her, his cock exploded in orgasm, once, twice, over and over he spewed his hot seed in his sisters fertile receptive womb, her mind rejoicing with each hot expulsion. Kenzie knew her and her mom and aunt were going to be fighting for Ricks attention now. She finally understood why her mom was addicted to his young dick.

“That was great Rick”, Kenzie moaned as she collapsed atop her unconscious aunt. Kenzie’s body kept shuddering as Ricks cock jerked within her tightly clasping cervix, his glans still pulsing in her womb. Rick pulled from her tight pussy and whispered in her ear, “Your pussy is the best sis” Kenzie turned to face her brother and said, “I love you Rick” and then kissed him with all the passion she could muster, her tongue dancing with his as they both felt the love their bodies expressed as they fucked. She whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me every chance we get Rick, I love your dick, I’d marry you if I could brother” Rick was learning the power of his dick over women. Each woman, even though related to him all expressed their love for him. Trouble was he loved them too and wanted to fuck all three every day.

They all went to bed and Kim and Kenzie passed out quickly, but his aunt Laura came creeping silently into his room and began sucking his dick as he lay thinking of the day Kenzie and his mom had experienced. He wanted to watch them take black cock so badly. That was on his mind as his aunts lips enclosed his glans and began suckling it. She sucked him like she was adoring his cock, licking it softly, sucking all along its thick shaft, licking his ball sack, sucking at his nuts and then her lips would run to his glans and inhale him, drawing his dick to lengthen and swell as she held it in her mouth and her head bobbed shallowly, working the sensitive edge of his crown until his dick felt strained, wanting to rip out of its skin. She caressed him with both hands, squeezing him, stroking him as he stood stiffly erect.

“My god you’re so huge Rick, I love your cock baby” she whispered to him. I’ve never been opened and penetrated so wonderfully before you honey. Can I fuck it Rick, I need to feel it inside me baby and cum on it again”. He could see the lust in his aunts eyes as she gazed at his cock and said, “Cum lay on the floor baby and I’ll do all the work, we’ll be quiet so we don’t wake anybody else, I want you all to myself”. Rick threw a blanket on the carpet and his pillow on the blanket and lay down and watched his aunt straddle his cock and felt his tip at the wetness of her pussy flesh. The feeling of her pussy opening, engulfing his swollen throbbing tip was an exquisite sensation that he could never get enough of. Pressing down onto him, she moans her love as she feels him enter her. “Oh god baby you’re so fat, I believe I could cum with just this much of it in me” He felt her weight press down on his tip and heard her whimpering as her body resisted his entry. Her breathing was pronounced in the stillness of the night and she kept squeezing his dick with her inner muscles as if involuntary, a response to his girth invading her painfully.

“Oh God baby, I can’t make it go any deeper, its so big but I need it so bad”. By now Rick needed it in her as badly as she did and he rolled her over and said, You want me to fuck you like I fucked Kenzie don’t you Aunt Laura, you want me to hurt your pussy with my young hard dick don’t you. Does it make you hot knowing you’re fucking your sister’s son, your nephew, cumming on my fifteen year old cock”. “Y..Y..Yes..I know its so wrong but it makes me wet knowing you fuck your momma and me and your sister. Are you gonna fuck me Rick, please baby, I need you so bad. My husband has a little dick and I never knew how exciting a big dick could be. I want to feel you opening me and driving into my womb, I never felt that before today and I love it, especially when its your fat dick baby, you stretch my womb so wonderfully, Fuck me baby give it to me sweetie…please..I’m begging you!”

He rammed his dick in her hard, a forceful thrust into her pussy that had her thighs jerking close on his body and causing a deep moan from her mouth as she clawed at the blanket trying to scoot away from his hurtful cock. Again, and again he fucked his dick into her, each time her moan told of her pain but her hands now gripped the blanket and she held her pussy to his hard thrusts. Her thighs would close against his body as his dick impaled her, then, as he held his cock to her, throbbing against her tightly clasping walls, her thighs would open widely and his dick pressed deeper as her hips rolled, muscles squeezing his dick, feeling him with her pussy. He began fucking her smoothly, effortlessly, as his cock pistoned in the slick wetness he had already opened and stretched. She began to feel the influence of his fat dick caressing her walls and her moans became passionate. Her hips rolled and hunched with him as her mind fogged and her body began craving him deep inside her. Her ankles pulled at his thighs as her body demanded deeper penetration, but he just fucked her with a steady cadence until her body was writhing, head flailing.
She begged him, “Give it to me baby, fuck me, I need it in me, make me cum baby, oh god hurt me, fuck me hard, you’re so big, so fat, good and then aiiiieeeeeeeEEEEEEEEE” as she began cumming. He drove hard into her quivering pussy and she began shaking hard as her hands pulled at his thin young hips, nails drawing blood from his ass while holding him to her as she ground her pussy against his engorged glans. Her ankles held her to his young dick as he hunched into her pussy. She was moaning, muscles tensing until each gripping wave of pleasure relaxed its hold on her body. Then as she ground her pussy into his tip as he pressed hard into her she felt his glans throbbing, mashing against her cervix again and she began crying out, “Yes, oh god yes, right there baby, doit, oh fuck make it go, oh damn I’m cumming, fuck me, fuckit in me hard..oh god its so hard, I feel it baby, its opening me…oh god its so good, HARD, fuck it hard, oh fuck it hurts, its so big, so fucking wonderfully huge. OH GOD! YES You’re in my uterus baby, oh damn your dick is so fuckin long and fat. Fuck me baby, oh fuck, your young stiff dick fucks me so damn good. I love it, love you baby.”

Rick loved it when he felt her pussy open deeply and allow him into her womb. Her cervix always gripped him so tightly and he loved the feeling of her uterus squeezing him, cervix milking him as he stroked deep in her womb. That was always the moment she lost it as she felt him enter her uterus and his thick girth holding her open, stretched and throbbing inside her. He loved knowing he was stretching his moms womb when he fucked her. He always thought of how he had stretched her as he was a fetus in her womb and now every time he returned to press deep inside her, it was like she knew he was returning and completely lost control as he throbbed inside her uterus’s tight milking grasp and his tip throbbed his heartbeat against her womb walls. He knew his dick was making sluts of all his female relatives and he loved it, loved feeling them cumming as his aunt was now. He could never get enough of the feel of soft asscheeks under his fingers as he squeezed them. A woman’s breasts also excited him, so soft and supple and her nipples hard and erect like his aunt Laura’s now. He lay on her and said into her ear, “I love the feel of your pussy holding my dick Aunt Laura. Your body is like moms, soft and wonderful and I love having all my fat cock in you to my balls. I’d love to fuck your pussy while that big black guy fucks your asshole, would you like that?” Laura moaned at that thought again and said, “Yes, baby, I’d love it, I love having you in my pussy to your balls Rick and I’m sure I’m a black cock slut now” “Can I fuck your ass now aunt Laura, I want to cum in you there?” “Do you really want to baby, you know how tight it will be” Hell yeah I want to Laura, every time I see your ass my dick throbs to be inside it.” His words excite her, knowing a fifteen year old thinks about fucking her up the ass with his big cock drives her wild with excitement and she moans, “Do it baby, take my asshole with your big manly dick!

Laura knew she would never be the same after this day of having so many blacks cream her holes. She had thought that was the ultimate pleasure, but now, Ricks cock, her 15 year old nephews dick was fucking her senseless, pounding her pussy into submission to his will and in her mind she was wishing she had another fat dick up her ass like earlier. She would give anything to have her sister’s life, her daughter eating her pussy and her son fucking his manly cock up her holes every day she wanted them. If she had only known Kim and Kenzie both were at the theater as she was being debased they could have had a ball. What are the odds that her sister and niece would be discovering the joys of blacks fucking their hot cream into a white woman’s pussy on the very day she made the same discovery. She knew she wanted to go there again with Kim’s whole family before she had to leave to return home. Having Rick and Mack in her at the same time would have to be the ultimate pleasure she reasoned and if she didn’t experience it she knew the craving in her body would never be stilled until she did and even then it might just be intensified and addicting.

Rick was excited at the thought of cumming in his beautiful Aunts asshole. Knowing she wanted him up her ass, becoming his ultimate slut as his hot cum spewed into her colon had his dick jerking strongly inside her womb and she felt it too by the way her moans deepened and her hips rolled and hunched as he swelled and stiffened in her pussy’s grasp. Her excitement was short lived though as he pulled from her pussy and placed his glans at her well juiced asshole and began pressing into it. Laura was still stretched from the earlier blackening her ass had received and opened easily as he began stretching her. He was huge though and she felt ripping as his girth opened her even more than her black lovers had. “God, she thought, how could a fifteen year old boy have such a wonderful cock.” Her asshole burned and the pain caused her to try and push him away but his young mind was inflamed at the thought of taking his Aunts ass and with a forceful lunge he conquered her anus’s tight resistance and slid into her resisting rectum.

“Oh god, you’re ripping me Rick, you’re so big baby, it hurts, don’t move, please don’t move yet”, she cried with tears running down her cheeks. Her ass felt ripped but she needed to allow him to find pleasure in her body, to return some modicum of pleasure to him for the immense amount of pleasure he had afforded her. Her asshole squeezed involuntarily, each tight clenching causing a burning sensation to permeate her mind. She reached for her clit and began rolling it as Rick watched her beautiful face. He felt love for his aunt as he knew she was in pain but persisted in trying to provide him pleasure. He heard her soft moans and felt her ass moving, rolling in small circles as the pleasure of her clit stimulation began spreading through her until the feel of his fat cock became a stimulus, rubbing the nerves embedded in her ring of pleasure. Those sensations combined with those from her clit to have her writhing, hunching up into his cock until she moaned, “Fuck me, oh god fuck it Rick, do it slow baby, its so big, so good. Fuck! My ass feels so full of your dick….ohhhhhhhhyessss”. Rick saw his Aunts chest heaving, her face becoming masked in passion and he knew she was his as he began fucking his dick through her tight muscle as it clenched him tightly. As he stroked, her moans became louder, more insistent and her hands gripped her breasts and she shuddered as his pistoning became longer, quicker and he knew she was about to cum with his dick up her tight bunghole.

Laura felt Ricks dick bumping her tailbone as he fucked his massive meat deeper and deeper up her colon. The sheer volume of sensations streaming from her asshole had her body tensing, jerking as she fought to keep the pleasure she felt, her body craving relief but her mind addicted to the pleasure she held dear as he fucked his pole into her body’s exit hole. Then his hard thrust rammed his dick fully into the darkness of her soul and his pelvis mashed her clit and she was propelled through heavens gates and left shuddering, back arching as his dick hastened its flight through her clenching ring of excitement. Her legs straightened, tensed, hips lifting as her ass muscles squeezed tightly and her hips out-turned as she presented her asshole as his reward for the pleasure he was giving her in the form of his monstrous cock. She felt her juices flowing from her pussy as it clenched, pumping it from her vagina to flow down over his stroking dick, lubricating him. His youthful enthusiasm drove his cock as it slickly slid over her ring of embedded nerves to instill maddening waves of pure pleasure to course through every cell of her stricken body.

Rick lay down fully upon his Aunts body and began fucking her ass roughly, grinding against her clit as she moaned and hunched frenziedly, her softness exciting and driving him to keep her cumming. His emotions welled within him, overwhelmed him as he gazed into Laura’s eyes and saw the love she had for him at that instant. Her head lifted and she kissed him, a kiss that had his mind spinning as he felt so much love for her. The momentary lapse of control as he experienced the passion of her kiss allowed his balls to lift and the feeling of her tight ring milking him to swell him instantly. She felt it and her kiss intensified as she knew he was about to gift her his young fertile seed, hips gyrating, squeezing him as she craved his hot spewing. Rick couldn’t have stopped it if he wanted to and he didn’t! He felt the first large lump of his cum shoot across his constrictor muscle and he groaned as his cock rammed fully up Laura’s receptive ass.

Laura felt his wad of cum race across her own tightly clenching muscle and its lava like hotness exploding form his tip to seethe inside her. She cum like never before as his body jerked with each new spewing from his engorged tip. Her legs wrapped his ass and she held him there, squeezing him tightly to her as he unloaded his youthful balls into her tensing body. He would withdraw and then ram back hurtfully into her slimy asshole as each expulsion of his balls tensed his body and swelled his manly cock, stiffening it to penetrate her to the maximum as he moaned his love for her. “Oh god baby, I love you too, I do, I really do Rick. Don’t stop, please don’t stop, fill me up baby, that’s it, ohhhhhaaaiiieiiieeeeee”, she wailed as his body shuddered with each tensing of his balls.

Rich felt his dick jerking, stiffening, extending as his glans pulsed wildly as it tried to pump the dregs of his ardor into her yawning cavity. His Aunt clung to him tightly, her body trembling, jerking with each pulse of his dick, moaning her love of him and the way he fucked her. They lay there in each others arms, as his dick softened within the clutch of her asshole, and kissed, a warm passionate kiss that enamored them to each other forever. Then as they held each other they both drifted off to a sated wonderful sleep right there on the floor.

Next; Dad returns home!

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