A Holiday Romance

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My name is Nicole and I live on a houseboat with my parents and my Brother Alex. Our family is naturist in inclination and we spend as much time naked as we can.

Alex has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen, blond with jade green eyes and a sharp angular face. His torso is sun bronzed and toned to perfection, he has such a cute pert bum. He has a cock to die for, long, cut and of considerable length, it dribbles pre cum when ever he is sexually excited, which happens to be most of the time.

Last month we went on their first naturist holiday, we visited Cap d’Agde a Naturist Village in France. We drove the from the coast to the village, both Alex and I wearing thin shorts, tee shirts and as usual no underwear. The moment we entered the village we stripped these off. We stopped at a supermarket and Alex and I were more than happy to pop into buy supplies, our bodies drew some very appreciative glances Alex was not in the least bit embarrassed that he was fully erect and shedding drops of pre cum. Anybody looking could see that I was wet between the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri legs.

I intended to get fucked many times over the coming two weeks and Alex planed to do the same. Arriving at the flat we found that not only that Alex and I would be sharing the same room, we would be sharing the same bed. We decided to go for swimming and then to catch some sun.

We were well aware of the dangers of the suns rays and applied sunscreen to each other’s body. We had done this many times before, but as Alex’s hands glided over my body paying particular attention to my tits and cunt; I felt something that I have never felt before, sheer sexual excitement. The fact that he came in my hands, when I return the favour, implied that I was having the same on him. A look passed between us but we said nothing. After dinner Alex and I went our separate ways to enjoy the night-life.

The next day was very active as we settled into the life of the village. In the mourning we explored the area around the village, going as textiles. In the afternoon we again güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri swam and worked on our tans.

That evening we had a fantastic dinner washed down with a glass of wine. Our parents had decided to try out a local club and said we would have to keep ourselves amused, Alex said that would be no problem, I caught something in the tone of his voice and nearly came there and then.

The moment our parents left I grabbed him dragged him into our room and put my lips to his. Tongues soon meet as we shared saliva; this was soon mixed with small amounts of blood as we nibble each other’s lips, by this time his hands were all over my tits while mine explored his pert bottom. I then dropped to my knees taking his cock in my mouth; I was determined to take his full length and just about managed it. The taste of his sex was a sheer delight.

He then placed me in the diaper position and explored my cunt with his tongue, fingers and finally his fist in a very short time I was squirting everywhere. Do we stop now he asked, I thought long güvenilir bahis şirketleri and hard and then said no, what we do now is to fuck each other. He smiled, and sitting me one a chest of draws with my back up against the wall he lifted one of my legs over his shoulder and his whole length entering me he began to thrust as hard and as fast as he could. I never realised how long he could maintain an erection, as his thrusts grew more intense I began to claw his back and he began to fondle my tits. Finally as we exploded I bit deeply into his upper arm. Sweet and cum we poring off us as we collapsed on the floor.

I looked at him and said ‘ we are not done yet.’ I used my hands and mouth taking my time to gain another erection, which seem even harder than the last.

I screamed at Alex ‘Now you do to my anus what you did for my cunt’. Initially he was gentle, that was until my anal passage relaxed enough to take his full length, then lifted he feet off the ground and simply rammed his cock in and out with all his strength. With his arms around my legs he fingered my cunt, vigorously massaging my clit before going deeper. This went on and on and soon the carpet was soaking with my cum. When he finally came we fell into each other’s arms and stay in this position, not word being said, until we heard our parents voices. We then slipped quietly into bed.

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