A Little Dip

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Sam sighed as he gazed out on the sparkling blue lake in front of him. Sam had decided to hike out in the nearby forest to clear his mind. He brought his arms over his head, stretching his lean, muscular form. He shook his head, sending his dark brown hair tumbling into his crystal blue eyes. He took a deep breath and began walking towards the glistening water.

Sam thought that a nice swim in the cool water would cleanse him of his stress. As he got closer to the lake, he began unbuttoning his shirt, revealing his muscular torso. Sam stopped at the shore and laid his shirt on a log. He unbuckled his pants and shrugged them down his legs. He hesitated a moment before finally removing his boxers and leaving them with his discarded jeans as he began walking into the water.

Sam waded out into the lake until the water lapped at his firm stomach. He bent his knees so that he could emerge himself in the water, up to his neck. Sam quickly dunked his head under the water, coming up, his head flying backwards, and sending water everywhere. He shook his head a bit, water spraying off of his hair. As he began to wade back to the shore, his eyes caught sight of a moving figure in the forest. Sam stopped walking, the water still covering his nude body. He watched as a small, blonde haired woman walked into open view on the secluded beach. When her eyes caught sight of Sam she stopped.

Sam let his eyes travel up and down her slim form. She had a thin waist, bahis firmaları but her breasts were quite large, almost spilling from her bikini top. Sam could feel harden at the sight of her beautiful body, despite the chilling water.

“I didn’t know anyone else knew about this beach.” The woman said, not directly looking at Sam. Sam took in her musical voice and sighed.

“I stumbled on it while hiking today.” Sam replied. The woman nodded.

“Why don’t you come back to shore and we can talk.” Sam hesitated, he was about to yell back to her when her hand came up to her mouth and she gasped. “You can’t can you?” She asked. Sam shook his head, shifting his weight a bit. “I brought two towels and a blanket. I’ll turn around so you can get out and you can borrow a towel to cover up with.” Sam let out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks.” Sam watched as the woman turned around. Sam made his way to shore as fast as possible. He rushed to the log and picked up the large towel she had placed there. Sam wrapped it around his waist. “Ok.” The woman turned around and smiled.

“My name’s Jess.” Sam smiled and shook her hand. They set out the blanket Jess had brought and sat down together. They sat for over an hour talking about each other and getting to be friends. The sun was beginning to set, a beautiful color splashed across the sky right above the lake. Jess sighed and leaned against Sam. Sam could feel himself harden again, wanting to be inside her so kaçak iddaa badly.

Jess looked up into Sam’s eyes and watched as he slowly moved down and placed his warm lips upon hers. Jess sighed and closed her eyes, letting him kiss her deeply. His tongue slipped out and massaged her bottom lip until she parted her mouth and allowed him to enter and massage hr tongue with his own. Sam gently followed Jess down onto the blanket, covering her body with his own. Her hands were wandering across his back, as his own began untying her top.

Sam exposed her breasts to the cool air, her nipples puckering to small peaks. Sam dipped his head down and grasped one of her nipples in her mouth, sucking deeply. Jess moaned slightly. Sam continued to lavish kisses and licks onto her breasts until squirmed beneath him. Then Sam continued to kiss down her belly to the shorts she was wearing. He quickly removed them to reveal a closely shaven mound, glistening in the dying light. Sam moved down to provide better attention to her. Jess watched as he blew his breath on her, causing her to jolt with pleasure. Sam slowly brought his tongue from the bottom of her lips to the top. He positioned his hands on her hips to keep her as still as possible as he began to draw figure eights onto her sensitive nub. Jess bucked and moaned wildly. Sam continued on, driving her to the peak of pleasure and then stopping.

Jess sat up and ripped the towel from Sam’s waist. She pushed him down kaçak bahis onto his back and quickly filled her mouth with his member. Sam let out a moan as she began to stroke him with her tongue. Sam dug his hands into her silky blonde hair, urging her on. Jess continued to stroke Sam with her mouth and hand, bringing him to his peak. She could feel him hardening even more and she stopped, looking up at him and grinning.

Jess positioned herself above Sam, her legs straddling him. She slowly lowered herself onto his member, sliding it all the way into her wet, hot, tight sheath. Sam let out a sigh when he was fully sheathed within her. Jess began to set a slow rhythm, rolling her hips. Sam held onto her hips helping guide her on his staff. Jess began to move quicker, wanting to feel more of him sliding in and out of her. Sam moved his hips to match her rhythm.

Sam stopped Jess, moving her off of him; he positioned her on the blanket, her ass in the air. Sam moved behind her, sliding into her. Jess arched her back and screamed as he began moving inside of her. Sam’s hands squeezed her ass, and then bringing one back, slapped it, leaving a slightly red mark. Jess moaned and begged for more, as Sam continued to slam into her.

Sam continued to slam in to her, as he felt her sheath tightening around him as she climaxed. Jess shouted out his name into the forest, the sound echoing back. Sam continued his assault until he felt himself release in orgasm, shouting his hot seed onto her back.

Sam collapsed down next to Jess on the blanket, gathering her up in his arms. He kissed her forehead and then pulled the blanket around their naked bodies.

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