A Long Time Cuming

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Big Dick

Here I was a sophomore in college, still living at home and still a virgin. That’s not to say I didn’t have sexual thoughts, I did. I even pleasured myself, a lot. And it wasn’t that I didn’t want to have sex, I just couldn’t find the right person. I wanted someone strong, loving, gentle, and experienced, just like my daddy. He was actually the center of my fantasies. It wasn’t the boys who had chased me all through high school, it was my father. I had idolized him my whole life. I remember him carrying me when I was too tired to walk, I remember him protecting me from the things that went bump in the night, and I remember him comforting me after my mother died. He had lost his wife too, but he put me first. As far as I was concerned, my dad was the best. I was really surprised he never dated after mom died, he just wrapped himself up with me and my activities, his life revolved around mine it seemed, until I went to college.

I didn’t know what had changed since I started college, but he was distancing himself from me it seemed. He was staying later at work, coming home long after I’d gone to bed sometimes. I thought he finally had found someone to help ease the pain of losing mom, but I wasn’t sure and he wouldn’t talk about it. But the one thing he always did was check in on me before he went to bed.

It was another Valentine’s Day. I was home alone, again. Dad wasn’t home from work and I had my annual date with popcorn and a movie in our living room. So I changed into my favorite jammies and wrapped in my bathrobe to watch a prime-time chick-flick. The movie ended at 10 and I went to bed. I found this great site online with some awesome stories, so I spent some time reading about fantasies like mine that other people had acted on. By the time I finished I had my hand in my panties and I was moaning.

The next thing I knew my bedroom door opened and in stepped my dad. I froze. He walked to the bed and sat on the edge and laid his hand on my leg. “Baby girl, whatcha doing?”

I didn’t say anything, I just tried to slide my hand out of my panties, but he moved his hand and placed it on top of mine, stopping me.

“Do you do this a lot when daddy comes home so late?”

I shook my head no, I couldn’t look at him I was so embarrassed.

He grabbed my face with his other hand, held my chin so I had to look at him. “Look at daddy!” he chastised, “Don’t lie to me. Do you play with yourself every night, sweetie?”

“Sometimes, daddy,” I stammered. “I try not to. I’m sorry daddy, don’t be upset with me, please daddy.”

“It’s okay baby girl. You don’t need to be upset. I understand. Everyone has needs, and I want to help you with yours.” He pulled the covers off of me, and traced his fingers up the inside of my thigh, across my mound to the elastic of my panties. He slipped his fingers under the elastic and gently pulled it down so he had a full view of my naked pussy. He caressed the soft skin as he spoke, “You’ve never really had a boyfriend, have you?”

“No, daddy,” I shake my head, looking at him the whole time, afraid to look away.

“And why is that? You’re a beautiful young girl, young woman, any man would be lucky to date you,” he asked.

“I don’t know, daddy.”

He took my hand and placed it firmly on the bulge in his pants. “You know this is what you do to boys. Go ahead, feel it. This is what you do to daddy. This is what you have done to daddy for a long time. Is this what you think about as you rub your pussy? Do you think about boys’ cocks?”

I shook my head, afraid to speak as I tentatively felt the hardness.

“Answer me. You can talk. Is this what you think about when you rub yourself?”

“No,” I whisper, squeezing my eyes shut.

“You like thinking about cocks, don’t you baby girl,” he whispered as he leaned down and kissed me.

I shook my head no, “I don’t think about cocks. Only one, I only know about one,” I whispered.

“And what cock is that, may I ask?” he said sternly.

“Only yours, only yours daddy,” ikonbet giriş I felt his cock grow as I whispered the words.

“And what do you think about it?”

“How big it is,” I looked up at him.

He started caressing my mound; he ran his finger between my lips and felt how wet and swollen I was. I squirmed and grabbed the sheet next to me in one hand and his cock in the other one. I gasped as I realized what I had done. I held my breath, watching him.

But he liked it, he raised himself into my hand, pushing into it as he continued to explore me. What he did to me felt so good, better than I even fantasized about. A moan escaped, I didn’t know what to expect and I was so afraid I would do something wrong. I was so wet, and I had never been touched there by anyone before.

“You are so tight,” he pushed his finger deeper into me, “so tell me, what have you imagined about daddy’s cock?”

“I think about how big it is,” I said, my voice was raspy and quiet; it was hard to think while he was doing what he was doing, “and I wonder how it would feel in me.”

“Well, maybe daddy can help you out. You don’t really know, do you? How much daddy wants you? I’ve wanted you for a long time. You have grown into such a beautiful young lady, one that turns a lot of heads, and one of them is mine. That’s why I don’t stay around much, but tonight I couldn’t stay away. When I saw you masturbating, that was it, I knew I had to say something, do something, that I couldn’t be without you any longer.”

Then he kissed me, not a gentle daddy kiss, but a passionate kiss that sent shivers to my toes.

“You know, after your mother died, I devoted my life to you. You became my center of attention, and for years now I have wanted you, all of you. I often wondered if you felt the same, have you ever wanted me?”

“Daddy, why do you think I never had a boyfriend? None of them were you, I always just wanted you to love me.” I looked at him with wide eyes, hoping that I did the right thing, said the right thing to keep his attention. “I remember when I was little and you would hold me in your lap, I felt like a princess. And when we would have a special father daughter date, those were the best, we always had fun and you always made me feel like I was special. I keep looking for a boy like you, but they are never quite right, I never feel the same with them as I do with you.”

He put his hand on top of mine and had me squeeze him. I felt how hard he was, and it did something to me, what we were doing wasn’t wrong, we both wanted it. But I didn’t know what to do. I had never been with a man, never touched a man, never seen a male organ before; I had only ever imagined everything. I looked at him, “Daddy, I don’t know what to do.”

“Oh baby girl, don’t worry, daddy will teach you. You have no idea how happy it makes me to know you haven’t been with another man and that I will be your first.” He pulled my panties all the way off and took my top off, leaving me naked on the bed. He stood and took off his top, unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his zipper. I couldn’t watch as he dropped his pants and stepped out.

“Look at me.”

I turned my head to see him. His chest was hard, his muscles rippled. He had dark hair on his chest that trailed down to his penis. He was hard and standing out from a mass of dark curly hair. My stomach clenched involuntarily when I saw him. I wanted to reach out and touch it, touch him. His hand stroked it as he looked at me.

“Have you ever tasted a man before?”

I shook my head and subconsciously licked my lips. I could see the precum glistening on the head of it. I bite my lower lip, not knowing what to do, looking at him for guidance.

“Open your mouth.” He slapped his cock against my cheek.

I felt the drop of precum on my cheek. I was always a good girl. I always did what daddy told me to. He rubbed the tip of his cock on my lips; I moaned and opened my mouth to him. My tongue licked his tip and tasted the salty ikonbet yeni giriş fluid. My lips wrapped around what was being offered. He pushed in a little and pulled out.

He stepped back and watched as I licked my lips again. I squirmed under his look. I didn’t know what to expect. I was so wet and I thought I had to pee, but I couldn’t move. Daddy just stood there looking at me, stroking himself. I bit my lower lip again, not knowing what to do.

He saw I was squirming and pressed his hand on my lower stomach, right above my mound. “Relax, baby, just relax.”

Fluid dripped from me. He reached down and ran his fingers through it, brought them to his mouth, licked them and smiled. He pressed his cock to my lips again. “Baby girl, open up, take me.”

I parted my lips and took him in. I felt him reach the back of my mouth. I tried not to gag, but I couldn’t help it, he filled my mouth and throat. He pulled back and I swallowed. I wanted to be a good girl for him; I wanted to make my daddy happy. He pushed back in and I sucked. He pulled out and I used my tongue to make his whole cock wet. I licked from top to bottom.

“Suck my balls, take them both in your mouth and suck them.”

I did what I was told. They were soft and smooth and felt like pebbles. I released them and licked back to the top.

He moaned just a little, “That’s a good girl.” He pushed into my mouth again. I choked just a little, he was so big, so foreign. My tongue moved to make room for him, to accommodate it. I held my breath as he moved in and out of my mouth.

He reached down between my legs and felt the wetness. “I’ve always like it when you wet yourself baby girl. Spread your legs for daddy.” He continued his thinking out loud, “I’ve thought a lot about your pussy. When you were little I used to put you on my lap when I knew you had to go to the bathroom. I loved the feel of the wetness when you couldn’t hold it any more. Then you got too old to do that.”

I pulled my head back and gasped for air.

He smiled down at me and stroked my hair. “Such a good girl, take a breath. What do you think? Do you like the way daddy tastes?”

I nodded my head. He sat back down beside me on the bed and lifted me into his lap. I could feel his hardness under me as he softly kissed my neck. He moved me so I straddled his lap, he slid his hand between my legs and when I looked down I could see his mushroomed head against the bareness of my pussy.

“When you were little I used to hold you in my lap like this too,” he reached to my nightstand for my glass of water, “here, drink this baby.” He held it to my mouth to drink.

“But, daddy, I’m not thirsty right now.” But he kept it there, so I drank. I couldn’t drink it fast enough and some spilled out and ran between my breast, down my tummy and in between my legs. The hot and cold sensations made me moan and squirm. I finished drinking the water and hid my face in his neck. All I could smell was the smell that was my daddy.

He reached down and started rubbing my sloppy cunt with one hand and rubbed my back and buttocks with the other. “Oh, this feels so good, you like this too, don’t you? I do. I like everything about you and your tight wet pussy.” He rubbed his cock against me.

I wanted to taste him again, to feel him in my mouth, but I didn’t know how to tell him, and before I could say a word, he stood with me and turned to face the bed. He sat me back down on the edge and pushed my shoulders so I would lay down. His hands trailed across my breasts, he gently squeezed them and pinched my nipples. He bent over me and suckled me. I had waves of tremors flow through my body, all ending in my core and making me wetter. He continued to trail kisses to my mound. He dropped to his knees beside the bed.

“Why do you shave yourself? It doesn’t matter, I like it, makes you more of daddy’s little girl.” He kissed the inside of my thighs and traced his tongue up to the juices flowing from me. He moaned and squeezed ikonbet güvenilirmi my thighs. “You taste so good;” he buried his tongue in me.

I lifted my hips, I moaned, I didn’t want it to stop. “Daddy, am I a bad girl? For wanting you? For wanting this?”

“No, baby girl, I would never think you a bad girl. Why would it be bad for you to love your daddy and have your daddy love you?” He went back to licking and sucking, “God, you taste so good.”

I had so many feelings, his taste, how his tongue feels on my lips, and the sensations of his hands on my thighs, his fingers exploring me, my mind didn’t know how to process it all. I was on fire. “Daddy,” I whimpered, “Daddy help me, I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, baby girl, daddy’s going to help you.” He kissed my pussy then and trailed kisses to my ass. Running his tongue along where his fingers made a river of my juices flow to my butt crack, putting just a little pressure on my anus.

There were so many sensations, I squeezed my eyes shut, grabbed the sheets and clutched them with both hands, not knowing what to expect. He went back to my swollen clit and lips, and sucked and bit them. He moved his fingers inside of me, reaching more of my slick juices, one finger and then two. It was so tight, and he could feel my maidenhead, he knew I was still a virgin. He pulled his fingers out.

I arched my hips, I didn’t want his fingers to leave me, I felt empty without them. He kept nuzzling me, sucking me, licking me, biting me. Soon I was humping into his face, and he stopped and looked up at me, peering over my mound, “Are you about to cum, baby? Is that was daddy is feeling?”

I couldn’t say a word. I just thrust my hips back to his face, trying to get him to finish me, to make me have my orgasm. Then it hit, the clenching muscles, the waves of feeling from my breasts to my crotch, I moaned and arched my back. He crawled up on the bed, on me, his cock between my lips, the tip filling my opening and with a quick thrust he broke my membrane. He knew what he was doing, he knew that it would be easier for me, less painful my first time, during a climax. His mouth covered mine, we both moaned as he filled me. He broke the kiss and straightened up, his hands went to my buttocks and he held me as he slowly thrust into me. “Open your eyes and look at me baby girl.”

He was looking at me, a peaceful contented look on his face as he build up the desire again in me. He spread his hands on my hips and moved his thumbs to my clit, massaging me as he stroked in and out. “Hold your breasts for me, show them to me, play with your nipples.”

I did as he asked, embarrassed, not knowing what he expected. I pushed them together from the underside, squeezed them, rubbed my nipples and even pinched them. I gazed at him, looking for praise, looking for direction, looking for his love.

“That’s it, mmm,” then he leaned over and suckled one as I held it for him. His strokes got stronger and faster. He held my hips tighter. He moved to the other nipple. Sucking harder, stoking harder. He looked at me, “cum for me again, baby, cum for your daddy.”

His thrusts got faster and my muscles tightened on him with each one. I pushed into him feeling each and every stroke until we both exploded. My orgasm hit and I lost all control, I cried out and clenched my muscles, tried to close my legs, but I couldn’t stop the flow of my urine as my body convulsed, as daddy continued to push into me, filling me.

He moaned, he arched his back, he groaned, “oh, baby girl, that’s it, let go.” He collapsed on top of me; resting on his elbows he covered my face with kisses. “Thank you baby girl for giving this to me. This was so special for both of us.” He smiled at me, happy with me, pleased with his little girl. “Happy Valentine’s Day, they say a little girl’s first valentine is always their daddy, I’m glad I was yours,” he murmured as he kissed me, “So much better than a box of chocolates.”

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up. Here, let daddy carry you and run you a bath, just like when you were a little girl. You can sleep in my room, in my bed. I don’t want either of us to be alone again.”

I wrapped my arms around him as he swooped me up and carried me to his room, our room. “Happy Valentine’s Day, daddy.”

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