A Lesson For A Cuck.

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A Lesson For A Cuck.Here I am sitting in this room next to my beautiful and lovely wife. I still don’t know what this is all about or why we are here as I sit in this strange large room with other couples waiting. It’s almost as if we are all in a doctors office as one couple gets called into a specific room ever 15 minutes or so. “Honey, why are we here?” I ask. “Stop nagging me with dumb questions darling, just wait and see!” she strikes back. It’s a bit cold in this room, but yet she is wearing a mini skirt with heels on, plus a shirt that shows off her tight stomach. Most of the women in the room are wearing the same kind of outfit making them all look like the are trying to get a role in a porno. I see very attractive looking women around. One is a tall woman with striking Nordic looks; another one is an Asian woman with an incredible looking body on her. My wife Gina is sitting next to an extremely attractive black woman who is sitting next to her white husband. Gina is the best looking one out of all of them, of course. It’s not even close. All these guys look kind of pathetic. “Why the heck am I doing here with all these people?” I think out loud to myself. “Aren’t you cold?” I ask Gina. She places her hand in my face and says “Oh honey! Even If I were, trust me, I will be warm in a few minutes.” What the hell did that mean? After still sitting there for over half and hour I start to get tired and feel like going home. “Honey I am tired and It’s almost bed time. I have to go. You can stay here.” As soon as I get up she grabs my hand and says “Honey, don’t you love me? Wouldn’t you cry like my ex-husband if I left you? Please just obey me on this” she says to me and goes back to talking to the black woman sitting next to her. I would never want to leave her or vice-versa. I love my wife dearly! Her ex’s mistake is my treasure! The sex is great and the conversations we have are phenomenal! I still masturbate thinking about her till this day. The things she says durings sex is beyond poetic! As 12 minutes go by I start hearing the convo she is having with the attractive black woman. “Oh yes, my husband is not that good at pleasing me either” she says as they both have a nice laugh together. “Honey, what are you saying?” I ask her. “Oh no, baby, I am just pendik escort telling my new friend Alexandra over here that you sometimes don’t please me when you don’t want to go out with me” she says while holding my hands. Finally I start to see a trend. Every guy who walks in a room comes back out wearing only their underwear. “Gina, what the hell?” I say. “Hush baby, just hush!” She says as she places her hand on my lips. My name is then called up along with the black girls husband. “Good luck, darling!” Gina says to me. We walk up to the room and It’s these huge black guys who look like bouncers. They tell us to strip out of our cloths and walk back to our wives with only our underwear on. These guys look pretty scary, so not many guys are going to say no to them. We walk back to sit where we were. My bare feet feel the coldness of the floor. There are now fewer people then there were before. “So honey, now I must ask you. Are you feeling cold?” Gina asks me with pure sarcasim. “What…. Is this?” I ask. “You will find out soon, white boy” Gina’s new black friend says to me as Gina just smiles. Finally a black man walks into the room. He’s not tall, about 5’8, but he has a pretty nice six pack on him. He is also only wearing underwear and every one of us can tell that his penis is HUGE! He is walking around in circles pretty much playing a game of musical chairs with all the girls. The Nordic looking woman is licking her lips looking at his BBC. The Asian woman is pretty much drooling over him. He walks up to Gina & Alexandra and stops right there. He exposes his penis with the help of Gina’s hands and it was very much as big as I expected. It had to be 13 inches. It was a dark brown fat cock on top of that. Gina is holding his BBC with her right hand and says to me “You see baby, this is a real fucking cock! Not that sorry excuse that you have there.” She starts to suck his BBC. Her tongue is making heavy sounds off of his BBC as her wedding ring is going up and down as she jerks him off as she blows him. He is pushing the back of her head as he treats her Bolivian mouth like a pussy. Alexnadra gets up and makes me lay my head in Gina’s lap as If I am a little boy. As my head is resting on her gorgeous legs, all I see from the top is Gina’s bottom lip going escort pendik in and out of this man’s black weapon. Her saliva is dripping into my face while Alexandra leaves her hand on my head and forces me to stay in my spot. “You wouldn’t want your lovely Latina wife to get dirty, right cuck? So stay right there in your place!” she says with a commanding tone to me. I start to look under Gina’s skirt as she continues to get throat fucked. Her panties are very much wet. Saliva is still falling on my face as another strong black man shows up and starts to mouth fuck Alexandra. She pulls my hair and forces me to stare at this mans black cock. It is also huge! About the same size as my Gina’s bull. “Don’t you wish you could suck this, cuck?” Alexandra asks me. “But you can’t, cause black men aren’t faggots” she says as she starts smacking my face with his BBC. “But they do like to use sissy’s like you” she says to me as Gina is now undressing next to me as she continues to blow her bull. “I am not a sissy” I respond. I then hear Gina slightly laughing while sucking on her black lolly pop. Alexandra starts blowing her bull as Gina is now totally naked with only panties on. She grabs my hair and puts my head back on her lap and places her skirt, shirt, and bra on my knees. I one again see her bottom lip and chin going in and out on this BBC, while her beautiful titts are juggling. She starts to lick his huge nuts that look like black Soccer balls. He places his hand on her nose forcing her to gag as she has a full mouth of black penis. With each gag she spills more of her saliva on my face. After 1 hour of this he finally rips her panties off and puts them in my face. He sits on the chair and she sits on his dick facing him face to face. They are humping like wild rabbits and she is riding him like he is a bull. They aren’t even kissing. It’s just pure anamalistic fucking! Her beautiful princess like long hair is flying all over. With every hump her bull gives her, she is rubbing her sweet Latina pussy while she moans loud notes. Alexandra is getting fucked doggy style next to her. I am just sitting there horrified that my wife is being stretched out by this thug. “Will sex ever be the same again?” I stupidly ask myself. An hour and 45 minutes pass by and the pendik escort bayan bull gets up and holds Gina in his arms. It is a Kama Sutra position; he is holding her as her arms are wrapped around his muscular back and her long Bolivian legs are hugging his waist. She is screaming so loud! “¡AY PAPI! ¡DAMELO DURO! MY HUSBAND NEVER FUCKS ME LIKE THIS, HE IS A WORTHLESS LOSER!” She screams at the top of her lungs. He is giving her hickeys on her neck & titts, as he continues to fuck her pussy hard. The Nordic woman I see is sharing a BBC in her mouth with the Asian woman, as two other BBC’S are pounding their back sides. The same is about to happened to Gina & Alexandra. The same BBC’S who were pounding them start to fuck them doggy style, while two other Bulls approach them in the front of their faces. Of course, they are both packing 9 to 10 inches. It is the same men who took my cloths off. Gina and her new girlfriend must have had a good chat because they are both sharing their BBC’S with one another as they get pounded. I am on my knees sitting behind Gina’s wonderful Bolivian ass as It’s getting slammed. Finally the money shot is here. They are both filled with cum all over their face, eyes, hair, breats, and ass, along on their backs. The bulls are still slapping their BBC’s on their faces, draining out every last bit of juice out of their system. All the woman there look like they just came back from a cum river. Gina is licking her fingers and decides to start making out with me. All the women leave with their cucks as if nothing occured. Gina is hugging me and starts to make out with me non stop. Thank God I don’t have any cloths on, I too am now filled with cum. “You see baby, none of these women care about their cucks. They don’t really love them. I still kiss you after all this because I love you! You just need to know your place. Black rules this pussy. You only get second place” she whispers into my ear with her semen filled lips and face. “Do you know you’re place, honey?” She asks with her hands on my face. “Yes darling, I do.” I respond as our faces are connected. “And what is that?” She asks with a smile. That I am inferior to the Black man and that you have needs” I respond with a piece of her cum filled hair on my face. “Good boy!” She says to me as she grabs my face with full force and starts to French me. “Now come on, let’s go home. We must shower this off. Beside, you still need to give me a foot & back massage” she says to me, as as I help her dress.

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