A Lesson For Life

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Young Kimberly O’Brien was never one to love school, or anything associated with it for that matter.

But she did enjoy challenges. That’s why she enlisted herself to college while the majority of her friends began to work in whatever ma’ and pa’ could get them.

Enrolling to college was one thing she had been proud of.

The people there were right up her alley: smart, funny, intelligent and down to earth.

Surprisingly, she even enjoyed sitting in class. There was a special vibe in the class that made her feel like she was home, like she was among friends.

All of that changed last fall.

Kimberly was involved in a sexual harassment incident that got her history professor fired from school.

Kimberly knew in her heart she was still the same person, but suddenly she began to get different reactions from her colleagues at school.

Suddenly, sitting in a class was not all that much fun.

Suddenly, that special vibe had magically disappeared.

The name of the teacher was Andy Brown, Prof. Brown to the students.

One day after classes were over and the hallways were seemingly empty, he had a friendly chat with Kimberley.

At one point of the conversation he mad an uncalled for and distasteful remark on Kimberley’s large chest.

Unfortunate for him he was over heard by the math the teacher who happened to walk by.

An entire scene started to develop between the two teachers in the empty hallway.

Kimberley decided to keep quiet. In all of her 22 years she had heard a lot of remarks with sexual connotations.

That’s what happens to large breasted women. And she was one. She was a big one.

Kimberley’s chest has developed extraordinarily in her teen years. She never gained much weight so her entire body was slim. But her breasts were growing like crazy till they became to their current, obese size.

She knew it would probably happen to her since her mother’s chest is also a mirage by itself. Though, she never expected such a large (and with no proportion to her slim figure) chest. She couldn’t even find bras at stores that could hold up her extremely large bosom.

Kimberly was also gifted with a beautiful face. Her smile was one to light up a room; her nose was tiny and adorable, her eyes were two pearls that could sink you into a world of joy and her hair was a long, graceful blond.

Simply put, a person that sends out a message of happiness and youth.

Needles to say that Mr. Brown was fired. Especially because of the power that the senior math teacher had in the college.

Promptly Kimberly was being stared quite often by her friends at the college, this time to her face.

“Life goes on” that’s what her mother has always told her.

“You can’t let little jerks and little setbacks to stop you from living your life”

And Kimberly always listened to her mother. She always wanted to be a strong person just like her mother, and she was.

That is why the “Prof. Brown incident” didn’t bother her much. That’s why she tried to ignore any other offensive remarks from students at school.

But life at college were much more harder. Especially now that she has lost the zest to learn and study.

* * *

Kimberly O’Brien was sitting in her history class looking sharp and ready to learn as always. Though in her head she was counting down the seconds that the lesson will be over.

She never felt so misplaced in her entire life.

The new history teacher was Prof. Patricia Hardaway.

Prof. Hardaway was a 45 years old black woman who was never much liked by the students.

She got the reputation of a harsh, unkind and heartless woman.

Then again, aren’t most teachers are.

Finally the bell rang with all its glory, rescuing the students from the dreaded claws of boredom.

Unfortunately, Kimberly heard the last words that a student wants to hear after class from his teacher.

“Miss O’Brien could you stay pleas? I need to talk to you”

After getting some uneasy looks from the students who over heard this, Kimberly sat on a chair in front of Prof. Hardaway’s desk.

The dark skinned history teacher waited for the last student to leave the room before she could start talking.

Kimberly was at a loss; she had no idea why would the teacher want to speak with her. As the last student left the class and closed the door behind him, Prof. Hardaway gave a somewhat relaxing smile to Kimberly, which instinctively turned into her usual frozen face.

“Ok, Kimberly. I have been reviewing your grades at history from the past year and… I must tell you that there has been a severe fall in your grades.

You were once the top student in this class, but since I came your grades have been falling drastically.”

Kimberly was about to reply as Prof. Hardaway continued to talk.

“Now at first I thought maybe it’s my fault, but then I saw your grades have been

Falling in other classes as well. Would you like to explain this?”

This time Kimberly thought for a couple of seconds before answering.

She bahis şirketleri knew the real reason; the obvious one is that she has lost interest in school.

She formed a vague answer in her mind.

“Well, lately I started this new job and…there’s all kind of things going on”

“You know what I think” said Prof. Hardaway, as she didn’t even listened to Kimberly’s answer.

“I think you were a bit shaken with the all sexual harassment episode and that’s what throw you out of your game.”

Kimberly was a bit surprised that Prof. Hardaway brought that up.

Were the teachers still talking about this?

Was the entire incident a bigger of a deal then she thought?

No. That’s not why she isn’t studying as hard as before. The one has nothing to do with the other.

“No…I don’t think so…it’s just…”

“You know once, I was also a victim of sexual harassment” Prof. Hardaway continued to cut Kimberly. This time with a shocking revelation.

“Yes…at a younger age. I was a student just like you, and I began to work in an office building doing…little thing, you know. Well, some guy, a white man, came up to me and began to sexual harass in broad daylight.”

At this point Kimberly was sitting in her chair with eyes wide open.

Being fascinated by the story from one hand and feeling a bit uncomfortable to hear it from the other. After all, Kimberly thought to herself, why is she telling this to me?

“At those days white folks thought they could get away with anything” continued the teacher while ending the sentence with a forced laughter.

“But I pulled myself together and didn’t let that bother me”

“Me neither, seriously I’m fine” Kimberly interrupted.

“I’m glad to hear this, because you are young and you’ll hear men giving you offensive remarks the rest of your life. I know it’s tougher on you.

Just like you I was large breasted woman in my early days. Sure I gained a couple of pounds and it’s undetectable now…”

Kimberly could not believe Prof. Hardaway said that. She didn’t know if to laugh or slap her. In any case, she sat there squirming in her chair as her history teacher began to call her large chested and compared her to her own young self.

That was a side of Prof. Hardaway that was not shown in class, definitely.

Was she just trying to be nice? Probably, Kimberly thought to herself.

But then Kimberly, almost instinctively, throw her eyes over to Prof. Hardaway’s

Chest. Prof. Hardaway wore a tight blouse and over her was a silk vest.

Though, the vest was in the way Kimberly could easily distinguish that Prof. Hardaway’s chest was a busty one. Not only that, but she noticed that her teacher’s nipples were pointing out of her blouse like huge strawberries.

“You promises you get better?” Up came the voice of her teacher to cut her thoughts.

“Sure, sure, don’t worry I’ll get better. I promise,” replied Kimberly as she began to stand up and head for the door.

“OK. And don’t forget, if there’s a-n-y problem you can talk to me. OK?”

“Sure, thanks.” And with that Kimberly left the classroom.

Her head was working overtime after that short meeting.

Was Prof. Hardaway sent by someone to talk to her or did she decide to do it by her own?

What teacher talks about his student breasts, was she truly trying to help or just a wacko?

Thank god the weekend is here so I can empty my mind and relax, that was what she was thinking.

* * *

Soaked wet from head to toe, Kimberly reached for the towel that was hung on the towel hook.

Before drying herself, Kimberly took the towel close to her nose and gave it one big whiff. That certainly smelled like home to her.

After drying herself, Kimberly tiptoed to her room, her real room.

Kimberly usually lives in the dorms of her college. She really liked it there and she always had a blast with her roommate Janine.

Janine was a perky little blond whose motto was: “fun first, school later”.

She could always make Kimberly laugh, which for that Kimberly will always be appreciative. Remembering the first day they met, Kimberly knew from first sight that they would be friends for life.

But every weekend Kimberly goes home. As much fun she has with Janine, there was no place like home for young Kimberly O’Brien.

Her parents never touched her room at her absence, so when she settles in her room at weekends it looks like she has never left.

Kimberly’s family was not an exceedingly wealthy one, but it is safe to say they never had to worry money-wise.

Kimberly had her own room, as well as her younger brother and sister.

As she let the towel fall from her body Kimberly opened the middle drawer of her bedroom closet. In that drawer she could find all of her panties, neatly folded.

She picked up the first pair of panties, which was coincidently her favorite ones.

They were silk panties with little pink flowers drawn on them.

And with one quick motion she slipped them up till the little pink flowers were neatly bahis firmaları creased between her shapely little butt cheeks.

Kimberly opened her bedroom’s closet door, which had a full body mirror fixed firmly to its inner side. She looked at the image of herself. The sight alone will make any man droll, that’s for sure.

She gazed closely at her gigantic pair of breasts that were on her mind a lot as of late.

Especially, after that chat with Prof. Hardaway the previous day.

She could not believe that such a tiny body could build up such a huge pair.

Kimberly, ever so often, wondered what would life be for her if she had a normal sized chest.

As she was lost in her own thoughts, Kimberly’s mother sneaked up behind her and laid her hand on her semi-naked daughter’s shoulders.

Kimberly gave a loving smile to her mother, who returned an affectionate smile back at her.

“Did you ever thought of getting a boob job. You know, get them smaller?”

Kimberly asked her mother, who was as busty as her daughter.

Kimberly’s mother took her index finger and began to travel it softly over her daughter’s breasts, giving soft twirls with her fingernails around her daughter’s nipple.

“Well, you know me and your father were high Scholl sweet hearts. And he always liked the boys…”answered her mother humorously.

Kimberly’s mom noticed that her daughter was looking for a straight answer by the bothered look in her eyes. She grabbed her daughter by the shoulders and turned her so they could have a talk in four eyes.

“Listen honey, if you want to get them smaller that’s up to you and you alone.

But if you want to get them smaller because of what other people say, then I think you should listen to yourself. Be true to yourself and you will get your answer.”

Kimberly stood there for a second and thought about what her mother said to her.

She then gave a loving smile to her mom.

“Thanks mom”

“No problem honey” her mother answered as she gave her daughter a kiss on the forehead and gently stroked her daughter’s right breast.


Kimberly’s mother left her in her room standing in front of her own image.

Kimberly knew that what her mother said had much sense.

She had no problem with an extremely large, unbelievably obese pair or breasts.

And no obnoxious college professor (Mr. Brown comes to mind) could make her doubt in herself.

She could still remember the Mr. Brown incident:

“Hi Kimberly what are you doing here so late?”

“Ho, nothing…something in the chemistry lab.”

“Well, you know, I got to tell you that you are doing tremendously well in history”

“G thanks. History is one of my favorite lessons.”

“Yes it is great. You know my own daughter wants to be a history teacher when she grows up?”

“Really? That’s great”

“I know. She’s 12 right now. And …her mother wants me to buy her a bra.

Yes, she’s quite grown up. Hi, where is best to buy bras?”

“Aaaa…there’s the mall, and…the mall is pretty good”

“OK. What about sizes…mmm…cups. There’s different kinds right?

Like, what is your size?”

“You know, I am really at a hurry. So…I need to go”

“Pleas wait a second!”

“Can you let go of my arm? I want to go!”

“Come on, don’t be like this. Look, you have very good-looking tits. What is wrong with that?”

At that point, Prof. Schoolman, the math teacher, interrupted.

What a weasel, Kimberly thought to herself.

* * *

In no time, school was back and the weekend was over.

Kimberley found herself wondering in the empty hallways, after most people were gone.

Suddenly she saw a dark figure walking towards her. She couldn’t make out whom it was…

All she could see was two gigantic breasts jumping up and down under a women’s blouse.

“Hi Kimberly, what are you doing here at this time?” Asked Prof. Hardaway which turned out as the dark figure.

Kimberly stood there, gazing at her.

“You know, I wanted to tell you that you are doing extremely well in history, tremendously well”

“Thank you Patricia” said Kimberly in a voice that seemed to echo out of existence.

“You know, you have very good-looking tits did you know that?”

“You to” answered Kimberly in rudeness that seemed appropriate.

Prof. Hardaway was closer to Kimberly than she thought.

She was behind her as Kimberly began to feel her huge breasts cushioning her back and two erect nipples pointing at her backside as well.

Prof. Hardaway began to squeeze Kimberly’s Breasts with her ebony hands.

In a swift motion she left up Kimberly’s short over her head to find that Kimberly was not wearing a bra.

“Do you want me to suck those big ol’ tits of yours?” Asked the horny teacher.

“Yes, pleas” answered Kimberly heavily.

Patricia Hardaway buried her head between the two massive twins and began to slurp, devour and pump the huge and erect nipples of her student.

When she left up her face Kimberly saw that both of kaçak bahis siteleri her two breasts were completely covered with hot, sticky saliva.

Kimberly looked up and saw her teacher naked as the day she was born.

She was tremendously busty. Kimberly walked toward her and pushed her head between her teacher’s breasts.

She moved her, tongue that seemed longer and smoother then ever, up and down in hungrily motions.

As a moan escaped her teacher, Kimberly opened her eyes and then immediately stepped back. She wasn’t licking her teacher’s breasts; she was licking her dark asshole.

“Ho, yes that felt great!” Her teacher yelled as she began to finger her own as asshole and pussy. Suddenly she began to shake and…

“I’m cumming!” She screamed

And as a spring of female cum blasted her in the face, Kimberly woke up.

She looked side to side. She was home in her bed. School is only back tomorrow.

What a dream, she thought to herself. As she wiped the sweat out of her forehead she could easily perceive that there is another kind of bodily fluid oozing from her, but from a more personal area. Kimberly immediately crashed her head on her pillow and began to wonder: did that dream made me…wet?

* * *

It was Monday, bloody Monday. Another week of wholesome fun and learning.

Kimberly was sitting yet again in an excruciating class of history.

This time it was a bit different for her. This time her teacher, the cold and heartless bitch she may be, was drawn in a different light to her.

Her voice was pleasurable; her hands moved elegantly, her face was somewhat charming. Kimberly knew it was only the dream, ho that dam dream.

The history lesson itself wasn’t a concern for her; she gave up following the material weeks ago. She was more thinking of that fairly beautiful black woman who was teaching the class. Her passionate brown eyes, her full dark hair that was medium length, her full succulent lips and those big and lusty breasts.

Kimberly knew she wasn’t thinking straight, but what made her think even more was the fact that she and Prof. Patricia Hardaway were exchanging looks the entire class.

Was she exaggerating in her assumption?

Considering that she was her teacher, she always has to look at the students, doesn’t she?

Finally the ball rang. The students were jumping of their chairs and storming towards the door. Only Kimberly took her time and leisurely began to walk towards the outside.

“Miss. O’Brien, could you stay pleas?”

Again? Yes again. Her teacher was asking her to stay after class for the second time in a row.

“Sure” Kimberly answered softly.

The classroom was empty from students, as Kimberly found herself once again sitting on that dreaded chair in front of Prof. Hardaway.

“Kimberly” opened her teacher. “I got the impression that you weren’t listening to me today. Actually I’m getting the impression you aren’t interested in learning at all. Am I wrong?”

“No…not completely”

“Then what are we going to do to…”

“Prof. Hardaway, why did you mentioned the size of my breasts the last time we talked?”

Kimberly cut off her teacher and shot a question that was buried deep inside.

“What? Is that what it’s about” Patricia answered in a rather amused tone.

“I didn’t mean to offend you Kimberly, I just wanted to make sure that your head is on studying and not still preoccupied with the sexual harassment story. Kimberly, believe me when I tell you that I want to help. Such a smart and beautiful girl like you can go places.”

Kimberly liked that answer. No, Kimberly LOVED that answer.

It seemed that Prof. Hardaway was telling her exactly what she wanted to hear.

Her voice traveled to Kimberly’s ear and tickled it with its softness.

She is a great lady, Kimberly thought to herself.

“So…did you ever thought about getting yours reduced”

Kimberly asked in a shaky voice.

“What do you mean? What reduced?” Patricia answered with a smile.

Kimberly cleared her throat till that soft shade of red faded from her face.

No longer embarrassed she asked again:

“Your breasts. Getting them smaller.”

Patricia had a cunning look in her face. She moved her pupils to the right without moving her head and made sure that the door was closed.

“Some times they do become a bit of hassle. Sure. But I’ll never touch them. They are apart of me. And I think you shouldn’t touch yours either”

“Really?” Kimberly laughed at that.

“Come on between us…you enjoy them. I know big breasts and they are extra sensitive. Hell, walking all day with them under my short gives me enough sensations to make my knees buckle.”

Kimberly wasn’t embarrassed at all with what Patricia had to say. It wasn’t like the first time, this time it’s a different kind of Patricia.

“You don’t wear a bra. Of course” Kimberly said, stating the obvious.

“Like you do” replied her history professor.

They both laughed together. Their laughter was like to angels having a pleasant conversation. Then, the laughter stopped and silence filled the room.

“You know…there is a way to get your grades up. Well, in history anyway.”

Patricia rose from her chair, keeping her eyes foxed on Kimberly’s.

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