A Hot and Authentic Salsa Recipe

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The key to an authentic salsa is in the roasting of the peppers, preferably over an open flame, but a stovetop will also do the trick if no other option is available at the time.

Both the red pepper and jalapeño started to bounce on the ceramic as the contents within began to steam. They danced almost to a rhythm while never straying far from the center of the heat, as though running on the tips of their toes back and forth over hot coals. Eventually the pressure building up inside would be so great that something would give, likely causing a small explosion out the top or side that would send seeds in all directions. Or perhaps if the skin held for long enough it would pop the top right off the pepper and send it, along with its core, flying across the room like a torpedo shot from a submarine.

Rick never waited long enough to find out which one would occur. He weighed the option of experimenting versus the reality of cleanup and the latter always overruled. He turned both the vegetables over, exposing the blackened outer skin on both the red pepper and the large green jalapeño. It was important to roast all the sides, though not always possible depending on the shape of the pepper, it was always something he was careful about when selecting the vegetables at the market.

As they bobbled to the heat Rick continued dicing the tomatoes, mincing the coriander and garlic, and squeezing each halve of the small bright green limon into a colorful ceramic bowl. Onions. Rick loved onions but for reasons he still couldn’t quite map out Laura would not eat them. While she always remained consistent in her dislike of them, the reasoning on any given day would shift like a subtle breeze. Whether it was truly the texture or the strong flavor he still wasn’t convinced, but he knew enough to pick his battles, and fighting over an onion was one battle he was always willing to let pass. Even the urge of sarcasm he’d managed to subdue, keeping his drole theories to himself, like the one where as a child she must have been struck in the head by an onion falling out of an onion tree. She would not have laughed at that… but he certainly would. So for the sake of picking one’s battles he would simply bypass the onion from each recipe, but allow the image of her sitting under an onion tree and grin to himself quietly.

He reached back and turned the burner to the left on the stove panel then removed both of the peppers. They had blackened nicely while still remaining firm. The timing was important since if they went too long the peppers would soften and lose their texture. He cut the top off the red pepper and it puffed out a small cloud of steam as though it had been relieved of some vegetable stress. He finished dicing the pepper and put it in the ceramic bowl along with the other fresh ingredients and moved on to the jalapeño. He preferred to cut them lengthwise in halves then quarters. He then contemplated, as he always did, to what extent he would deseed the pepper. He loved heat, he would be more than content dipping a full jalapeño into a vegetable dip and eating it whole. The heat had little effect on him, to him the heat was the flavor. But since this salsa was being made for Laura and friends who were coming over for diner he didn’t want to risk over spicing the mix. He reluctantly removed all but about six of the seeds and diced the jalapeño and then stirred it into the bowl.

“What’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri that smell?” Laura asked as she walked into the kitchen wearing her new jeans and a bra he had never seen before. Her hair was still wet from the shower and even over the smell of the salsa and roasted peppers he could tell she smelled really good.

“I did the peppers on the stove this time, I didn’t feel like turning on the barbecue just for that. Why? Does it smell bad?”

“No, I just didn’t know what it was” she said while stealing the spoon from the bowl and trying a taste of the fresh salsa.

“Wow babe” she said as she tasted it, “you need to open up a restaurant or something” and she reached for another spoonful.

“Thank you, but you should probably save some for the others” Rick grinned as he made his way around the island.

“Uh uh!” Laura said while smiling and backing up with the spoon up to her mouth. She knew what he was looking at, the new bra she had purchased the day before, knowing they would have some time alone today. She instinctively covered her breasts with her left arm while trying to finish the spoonful with her right hand. She missed and some salsa dripped from her bottom lip to the top of her left breast, slowly making its way in between them.

Rick was standing right in front of her by now, his index fingers hooked on the loops of her beltless jeans pushing his pelvis into hers. His eyes followed the trail of salsa as it founds its way from her wet lower lip into that great place between her tits, a place where she had done magical things to his dick.

“This was supposed to be a surprise for later” she said while slowly moving her hand away from her breasts and onto his bicep. “But you may as well lick that salsa off my tits right now”.

In less time than it took for the words to come from her lips did his cock fill with blood and press up against his pants. He was wearing yoga pants and there was no way of hiding his growing excitement.

“It was no surprise for later, you came down here looking to get laid” Rick said while running his hands up her sides. He could feel her stomach tighten and almost hear her pussy getting wet. “Or else you would have come down here with a shirt on.”

She reached down and slid her hand under the elastic waist of his pants and grabbed his cock. “yes” she said, “you’re right, I don’t know what’s with me but I need to get fucked, like right now.” She gripped him hard and rubbed it back and forth while dropping the spoon and reaching in with her other hand. She cupped and played with his balls as she jerked him off with her second hand. By now her tongue was deep in his mouth, performing acts that he knew would be done again soon, elsewhere. Rick moaned as she continued casting her spell over him, hypnotizing him with the magic of her hands working his cock and the wetness and roughness of her kiss sending waves of pleasure through his core.

“Holy shit” he managed, muffled from under her lips. She wouldn’t let him speak yet, the spell wasn’t complete, only moaning was allowed. She changed the stroke technique and began twisting her wrist in a spiral effect while pulling her left hand away from him balls to pull down his pants exposing the now throbbing cock in her hand. She then reached behind him for the bowl of salsa. She released her passion grip from him, he wasn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri far from climax, and tilted the bowl slightly to allow some salsa dripped onto him. It fell on the head and found its way down the shaft and dripped lower to his balls. Rick reached back for support, leaning on the island as Laura descended to her knees to lick up the mess she’d just made.

How he did not cum the instant her lips touched the tip of his cock was an incredible accomplishment. And how he didn’t cum all over her face as she worked every inch of his cock for over five minutes was a feat of pure willpower. She had poured the salsa on him three more times, licking and slurping every drop of it up before it dripped to the floor. By the end his legs could barely support his own weight and he almost collapsed from the pleasure. She had always had an oral gift, but had he known what she could do with just a small amount of fresh salsa he would have introduced food into the bedroom a long time ago.

“Oh… My… God” Rick finally managed to say, completely out of breath. Laura looked up at him with a grin, but it wasn’t a grin of satisfaction but rather a grin of warning; it was her turn now, and it better be fucking good.

Rick reached down and pulled her up by the bottom of her bra, lifting it over her glorious big tits as she rose. Without hesitation he licked the salsa that had hardened on her breast while he cupped them with his hands, squeezing them together and moved his tongue from side to side licking each nipple. If her nipples were this big and hard he could only imagine how wet and tender her pussy and clit were, and how they must be very impatient by now.

Laura grabbed the bowl back off the counter and poured a little of it down her chest. It flowed between her tits as his tongue trapped it as it drizzled down. Every time he would come back up to her nipple he would circle it with the tip of his tongue before biting its hardness with his front teeth. He didn’t want to hurt her, but the harder he bit down the louder she moaned. She liked it. He licked from her left nipple up the side of her neck and made her lick off the salsa that had dribbled down his chin. As he then French kissed her, this time his tongue on the offensive, he ran a sticky hand down the front of her unbuttoned jeans. He wasted no time burying his middle finger in her warm wetness, toying with her overly sensitive clit with the side of his thumb. Where he had been successful in not climaxing she had not held back, allowing that first much anticipated touch to make her cum slightly, like the warning tremor before a massive earthquake. The moan she made almost made them cum together, but he suppressed what she was trying to say with his tongue, it was her turn to be put under a spell.

Rick reached down her back with his left hand and in one motion pulled her jeans to the floor, tearing the pocket at the same time. She had not bothered to put on underwear, but he noticed instantly that she had in fact bothered to shave, shave everything. Her flesh was a ripe and red as the pepper he had sliced just minutes earlier, though this would prove much tastier.

He stood back up, his sticky erect cock rubbing against her thigh. Then, grabbing her by the waist he propped her up on the kitchen island. Her mouth hung open as Rick’s tongue was instantly buried in her open wet güvenilir bahis şirketleri pussy. She put both her feet on the edge of the counter and rested on the backs of her elbows and grabbed her tits in her hands, she spread her legs as wide as she could, exposing every bit of her clit. She was spread so wide as he feasted on her, like an all you can eat pussy buffet, by now his spell was complete and she was in another world. As he slurped on her the bowl of salsa once again found its way into the mix, he poured it so it covered her entire pussy and ran down her ass. He then pulled his head away and she thought for a moment he had finished on her. As she was about to bring her held back from its tilted back position she felt his tongue start to work on her asshole, instantly sending her over the edge a second time, this one more intense than the first little tremor. The earthquake was getting near. He licked circles around her asshole as two fingers massaged her clit, the salsa still all over her, but he was doing a good job cleaning it up as his tongue explored.

“FUCK ME” she yelled, he knew she wasn’t asking him, she was downright ordering him. He stood upright and pulled her off the edge of the countertop but kept her suspended so her elbows remained on top of the counter and her hips resting on his. She was so wet that his cock had slipped into her almost unnoticed, but when she felt the head of his throbbing cock buried deep into her she allowed her eyes to roll back, through clenched teeth she spat out “YES!”. He didn’t bother starting slow, Rick began pounding her while holding her up with each hand on her ass cheeks. His right hand was close enough that his middle finger would brush up against her asshole when he thrust in. Her knees were at his elbows and she put on leg on his shoulder followed by the other and tried to squeeze her pussy as tight as she could for him, he grunted the work fuck and she knew she had succeeded.

“My turn” she said pushing him out of her. He let her down and she grabbed his hand and led him into the dining room and pulled out a chair. She turned him and pushed him down on the seat and immediately sat on his cock. He hadn’t noticed that she also had the bowl of salsa with her, and she dumped the remaining contents all over her chest and his. She tossed the bowl to the floor and laid her weight on him, her lips on his and the salsa now all but covering their naked bodies. She began grinding on his dick, rubbing her clit on his pelvis, then she changed the motion and started quickly moving her ass up and down. The sound of wet sticky flesh only made them fuck harder. She then started jumping on his cock while her salsa covered tits smacked him in the face, over and over. She had never fucked him harder than this.

“I’m gonna cum” Rick said as Laura was going wild on him,

“Call me bitch” she said while grabbing his messy chin.

“…bitch…” he said as best he could on the verge of filling her with his warmth,

“CALL ME YOUR BITCH” she yelled as she slapped him across the face, spraying salsa everywhere.

Without hesitating he shouted back “BITCH! CUM FOR ME NOW YOU LITTLE BITCH!”

The warning tremors she had experienced earlier had not nearly prepared her for this orgasm, as she felt his warm cum erupt inside her she came hard, her pussy tightening on him like a vice grip and she squirted all over him only adding to the sticky mess of the salsa.

Like the two peppers dancing in rhythm on the stovetop, the sexual heat built up from within had made Laura and Rick simultaneously explode, but with this experiment he was more than happy with facing the reality of cleaning up the mess he and his wife had just made.

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