A hot summer with… 8 FINAL

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A hot summer with… 8 FINALDavey did not seem to object to my mom’s request of having him and myself fuck her pussy at the same time. I wasn’t too sure about it but had promised my mom and so was willing to go through with it. I remained on the floor recuperating from the hot fuck session we just had. Mom and aunt June were sprawled out on the couch and chair while Davey moved over to lean against the couch. Junior got up and went into the kitchen to fetch some cold drinks and when he returned, June who was on the couch had moved around so that she could rub Davey’s shoulders with her feet. He was relaxed but when he looked in her direction, her pussy was but a couple feet from his nose.She said, “Did you enjoy being with us naughty people?”He nodded yes saying, “Oh yea, this has been great fun.”June continued rubbing Davey’s shoulders and back with her feet getting a definite rise out of him as she continue her conversation, “What have you liked the best so far? Fucking our pussies or our asses?”Davey’s cock began to rise a little more as he looked toward June starring straight into her cunt. He said, “I guess pussy fucking is better.””Oh, so you didn’t care as much about fucking my tight ass?” responded June as she raised her leg and pulled her buns apart giving Davey and the rest of us a nice view of her asshole.”Oh I liked it alright, I just prefered fucking your pussy.””Well that’s OK, just as long as you enjoy fucking one of my holes. Speaking of fuck holes, how do you like the view you have of my pussy?””I love this view, you have a hot juicy looking cunt.””Good, I’m glad you like it. I like to show it off and if I’m not around, you can always see my pussy on the internet at a website that Junior created. Say Junior, why don’t you get your camera and take some more photos, I’m in the mood to pose for some hot shots of my ass, tits and cunt.” Junior left the room and returned with his cameras in hand. He looked over at June who had sprawled out even more on the couch waiting for Junior to photograph her. She posed in many positions each showing lots of ass, cunt and tits. She at one point had pulled her legs up high while reaching around her butt to pull her pussy lips apart giving Junior some great pussy shots. As she pulled on her pussy lips, a small amount of cum began to ooze out of her cunt. Junior said, “Hold it, this will be a great shot showing cum running from your hole.” Junior took a dozen or so shots of June in this position, we all got closer to watch Junior. June looked at Davey who appeared to be totally fascinated with June’s cum oozing pussy, she said, “Want to eat my pussy Davey? I know I taste good.”My mom said, “Go ahead Davey, just lick her snatch a few times.” Davey leaned forward sticking out his tongue and licked June’s crotch. “Oh baby, that feels good. Lick me some more sweetie, I love having your tongue on my cunt.” Davey licked her a few more times while June was holding her pussy lips apart.June moaned a little saying, “Now stick your tongue in my hole and tongue fuck me.” Davey did as she said and stuck his tongue inside her cunt, he worked over her clit giving June lots of pleasure as noted by her moans.June looked at Junior who was standing next to me as we both were stroking our hard cocks, she said, “Take some pictures of this then get over here and let my suck your cock.” Junior wasted no time and began getting some great shots of Davey’s tongue deep in June’s pussy and of him licking her crack from her asshole to her cunt. Junior finally had enough photos and moved up on the couch so June could suck his dick. I looked over at my mom who was totally spread out on the chair with three of her fingers shoved deep inside her cunt. I walked over to her with my cock dangling in front of me, she removed her fingers as I slipped my cock into her cunt and began another fuck session with my hot mom. She wrapped her legs around me and was begging for more cock, to fuck her deeper and harder. I rammed my cock to the hilt in her and didn’t let up, I pounded her pussy with all I had, until my balls boiled over and I shot my wad deep in her womb. She had also climaxed saying, “I hope our c***d in me likes this, he or she must have gotten another shower of their daddy’s cum.” When my mother talks like this I never know what to say.On the couch, June was climaxing from Davey’s tongue action on her twat and Junior was washing June’s tonsils with his cum. Junior was straining to get every drop in her mouth, and June was helping him do it. Davey continued eating June’s pussy in a very aggressive way, it looked like he really liked doing it. When Junior was done fucking June’s mouth, he got down off the couch, turned and took a few pictures of me and mom, we moved our bodies so that he could get a shot of my cock buried in her cunt. I actually moved in and out a few times letting him take a number of pictures.In the meantime June had Davey rotate so they could 69 it. June had all of Davey’s cock in her mouth while Davey was sucking June’s pussy lips into his mouth. They were going at it at a torrid pace, sucking, eating and licking like there was no tomorrow. Junior grabbed his video camera and started shooting the hot scene on the couch. Suddenly Davey stiffened up and June grabbed his cock holding it half way out of her mouth as he began to shot his load. June did not swallow but retained all his cum in her mouth just sloshing it around in her mouth with her tongue. She definitely had a mouthful. Davey got up off the couch as we watched June play with her mouthful of cum, she let some of it ooze out and run down her chin and then she looked at my mom and pointed at her mouth. My mom had me pull my cock from her cunt and get up so she could go over to the couch. She bent over and pressed her lips against June’s. They passionately kissed and we could see them swapping Davey’s cum back and forth. At one point my mom unlocked her lips and pushed June back so she was laying flat on her back, my mom then moved her head so she was directly over June’s tits, she opened her mouth letting the cum drool onto June’s tits. She then leaned down and licked up all the cum while also sucking and licking June’s nipples. My mom then crawled up June’s body until they were again in a passionate lip lock. My mom began to gyrate her hips into June’s working her pussy against June’s without releasing their lips. Finally June wiggled around so she was on top and pulled her lips free from my mom. She then scooted down until her face was directly above my mom’s pussy. June told my mom to spread her pussy lips which she did. June then drooled cum from her mouth directly into mom’s open pussy. We all crawled up close to watch the cum from June’s mouth drip into mom’s cunt, there was a lot of saliva with the cum but it was hot to watch. I had grabbed the still camera and took a lot of photos of the drooling. June then bent down and began to eat my mom’s cunt, again I got a lot of pictures. After a few minutes she slid up my mom’s body taking liberties as she moved until they were again in a lip lock position. While they were kissing, they fondled each other, rubbing the other’s tits and fingering pussy. Finally they broke the embrace each swallowing what cum they had in their mouths. Oh shit that was one fucking hot scene and we had it all on video and all three of us guys were harder that rocks.My mom laying on the couch with her cunt all wet from June drooling cum in it and from eating her said, “Oh I think it’s time for my double penetration, I want a double fuck up my hot cunt right now.” I said, “How do you want to do this?” I really didn’t care as long as I was able to stick my hard cock in some soft wet hole and be able to cum. My mom’s response was, “Glenn, you lay down on your back and I’ll mount you, then Davey can come from behind me like he was going to butt fuck me, but instead shove his cock along side yours in my pussy.”I immediately got down on the floor and stroked my hard cock a few times as my mom got into position. She placed her knees along side my legs and first bent down to kiss my cock, then she moved forward placing her cunt right above my cock. She lowered her ass taking me the full length on the first shot. She raised and lowered herself on my cock shaft a number of times uhhing and ahhing each time. She looked over at Junior saying, “Now get all of this on video sweetie, I want to see how much my cunt gets stretched and to be able to watch this action many times later on to have something to masturbate to.”She humped my cock a few more times then told Davey to mound her. Davey got his legs on each side of my mom’s and rubbed his cock up and down her crack. It felt strange to feel another cock against mine but at this point I didn’t really care. He took a hold of his dick and pressed the head against my cock and mom’s cunt. There wasn’t any room the best I could tell but he pressed some more. He finally said, “I can’t get it in.”My mom said to June, “See if you can help him out, I know I can take two cocks in my cunt.” June helped by sticking her finger in mom’s cunt along side my cock, she worked it around then pressed two fingers into mom’s cunt. She said, “OK Davey, I think you can squeeze your cock in now.”Davey again pressed his cock along side mine where June’s finger had penetrated mom’s cunt. I could actually feel his cock slide in an inch or so. My mom yelled, “Oh god I can feel you getting inside me Davey, oh shit this feels so good. Push harder!” Davey in deed pushed harder and suddenly his entire cock slipped inside mom’s cunt right along side mine. It was a weird feeling.My mom said, “Oh fuck this is hot, now fuck me guys, fuck this horny old slut, make me cum all over your cocks, fill me with your juices, fuck me, just fuck the shit out of me.” Davey was doing his best, ramming his cock in and out of my mom’s cunt while I worked my cock in and out a bit but wasn’t able to get very much action because of the position I was in. My mom was moaning and groaning with pleasure as Davey and I fucked her pussy together. She said, “Oh my god this is wonderful, I love it. Oh Junior I hope you are getting all this on tape, I want to see what it looks like, I know how good it feels. Oh fuck this is fantastic, June you have got to try it. Oh guys fuck this old nasty fucking slut as much as you want, fill me up with your nasty juices, slam bang me, stretch my hot cunt, oh my sweet baby is going to get a another cum bath tonight.”Davey was really going hot and heavy, he was pounding his cock into my mom’s cunt as hard as he could, the sensations he was giving me were nice but I felt a little strange about it. He did not seem to care and just continued to fuck my mom like a mad man. She was going bananas and loving the sensations she was getting. It was not long before Davey climaxed and began shooting yet another load of cum into my mom, this time in her pussy already filled with my cock. As soon as he was done unloading his cum, he pulled his cock free of my mom’s cunt much to her disapproval, she wanted him to keep his cock inside her but both he and I felt a little strange having our cocks touching each other. So with his cock gone, I began to thrust my cock up into her twat. I was not able to get as much action as I wanted so I had my mom and I roll over so I could be on top. Once I was on top, I began to pound he pussy really hard, there was a lot of squishing noise coming from her cunt due to it being full of cum, but I added to it and got off a nice climax about the same time my mother climaxed.She immediately wrapped her legs around me saying don’t pull out of her, she wanted me to stay inside her for awhile. I obeyed and laid down on top of my mom keeping my cock fully inserted inside her cum filled cunt. She just moaned with pleasure, but once my cock softened, I needed to get up and did. As I stood freeing myself from my mom’s cunt, June was nearby starring at Jackie’s well fucked cunt seeing cum oozing out of her enlarged fuck hole. I said to her, “Doesn’t that look delicious?”She smiled at me nodding yes and was preparing to get down on her knees to partake in dining on her sister’s cunt. Junior stepped up stroking his hard cock saying, “I think Jackie needs a third load of cum.” June agreed and so he got down between her legs, and very gently at first, slipped his hard cock inside my mom’s cunt. Once he fully penetrated her pussy, which she enthusiastically accepted, he started to pound her pussy with long, hard deep thrusts, causing her to really moan. June was standing right next to me as we watched Junior fuck my mom. June reached down and began to fondle my limp cock so I returned the favor and fondled her ass cheeks. I ran my finger down her crack and when I touched her asshole, she squirmed a little, I knew she wanted more than just touching. I then began to probe her butt hole and was able to get a finger deep up inside her ass. She squeezed my cock real hard and wiggled her ass saying, “Uh I like this, think you can get more fingers in me?” I immediately took two fingers and worked them up her ass to her delight. She then said, “Did you have any idea before you came home that you would be standing in your living room watching a friend of yours fuck your mother while you played with your aunt’s bare ass while she encouraged you to get even more fingers up her ass?”I said, “Not in a million years.”, as I continued to play with June’s asshole as Junior began releasing his load of cum in my mom’s already well fucked cunt. Junior had sweat on his brow as he pounded away at her cunt. June said, “I can’t wait to eat her pussy, it must be filled to the brim with you guy’s cum, nice young tasty sperm. I love how all of you taste. Oh hurry Junior, I want to eat my sister’s cunt.”Junior continued for sometime fucking my mom with June and I standing right behind them impatiently waiting for their fuck session to end. She maintained a tight grip on my cock and I was working three fingers as far up her ass as I could. When it looked like Junior was about done, June looked at me and said, “I hope you have another fuck in you, I would really like for you to fuck my tight asshole while I eat your mother’s cunt sucking some of your cum out of her pussy.” I said, “I’ll try.” Junior slowly got up from between my mother’s legs with his semi-limp cock dangling in front of him, June took advantage and sucked his cock a few times before she knelt down between my mother’s legs placing her face directly in her sister’s pussy and began to eat her. June stuck her ass up in the air as I approached her from behind; and with me having had three fingers in her ass, she was loose enough where I was able to quite easily slip my cock up her ass and immediately begin to fuck her. June pulled her face away from my mother’s cunt long enough to say, “Oh thanks sweetie, I so appreciate you and thoroughly enjoy having your cock stuffed up my tight ass. Now just fuck my ass off!” I did my best by ramming my cock as hard and as deep as I could up my aunt’s ass, grunting and groaning all the way. I had a hold of her hips real tight and really banged her butt. By the time I blew my load in her ass, I was sweating like a pig, but it was worth it, I love fucking my aunt’s tight asshole and fondle her big tits as I fuck her. I think the greatest thing is that she really loves to be fucked either in the ass or pussy, just like my mom does. What an absolute pleasure!After I finished fucking my aunt’s ass, we all took a break. I slumped down on the couch and dozed off. Junior, Davey and my mom laid down on the floor together under a blanket, each dozing off too. My aunt curled up next to me on the couch. Later in the night I woke up finding the couch to be real cramped with two of us on it so I woke my aunt and we headed for a bedroom.I woke up in the morning lying next to my naked aunt; she was sound asleep lying on her back. I rolled over close to her, she smelled so good. Oh what a beautiful woman, her gorgeous huge tits were rising and falling as she breathed, I leaned over to kiss and lick one of her beautiful tits and then I moved over to her other tit. She stirred a little but did not wake up so I sucked one of her tits into my mouth using my tongue to play with her now erect nipple. I simultaneously slid my hand down her tummy till I reached her pussy and gently began massage her cunt lips, running my fingers back and forth across her pussy lips while inserting my middle finger inside her cunt. Her initial response was to spread her legs slightly while wiggling her ass. As I continued to massage her clit, she started to moan real loud increasing the motion of her wiggling hips then said, “Oh that is sooooo nice. I love to wake up having my pussy played with and my tits m*****ed. You may fuck me if you want to but I’m awfully tired and will most likely only just lay here enjoying the feeling of having your big juicy cock inside me. Oh how lucky I am to have such a sexy nephew.” I took advantage of the situation and crawled on top of my aunt, kissed her before I lowered my head to suck her tits again as I raised my hips above her crotch and slowly lowered myself pushing my cock swiftly inside her cunt. She just moaned as I slid my man meat totally inside her cunt. I then slowly at first, started to fuck her with long deep stokes, ramming her to the hilt each time. She continued to moan rather loud as I fucked one of my favorite holes, my aunt’s cunt.”Oh yes baby, fuck me good, fuck my cunt with your big cock, load me up with your baby making sperm, the same sperm that got your mother pregnant. Uhhh yes! Ahhhh wonderful. Ohhh baby, this is so nice, I just love it. I wish you could move in with me and fuck me all the time.” My aunt was awakening and began to really respond to me fucking her; she wrapped her legs around me pulling me tight into her cunt while also meeting my down trusts with the raising up of her hips, she was wanting deeper penetration, she wanted me to plant my seeds deep inside her.”Oh baby, sometimes I’m so jealous of my sister. I want to be pregnant like she is, I want to know that a man’s sperm has fertilized my eggs and that I have a baby growing inside my belly. Oh baby keep fucking me like you are doing. Ohhh yes, yes, your cock feels so good inside me. Uhhhh. If I decide to get pregnant, would you be willing to be the father?””Shit Aunt June, I don’t know about that, I’m too young to be a father. My mom said that I will only need to treat our baby as my brother or sister and not to think of myself as their father. She also said that she will raise the c***d on her own.”My aunt responded, “If you get me pregnant, I will want you to do the same with our c***d, think of the baby as your cousin, not as your c***d. Ohhh yes sweetie, keep fucking me.” I was into a very rhythmic motion thrusting of my cock deep into her hot cunt. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my dick as I plunged into her.I said, “What will Uncle Harry think if you get pregnant? Does he want to raise a k**?””No, absolutely not. If I get pregnant, he will divorce me. Oh yes Glenn, deeper, get your cock deeper inside me, yea like that, ohhhh wonderful. I have asked him to get me pregnant and he has refused. I told him that I needed a c***d to fulfill my womanhood and he said I should have thought of that before marrying him. I agreed to not have any c***dren with we married, but have since changed my mind. And as things are presently going, I may end up with a black c***d in my belly.””Oh, so you have been diddling some black boys have yea?”Yes, I spent the night with Craig a few days ago and he really loaded my up with his cum, god I love being fucked by big black men. Looking down between my legs seeing a huge black cock slip inside me is just awesome, I love it. I love to fondle his big black cock; it is awesome. While he was fucking me and filling my pussy up with his cum, I had the feelings of wanting him to get me pregnant, I’m just like your mom in that way. So I figure it will be just a matter of time before I let these feelings overwhelm me and I let myself get pregnant by some black dude.”My aunt suddenly kissed me as she began to climax, her lips were sucking on my lips while her cunt was squeezing my cock. This took me over the edge and I began to pump her full of jizz, hot juicy jizz. I love having my chest pressed against her big tits while my cock is buried in her cunt, I love fucking my aunt. After I completely emptied my balls, I rested on top of June, she just held on to me and we laid there for some time.We both dozed off and was awakened by my mother saying, “Did you two have a nice night?”I looked over at her standing in the doorway totally nude, looking a bit ragged with her hair all messed up responding, “Oh yea. I love spending the night with Aunt June, she is hot like you mom. Looks like you had a hot time.””Oh yea. Junior and Davey took turns all night long fucking me, I think I have had at least six loads of cum pumped up my cunt.” She then placed her hands in her crotch squeezing her pussy lips together saying to June, “Be interested in some nice creamy breakfast?”June turned her head toward my mother with a big smile on her face saying, “Do you think you really need to ask?” My mother motioned for me to get up off of my aunt as she climbed up on the bed and positioned her pussy right tunalı escort above her sister’s face. She reached down between her legs pulling her pussy lips apart. I looked down to see cum begin to ooze out of her pussy hole and run directly into June’s waiting open mouth. My mom flexed her pussy muscles a couple times making a rather large glob of cum slither out and plop onto June’s lips. June ran her tongue around her lips licking up the cum as she moaned with pleasure. When it looked as though no more cum was going to ooze out of my mother’s pussy, my Aunt June raised her head trying to get her lips on my mother’s pussy lips. My mother helped her by lowering her crotch until June’s mouth was locked on Jackie’s cunt. June began eating my mother’s pussy with both women moaning with pleasure. Finally my mom raised her cunt from her sister’s mouth saying, “Had enough creamy breakfast?”June licked her lips and said, “Yea, that was great. I love eating your cunt, especially when it is full of baby making sperm from young studs.”My mother responded, “Yea, it’s a good thing that I’m already pregnant because if I wasn’t, I sure would be after last night. I think Junior and Davey out did themselves last night, it seemed that every time they fucked me, I was flooded with cum. It was amazing.”I interrupted saying, “Aunt June is thinking about getting pregnant. What do you think of that mom?”My mom looked over at June saying, “Is that true?””It’s this way. If I’m ever going to have a c***d, I need to do it now. In addition, with all the fucking I’ve been doing, it will probably happen anyway. Which reminds me, the boys have scheduled our gangbang for next Friday. Will that work for you Jackie?””Oh shit yes, that sounds wonderful. Oh I can’t wait. How many guys do they have lined up to fuck us?”June responded, “Craig said that he had lined up ten guys and thought he would have three or four more by next Friday.”My mom said, “Oh fuck that is fantastic. Oh my, my dream will come true of having a dozen or so black guys stroking their cocks anxious to get them into my cunt. Oh June, just think of it, a room full of black men wanting to fuck us with their big beautiful black cocks. Having guys fondle us, lick us, fuck us, eat us, finger us and whatever else they want to do to us. Oh fuck I’m so excited, my cunt is already getting wet just thinking about it.”June agreed saying, “Yea, doesn’t that sound wonderful, each of us having five or six cocks trying to get inside our fuck holes at the same time, huge beautiful black cocks sliding inside our cunts and asses squirting their wonderful sperm in us and all over our bodies.”Jackie said, “Oh yea, sounds wonderful.”My aunt looked over at me saying, “However, that is a bit of a problem for me. By next Friday I will be in my most vulnerable state for getting pregnant.”My mom looked surprised saying, “What are you going to do? Ask all the guys to wear rubbers when they fuck you?””Well, I don’t really think that would work. With all the hot sex that will go on, even if they agreed, at some point a rubber would break or come off or the action would get so hot that a rubber would not be used and I will end up getting knocked up by some black dude and end up carrying his black baby.””So again, what are you going to do?”, queried my mother.”Well based on the conversation with Craig, it would be unlikely that we could have the gangbang rescheduled. Besides I have been seriously thinking about having a baby. So I have concluded that it is time for me to get pregnant and I would like it if Glenn would agree to be the father.”My mom’s eyes popped as she looked at me saying, “Whoa, what do you think about that Glenn?”Before I could answer, June said, “I will raise the c***d and not expect Glenn to take any responsibility for it. This is my decision and my responsibility. I understand that is what you have done with respect to his c***d that you are carrying.””Yea, that is right. So Glenn have you agreed to impregnate your aunt?””Ah, not yet, we just talked about it a few minutes ago, but with what she just said the conditions are, I’m agreeable.”My aunt hugged me saying, “Oh thanks sweetie, I love you so much.”My mother said, “Well, it’s up to you two.”Aunt June said while still hugging me, “How about next Thursday, I come over and spend the night with you Glenn. You can fuck me all night and all next day making sure you fertilize my eggs. I want you to fuck me at least a half dozen times. Then on Friday night I can be free to fuck all the guys bare back without any worries. Does that sound OK?”I pulled one of my aunt’s tits into my mouth while nodding yes as I suckled on her tit. My aunt took a hold of my head pushing my face into her tits wigging her chest as she hollered in glee. My mom got up saying she was going to clean up before she cooked breakfast and that the boys would probably sleep for quite awhile. As she left the room I reached over and pinched her ass, she winked at me saying, “Hey big daddy, save some for me.”My aunt sprawled out on the bed saying, “Lets practice for next Thursday, get up here between my legs and give me a great fuck. Pretend that you are getting me pregnant and fill me up with your baby making sperm.” I looked at her spread out on the bed, her big tits looked so inviting, her nipples were very erect, her sexy legs spread wide, her pussy all puffy looking ready for some good fucking, her arms reaching out for me, I just shook my head in disbelief as I climbed up on the bed positioning myself between her legs. She gave me a very passionate kiss while she reached down and guided my cock into her wet cunt. I slowly lowered my ass sinking my cock totally into my aunt’s hot cunt and began to fuck her while we continued our passionate kiss. It was awesome like usual, just another hot fuck with my aunt.When I finished fucking my aunt, I took a shower and got dressed for the day. I walked into the kitchen finding my mother sitting at the table reading the newspaper. She had freshened up and had put on some makeup, she looked very sexy and when she heard me, she looked up with a big smile saying, “So you are going to be a daddy again, I think that is great. You know, your k**s will be both siblings and cousins.” I just nodded.She was wearing her shorty robe that barely reached her crotch and left a lot of cleavage showing. I just smiled as I bent over to kiss her while simultaneously reaching inside her robe squeezing her tits causing her nipples to become erect. I released her lips saying, “You are so sexy, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I have to go back to college. I love to walk into a room finding you standing, sitting or whatever, looking so sexy. My dick immediately gets hard and I’m wanting to fuck you.””Oh sweetie, you say the nicest things, I want to fuck you too. But aren’t you a bit spent with all the activity this morning?””Yes I am, but I just want you to know that I would be willing to take you to my room, strip you, lick you, suck you and finally fuck you.””Umm, that sounds so nice, but lets relax for awhile and maybe later have a go at it.””Sure mom, I think that is best.” I sat down as she got up to bring me my breakfast. When she stood next to me, I reached under her robe to rub her ass, she was not wearing any panties as usual and so I ran my hand down her crack letting my fingers play with her pussy. She just stood there letting me do whatever. I used my other hand to pull her robe away but was having a little trouble so she helped by untying her robe and opening it, I leaned down and gave her pussy a big kiss, I stuck my tongue inside her for a brief moment causing her to moan.I then sat up saying, “Do you have any more cream in there for my coffee?”My mom looked a little surprise but said, “I don’t know, let me check.” She squatted a little while reaching down between her legs sticking two fingers up her snatch and worked them around inside herself. She removed them showing me that she was empty and said, “It looks like June has sucked me dry, but if you want to reload me with some fresh cream, I’m more than willing.”I said, “Maybe next time mom.” As I bent down to give her cunt another big kiss, she took advantage of me and pressed my face into her cunt rotating her hips as I tongued her cunt. She moaned as I sucked away at her pussy. As I was eating my mother’s pussy, my aunt came in and stood next to my mom saying, “Next!” I released my mother’s cunt and we all laughed.My mom said, “Glenn was hoping that I would have some cream for his coffee, but you sucked me dry. Do you have any cream for Glenn?””Well I have some of Glenn’s cream in me, maybe there is some left over.” My aunt pulled her robe open, spread her legs a bit, and fingered her own pussy and upon removing her fingers, we could all see them to be heavily coated. I held up my coffee cup and she wiped her fingers on the edge of the cup causing a very small amount of cum to flow into my coffee.”That’s it big guy, that is all the cream I have, but I am willing to find some studs to fill me up with more cream just for you.” “Thanks Aunt June, that is enough for now.” I smiled as she kissed me while she reached down to rub my now semi hard cock.She responded, “Oh shit I love you young guys, always hard for my always wet pussy.”At that point Junior entered the kitchen saying, “What did I hear about a wet pussy?”June looked at him smiling as she opened her robe pointing to her pussy saying, “You heard right sweetie, my wet pussy, my hot wet pussy that needs to be filled with a hot hard cock.”Junior pulled down his shorts stroking his semi hard cock saying, “It will be hard in a second sugar. How do you want it, mission or doggy style?”My aunt dropped her robe, turned around and bent over holding on to the table saying, “Doggy style big guy!”Junior walked up behind her grabbing her hips and very gently eased his hard cock into her cunt and began to fuck her right there in front of us all. Once his cock was buried in her, he reached up and began to fondle her big tits.My mom laughed saying, “Oh my god, I never knew that sex could be so much fun and so prevalent. Shit, I think I need a hard cock now too.” She dropped her robe and sat down on my lap. I kissed her and fondled her tits while she wiggled her ass around on my lap in an effort to get my hard cock inside her cunt. In the midst of all this going on, Davey walked in the kitchen, he said, “Holy shit, do you guys fuck all the time?”My mom looked up and said, “No not all the time sweetie, just most the time. Want to join us?””Absolutely! Love to have more sex.”My mom then said, “Oh guys, would you double fuck me again? That was so fantastic yesterday, I would love to have both your cocks up my snatch this morning and to feel two cocks sliding inside my cunt again.”Davey said sure and I just shrugged agreeing to double fuck my mother’s pussy again. My mom got up off my lap and had Davey and I follow her as she wiggled her ass into her bedroom. I was closest to her and grabbed her ass cheeks as she walked in front of me, I was able to actually insert a finger up her ass. She in turn reached back and grabbed my hard cock leading me into her bedroom. She had me get up on the bed on my back with my cock sticking straight up. She fondled my cock a little before she straddled my lap, but this time she had her back toward me and used her hand to guide my cock up into her twat. Once the head of my dick slipped past her cunt lips, she sat down and then bounced up and down a few times making sure my cock was totally engaged up into her cunt. She then leaned backwards laying on her back on top of me; she spread her legs and arms inviting Davey to mount her. He did and immediately began to force his hard slim cock along side of mine inside my mom’s pussy. It did not take him long to get his cock fully inserted into my mother’s cunt, once he realized he was totally in her, Davey began to fuck her real hard. I was doing my best to also slide my cock in and out of her cunt. My mom began to moan and scream as we double fucked her. She was screaming, “Oh Davey, yes rub your cock along my clit, yes, oh my god that feels so fantastic, fuck me baby, fuck this old slut, fuck me good. Yes, ohhhhhhhh yes, love this, move your cock head back and forth across my clit, oh fuck this is the best, fuck me baby, fuck meeeee.” Davey kept it up for a long long time, giving my mother two climaxes before he shot his wad deep in her cunt.I, in the meantime, was lying there rocking my cock in and out of my mom’s cunt getting some weird sensations from Davey running his cock along side mine as he fucked my mom. I knew I would get my chance to really fuck her once Davey shot his load in her. Once Davey was done, he pulled his cock out of my mom’s cunt leaving me free to fuck her. I had her roll over so I could finish her off doing it doggie style. As soon as I was in position, I began to really ram my mother’s cunt with hard deep thrusts, making sure I was in her as deep as I could get. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me each time I rammed my cock inside her pussy. She again began to moan as she climaxed a third time within a matter of minutes. My mom said, “Oh sweetie, you fuck me so good, I just love it. Oh yes baby, give our baby another cum bath, flood my love tube with your hot sperm, your baby making sperm, pretend that you are getting me pregnant again. Cum baby, cum inside your mother, give me all the cum you have. Oh god this is good, I love being fucked by you. I hope you will always want to fuck me, your slutty mother. Ohhhhhh yes, yes, yesssss, fuck me.”At that point I began to shoot my load of cum deep inside my mother’s cunt, flooding her womb with another load of my juicy sperm. Once my mom felt me cumming, she began to flex her cunt muscles milking my cock of its cum juice. She makes me crazy when she does this, it certainly drains more cum from me than usual.We both collapsed on the bed, totally drained of energy while simultaneously being overwhelmed with pleasure. As I laid on top of my mom, I wiggled and flexed my ass giving my mom as much action in her cunt as I could. She just moaned saying, “Oh honey, I love it when you do that, I so love having sex with you, you are the best.”As we laid there enjoying each other, June stuck her head in saying, “I’ve got lots of cream for your coffee now Glenn!” I looked over at her to see her standing in the doorway completely nude with her hand in her crotch and her fingers obviously stuck way up her cunt. She then said, “Junior really loaded me up, I probably have enough cream here in my cunt for two cups of coffee. Anyone interested?”I nodded OK and began to remove my cock from my mother’s pussy. She reached back grabbing my hips preventing me from raising my hips saying, “Oh baby, not so fast, I love having your cock inside me. I’m not done enjoying you.” I never want to displeasure my mom, so I reversed my action and ground my cock back in her cunt for a few more minutes listening to her moan and groan with pleasure then withdrew my cock from her pussy. I headed for the kitchen to get my cup of coffee with fresh cream to find my aunt squatting in the middle of the kitchen floor with a coffee cup just below her cunt. She was flexing her cunt muscles trying to work out the sperm that Junior had pumped into her. There was a large glob of cum hanging on the edge of her pussy lips that was slowly oozing toward the coffee cup. Both Junior and I watched as June continued working her cunt muscles until the glob finally dropped into the cup. She then reached down forcing a couple fingers deep into her cunt causing more cum to ooze into the cup. Her fingers were coated with cum which she sc****d off using the edge of the coffee cup. She then stood up taking the cup over to the coffee maker and filled the cup with coffee, stirred the cream into it and handed it to me saying, “Your coffee with cream sir.”I took the cup in one hand and with the other I reached down to my aunt’s cunt and stuck a couple fingers inside her pussy while also kissing her. She pushed her tits into me as we embraced causing my cock to respond. She in turn reached down to stroke my hard cock, shit I love having my aunt around. We stood there for some time fondling each other before she broke the kiss saying, “Your coffee is going to get cold.”I released her and sat down at the kitchen table with my cock still as hard as a rock, first I licked my fingers savoring the flavor of my aunt’s cunt, then I began to sip my creamed coffee. As I sat there, I stroked my hard cock a few times as I enjoyed my coffee. My aunt said, “Well, how does your coffee taste? And why don’t you let me jack you off while you enjoy your coffee?”I just removed my hand from my hard cock and leaned back in my chair as Aunt June got down on her knees next to me taking my cock in her hand and began to jack me off. Junior stood watching the action for a few minutes before he walked over to June offering his hard cock for her to suck. She gladly opened her mouth accepting Junior’s cock mumbling something about young hard cocks. Junior slowly rocked his cock in and out of June’s mouth while he firmly held her head; she continued to pump my cock with a steady rhythm generating the very familiar feeling in my balls. Junior’s cock was almost right at eye level for me as I intently watched my aunt suck on his cock. She had a big smile on her face with her mouth full of cock totally enjoying the action she was having. About that time Davey walked in the kitchen saying, “Jesus, do you guys ever quit? Fuck that looks hot.”I said, “Why don’t you get down next to June and play with her pussy and fondle or suck on her tits at the same time.” He smiled and got on his knees right next to June first taking a tit in each hand and squeezing them and pinching her nipples. She wiggled all over with excitement. He leaned down and licked each nipple before hi lowered his hand down her bell until he found her pussy and stuck a couple fingers in her as he leaned his sucked real hard on her tits. June reach around until she found Davey’s hard cock and began to stroke it also.What a site we must have been, me sitting at the table sipping my coffee while June on her knees next to me stroking both my cock and Davey’s as Junior fed his cock to her mouth. Davey leaning down in front of June taking first one tit then the other in his mouth while simultaneously fingering her pussy.Junior began to moan and I knew he was about to blow and blow he did, he had pulled his cock out so that only the head of his was in June’s mouth when he shot his load. June did not swallow holding Junior’s entire load in her mouth and mumbled something about my cup. I quickly grasped what she was saying even though her mouth was full of cum and placed my coffee cup close to her mouth. She drooled the cum from her mouth into my cup and when finished she said, “More cream for your coffee sir!” We all laughed as I swirled my cup to get the cum to mix with the coffee. At that point my mom had entered the kitchen and seeing what was going on said, “I’ll take some of that coffee.” She took the cup from me and took a big swallow exclaiming, “Now that is a good cup of coffee, a wonderful flavor.”===================================================================================================I remained sitting as my aunt continued the wonderful stroking of my hard cock while I watched my mom sit herself down at the table next to me. She very provocatively spread her legs wide revealing her hot looking pussy while she sipped her coffee. I stuck my tongue out at her and wiggled it to indicate that I wanted to lick her pussy, she in turn reached down between her legs sticking a finger in her pussy, worked it around a bit then reached over to me offering her cum coated finger for me to lick. I did and moaned at the same time. My aunt remained on her knees next to me busy stroking both my cock and Davey’s cock while simultaneously sucking on Junior’s cock; Junior had his hands on the back of her head and was thrusting his cock in her mouth giving her a nice gentle but deep face fuck. I knew that within a very short time, there would definitely be more cream available for my mom’s coffee. Davey was the first to begin moaning, my mom alertly got down on the floor and moved over to where he was kneeling, took his cock away from June and began to jack him off directly into her coffee cup. It did not take her long to get him to release his load for yet another shot of cream into her coffee. Once he finished she leaned down and sucked his semi-limp cock into her mouth enjoying a direct taste of his cream. June used her free hand to fondle Junior’s balls as she patiently let Junior face fuck her; she just held her head still as Junior continued to thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. At one point Junior drove his cock totally down June’s throat, she gagged a little but deep throated his entire cock, in fact she reached around his butt and tried to push more of his cock down her throat for a couple seconds. She released his ass and suddenly, Junior began to squirt his load into June’s mouth, she did not swallow as she retained every drop. Once he finished she motioned to Jackie who quickly held her coffee cup under June’s chin, June then drooled a long string of cum in Jackie’s coffee cup.June then yenimahalle escort turned her face toward me and while holding my cock straight up, leaned over and drooled more of Junior’s cum onto the head of my cock. A long string of cum oozed down my dick and onto her hand holding my dick. She said, “I love a gooey cock, a slimy cum coated cock. I love your cock sweetie, I love to suck it, lick it and fuck it. Right now I just want to suck all your baby making sperm out of your balls so that you will have fresh sperm next week to knock me up. I want to make sure your little tadpoles will be eager to fertilize one of my eggs.” She then leaned further down taking my entire cock into her mouth and began sucking me off. She pushed one of her hands under my butt squeezing my balls a little but was trying to get her fingers in my ass. Once I realized what she wanted, I raised my butt up giving her access to my asshole. The next thing I felt was a digit up my ass, massaging my prostate as she sucked on my cock. As the familiar feeling began to occur deep in my balls I started to moan, I heard my mother say she wanted some of my cream for her coffee. June with her mouth full of my cock shook her head “no” and continued to suck on my dick while simultaneously massaging my prostate, shit she was driving me crazy with her mouth and finger. Within minutes I was unloading what sperm I had left directly into my aunt’s mouth, there wasn’t much but what I had I shot it directly down her throat. June released my cock and said, “Oh sweetie I really wanted to taste your cum, but that is alright. I love having you cum in my mouth even if I didn’t get a chance to taste your jism. I want you to think of my mouth as just another fuck hole for you. I can’t wait until next week when you take me over and over again filling my womb with your sperm, knocking me up higher than a kite. Would you consider not fucking anyone for a couple days before you fuck me next Thursday?””For you Aunt June, I’ll do most anything. I’ll make sure my balls are plumb full of sperm so that the first load of cum I pump into your cunt will be awesome, flooding your womb with millions of little tadpoles searching for your fertile eggs.”June looked over at Junior saying, “I want you around too, to photograph my impregnation, I want lots of close up pictures showing Glenn’s cock in my pussy pumping me full of his baby making cum. That may take some time cause I want Glenn to fuck me all night long, maybe five or six times to make sure he gets me pregnant.”Junior responded, “Of course I’ll do that for you June. Will there be any chance of me getting a little ass on Thursday too?””Well of course Junior baby, I will have time for you once Glenn finishes his job. You can load me up before Jackie and I get serviced by all the black dudes at the gangbang. If Glenn’s sperm doesn’t knock me up, then maybe it will be your sperm that impregnates me and if you don’t do it, by Saturday morning I’ll be having a little black baby growing inside me. Just think Jackie, from Thursday through sometime late Friday night, we’ll be getting fucked almost constantly receiving dozens of loads of cum in our fuck holes, it will be cream pie heaven. Doesn’t that excite you?”My mother smiled saying, “It surely does, and it will be mostly black man cum from big black juicy cocks squirting their hot cummy loads into our cunts, asses and mouths. Just think, we’ll be having dozens and dozens of climaxes from big black cocks, the ones that I love to fondle, suck, lick and fuck. The idea of having a big black cock in my face to play with, to suck on, to lick while at the same time my cunt or ass is being pounded by another big cock, shit I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”I looked over at my mom saying, “I need a break, my balls hurt.” We were all a bit tired after our intense sexual play and needed to clean up. I headed for my bathroom, my mom and aunt used the master bath while Junior used the guest bathroom. Davey headed home. The next few days just seemed to wiz by. On Tuesday, my aunt called to remind me to keep my cock out of my mother’s cunt, ass or mouth and that of any other female saying, “Baby, I want you ready and fully loaded for my big impregnation, I want your balls to be full of hot cum ready to fertilize my eggs, I want to be the mother of your second c***d.” Just hearing her voice and telling me all these things had me hard. My mom was careful and did not do her normally sexy stuff to help me stay celebrant. It was a struggle but Thursday finally came. At about 6 pm, my aunt showed up wearing the sexiest short skirt and low cut blouse with spike heels. Shit she looked hot, the moment she stepped in our house, my cock was rock hard.She walked up to me and gave me the hottest kiss ever, one long passionate open mouth kiss with lots of tongue. She pressed her enlarged chest into me while she ground her hips into mine as our lips remained locked for what seemed like hours. She released me saying, “Is Junior here? I’m so excited, I just can’t wait to feel your cock inside me shooting your sperm deep inside me. Oh god I’m horny, I need to be fucked really bad.”My mom came in the room saying, “Junior is on his way, in fact he should be here any minute.”My aunt said, “Oh that is wonderful. I want to start by doing a strip tease letting Junior get lots of shots of my tits, cunt and ass and then have him take a close up of Glenn’s cock penetrating my cunt and especially when Glenn climaxes pumping his sperm in me. I went to the doctor yesterday for a check on my fertility, he said that I was definitely ripe for getting pregnant, he offered to be the father. He is a dirty old man and has fucked me many times. Yesterday I let him fondle my tits and finger fuck my cunt and ass while I sucked him off but told him my fertile pussy was reserved for a very special cock.”Just then we heard a car drive up and sure enough, Junior was here. I went out and helped him bring in some new equipment. Another guy was with Junior, a black k** named Jamal. Junior introduced him saying, “I asked Jamal to help me, he will be using the still camera while I man the camcorder. I want to make sure we get some sharp close ups, and Jamal is the man that can do that.” The three of us walked in and Junior explained Jamal’s presence to my mom and Aunt June.When Jamal saw my aunt he stopped in his tracks saying, “Oh my god, what a hot looking woman. You mean I’ll be taking pictures of this lady getting fucked?”My aunt walked over to him responding, “Yes and when I’m done fucking Glenn and Junior, you can have a turn with me if you want.” As she spoke she reached down and fondled his hard cock through his pants.Jamal reached over and fondled June’s tits saying, “Just let me know when my turn is, jesus you look so hot.”My aunt winked at Jamal and headed into the living room beckoning the rest of us to follow her. She said, “Lets start in here where there is room for me to dance around a bit while I strip for you, then we can all go into Jackie’s bedroom where the Glenn will knock me up.” Jamal and Junior set up some lighting while my aunt danced around a bit teasing the guys with views up her skirt and down her blouse in addition to rubbing her big tits against their bodies. At one point June rubbed Jamal’s crotch asking to see his dick. He obliged and pulled his cock out which was a good 7 inches long, her response was, “Oh baby, I’m really looking forward to having that beautiful piece of meat of yours crammed up my snatch. Oh Jackie, look here, we have another big black cock for us to fuck. And Jamal, while Glenn and Junior are fucking my brains out, my sister here will be more than willing to let you fuck her. But be sure and leave some juice in this thing, I want you to be able to pump some of your baby making sperm into me too.”Jamal looked over at my mother who was smiling at him as she rubbed her pussy saying, “Oh yea big guy, my pussy is itching for another fuck, especially from a black cock like yours.”Junior then said, “OK, we are ready anytime you are June. Jamal will take still pictures and I will run the video.”June looked over at my mom who was ogling Jamal’s cock as he slowly stroked it while he pointed it in my mom’s direction. June said, “Jackie, sweetie, play some hot stripping music so we can get this party started. I want to get fucked really hard really soon and get knocked up by Glenn so I can then fuck everyone else non stop.”My mom went over to the stereo and inserted a couple CD’s and suddenly the room was full of some great tunes. June immediately began her strip. She did not waste any time in getting herself nude and began rubbing her tits and pussy are over me. As I sat on the couch, she took a hold of each tit and basically wiped my face with her tits while she squatted on my knee rocking her cunt back and forth along my leg. She then had me lean back on the couch while she stood on the couch placing a foot on each side of my legs putting her pussy right in front of my face. She leaned forward forcing her cunt against my mouth, I willing began to lick and eat her juicy cunt as she moaned and groaned with pleasure. I bit her pussy lips and tongued her clit while I ran my fingers along her crack paying special attention to her rosebud. She finally stepped down saying, “I’m ready big guy for you to plant your baby making seeds inside me and give me a baby. I want your cock in me right now. Let’s go upstairs to Jackie’s room and get it on, I want to be knocked up, I want to have a baby growing inside me, your baby.” She took my hand leading me to mom’s room with Junior and Jamal following right behind us. Junior had the video camera right on June’s butt as she walked down the hall. Once in mom’s bedroom, June walked over to the bed, laid on her back doing a spread eagle saying, “Get your ass up here and fuck me good Glenn, fill my pussy with your hot baby making sperm and get my eggs fertilized, I want my belly to swell up with your c***d. I want you to get me pregnant, I want to be fucked deep and hard.”I removed my clothes and crawled up between my aunt’s out stretched legs. I lingered long enough to admire her pussy giving it a loving kiss and licked my way up to her magnificent tits, sucking and licking every inch of both boobs. I then gave her a deep kiss as I lowered my ass letting my cock head enter her cunt. Once she felt my cock entering her cunt, she broke the kiss saying, “Junior, I want good pictures of Glenn entering me and especially when he unloads his balls and squirts his baby making sperm in me. I want lot of shots of him fucking me, some really close ups.” She then resumed kissing me as my cock sunk deep into her cunt. Once my hard cock was totally inside her, I began sliding my dick in and out of her cunt in the typical fucking action, I was really ramming her hard on the down stroke. She just grunted and moaned with pleasure each time I hit bottom saying, “Oh yes baby, fuck me good, fuck me deep, make a baby in me. Give me all your sperm, your hot juicy baby making sperm.” I continued humping her cunt while fondling her big tits and passionately kissing her. It was a hot scene that makes me cum every time I review the video. I had never seen my aunt so passionate, she was really hot and horny, bucking against my hips, rubbing her tits into me, giving me very open mouth kisses.It did not take too long before my balls began to react as I felt the urge building deep in my gut. I began to really slam my cock into her and when she sensed that I was about to blow, my aunt screamed, “Oh fuck yes, get me pregnant, fill my womb with your sperm, fertilize my eggs, give me a baby, oh shit I want this, fuck me sweetie, give me all you got.” As soon as I heard her scream, I blew and shot a huge wad of fresh baby making sperm deep into her cunt, I really loaded her up. When I was done I could hear the squishing of my cum when I rammed my cock into her cunt. She held on to me real tight telling me not to get up, that I needed to keep my cock in her as long as possible so that no cum would not leak out. I did not object as I love lying on top of her feeling those nice tits against my chest. We continued kissing for some time. I love kissing my aunt, her lips are so hot and her tongue is so active, it gets me hot which was exactly what she was trying to do. Sure enough after a few minutes, my cock began to respond and when my aunt noticed she said, “Are you ready for round two baby. I want you to fuck me at least three or four times before I accept another cock in me, I want to make sure it’s your sperm that finds one of my fertile eggs.”I just nodded yes as I raised my ass up a little and began fucking her again. This time we fucked for a least 20 minutes before I shot my load in her. We used a number of different positions without letting my cock escape from her cunt and keeping her ass below me to make sure my sperm remained deep inside her. After our second fuck, Junior asked, “Do you still want me to photograph all your fuckings, or is this enough for now?”My aunt responded, “That’s enough for now. I’m sure that Glenn has impregnated me and we have the photos and tapes to remember it by.” I looked over to see what my mom was doing, she was kneeling down in front of Jamal sucking his black cock while he had the camera pointed down at here catching shots of his cock disappearing into her mouth. She was attempting to deep throat him, it was awesome to see so much of his big cock slide into her mouth, she nearly had all 7 inches down her throat. My aunt was lying on her back with me still on top with my cock still implanted in her cunt. She looked so blissful lying there, her tits look huge and her cunt felt really good and was well lubricated with me dumping two loads in her plus her own juices from at least two orgasms. My mom crawled up on the bed next to us with Jamal right behind her positioning himself between her outstretched legs. They began to passionately kiss as Jamal sank his cock into my mom’s cunt. Junior had set down all the photo equipment and was standing next to the bed stroking his hard cock. My mom was the first to notice him and said, “Oh Junior baby, we are not going to leave you out, once Jamal has fucked me for a few minutes, we will turn over so my ass is available for you.”Junior just nodded OK as he continued stoking his cock with one hand while reaching over and fondling my mom’s tits with the other. June began kissing me again to get me hard again which it did. Mom and Jamal were fucking right next to us, they were also kissing and I could tell my mom was really enjoying the passion she was getting from Jamal, their lips were locked together for quite some time with lot of action by their tongues. After a few minutes, my mom had Jamal stop their embracing and fucking so that they could turn over. Once my mom was on top, Junior got up on the bed and mounted my mom’s ass. He placed his hard cock at the entrance of her asshole while simultaneously applying some lubricant to his cock and her tight rosebud, he was quite successful and within seconds my mom was receiving the pleasure of having two cocks implanted in her body. As the two guys were fucking her, she leaned in my direction giving me a kiss. When our lips parted she said, “Oh baby I love you so much. I know that you have given June just what she wants, a growing baby in her belly. When you get done fucking her, I want you to fuck me again. I love having your cock inside me, OK baby?”I just nodded as my cock began to respond again. My aunt smiled at me saying, “Oh Glenn, you are such a stud, I think three loads of cum in my pussy should do it, don’t you?””Yea June, I think that should be enough to ensure that I’ve knocked you up, but I’m willing to fuck you all night if you want me to.””I know sweetie, but your mom wants to fuck you and I would like to try out Junior and Jamal’s cocks too.” I nodded OK as I continued fucking my aunt. Even though it was my third fucking in a very short time, I got off quite soon, filling my aunt’s cunt with a reasonable amount of spunk. There was a lot of moaning and groaning going on next to us as Jamal and Junior were double fucking my mom to her total delight. My mom raised her head enough to ask Junior if he would like to try in get his cock in her cunt along side Jamal’s. Junior responded, “I’d prefer just to keep fucking tight ass Jackie!””I know you would sweetie, but please, just this once give me a double cunt fuck. Please! Please! Just a couple of thrusts and then you can go back to fucking my ass and dumping your hot load deep in my ass and I will suck your cock right after you take it out of my ass.””OK, I will do this if you’ll do as ass to mouth trick.” She nodded yes as Junior slowly withdrew his cock from my mom’s ass. When his cock popped out, he took a hold of it and pressed the head against her cunt along side of Jamal’s cock. He pushed hard and surprisingly, his cock slide quite easily into her pussy. My mom groaned in total ecstasy as Junior’s cock became totally implanted in her cunt and as he began to slowly fuck her. Junior said, “This feels weird but good. You’re nice and tight, fuck this feels good.” Junior began to pick up the rhythm a bit and slammed his cock deep inside her cunt a couple times.”Oh baby, I love this, oh June you need this. Two cocks in your cunt is fantastic, it feels so good. Oh yes baby, fuck me, oh fuck me, oh FUCK ME!!!” Junior continued fucking mom’s cunt while Jamal laid on the bottom working his cock in and out of my mom’s cunt as best he could. Finally Junior withdrew his cock from her cunt, aimed at back at her asshole and rammed it home. My mom just let our a loud groan as Junior totally impaled her ass. I think my aunt was wanting to get in on some of this double cock action so she said to me, “Lets turn over, OK?”We did with my cock remaining lodged in her pussy. Once she was on top she looked over at Junior and said, “Would you like to try my ass for awhile?”My mom objected, but June responded, “Don’t be a hog, let me have some double pleasure too. He can finish by dumping his load in your ass, OK?”My mom agreed as Junior pulled his cock free from my mom’s ass moving over to mount my aunt’s ass. He first lubricated her asshole before placing the head of his dick against her butt hole and driving it home. I could feel his cock sliding in her ass and once he was totally inside her, she looked at me and said, “You young studs are so much fun to have around, I have never has so much sexual fun in my whole life.”Her eyes then immediately closed as she began to enjoy the intrusion of Junior’s cock in her ass while my cock was still totally implanted in her pussy. While Junior was fucking June’s ass, mom began to raise and lower her ass as she fucked Jamal’s cock. She was really pumping her ass up and down. I reached over and began fondling her tits while she was busy fucking Jamal. She looked at me giving me a big smile and blew me a kiss saying, “I wish you could reach my ass, I would love for you to finger me right now.” I just smile and blew her another kiss.Junior was really attacking June’s ass, but she reminded him that he needed to shoot his load in her sister’s ass. So after a very short time, he popped his cock out of her ass, moved back over to my mom’s butt, and re-implanted his cock in her ass and shortly there after, dumped his load of sperm deep in her bowls. Once he unloaded his sperm in her ass, he withdrew his dick and got up off the bed and stood with his cock pointing at my mom’s face. She scooted over to make contact with her mouth sucking on Junior’s cock a number of times before she looked up and winked at him just as she and Jamal once again turned over so Jamal was again on top. He really began to fuck my mom, he pounded her like an a****l and within a very short time they both climaxed. I did the same, rolled my aunt over onto her back and finished fucking her hard and deep. Once done I said, “Now you should be pregnant for sure and I hope it is a boy so when he gets old enough, he can fuck his mom and aunt like I get to do.” My aunt wrapped her arms around me and held me tight against her not letting my cock slide out of her cunt. She said, “Oh Glenn sweetie, I love you so much. I too hope it’s a boy and he is as good of a lover as you. Now just stay put for awhile to make sure your baby making sperm stays in my pussy and has a chance to find one of my fertile eggs. Oh baby, I love fucking you.” We kissed as I laid on top of her, feeling those wonderful tits against my chest.My mom got up and went to find us all some refreshments. I eventually got up and we all went into the living room to recuperate. Junior took his digital camcorder and began to review the shots he had taken. After a bit he said, “Here it is I think, when Glenn pumped his first load of semen into June, here is when the impregnation occurred.” We all gather around Junior intently watching the little screen as a close up appeared of my cock in June’s cunt with me giving June short strokes hearing me grunt in the background.June looked over at me smiled and said, “Yep, I think that was it, that is when Glenn Junior was conceived. Oh I’m so happy, I think I can feel my belly grow already.” We all laughed as June rubbed her belly. Junior turned and rubbed her belly letting his hand trail ulus escort down to her pussy.June said, “You are next big boy, I want a load of your sperm in my cunt just in case my eggs have been playing hide and seek with Glenn’s tadpoles. I’m really horny and would fuck you right now, but I want to wait about an hour or so just to give Glenn every chance of getting me pregnant.” Junior agreed and continued playing with June’s pussy by shoving his fingers up inside her while she leaned over letting him suck on her tits. June then reached over to Jamal saying, “When Junior finishes fucking me, I want a load of your sperm in me too, OK?” He nodded yes as June reached down stroking his semi-hard cock, he responded by reaching over and fondling her tits. In the meantime I took mom’s hand and led her over to the couch, I sat her down next to me. I just started making out with her like a school k**, kissing her, fondling her tits and reaching down between her slightly parted legs to play with her cunt. I just kept it up as we began to get really horny. I kissed her ear lobes, licked her neck, bent down and kissed her tits, returned to kissing her open mouth. She had a hold of my hard cock as we kissed and fondled one another. I could not take it any longer and pushed her down and mounted her. She grabbed my cock aiming it at her cunt and once I felt the head slide between her cunt lips, I rammed it home. I was so horny, I really needed to fuck my hot slutty mom. It just turns me on to know that my mom enjoys this and wants me to fuck her, she willingly wants me to treat her like a slut and to fuck her hard.Once I finished dumping another load of cum into my mom, I looked over to see what was happening with the others. There on the floor was June on her hands and knees, Junior’s cock was fully implanted in her cunt and Jamal’s cock as in her mouth. She was moaning and groaning with pleasure. Junior was grunting indicating that he was now shooting his load of sperm into my aunt’s cunt. My aunt was being careful to not get Jamal too excited cause she wanted him to save his cum for her cunt. When Junior finished June asked that the two guys switch positions, which they did. And within moments, Jamal was dumping yet another load of cum into June’s well fucked cunt. After this little episode, we all headed to bed. Junior, Jamal and my mom headed for her room, aunt June came with me to mine. June and I fucked twice more during the night, I don’t know where I got the strength to do it, but I did. As soon as we were in my room, my aunt laid down spread eagle beckoning me to get between her legs and to fuck her one more time. There is no way I will ever refuse to fuck her, her tits alone make my cock hard. I laid on her while I rubbed my cock up and down across her slit till my dick was hard again, then I slipped it deep inside her wet pussy and fucked her one more time giving her yet another load of cum. Sometime during the night she woke and gave me a blowjob, once she got me hard, she mounted me and we fucked again. In the morning my mom said that Junior and Jamal had each fucked her again before they retired and she was also able to get them to give her another double pussy fuck this morning. This time Junior was on the bottom and Jamal was on top and really gave her a good fucking with Juniors cock fully implanted in her cunt at the same time. She just loves being double fucked in the pussy. During the day not much happened, the girls were a bit sore and we were tried. Junior took Jamal home in the late morning but not before he had a chance to fuck both my aunt and mom one more time. He fucked my mom’s pussy right on the kitchen floor while we were all eating our breakfast. He had come into the kitchen naked with a raging hard on, he walked up to my mom who was standing at the sink rinsing out some glasses. He put his arms around her squeezing her tits while his hard cock nestled between her buns. When she felt his hard cock sticking in her ass, she turned her head giving him a passionate kiss then said, “You need some help with the hard cock of yours?”He nodded as she turned around getting on her knees as she opened her mouth taking in his dick. He face fucked her awhile then said, “I want to fuck your cunt, I want to pump your pussy full of my sperm, you cock sucking slut.””Oh yea, talk to me dirty, make me hot.””Get your cunt ready for some hot fucking, you cum eating bitch’en slut.” My mom stood up giving Jamal another passionate kiss while she ground her cunt into his crotch. Jamal reached around her back grabbing her ass cheeks spreading her buns for all of us to see her reddened asshole. He moved his hands down so that his fingers were playing with her asshole and actually getting the tip on one finger in her ass.My mom released her lip lock on Jamal saying, “I want my ass fucked, I want to feel that georgous cock of yours stuffed up inside my tight ass. Then I want to feel you pump your cum deep in my bowls and when you are done, I want to suck your dick and clean it before you fuck my sister again. You do want to give her another load of sperm in her belly don’t you?”Jamal nodded yes as my mom walked over to the table where we were sitting, laid over the edge while reaching back to spread her buns. She said, “Right here Jamal, fuck my ass right here on the table, I want all to see your cock sliding in and out of my asshole. Before Jamal got behind her I jumped up and said, “Let me get your ass prepared mom.” I leaned over her butt and licked her asshole a few time, then I pulled her buns apart even more while I used my tongue to pry open her bung hole. I spit on her and continued using my tongue on her ass. Finally I stuck a finger in her ass and worked it around a bit. Junior said, “Let me help.” He also stuck his finger in my mom’s asshole next to mine, We finger fucked her a few times as she moaned with pleasure. My aunt said, “I don’t want to be left out, let me help.” She got up and walked around the table and replaced our fingers in her sister’s ass. She also spit on Jackie’s ass as she shoved her two fingers deep into her sister’s asshole. My mom reacted to the new fingers in her by wiggling her butt and raising her ass to get more penetration. My aunt then removed her fingers and leaned down placing one of her tits against Jackie’s ass forcing a nipple into her bung hole. My mom looked around saying, “What is that in my ass?”June responded, “It’s my tit.””Oh nice, but I need a cock in my ass right now. A hard cum spewing cock.” June pulled away giving space for Jamal to step up as he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Jackie’s ass and with very little effort, his cock slipped deep inside my mom. She moaned in total pleasure, “Oh fuck yes, oh god I love having a cock up my ass, fuck me, cum in me, oh shit I want to be fucked hard. Yes, fuck my ass, fuck me good, give me a big fucking load of cum up my ass. Oh god, **** my asshole.”As Jamal started to fuck my mom’s ass, my aunt walked over to me while holding her tit up that she had just removed from my mom’s ass and offered it to me. I smiled leaning down as I sucked on her tit, the nipple in my mouth had just been in my mom’s ass, oh shit this was hot. As tired as I was, my cock didn’t know any bounds and was hard again as was Junior’s.Once my aunt saw our erect cocks she said, “I’ll take care of you guys, lets go in the other room and have little fun. Glenn I want yet another load of your sperm up my cunt, and Junior my ass is all yours.” When we got into the living room, I laid down on the couch with my dick sticking straight in the air. June got on top of me with her pussy right above my dick, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock and once my dick was fully implanted in her cunt, she told Junior to mount her and to get his cock in her ass. He did and we three laid on the couch squirming and humping till we all came. I think it was my sixth load of cum that I had pumped into my aunt’s cunt since last night, I’m sure she is pregnant by now. When we finished and relaxed, we discovered that Janal and my mom were standing next to the couch watching our little threesome. They were both nude, my mom was stroking Jamal’s still hard cock while he was fingering her pussy and fondling her ass with an occasional sucking on her tits. She had cum running out of her asshole and down her thigh. Jamal was the first to speak, “June, am I going to get a chance to fuck your pussy again and dump some of my sperm in you before you all get gangbanged by my black brothers?” June looked over at Jamal saying, “That cock of yours is always welcome in my pussy or ass. Yes, I want you to fuck me. I want you to have a chance at getting me pregnant even as slim as it might be, I think Glenn has done the trick with all the cum he has spurted in me. But another load of cum in my hot snatch is always welcome, especially black man cum.” Junior had rolled off of June and she lifted herself off me, disengaging my semi-hard cock from her cunt. She too had cum running out of her pussy and down her thigh. She got up taking a pillow from the couch and walked into the hallway by the front door. She said, “How about right here Jamal, I have never been fucked in Jackie’s hallway, about everywhere else, but not here in the hallway.” She laid the pillow down, sat on it and motioned for Jamal to join her, which he did.She laid back spreading her legs offering her pussy to him, he got down between her legs and without any ceremony, began fucking her hard and fast. It was not long before Jamal was giving her pussy a cum bath. In the meantime with me still lying on the couch, I looked over at my mom and seeing cum running down her thigh, I said, “Do you want me to take care of that for you?”She first looked down between her legs to see the cum and then looked at me with a twinkle in her eye saying, “And how do you propose to take care of this little situation?””I think the best solution is for you to sit on my face and let my lick you clean.””Ohhh, that is so nasty!”I winked at her as she began to get up on the couch to position herself with her ass in my face. She was on her hands and knees facing away from me but looking between her legs at me. She said, “Honey, this is so hot. It makes me so horny to know you, my son, is actually playing with my most private parts. For you to be tonguing my asshole like this is just the hottest and the wildest. I love you and want you to know how special I think you are. I love having sex with you and for you to be so open and free with me, I love having you eat me, fuck me, suck me and whatever else you want to do with me. I’m just your sex slave. I want to please you so much. I love having you eat my ass.” I blew her a kiss as I reached up to pull her ass closer to my face while she placed her mouth around my cock. I first licked her thigh and then ran my tongue all the way up to her leaking asshole. I licked her ass clean of cum and had her squeeze every drop out she could with my assistance of sucking on her asshole. Once I finished with her ass, I moved back to eat her pussy. She in the meantime was giving me a wonderful blowjob. Once I began eating her cunt and giving her pleasure that was getting her close to another climax, she paused long enough to ask Junior if he would like to have sloppy seconds in her ass. Well, she did not have to ask twice, as I munched away on her hot cunt, Junior mounted her backside and had his cock deep in her ass in seconds.After we all finished yet another round of sex, Junior took Jamal home. When Junior got back he said, “Well we had better get the equipment loaded and get ready for the big party at Craig’s house.” When Junior and I finished loading the car, June and Jackie got ready, man did they look hot. Both were wearing very short skirts tight around their asses without any panties of course, low cut blouses showing lots of cleavage and very high “fuck me” heels. They both looked like sluts wanting to be fucked, which is exactly what was going to happen.When we got to Craig’s place, Junior and I went in to see what the situation was. All the guys were there waiting for the two sluts to arrive for the gangbang. We sat up the cameras and then had the girls come in. They arrived with all the guys welcoming them with lots of hoots and hollers. As the gals walked around each guy took pleasure with them, reaching under the skirts to finger their pussies, squeeze their buns, squeeze their tits, and kiss them while the girls fondled each guy’s crotch. There were 12 guys and once the girls made the rounds, each gal took 6 guys to a corner of the room and started to make out. The guys help both June and Jackie remove their clothes and while they themselves removed their clothing. June was the first to receive the first cock in her pussy, she was laid back on the couch with her legs spread wide as the guy mounted her driving his cock straight into her cunt, the other five guys fondled her tits and took turns of having her suck their cocks. Jackie in the other corner was doing the same thing. It took less than an hour for the girls to fuck all six guys while always sucking on a cock and having their tits m*****ed. There was constant moaning and groaning as the girls received one cock after another. Each of the six guys fucking June shot their wad in her pussy, such that after the third guy had drained his balls in her, it looked like her cunt was foaming with all the cum that was being squeezed out of her pussy. Jackie had four loads of cum in her pussy while two guys shoot their load on her belly and tits. When the guys started their second round, the girls each asked if they would fuck there asses which all agreed to. Another hour passed as each gal was thoroughly well fucked in the ass, each received a half dozen loads of cum up their asses. Craig then served refreshments and they all took a break. All remained nude with the guys constantly fondling the girls, mostly squeezing their tits but they also fingered their pussies and assholes. June was getting hot again and requested that she be double fucked and chose the two guys she wanted. They agreed and led her to the middle of the room. One guy laid down with his cock sticking straight up, she straddle him and slowly impaled herself on his big black cock, once she had his cock totally inside her, she motioned for the second guy to mount her and fuck her asshole. Jackie wanted the same and was also double fucked. This double fuck action lasted for over an hour as many pairs of guys took advantage and gave each of the girls a half dozen or so double fucks. Jackie finally requested to be double fucked in the pussy. Surprisingly, four guys agreed and so we all watched as two sets of guys worked two cocks into her cunt and gave her a couple wonderful fucks. I didn’t think my mom could get two big black cocks in her cunt, but she did and the guys liked it too. When they were done fucking her, she thanked them over and over again and had them promised that they would come to her house some day and do it again.After three and half hours of constant fucking, the party was over and the guys left a few at a time. Craig and Jack remained the last guys and they each fucked the girls one more time. Junior and I had loads of photos and videos of all the action, enough to keep our web sight busy with new photos for months. As we began to wrap things up, Jack and Craig wanted to take the girls out for a night cap and would bring them home. That was fine so Junior and I packed up the gear and headed home. We crashed the minute we got in the house. The next morning I found my mother and aunt in the kitchen talking to Craig, Jack and two other guys. They were drinking coffee and eating a doughnuts. I said, “Have you been up all night?”My mom came over to me and gave me a big hug saying, “Yes we have been awake all night, not up because we spent much of the time on our backs.” They all laughed. She continued, “Craig and Jack took us to a bar where some more of their buddies were and we ended up back at Craig’s place for a second gangbang. It was awesome, we were fucked for another three hours this morning. I am so sore but so content, I can hear cum squish in my belly when I walk from all the blowjobs I gave. And June must have taken twenty loads of cum up here ass last night. Turn around and show Glenn your ass June.”My aunt turned around and bent over as she pulled up her short skirt revealing her reddened ass and puffy pussy. She then straightened back up and pulled up her blouse down to show everyone her reddened big tits. “Wow, your tits look terrible Aunt June. What happened to them.” “Oh they are not bad, just real red from being squeezed really hard and fucked my times. I think Ralph and his two buddies fucked my tits three or four times, they had me covered in cum. I really liked it.” Jack standing next to her took advantage of her exposed tits and began to fondle them saying, “I love your tits.” I just shook my head as my mom hugged me. Craig said, “Your mom is one hot pussy Glenn, she must have you drained most the time.” With that comment my mom stepped back lifting her skirt to show me her reddened cunt, her pussy lips were all puffy like I have never seen them before. She said, “I’m a little sore but if you want to fuck me this morning Glenn, I’m willing. What I would really like is for you to eat me.” So looked over at the four guys saying, “I love having my son eat me, he so good at it and it makes me so horny especially when he eats my asshole.”One of the guys said, “Eat her son, get her horny so we can fuck her again.” I nodded Ok as my mom pushed her tits into my face saying, “Oh sweetie, I love you so much.” She then took my hand and led me over to the table where everyone was sitting and said, “How about eating me on the table just like you were eating your dinner.” The four guys gave her the thumbs up sign. She turned around with her butt against the table and held out her arms. The guys took the hint and lifted her onto the table, she leaned back spreading her legs letting her skirt slide up to her waist.She looked at me saying, “OK honey, just munch away, I all yours for the taking.” She then raised her knees up and out to give me total unrestricted access to her cunt and ass. I leaned down and placed a big kiss on her cunt and then one on her asshole. I began my munching of her cunt to the watchful eyes of all the guys. My mom moaned and groaned pulling her blouse off as she fondled her own tits. I used my tongue to play with her clit as I also fingered her asshole. I then licked her asshole and tongued it. She began to moan, “Oh yes, get you tongue in my ass, oh sweetie, I love how you eat my ass, oh yes, eat me, suck me, make me cum, oh I want to cum so bad, oh yes eat your mommy, tongue fuck me, finger fuck me, oh yes, yes, I want to cum again. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”Suddenly her body stiffened as she climaxed for probably the fortieth time this evening and morning. I could taste her cum as she remained rigid. As she came down off her high she looked over at the guys who were all supporting hard ons and said, “Anyone want to fuck me again, I could use another fuck.”I stood up as Jack immediately got between her legs and slid his cock into her wet cunt. “Oh yea baby, fuck me good Jack. Give me some more of your hot juices, I want you to cum in me again. Oh god I love fucking, I love to be used, to be fucked over and over again. I loved the gangbang we had, oh shit I want more cock than you can imagine. I think I can be fuck non stops for days.” I think she can too, so as soon as Jack finished pumping more sperm in her, a second guy took his place and fucked her again. In the meantime June had mounted Craig’s cock as he sat on the couch and had the other guy’s cock in her mouth. About that time Junior came down and when seeing all the sex going on said, “Is there a vacant hole I could fuck?” My mom said, “Yes, my ass is free if you can get to it.” She was lying on the table with a cock shoved up her pussy and not in a position for an ass fuck. June was just finishing swallowing the cum from the guy she was blowing and said, “Yea, sweetie my ass is available.” She then leaned forward to give Junior access to her ass. He took advantage of the situation and slipped his cock into June’s ass giving her yet another double fuck.When the fucking was done, all the guys put their clothes on and gave each of the girls long passionate good bye kisses. Both my mom and aunt stood at the door totally nude waving good bye to them. I hope non of the neighbors saw them, but what the hell. My mom then turned to me, gave me a big kiss saying she was going to bed and that I could join her any time, and if she was asleep when I got into bed, to wake her up cause she didn’t want to waste any good fucking time. My aunt said I was also welcome in her bed too. The girls took a shower and then hit the sack, they slept all day.So here I am back in college reviewing all the photos and videos from my mom and aunt’s 12 black man gangbang like I said in the very beginning. There are pictures here that make my cock hard just looking at them let alone remembering the time they were taken and all the hot sex we had.The rest of the summer was just a blur. I slept with my mother every night fucking her like a rabbit every chance I got along with fucking my aunt who has now moved in with my mother. They are both pregnant, my mom is beginning to show a little, but my aunt is not. I’m planning on having my mom come down here some weekend and let her have a night with the boys in my dorm. She will love getting fucked all night by young studs, but that will be another story.

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