A Maid’s Tail Ch. 07: Saturday

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7: Saturday

Kim bounded up the steps just before eight AM, her bell choker playfully announcing her presence with its jingle. She did a quick once over of her uniform to make sure everything was in place; cuffs at her wrists, waist apron tied snugly to accent her curves and, above all, the velvet uniform snug against her generous breasts, putting maybe just a tad too much cleavage on display.

That didn’t bother Kim. Not at all. Mister- no, Master McKenna seemed to enjoy when she wore her uniform tucked in a little bit. She might not have been as confident in it as he thought she should be, but she couldn’t deny the looks he gave her when he thought she wasn’t paying attention. . .

She practiced her smile as she knocked on the door.

When Elliot came to the door he had a box tucked under his arm and a cup of coffee in his hand. His tall, proud frame occupied just enough of the doorway to make seeing inside impossible, but the smell of dust and musty books told her he’d been moving things around. “Hey, you. . .” He smiled. “Got a special project today, if you’re interested?”

“If it’s your wish, master McKenna,” Kim tried for a modest but professional tone.

“Mmm, it just might be. Come in, go ahead and get started on the ground floor, I’m working on the upstairs-”

“You don’t have to do that, I can-”

“Let me finish.” He said with a surprising sharpness. Kim drew back, clasped her hands in front of herself, lowering her head in apology. “I’m going to have to get some supplies from the attic and the study is being changed a bit- I decided to turn half of it into a home office. Once I have it put together, It’s going to need cleaning.”

Kim actually paused for a second, not sure if she should speak. When she was sure he was finished she nodded. “Would you like me to help you move things around?”

If there was one thing that could be said about Elliot- aside from how his strong jaw gave him a dignified air- it was that he wasn’t shy about what he thought about something. With one long sweep of his deep brown eyes, his gaze roamed Kim and her tighter fighting uniform. He met her eyes with perfect calm- unnervingly confident in his place.

She earned a little smirk of approval. A good start to the last day of the week, she decided and smiled back at him. “Is this more to your liking, master McKenna?”

He looked her over again, smirking. “Yes and no.”


“You don’t need the help. . . I think it’s beneath you to try that tactic.” She pointed his cup at her in playful accusation. “But I approve all the same.”

“Ah, if it bothers you-”

“I didn’t say that.. . .” Another sip, his gaze met hers and held it firmly. “I don’t want you resorting to tricks. I like you the way you are.”

Kim felt her cheeks warm. “I- um. You do?”

“I do.”

“Ah, well, if- if I may, I had some ideas? About the uniform?”

“We’ll talk about that later. Tonight, maybe.”

“T- Tonight it is.” Kim smiled.

As Elliot headed upstairs, she turned her attention to the living room and began her daily routine- with a familiarity born from practice and a desire to please her employers, she wiped everything down with near mechanical precision and ease. By the time Elliot had come back down she was already half way done with the kitchen and moving into the dining room.

She could feel Elliot’s gaze on her when she started to lean over to wipe the table as if it was a physical thing. Knowing better than to disappoint, she leaned just that much further over, straining to reach a spot and its invisible dirt. She’d been wearing her horizontal striped panties again which earned her a soft ‘mrm’ from the entry to the living room.

Kim looked back over her shoulder at Elliot with a coy expression and about as much false innocence as she could muster. It wasn’t even remotely convincing, not even to her. He just tipped his cup back and took a drink, unashamedly watching while she cleaned.

In that position, half bent over with her bare thighs and a good portion of her ass on display to her master, Kim became acutely aware of just how heavy the table under her was. It could have supported her weight, maybe more if it had to. She placed a hand on it to brace herself and gave a push forward to try and jostle it- it didn’t give.

Elliot scoffed and turned to the study.

“You idiot. . .” Kim kicked herself mentally. She was supposed to be behaving, not trying to seduce her employer! Though, despite this, she didn’t feel ashamed as maybe she should have. Hell, she hadn’t felt ashamed when she’d been ‘forced’ to serve her mistress. . .

Too much, too fast. He was the one who set the pace- maybe he didn’t even want anything to do with her. Maybe she was going to be Sylvia’s toy maid. Kim frowned at that thought; maybe she’d just offended her master.

Kim quickly finished cleaning the table and dusted off the rest of the dining room and living room, paying special attention to the window sills which güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri always seemed to attract a lot of dust. By the time she was done, the entire place was spotless and ready for the broom. She was improving, even to her own eyes. For some reason, it made her feel better; as though the act of cleaning and the knowledge she’d become a better maid for the McKennas had some psychological impact on her. Maybe it did.

After all, it’d been a long time since anyone had validated her. Yeah, it felt good. It felt right.

Kim took this attitude to the study with her head held slightly higher and a very slight smile on her lips. “Ah, Elliot. . .”

“Hm?” He said, hefting a box of books to add to a growing stack. “What’s up?”

“I. . .” How was she going to do this? She exhaled. “I think I might owe you an apology. I may have offended you and, uh. . .”

“Maybe you did.” He said calmly as he set the box down. “Maybe you assumed when you shouldn’t have.” He looked at her thoughtfully, a little smile creeping over his features. When she didn’t jump to apologize, he stepped into her space, towering over her. His body absolutely radiated calm power, as if nothing could have stirred him.

Kim had a choice to make and neither option that crossed her mind seemed like the right way to go. Meekly, she lowered her gaze and whispered, “I’m sorry, Master McKenna.”

“Are you?” His breath was soft and smelled of toothpaste. He touched her cheek, daring her to look up. His thick, powerful finger trailed along her jaw, down her neck and he cupped her shoulder. “How sorry?”

“M-” Was she really going to? “Master?”

She was, it seemed.

Elliot squeezed her shoulder but he didn’t push her to her knees- he didn’t even invite or demand her to. Even if she wanted him to. She wanted to know she was doing what he wanted, she needed to feel validated. . . She turned her gaze up, eying him through her bangs. “M- Mew?”

“Mmm. . .” He leaned in to whisper. “I appreciate the inattentive,” slowly his hand trailed down her arm. He stood watching her with calm, gentle eyes that never seemed to waver. He took in a deep pull of her scent and sighed it out across her ear, sending shivers down her spine and causing her skin to bristle with goosebumps. Before she even had a chance to speak he was drawing back and callously, he turned back to the study.

Kim whimpered to his back. She only realized what she was doing after she had done it and covered her mouth. Elliot cast a brief glance back at her- he knew damn well the effect he’d had on her, though. There was no way he couldn’t have.

God when had she turned into such a kid? She was older than her employers and yet. . .

And yet she knew her place among them. She lowered her head, clasped her hands in front of her waist and swallowed. “I’m sorry, master.”

“I know,” was all he said.

Not sure what she was supposed to make of that response, Kim wandered back into the living room and looked around for a moment. The man was an enigma; too cool to be read easily and too warm to be a hard ass. He was frustrating. Kim sighed, grabbing her feather duster from the hidden cubby behind the couch. En-route back to the hall way, she started by intently wiping down the furniture and between the posts of the staircase. All the while she couldn’t shake that feeling she was being watched, that naughty itch in the back of her mind that told her she owed her employer more of an apology.

It was stupid, but it made her tingle nervously. If she went too fast, if she tried too hard, she risked upsetting her master- god, she had a master now?- and possibly loosing her job. Kim dutifully cleaned the hall way and the bathroom with her growing efficiency, trying to put Elliot’s ‘advance’ out of her mind. It wasn’t going well.

She emerged from the bathroom with her cleaning rag in hand to find Elliot walking by right at the same time with a stack of boxes in hand. She bounded up the steps, keenly aware of how her cleavage jiggled against her uniform. Elliot seemed to notice, too; he turned on her and handed her a small box which she took without comment.

Not a word passed between them as they shuffled the boxes upstairs and emptied out the study, leaving a huge swath of room in the corner for his home office and plenty of dirt lining the wall and base boards. “Well, ahm, should I start cleaning?”

“Not yet,” Elliot said firmly as he stepped around her. That’s when she saw the box in the opposite corner; one of those cheap press board computer desks that needed to be assembled. Kim wanted to say something about how it, but it wasn’t really her place to speak up, was it?

“M- Master?”

Elliot glanced up at her.

“Would you like something to eat? You’ve been working hard. . .”

A brief smile crossed his face. “After I finish the desk.”

“As you wish. . .”

He looked over at her as he squatted down beside the box and smirked a lopsided grin. “You güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri don’t really have a bad angle do you?”

“Huh?” After a second, it clicked and she blushed deeply, fidgeting under his gaze. She lowered her gaze. “T- Thank you, master.”

“Are you done down here?”

“Y- Yes.”

“You sure?”

“Uh- Oh, the painting room! Ah, no, I need to finish that.”

“Lying to me, Kimberly?” He tsked. “Turn around.”

Kim blinked. “Uh. . .” Her blush spread out over her face like hot water. “M- I’m sorry, it-”

“Shh.” He said firmly. “Turn around.” The younger man stood up slowly with a light smirk pulling at his lips. He stepped into her space with a predatory strut, closing the distance between them with calm grace. Elliot’s demanding heat made Kim tremble and unconsciously shrink back against the wall. There was nowhere she could go, though; she was trapped. “I said turn around.”

Kim whimpered, trembling in the wake of his powerful presence. He didn’t even have to try to make her weak and he knew it. She threw her hands out against the wall to brace herself, looking back up at her master. “Mew. . .?”

Elliot pressed his chest into her back and began to speak in a low, husky voice. “I don’t like being lied to, Kimberly.”

“I- I- I-”

“You. . .? What, kitten. Speak up.”

A full body shudder rippled through her. “I’msorrymaster. I made a mistake.”

His breath was hot against her neck, his body pressing her against the wall but he never touched her with his hands. He knew she wasn’t going to resist him, but he wasn’t trying to assert himself. Why? Had she been so bad that she wasn’t worthy of his touch? This thought made her mewl out pathetically by way of apology. He had to know she wasn’t intentionally trying to disappoint him. He had to know! “I’m sorry!”

“Shhh.” He whispered. “I don’t want to hear it, Kimberly. . . I asked for something simple, you’re not new to this, are you?”

Was she supposed to speak? Of course she was, she’d been asked a question. She opened her mouth.

“Shh.” Elliot touched her lips with his finger. “I said no.”

She whimpered, looking up to him over her shoulder. Submissively, she nodded and turned her gaze down.

“Good.” He shifted some of his weight to her, causing her to arch her back. “She’s trained you well, hasn’t she?”

Kim nodded.

“Not well enough, apparently.”

Those words bit into Kim. Deeply. She’d tried to be a good maid for them, she’d tried hard to be a good girl, she’d worked hard and to loose all that because she’d forgotten something simple? Kim whined softly, mewling out a pathetic apology.

“Maybe I should leave you like this while I work. . . Don’t you think you should be corrected?”

Kim hung her head between her arms and sighed. “Yes master. . .”

A finger trailed down between her shoulders, following the ridges of her spine to her lower back- Elliot eased up on her and soon the finger was replaced by his full hand stroking down her back to cup her thick, grippable ass. He gripped her- he held what was his- and said, with utter finality: “I want you to stay here. Like this.”

Kim arched her back deeper, sliding her hands up the wall so they were touching- she knew the effect it would have to put her curvy butt on display. With a little effort she managed to draw her knees together to flatter what her master wanted to see. When she felt his touch draw back and his heat ease back from her, she tensed her thighs for his benefit.

She might have failed him, but she could make it up. He deserved it. “I’m sorry, master.”

“It’s all right.” He said as he wandered over to his project and started unpacking the desk. “You’ve had a long week, haven’t you?” Wood clattered along with some tools, Elliot muttered something, completely indifferent to his maid’s posture. “I think you’re enjoying this, though. I know how hard it is for someone like you to find a job you can get into. . .”

“Or a job that gets into me. . .” Kim whispered.

Elliot continued sorting through his desk project for a while and once he had everything in place he paused. “Kimberly.”

“Y- Master?”

“Do you dance?”

“I- not usually. . .”

“Shame.” He went about putting together his new desk. “Sylvia might teach you, but you have to be good to earn that privilege, don’t you think?”

Kim swallowed. “Y- Yes, of course. I. . . I’ll try to be better.”

“I know you will.” Elliot said absently as he assembled the desk. “Tell you what, in the meantime, why don’t you start cleaning upstairs. Start with the back rooms and leave my bedroom alone for now, I have to move something later and I don’t want you cleaning it twice.”

“I-. . . Am I allowed to get up?”

“That’s what I said, wasn’t it?”

“I. . . Thought you wanted to. . .”

“To what, kitten?”

Kim shifted uneasily, glancing away not sure whether she should be ashamed or not. “I thought güvenilir bahis şirketleri you wanted to look at me. . .”

He smirked as he grabbed a screw driver. “Let’s not worry about that. How about you start lunch in an hour, then we’ll see if you’ve learned your lesson. . .”

Kim stood up shakily. “Y- Yes, master McKenna.” She obediently filed out of the room feeling more confused than ever where she stood with the McKennas. Kim did as she was told, though, trotting upstairs and ensuring every thing was cleaned up and the rooms were straightened out meticulously. Surely she was going to earn back some of the good will she’d been building up.

After she finished, Kim headed downstairs and snuck around the railing. She peeked to see if Elliot was paying attention and waited until his back was turned to duck into the painting room- it was stupid, maybe, but she still felt the need to sneak around to ‘make up’ for her slip.

As it so happened, she’d also managed to get her cleaning done within the hour which gave her time to start lunch; a warm ham sandwich and a glass of iced tea that she finished off with a lemon wedge. It was cheesy, for sure, but it felt right to at least make the attempt. She was supposed to serve, by god she could do it right.

“Lunch, mister McKenna.” Kim said as she slithered into the new office, her heels clicking sharply on the floorboards as she made her way to the newly assembled corner desk. Elliot was busy cleaning off a plush executive’s chair and seeming so engrossed in it, he barely gave her a moment’s glance. After a moment Kim flicked her choker bell to make it jingle.

“Huh? Oh, right. Thanks. . .”

Kim clasped her hands demurely “Would you like anything else?”

“Hm. . .” The large framed man turned the chair around, rolled it forward. “Join me?”

“Ah. . .”

He tapped a clean spot of flooring near his chair, his eyes meeting hers evenly. There was no question where she was going to be sitting. As Kim sank down to her knees, a thrill raced through her; the possibility so close she could smell it.

“So, I’ve been thinking. . .” Elliot picked up his sandwich and casually spread his legs slightly, enough that Kim’s chin was right against his knee. “What ideas did you have?”

“Ideas? Oh, for the uniform?”

“For your uniform.” He nodded, taking a bite.

“Well. . .” Kim paused. “I’d been thinking about the uh,”

“Hang on.” Elliot set his sandwich on the desk and looked at her. Before she could open her mouth again, he leaned forward. “You have a lovely voice, I want to hear it. . .”

“Oh- uh-”

“Speak up.”

Kim cleared her throat, suddenly very aware of the distance between them and the heat of his presence withering her feeble defenses. “M- Ma-” He silenced her with a finger to her lips.


She swallowed. “Master McKenna. If it would please you.” She stopped and started breathlessly under his firm gaze. “I’d like to get some contact lenses. . .”

“Go on.”

“S- Som-” Again he put his finger to her lips. She whimpered softly and lowered her gaze.

“Stop that, you’re a grown woman- you’re our maid.”

Kim swallowed. “I’m sorry, master. . .”

That earned her a brief smile. “Try again.”

A deep breath and Kim looked up at her employer, “I’d like to be everything you both want, master.”

“Is that right, kitten?” This time when he reached forward his finger traced her jaw, he delicately cupped her cheek and held her with that firm, unforgiving hand. “How would you like to do that?”

Kim turned her head to nuzzle into the touch while keeping him in her view, murmuring the words softly. “I can get contact lenses, I can find a longer tail. . . I can paint my body for you, master.”

Elliot actually seemed to stop breathing for a moment as he cupped her cheek. After a brief flash of amusement, he slid his hand down her neckline. The caress set Kim’s body trembling as she looked up at him with a will not entirely her own. “I like you the way you are-”


“Shh.” He gently patted her cheek. “Don’t interrupt. Are you saying you want to keep the job then?”


“What did I say about this?”

“Mew.” Kim looked him in the eye. “Meoowww. . .” With a shaking hand she leaned forward into his space and placed her hand on his chest. He took the hint and leaned back, giving the older maid room to move; she slunk up Elliot’s thighs, rubbing her cheek against the material of his jeans while watching his reaction out of the corner of her eye. With her position, she also gave him a flawless view of her curvy butt, now almost peeking out from under the frill of her uniform.

As she worked her way up her master’s body, spreading her scent across him and drinking in his, her uniform slid up just that little bit more to reveal her thick flanks. Elliot’s heart was beating hard, even through his jeans she could feel it pulsing through his legs.

That was before she found a particularly thick, hot part of something hardening under his pants. She was learning it seemed. Kim turned her head up and smiled a soft, proud smile. “If my employers are for want of something, I’ve not done my job. . .” She dared a glance down to find his belt, then looked up. “If you want a cat girl, master. . .”

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