A Kindly Gentleman.

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A Kindly Gentleman.Housesitting for my brother was something I did once or twice a year- for a week in the spring and two weeks in the late summer. It made quite a pleasant change really, so I didn’t mind doing it at all. His house was about two miles from the nearest village on a high hill. There was some livestock to feed and water morning and evening, but the main part of the day was mine to fill. There was only so much daytime TV I could stomach, and there was kind of a limit to how many times a day I could wank To help pass the time every other day or so I would walk down to the village- maybe buy some bread or milk or whatever.Around this time my tights fetish was near it’s zenith. I was in the habit of going for walks wearing a pair of (more or less) opaque tights. I would wander the roads and paths, experiencing a mild thrill each I met a car or a hiker or a dog walker. As this was the spring time house sit there weren’t that many people of any kind around so as a result I became a little more daring each day- to the point that on occasion I would walk round the village, feeling wonderfully fairy like.One overcast afternoon as I rounded a corner I came upon a guy tidying us hid garden bahis şirketleri hedge. He was a smallish man, bald with an almost white beard, neatly trimmed. I estimated his age to be late sixties, maybe even seventy. We engaged in some general small talk- the weather etc. I noticed with a delicious thrill that he had clearly noticed my tights and seemed to approve! Over the next few days we ran into one another a few more times, perhaps not entirely accidentally on either part. One day he asked me in for a cup of tea and I gladly accepted. He showed me into his house and we went through into the kitchen. The kitchen had a nice view over the moors and I admired it as he busied himself making the tea and chatting away. In time he joined me by the window and continued his patter.Suddenly I felt something brush against my bottom. I ignored it and a short time later it happened again. After another pause I felt a definite nip on my arse cheek, so I let out a little gasp. “Di-di-did you just pinch my bum” I stammered out, not really sure what to do. “I’d like to do more than pinch it” came the brazen reply. “I’d like to kiss it, lick it, bite it. Fuck it”, he said in low tones. His bahis firmalar hand returned to my arse and began massaging it vigorously. I turned to look at him, and as I did he moved toward me and kissed me. I tried- but not really -to pull away, but in next to no time we were kissing hungrily, tongues entwining. We kissed for seemed an age, arms pulling each other together closely, his nails digging into my buttocks. After a while he took hold of my wrist and placed my hand on his groin, I could feel an impressive bulge.I felt a downward pressure on my shoulders, “suck me sweetie” he whispered forcing me down till I was face to face with his crotch. He pulled my head into him, so I had little choice but to nuzzle and kiss and lick his still trousered cock. I was now overcome with lust and was more than happy to hear him undo his belt and lower his trousers. Now it was time to kiss and lick his bulging y-fronts, savouring the rough feel of the material on my tongue, relishing the manly taste and smell of this wonderfully sexy man.I reached in the waistband of his y-fronts feeling his stiffening cock, solid muscle, in my fingers. I looked at his cock nestling quite harmlessly in its lair, kaçak bahis siteleri and began to gently wank it. He stroked my cheek with his hand, slipping a finger then two into my mouth, I sucked on them in anticipation of what was to be next. I pulled his y-fronts down and out of the way. His cock looked simply the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I pressed the cock to his belly and licked the length of the shaft from balls to still sheathed head. He quickly pulled the foreskin back and I began to suck greedily on his cock, eliciting a low moan from him,. Continuing this for a while, I then turned my attention to his tight balls- sucking on them, kissing and licking them. Every couple of minutes or so he would remove his cock from my mouth and stroke my cheek with it. By now, my only interest in the entire world was this gorgeous cock. “Feed me your cum” I said, “I want to taste your cum, I want to taste it”. I alternated now between cock and balls. He began to moan almost as if in pain. “I’m going to cum” he rasped out. True to his word he soon shot lovely big gobbets of sticky white spunk onto my tongue and chin. I squeezed it out between my lips onto his cock end and lapped it back up again, before he used his cock to daub the residue over my face. “Mmmm…” was about all I could muster by way of a thank you.We shortly adjourned to the bedroom where he was able to satisfy me in other ways. Quite an afternoon…

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