A Memorable Cruise

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A Memorable CruiseIt was our third cruise to the Caribbean and my wife, Amie, had been in a deep sexual funk for several months over family and work-related matters. This time, I decided, the sex would be better than ever and she needed, at 43 to open up that more than ripe body of hers to the joys of sheer pleasure. I helped her shop in the port city for just the right bathing suits, lingerie and sexy dining clothes that would set her off from the crowd and help create opportunities. For 13 years I had longed to see her taken, by choice of course, by other men, as I watched. This was the cruise, I decided, when it would happen. The first night at sea we met our pre-assigned table mates for the late seating, as usual. So much nicer to eat late, relax with the wine and get to know your mess partners. I knew as soon as we sat down and passed around our names exactly what couple seemed most likely to think our (my) way. His name was Derek, as tall as I was, 5’9, not quite as much white hair, but handsome with slight balding, and just slightly slimmer than me. It was obvious he worked out a lot, was well read and a good conversationalist with twinkling grey eyes. Sarah, his wife, was more around 5’4, a black-eyed beauty and it appeared in her off the shoulder gown that she was quite fit, had short black hair and as they approached the table, had a tennis-player’s shape, quite attractive. My wife took to both of them immediately, almost to the chagrin of the eight other passengers dining at our table, but most of them were considerably older or younger. Sarah, it turns out, was 49 but looked all as young as my wife who was six years younger. Derek and I, it turns out, were both 65, fairly fit, and had been born within three weeks of each other. The wine flowed well and I decided early on to test the waters. After all this was going to be only a six-night cruise and I had no intention of wasting a single one. While there was a time limit on the use of the pool or Jacuzzis, 10:30 p.m. I persuaded Amie to try the closest thing to a reserved hot tub that we could find, she agreed, but said she didn’t want to wear the bikini tonight, just her regular bathing suit since we were with folks we didn’t know that well. It was obvious Sarah and Derek had no such compunctions. When we got to the covered, rather large Jacuzzi, both were already in the water, Sarah in the skimpiest of a white bikini that barely covered her already stiff nipples and was revealing enough to show she was well shaved down below. We all decided to stick to iced tea in the somewhat warm water. After some small talk about jobs, employees and how semi-retirement was treating the guys, Sarah abruptly announced that even with the bikini on, it was too hot. A nod from Derek and both top and bottom came off, revealing perky but small breasts with very long nipples and a smooth shaved crotch. Amie glanced at me somewhat nervously. My swimming trunks were entirely too constricting on my growing erection in the bubbles. Derek’s head was back against the side of the pool but he was smiling as he watched Amie’s uncomfortable, but no doubt arousing, situation. I said, “Go ahead, baby…at least let the top drop down.” She blushed, then looked back at Sarah and said, “Ok, you untie it.” I reached over, pressing against her hardened nipples and untied the bow knot, then looked back to see both Derek and Sarah glance approvingly at her 34C assets. I slid off my trunks, Derek dropped his bikini bottoms, and Amie could see through the bubbles that he was larger _ and thicker _ than I was, and it was growing. The tension was building, as, unfortunately were the waves, and our reservation time was running out, as I kept my hand rubbing high inside Amie’s thigh and Derek held Sarah against him as she obviously was stroking his 10 inches at least, all while carrying on a totally related conversation. Then the steward announced our time was up. Derek had the key idea then: “How about drinks in our cabin, robes only?” “Sounds like a winner to me,” I replied. Amy remained silent, and just as Derek and I were climbing from the tub, both fully hard, she reached up and pulled me back down and did her best to swallow my tongue. I knew the night was going swimmingly. Amie’s not as multi-orgasmic as you read about in so many swinger stories, but she’s usually good for at least three, with the third being of epic proportions. Back in our cabin, we took our time, showered together in the cramped stall, my fingers playing with her slit and ass as we soaped up, all the time kissing deeply, without words, in expectation of what we knew tonight meant, I pulled out the bottle of Bordeaux from my week’s supply and we set off down bahis siteleri the corridor wearing the cruise line’s signature short-legged robes, arriving in yards at Derek and Sarah’s cabin. Sarah opened the door, wrapped only in a light blue towel d****d around her petite body to accentuate those cute curves and leaving little to the imagination below her hips. She gave me a quick kiss and a long, long hug for Amy, motioning us to the chairs or bed just as Derek stepped out of the bathroom, clad only in a short thin towel around his waist and an obvious semi-erection. Sarah dropped the lights low and sat on the bed next to Amie while I sat in a lounger with my feet up on the queen-sized bed and Derek quite openly lay down on his side behind the two women, propping his head up with one arm to the right of Sarah. The conversation was casual, bordering on personal intimacies at times, but finally got around to how important these cruises were to bring two people back together physically and let themselves enjoy each other’s bodies when and where they can. Sarah agreed, leaning back against her husband’s chest as she let the thin towel fall off her breasts and Derek brought his free hand around her left side and fondled her erect nipples. Amie took a quick, and rather healthy, drink of her wine, glancing nervously over to Sarah, who held her eyes closed as Derek played with her breasts and lightly kissed her neck. Just as I decided it was time to end Amie’s nervousness over the situation, Sarah let the rest of the towel slip to the floor, exposing her beautiful shaved mons which already had a glistening of wetness on the outside lips. Amie was beside herself now, somewhere, I could tell, between heaven and hell. I opted for heaven, rose from the chair, grabbed her gently and offered my tongue to her wondering lips, her eyes open, half eager, half wondering. “But we can’t…” the words trailed off weakly as I opened her robe, pulling it off her shoulders and revealing her breasts, the nipples as stiff as I’d ever seen or felt them, and laid her back gently against Derek’s bare thighs. My hand wandered quickly to between her thighs where, despite her early protestations, she was flowing onto the robe and the red hairs of her sex were dew-like and musky. As Sarah and Derek watched, I dropped to my knees and moved my tongue over her now dripping opening, teasing my tongue in and out as I worked to her now emerging clitoris. Sarah joined Amie’s moaning, turning around gently in Derek’s arms and pulling away the light towel to reveal his raging 10-inch erection, only inches away from Amie’s face. Amie turned her face toward it slightly, registering obvious surprise at its size, then looked quickly back at me, slowly humping and pulling my face, now soaked in her delicious juices, deeper into her. Her look was an obvious question, and I pulled myself away from her cunt for a moment to nod in permission. The look she gave back was one of sheer pleasure. Sarah finished giving a heavy saliva coating to Derek’s uncut rod, then, smiling, pointed it toward Amie, offering the first taste of the evening. Shifting himself into position, Derek deep kissed Sarah and dropped his fingers deep in his wife as Amie tentatively tasted the head of his cock, then almost immediately, as in a great hunger, almost took it all the way in her mouth. “Can I fuck your wife’s mouth?” Derek asked belatedly, the tension building in his face and his body moving a small portion of his obvious 10 inches smoothly in and out of my wife’s face. “Looks like you don’t need my permission, Derek,” I answered. Then Amie’s familiar deep moaning began as I again buried my face deep inside her, lightly biting at her clitoris while burying my thumb deep in her ass. Sarah then moved her lithe form down to take Amie’s left breast deep in her mouth, lightly teething on the nipple as my wife’s moans reached a crescendo which meant all hell was about to break loose. Then my attempt to orchestrate the scene paid off in spades. I knew Derek cumming in her mouth would set off a gigantic orgasm so I watched as he neared a climax and as Sarah divided her attention between Amie’s jiggling breasts. Then Derek let loose: “OH MY GOD, I’M CUMMING IN YOUR MOUTH, HERE IT IS…NGGGGGGH, he cried as string after string of his hot semen poured down her throat, Amie’s body stiffened in that all too familiar manner as she pulled my face deep into her and tried to scream through Derek’s cock, her hips bucking up and down in a frenzy and her juices flowed deep into my mouth. Sara looked on gleefully, her hands behind Amie’s back, helping her rise and fall to the contractions of her climax. As they subsided, and Derek’s still canlı bahis hard cock slid from her mouth, droplets of unswallowed cum covered her pouting lips. Softly, Sarah reached over and wiped a dripping gob from Amie’s mouth with her finger, and then tasted Derek’s remnants herself. When she came down from that indescribable moment, Amie lay back, her legs splayed open, arms spread out, her body and pussy glistening from the sweat of the moment. I climbed onto the bed, took her gently into my arms and sent my tongue deep into her mouth, still salty from the taste of Derek’s cum. It was her first orgasm of the evening, and of the cruise. Holding me closer in the climax’s aftermath, she smiled and said, “I have to have it in me… is it alright?” “It certainly is,” I replied, adding: “And is it OK if I fill up Sarah?” “No problem at all,” she said, smiling. Derek pointed toward the shower, and asked my now recovering wife if she wished to join him there for a quick wash-up, both well coated in perspiration. I said “I could probably use one too,” but Sarah had other ideas, pulling me down to a deep kiss, saying “I just have to taste the both Derek and your wife,” as she pulled at my tongue, mixing his cum and Amie’s pussy juice down her throat.’ Both showering partners were quickly out of the stall, hardly big enough for one person, and sat, holding each other as Sarah moved her cleanly shaved, but dripping cunt over my mouth while dropping forward to take my six inches completely in, sucking deeply on the foreskin while grinding her juicy opening onto my face. Given the show Amie had given us earlier it didn’t take long before Sarah was moaning deeply, quickly, grinding her wetness all over my mouth as her body tensed and she let loose a most delicious fluid that I drank of deeply. As I was about to loose everything into her mouth, she stopped, declaring, “I want it inside me…I want Derek to taste it.. Then she squatted over me, slowly taking me deep into her very tight cunt in short stabs, so intense that I lost it in a very few movements. ‘I’M CUMMING, DAMN AM I CUMMING,” I shouted as it spurted into her, driving her to a humping frenzy as my juice splattered up against her cervix and began dripping out in globs as she drove up and down on me. As she shuddered and continued riding me, Derek moved around behind her on the bed to clasp her breasts close and kiss her deep as Amie, now flowing again, sat on my face for a good ass licking as she bent forward to share Derek’s tongue with Sarah. It was Amie’s first woman-to-woman experience and it was obviously a combination of lust, eagerness to ride Derek’s cock and experimentation that brought it on so quickly. We continued to come down off fantastic climaxes and slowed a bit to savor some of the Bordeaux and some finger sandwiches Sarah had wisely ordered ahead. Amie and Sarah sprawled side by side on the bed chatting and laughing as Derek and I took the breather to amble to the patio and discuss how to top off the evening. “Is Amie into anal, at all?” he asked, smiling. I said “definitely” but noted that the highlight of this first of what was shaping to be six nights of sheer lust with Derek and Sarah would, for me, to watch Amie take his 10-plus inches to what I promised would be a good show. “I don’t think she’s had anything that size yet, especially that thick,” I remarked. He had to be a good six inches around. Derek’s tool was back to full performance level with that remark. As we wandered back into the stateroom and I climbed onto the bed next to Amie, I whispered softly, sliding my hand between her legs, but not too soft for Derek and Sarah to hear: “It’s that time for what you want.” Her green eyes took on that misty quality as she smiled and we kissed strongly, trying to swallow each others’ tongues. “Sarah and I would like to help, if that’s OK?” we asked. Her grin grew as Sarah maneuvered over to Amie’s left side, gave her a passionate kiss then reached down to pull her left thigh open, I took the right side, kissing both her and Sarah as we held her open. Derek was back to full size and dripping pre-cum heavily as he crawled onto the bed, leaning forward to taste Amie’s now heavy flow as Sarah and I exchanged kisses with her and each other while each sucked deeply on her nipples. Her mouth fell slightly open with a soft moan as Derek positioned himself gently between her legs, then slowly began his entrance, stretching her as she’d never experienced.Her eyes widened and she sucked in a quick breath as Derek gently forced the head of his engorged cock into her opening. She darted a look at me as if to protest but I smothered any complaint with my mouth and probing tongue.She gasped güvenilir bahis again as Sarah and I lifted her sweating ass slightly and with a slow, wet push, Derek managed to get at least three inches into her now swelling cunt. She sucked in a quick breath then threw her head back sharply, seeking someone’s tongue as he slowly, yet firmly, buried two more inches – he has halfway in. Then the spasms began, she nearly swallowed my tongue as Sarah continued to bite at her hard nipples and Amie’s vagina muscles twitched to accommodate Derek’s six-inch girth. Both Derek and Sarah remarking, “Wow!” as the watched pearls of her cunt juice spurt out from around his erection and soak her red bush.”My God, I’ve never seen a woman flow like that,” he murmured as Amie threw her head back, mouth open and eyes glaring at the ceiling as she worked to take in the thickest cock she’d ever seen or had.”Wait, wait,” my dripping wife asked, gazing at the three of us. “My God, I’ve never felt anything so filling in my life. Go easy, please.”Again I nearly swallowed her tongue, while nodding to Derek to continue his impalement of my lust-driven Amie. As he slowly moved another inch into her, she let out a low growl from deep within her throat, gasping “Oh, yes, yes!”By now the sheets under her open cunt were getting thoroughly soaked and the essence of her weeping sex was filling the air, exciting all of us. Sarah and I lifted her ass gently to put a pillow under to soak up her juices, just as Derek gave another eager push, two more inches, prompting a squeal, followed by a moaning, “Oh God, God, it’s so big, I’m coming apart, yet it’s so wonderful!”Derek leaned forward to taste Amie’s hard and quivering nipples, then kissed her deep, their tongues visibly working inside their cheeks. He asked: “Ready for it all, my beauty?”Taking a quick taste of my and Sarah’s tongues, she smiled, uttered a guttural moan, then smiled, asking “Hold me open, hold me open…now Derek, NOW!!!”Then he drove home, burying all his 10-inch, 6-inch girth cock firmly against her cervix. Her body jumped, eyes rolled back and she grasped mine and Sarah’s arms, screaming, “Jesus, Jesus, it’s so great!”Amie’s body was visibly quivering as her vagina accustomed itself to his throbbing cock. Even Derek, with the drama of the moment looked already as if he was holding his second major cum of the evening. Then he began to move in and out of her slowly , his cock slick and glistening from her musky juices. Taking in deep breaths as she felt her body matching his rhythm, she began that eager, growling moan, and kept repeating, “OH MY GOD, IT’S SO BIG, DARLING, SO BIG! Her body shaking and quivering indicated a major climax building. Both were visibly sweating, the perspiration rising in bright beads on their tense bodies. Sarah and I exchanged another kiss, tightened our grip under Amie’s armpits and pulling her legs open wider as the growls and urgent whimpers grew and Derek gave up slight grunts as he worked toward the looming cum. As we hoped, both erupted in screams, Amie almost at the top of her voice as she poured out her pleasure in a long “AARRRRGH, YES, YES.!” And Derek, now in full sweat and stride shouted “‘DAMN! DAMN YES, TAKE IT ALL, AMIE!” Then came a brief, but highly dramatic pause in their thrusting, their eyes met, and wild smiles broke out on their faces, Derek asking, “Now?” and Amie responding with a near scream, “FILL ME, FILL ME!” her cries then overtaking by wild humping as Derek emptied deep into her and Amie’s belly muscles visibly contracted in keeping with a****l sounds coming from her throat a****l as her juices and Derek’s cum literally squirted out of their tight connection, spattering over each other’s thighs. Her contractions became involuntary, as she screamed and continued humping. Derek leaned ahead, giving her a deep kiss as Sarah and I eased our grip on her arms and she threw them over Derek’s back and locked her legs tight around his waist. They stayed in that embrace for almost five minutes, as I brushed her hair with my hands and Sarah played with Derek’s backside. As they came down from that fantastic cum, Derek slowly withdrew his softening erection, slick with my wife’s juices. As he pulled away, Amie’s cunt remained gaping open, farther down than I have ever seen, from the stretching she would remember for a lifetime, a creamy mixture of her juices and Derek’s huge load of semen dripping from out her open hole down the pillow.Quite sure she had never been so filled, it was more than Sarah and I could take. And as she went to work on Derek’s now softened but still hefty cock, cleaning all the mixed juices away, I went to work with my tongue on cleaning up my still shaking wife. Never had I seen nor drank so much cum dripping out of a woman. The taste was wonderful, indeed.For the first night of the cruise, it had certainly been one helluva show…and there were five more to cum. END

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