A Magical Visitor Ch. 02

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As Madeline snapped her fingers, she imagined what her dream bedroom would look like. Now that she had incredible powers, she wanted to put them to the test. Just before she snapped her fingers, Madeline was looking around her room. The room itself was not even that big, she had enough room for a full sized bed and a dresser and nightstand, and even then it was fairly cramped. She saw a beat up dresser, with a mirror that didn’t really qualify as a mirror anymore. She saw her old laptop which she had been using for years. A very beat up jewelry box sax atop her dresser, with barely anything in it.

Her bed was comprised of a box spring, and a mattress that had seen much better days. Her sheets needed replacing, along with all of her pillows. Even her comforter was beat up and dirty. Looking to her closet, she saw a few nice pairs of shoes, including her ugg boots which she currently wore, but other than that, she had maybe one nice dress, and the rest of her clothes would be easily passed over at any second hand store. Madeline’s nightstand was really just a leftover box from some online purchase that Jessica made, and Madeline salvaged it in her room. Her phone was just an old flip phone from a family member that upgraded and didn’t need it anymore.

Madeline felt that a goddess should have a bedroom much nicer than this. A goddess should have a bedroom fit for a goddess, and nothing less. She should have a sanctuary for her to come to at the end of the day. She felt that she deserved something nicer as well, for if a goddess like Emilia was willing to trust her with infinite power, it must mean she was doing something right in the world.

After her snap, her whole bedroom started to change, just as she wanted it to. First, her room magically got bigger. Looking at her room from the outside, it would look like the same small room, but once you entered through the door, the room was now three times the size. There was now brand new hardwood flooring, with magical protection to keep it from getting scratched and damaged, and a priceless egyptian rug sitting in the middle of the room.

Madeline’s bed upgraded from full to queen. She considered having a king, but that that having a queen size was more appropriate for her status. Her bed now sat on an exquisite bed frame, made of mahogany with gold inlay. Her sheets, comforter, and pillows were now designer brand, ones that could only be purchased at the most exclusive boutiques. Her nightstand was no longer a cardboard box but now was a style that matched her bed, and atop it sat a brand new iPhone, fully charged, with all of her contacts, photos, and information already on it. Her dresser had a similar transformation to her nightstand, changing into a style that perfectly matched her brand new luxurious bed frame, and her old laptop now transformed into a brand new Macbook, that was fully loaded with all of her documents and data, and filled with any application she would ever want to use. Next to the dresser though, a new piece of furniture appeared. Madeline now had a vanity table, with a brand new mirror for her to use to put on makeup. On top of this new table, all of her favorite makeup that she always wished she could buy appeared, ready for her to use at any time.

Looking over to her closet, it was now a walk in closet, instead of the small alcove with a sliding door. Madeline floated up from her brand new bed, legs crossed under her, and hovered over into her new closet so she could get a good look at all of her new clothes and shoes. All of her old clothes were now replaced with new ones. She now had all of the most fashionable brands, her closet filled with dresses, tops, pants, skirts, shorts, jackets, hats, glasses, and many, many new pairs of shoes. She did still see all of her old shoes sitting alongside her new ones.

Madeline looked around her new closet, and wanted to scream in delight, but didn’t dare risk waking up Jessica, who was sleeping soundly in the room next to her. Instead, she just screamed to herself internally, and began to imagine how fabulous she would look in all of these new clothes. Being a goddess was certainly going to make a lot of things in her life much better.

Wanting to examine some of her new shoes, Madeline brought her legs out in front of her, and crossed one over the other. There was a place to sit down in her brand new walk-in closet, but she didn’t need to sit on it when she could just levitate in the air.

Using her magic powers, she removed her left ugg boot, and placed it on the floor, but not before bringing it up to her nose for a quick sniff. She wanted to put a pair of socks on before trying on any of her new shoes, and just by that thought, a brand new white pair of socks sailed in from her dresser. One sock sailed down to her left foot, placing itself on. The other sock filled out with a phantom version of Madeline’s right foot, and went down to the ground right next to her ugg boot. She looked down and saw a pair of black bahis şirketleri converse sneakers that looked identical to the ones Emilia was wearing earlier. She had the right converse sneaker levitate up, coming to her hands so she could get a feel for the new shoes. I hope I can look just as sexy as Emilia when I wear these, Madeline thought.

Oh you will honey Madeline heard in her head, learning that Emilia was still watching over her. Knowing this brought a kinky smile to her face. The converse sneaker then lifted itself from Madeline’s hands, without any influence from her. Madeline suspected that Emilia had something to do with this. The shoe then moved to Madeline’s mouth, slowly circling her mouth with its capped toe. I’m sure you didn’t get enough of this from earlier, and I wanted to show you that I am always willing to be a part of your fantasies, no matter where I am. With that last syllable echoing in her head, the converse sneaker floated back down to Madeline’s hands. I will never get enough of that, she is right, Madeline thought, and she heard a familiar giggle in her head as she finished her thought.

Madeline used her telekinetic powers to take off her other ugg boot, place it next to its sister, place the other sock on her right foot, and levitate both converse sneakers into position to be placed on her feet. Very slowly, both converse untied themselves, loosening up to take in the whole of Madeline’s foot. They both floated gently onto her feet, and then tied themselves up, just snug enough to be comfortable, but not too tight as to cause discomfort. Madeline lifted both of her legs into the air in front of her so she could get a good look at her new sneakers.

Wanting a side view, Madeline nodded, and a floor length mirror appeared out of thin air beside her, and she positioned herself in the air so that she could get a good look at her new shoes. I am going to wear these all the time, I just know it, Madeline said to herself, they are super cute.

Looking around at the rest of her new shoes, enough to make even Jessica jealous, she knew that trying all of them on right now would take quite a while, so she satisfied herself with just trying one of her new favorite pairs. Madeline gestured to her feet, and her shoes and socks did the rest. The converse sneakers untied themselves, and floated off of her feet. They floated over to their spot in her closet, and tied themselves back up again. The socks that were on her feet removed themselves right after the converse were clear of Madeline’s toes. They both filled out to Madeline’s feet once removed, and sailed up to her face, one of them placing its toes right up to Madeline’s nose, who took a nice whiff. Madeline knew that they were just about brand new, and would have no smell at all, but she still enjoyed the fact that she could do that without lifting a finger.

The socks then sailed back into her new dresser, to be worn again tomorrow. Madeline would want to wear them more often so that the new sock smell would be replaced with a much more desired stench. Finally, Madeline’s ugg boots sailed back onto her feet, fitting snug against her toes, providing so much comfort with their sheepskin lining. Madeline would always prefer her original ugg boots, but once again looking around her closet, she glimpsed several other pairs of uggs, and could not wait to try them all on, but for tonight, she would need to get some rest.

Sailing through her closet and out into her bedroom, Madeline watched as her comforter and sheets folded themselves back in anticipation of her coming to bed, most of her pillows moving themselves onto the floor out of the way, only leaving the pillow that she sleeps with. She lowered herself into bed slowly, no longer floating on air, but floating on what felt like a cloud, as she lay back on her new mattress for the first time. She telekinetically moved the covers over herself, keeping her ugg boots on for warmth and comfort. Usually she would have taken them off by now, as they were a little uncomfortable when sleeping, but a small thought about making her ugg boots convenient to sleep in fixed this problem entirely. She could feel their fur lining and their warmth, but they were no longer bulky and awkward as she moved her feet around under the sheets.

Even though she was very tired, Madeline was still a little too excited and aroused to go to bed just yet. The power that she held and used tonight was beginning to be quite the turn on. She knew of just the way to fix this. With a snap of her fingers, the sheets and comforter covering her body lifted up a few feet, giving room for her body to levitate up off of her bed. Madeline’s clothes slowly took themselves off of her, starting with her shirt, moving off of her chest and up her arms, and then to her shorts and panties, which followed her ugg boots as they took themselves off of her feet. All of her clothes were magically folded for now, and placed on her dresser. Her ugg boots however, bahis firmaları moved up her body, one to her face, and the other to her breasts.

Madeline remembered how Emilia used her telekinetic powers to make a phantom dildo for each of them earlier that night, and wanted to do the same now. Luckily for her, using these brand new powers was very intuitive. With just a thought, Madeline could feel a dildo circling her opening. After that, one of her ugg boots started to rub its sole on her left nipple in slow circles. The other ugg boot moved its opening onto Madeline’s nose and mouth, allowing her to take a nice deep breath in, inhaling the smell of her beautiful feet.

I am very glad to have a front row seat to this magical show. Madeline heard Emilia say in her mind.

Next time, I want you to join me. I want to see you again soon. Madeline projected back at Emilia.

Very soon honey, very soon. And with that, Madeline proceeded to give Emilia quite the show. Madeline used her powers to move her magical dildo into her slit, going deeper and deeper, her moaning getting a little louder with each inch the dildo pushed in.

While very much enjoying herself, Madeline tried her very best not to be too loud, as this scene would be very hard to explain to Jessica should she be woken up and walk in. With this in mind, Madeline kept going, but at a slower pace, so that she could better control her volume. Even if she were to push herself through her climax, it would be very hard for it to compare to her orgasm from earlier that night.

Madeline moved her magical dildo in and out of her slit, providing lots of pleasure as it did so. She could only keep this going for a few minutes though, because a combination of her ugg boot circling her nipples, and the smell of her other ugg boot, along with her dildo going to town between her legs, worked quickly, and soon she felt herself climaxing, thrusting in the air, milking every bit of pleasure from another amazing orgasm.

After she was finished, Madeline had the magical dildo slowly pull itself out of her slit, and disappear. Her clothes that she moved to her dresser lifted themselves up, and placed themselves on her. Finally, she floated her ugg boots back down to her feet, and used her mind to put them on. When that was done, she hovered back down to the bed, and her sheets and comforter followed her down. With everything back to normal, Madeline couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer, even if she tried, so she rested her head back on her pillow, and shut her eyes, falling into a deep, relaxing sleep.

“Madeline, it’s time to wake up. We have to go to work!” Jessica said from outside Madeline’s bedroom door. Madeline slowly opened her eyes, and confirmed that last night truly was not a dream. Her magnificently large new bedroom was still where she had left it from the night before.

“Ok, I’ll be out in just a sec.” she replied back.

“Don’t take too long, you’re wasting daylight!”

“Alright, alright.”

Madeline knew that she could be ready for work with the snap of her fingers, but where is the fun in that? She wanted to try out her new powers on her morning routine, to see how easy things would be now, but things would be safer if Jessica was not in the apartment.

With a thought from her powerful mind, her sheets and comforter folded themselves back, no longer covering her body, and allowing her to float up off of her bed into a seated position in the air. She looked over at the mirror, checking her reflection, noting how sexy she looked suspended in the air like that, and saw that her hair could use a quick brushing before stepping outside her bedroom. On her command, a brush floated up from her vanity table, and floated itself over to her gorgeous auburn locks, immediately starting to brush them out.

Another quick look in the mirror a minute later satisfied Madeline with the look of her hair, and she waved the brush away, having it float back over to its place on her vanity table. Then she moved away from above her bed, and floated down to the ground. Still in her pajamas and ugg boots, with no motivation to go to work today, Madeline would need to come up with some kind of excuse for not going in.

Then it hit her, what if she used her new goddess powers to just will herself a day off. What could it hurt, if it didn’t work, it didn’t work, but if it did, she would have the whole day to herself to explore more uses for her powers, and to continue playing with them as well.

Madeline closed her eyes and focused, and imagined that her boss had allowed her to take leave with pay for today, but this day didn’t subtract from her built up leave balance that she had been working hard not to use. When she opened her eyes, nothing felt different, and everything looked the same. She decided to go out into the kitchen to see if anything changed with Jessica, but would need to conceal her new room from her roommate. She snapped her fingers, kaçak bahis siteleri and made it so that for now, only she could see what her new bedroom looked like. If anyone else were to look in, her bedroom would look exactly like it had before.

Satisfied with her magic, Madeline opened her bedroom door, and walked out. She saw that Jessica was having a bowl of cereal at their breakfast counter, and was all dressed for work.

“There she is, I didn’t think I would see you before I left for work this morning.” Jessica said.

“Why is that?”

“Because you are taking the day off silly, don’t you remember? Regina is allowing you to take the day off, with pay, I might add. I have no idea how you pulled that off!”

Holy crap, it worked! I can’t believe it actually worked! Madeline thought to herself before saying, “Oh that’s right, I guess I’m just her favorite employee!”

“Bosses shouldn’t play favorites, it’s not fair to the rest of us that actually have to work today.” Jessica teased.

“Well, maybe if you turned in designs for clothes that people would actually wear, you would be a favorite too!” Madeline shot back.

“Ok, ok, I surrender,” Jessica said, putting her hands up in the air, “but since you have the day off, why not spend a little time cleaning this place up? It is getting a little messy in here, and the dishes are really piling up.”

“Ugh, I guess so, but you better thank your lucky stars that you have a roommate as generous as I am.” Madeline said with a false sense of disappointment. In reality, she was really looking forward to testing out her powers on the chores, and knew that things would be much more fun with a little magic.

“Damn, 7:30 already? That’s my cue, enjoy your day, and I hope to see a clean apartment when I get back tonight, comprende?”

“Yeah yeah, whatever you say miss bossy.” Madeline replied before sticking her tongue out.

Jessica stuck her tongue out at Madeline, went out the door, and was gone. Now the fun begins, Madeline thought with a big grin.

First things first, she wanted to get herself cleaned up, with makeup on, and choose a good outfit for the day. She wanted to do this to see just how easy her morning routine could be from now on, as well as explore more uses for her powers. Madeline started by lifting herself up into the air, her feet dangling below her body, and casually floated into her bedroom, and then in her closet. Using her mind, she took off her pajamas, ugg boots, and panties, tossing her clothes in the dirty laundry hamper, and placing her ugg boots down next to the others in her closet.

Now that she was naked, she floated out of her closet, and into her bathroom, where two towels flew in, and placed themselves on her towel hooks, and the shower turned itself on for her. Once the shower was at her preferred temperature, she hovered in, and had the shower curtain pull itself back. She decided to bring her legs up, and cross them under her body before floating a shampoo bottle up from the shelf. The shampoo bottle opened itself up, and without even bothering to turn itself over, shampoo sprouted out the top, and hovered in the air. Madeline then floated the shampoo bottle back down to the shelf.

Looking at the shampoo suspended in the air in front of her, Madeline wanted to have some fun with it. She used her mind to morph it into a model of her face, and had it smile at her, giggling as she did so. As she was continually amazed at how powerful she was, she commanded water from the shower floating below her to flow up into her hair, and get it wet, preparing it for the shampoo. Next she had the shampoo float into her hair, evenly distributing it amongst her long auburn hair. She used her telekinesis to gently massage the shampoo into her hair and her scalp, every bit of it at the same time. After the shampoo had done its job, she did the trick with the water again, and had the water float up and rinse her hair clean.

Wanting to try another method, Madeline imagined that her hair was perfectly conditioned, and then snapped her fingers. Instantaneously, she had magically conditioned her hair. She would have to remember that trick for next time.

Lastly, exploring another use for her powers, Madeline imagined every speck of dirt on her body rising up off of her, and then floating into a ball in front of her body. She then focused on that ball of dirt, and magically removed it from existence.

Now that she was sufficiently clean, the shower turned itself off, and the shower curtain opened itself up for her, as she floated out, lowering her legs so they were hanging straight towards the ground. She called to her towels, and commanded one to wrap around her hair, and the other to dry her body before wrapping itself around her waist.

Madeline then floated back into her closet, and had an idea for what outfit she might want to wear today in her mind, which caused three different outfits to float out from their places in her closet, and fill themselves out to her proportions, ready to put on a fashion show for her. She floated into a sitting position, crossing one leg over the other, and gestured for the outfits to proceed.

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