A Mom’s sexuality is Awaken Chapter 3

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A Mom’s sexuality is Awaken Chapter 3Chapter ThreeA Mom’s Sexuality Is AwakenAfter sucking his cock clean she got up to leave the room and Josh asked her where she was going. She told him the bathroom. He got up and followed her into the bathroom. She looked at him with a puzzled look and he reminded her about agreeing to be his complete slut to use anyway he wanted. I never seen you naked and now I want to see what kind of body my slut has to give other men. Okay but let me pee first, she said. Josh, having never seen a woman pee, stayed right there. He could hear the pee, but by the way she sat, he didn’t see a thing. Except he did see her panties were all wet and he asked her about that. Sucking your cock makes me cum and when that happens my panties get soaked. She pulled them off and tossed them into the clothes hamper.Sally then told Josh that since they were starting on a new way of life they needed to have a little talk. They both went to the kitchen where Sally started to throw a quick dinner together. She looked at the clock and smiled to herself as she was already looking forward to getting to suck Josh off again. She put two frozen dinners into the oven then sat down and started to talk to Josh. Josh, she started, this morning when I woke up my biggest fear was you would not want me sucking your cock anymore after getting your casts off. Now, I’m so happy that you still want me taking care of your cock and those full balls of yours. Remember those nurses at the hospital you complained about making you hard and doing nothing about it. Just about every one of them called me asking if they could help take care of you for me so I can have a little time to myself. As you now know I never let a single one help take care of you. I wanted your cock and cum all to myself. I truly want my gallon of cum every week and more if you can produce it. My greatest fear now is that someday you will find some cute little thing and want to marry her. It is understandable, but that will cut off my supply of your cum. I guess we will cover that when the time comes. Now this new thing you want to start doing. First I have nothing against it and I know I’ll most likelyenjoy it as well as long as I’m getting my gallon from you every week I’ll be happy. When your father and I married I was just 16 and never been with a man before. I had never even seen one naked. He took me slowly into making me the kind of wife he wanted and I trusted him the whole way. Like you today he wanted me to do other men and I did. He took me to a swingers club once that had a platform in the middle of the room. He laid me down on the platform and tied my wrist and ankles to the corners of the platform. Every man there had me that night. It was also singles night so there was a lot men present. He brought men home and would have me suck them off. There were hunting trips I would go with him on and I would be the only woman in the group of men. For a whole week I was used for the sexual needs of everyone in the group. All this I enjoyed with him because I loved him and felt safe bahis siteleri with him. I’m telling you this because you reminded me so much of him today when you asked me to be a whore and a slut for other men. My answer to you is yes of course I’ll be a complete whore for you. I’ll kneel before any man and promise to suck his cock better than any slut or whore has ever done. I’ll beg him when he feels the need to release his cum to please cover my face and tongue so that I might taste and feel his warm, creamy, delicious hot sperm. I’ll do all this for you as long as you continue to provide me a gallon of your sperm every week. That’s all I ask of you and remember that we need to keep this quite while we live here so we don’t get run out of town.Josh never know his mother’s past and he did not know about his father wanting her to be his slut. He took in all his mother told him and he told her nothing will stop you from getting your gallon every week. Emptying my nuts into your mouth and on your face has become a pleasure I don’t think I can live without. Every morning your right at my cock as soon as it turns 6 a.m. and having you wake me every morning like that is almost heaven. Knowing all that is expected of me is to just lay there and give you my sperm to drink while you suck me off is never going to stop. Seeing you checking the clock so you don’t waste a minute at sucking me is great. How many guys have a dedicated whore like that taking care of their needs? Not too many I can tell you that. This last three months have been more than I could ever have hoped for.Whoring you out is something I would think about sometimes while you were sucking my cock. Wondering what it would look like as you sucked a cock into your mouth and knowing the pleasure your giving it would make my cock ready to come. Watching you taking care of other men began to take over my dreams. Seeing you covered in cum while getting fucked and sucking a cock would almost always get me ready to cum in your sucking mouth. Another thing during this past three months, Josh added. This whole time I have never touched your body. I’ve never seen you naked. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to fuck you. You are hot for a mom and from what I’ve seen of you so far, which is very little, fucking you would be a blast.Sally told Josh she too had thoughts about what that big cock would feel like inside her pussy. The only thing is that she would not want him to cum inside her, she told him. If you want to fuck me you must promise to always finish by shooting in my mouth. Don’t want you taking a chance of making your own little brother. Josh had to give a chuckle and he agreed to never cum inside her pussy. Now, he said, I want to see you without any clothes on. Sally got up and removed the dinners from the stove and placed them on the table. Then, before sitting down, stripped off all her clothes and stood before Josh eyes. Wow, you’re beautiful, he told her, the way you dress hides the body you have so well no one would ever guess what a beauty is hidden there. Josh got canlı bahis up and walked over to her and reached out to cup her breast in his left hand. It felt full and firm to his touch. They were a 36c cup and hung there like they belonged to a 16 year old girl. There is just one thing I want you to change for me, he told her. I want you to shave your pussy completely bald for me. And then for the rest of the day and night I want you to remain naked for me. Tonight I’m going to have your pussy and when I’m ready to cum you will be sucking your pussy juice off my cock. I think I’ll enjoy that she told him while looking at the clock wondering if she could finish eating, shave her pussy, and still be ready to suck his cock by 6 p.m.It was 5:58 p.m. when she walked back in to the living room where Josh sat at the computer looking at some porn sites. He turned to look at her and let out a low whistle as she walked towards him with her freshly shaved pussy. Her tits were firm and she had let her long, black, silky hair hang down looking more attractive than he ever remembered seeing her. Her eyes were as bright as a summer sky. They always seemed like they were glowing. Her pussy looked so fine with that little slit showing as she walked towards him. She knelt at his chair and started sucking his cock. He knew not to stop her as this was her load of sperm to suck out of his cock. From now on the three feedings a day were always going to be hers to swallow. I’m such a lucky guy he thought to himself as he looked back to the porn on his computer screen. Always before when he surfed porn sites he’d have to jerk his own cock and worry about his mom coming in and catching him since the only computer was in their living room. Now here he sits with his cock inside the sucking mouth of his mom, surfing porn sites, and his cum is going to be ejaculating into her mouth instead of the trash can like all the times before. Josh told her about a site he was looking at that he wanted to send her to be on. It’s called, Cum On Her Face, he told her. He told her there would be ten guys there to fuck her and then all of them would cover her face in cum. Sally let out a small moan signaling her approval while never taking his cock from her mouth. Josh saw where they had two other moms of members taking cum all over their faces.Josh then moved over to Southern Bukkake. He told himself he’d get her on there as well. Now Josh was close to cuming so he leaned back to give his mother full access to his cock. Josh let it go and felt it raising up the tube to his cock head and into his mother’s mouth. He could see his mother’s eyes smile as she tasted his cum shooting into her mouth. Pressing her lips tight around the shaft she swallowed as fast as she could. Over the last three months she got very good at not letting any cum escape from her sucking mouth. She still felt delight at the taste of her son’s sperm. There is nothing to compare it to she thought as she finished swallowing what she thought was maybe the tenth blast of sperm from his cock. After five more blast his güvenilir bahis cock quit blasting and just started to dribble out his cum. She love this as it allowed her to keep some in her mouth so she could suck the flavor out of the sperm before swallowing it down with the rest. Josh then pulled his cock out of his mother’s mouth and rubbed the head across her face. Sometimes he would slap her with it. He told her that sometimes he believes she loves sucking his cock so much she would agree to super gluing her lips to his cock. Now that just might be what the doctor ordered, she added She was leaning back now still enjoying some sperm in her mouth with her legs spread. Now for the first time Josh was getting a good look at her pussy. Being 18 has some advantages in that it doesn’t take long for the cock to start getting hard again. He stood up and with his cock dangling in her face he reached for her hand to help pull her up. It’s time he told her to feel what my slut’s pussy feels like. Go easy she told him as it’s been over 17 years since anything has been in it. Josh led her to her room where he laid her down on her bed. He got up between her legs and started to slide his cock head up and down her little slit. She was still wet from having just sucked him off. Then Josh pushed the head in just a little bit while looking into his mother’s eyes. More and more he eased into his mother’s pussy. Her pussy looked so small around his cock and still she was taking him in. Half of his cock was now inside her and she braced her hand against him asking him to stop for a minute. He pulled back and then forward a few times to see if she could take any more. She told him it was hurting so very good. Josh kept going and soon had a steady motion going. In and out of his mother’s pussy he kept going at a slow pace. Sitting back up, Josh looked down at his mother sprayed out before him. He grabbed both of her tits and squeezed them while pinching both her nipples. Then he slipped more of his cock into her and she felt like she was going to pass out from the pleasure. He’d been fucking her now for almost thirty minutes and it looked like she was going to be able to take him all in. Her juices were shooting out all around his cock and she seemed like she was now having one unrelenting orgasm after another. She kept repeating the word fuck, fuck, fuck under her breath over and over again.Josh was soon ready to cum. He asked his mom if she was ready to suck out another load of cum. At first she did not answer him as she was lost in her own world of orgasm after orgasm. Then he spoke again only this time he called out for his slut to get ready. You fucking whore you need to get ready to suck my cock and swallow my cum. This brought her back and she got up and turned herself around to get his cock into her mouth just as he started to let his cum fly out and into her sucking whore mouth. Suck it you whore, Josh told her. Dam I love shooting my fucking cum down you fucking slut throat and inside your whore mouth. Your such a nasty cock sucking whore and the sight of my cum filling your mouth never gets old. That night they both fell asleep in her bed. She fell asleep with his cock still in her mouth until he rolled over in his sleep and his cock slipped out of her mouth.

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